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A couple of points. First, move and shoot. Whether you’re facing a garden variety bad guy or a team of terrorists, standing still is an excellent way to get yourself killed. Second, always practice drawing from concealment. This a California-based class; none of these students can open carry. The most important element of armed self-defense: getting your gun ready as soon as possible. Practice drawing with the clothes you normally wear.

That said, the biggest lethal threat most Americans will face is heart disease. Staying in shape is more important to your longevity than armed self-defense. So, while I’m not 100 percent with this training, at least it gets people away from the computer/TV/iPhone/Kindle/Xbox/whatever and into a gym. Which reminds me….


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  1. Oh yeah. I ruck in the morning and do the weights in the afternoon.

    If you’re carrying a gun for the garden variety street thug any gun will do. Basically. But if you’re in the habit of going places where a terrorist threat is more likely then 2 guns are needed.

  2. “There’s a sucker born every minute”- PT Barnum

    More guns, Wow. instead of sensible guns laws.

    You teach people how to murder other people..

    This doesn’t ever happen in Europe, Asia or Australia on a daisy basis.

    But it happens more frequently everyday in the US.

    You should change your article title to “Gun Stores and ranges making a profit off gun violence”

    And when the police show up responding to reports of an active shooter and see you with a gun, guess what happens…. Stop watching too many action movies, and stop being so afraid of everything.

    The less bullets flying around, the better. Alright, let’s say there’s an active shooter where you are. In this Rambo fantasy you’re able to return fire? Because like you said, option B is to lay down and accept death. It’s not like there’s a million other options between both extremes, right? I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt on this one, you put down the active shooter become the hero of the day. But what if another permitted gun-toting patriot sees you shooting… do they also become a hero when they return bullets in your direction? So to answer your question. No, people should not just lay down and get shot. Why would you even assume that’s what I meant?

    The horrible analogies you people promote proves you do not understand what I’m saying. How was anything like saying, a doctor shouldn’t help someone who’s wounded? Please try again. We both have different view points. We’re not going to see eye to eye on this issue. We simply won’t. Show me data that shows more guns equals less shootings. You can’t because it doesn’t exist. America has almost as many guns as we do people. If your theory was correct, America should be the safest place on earth. We should have the least amount of gun related deaths. That’s not the case but I’m sure it’s all a big coincidence, right?

    You people can go ahead with your action hero fantasy. I won’t stop you. I’ll continue to live my life. Not be afraid of terrorists, Not afraid the Boogie Man, Not afraid my own shadow and Not afraid anything else that doesn’t share my skin tone.

    • Your opinions are fine however your facts don’t report in your country subjects are arrested for defending themselves from criminal…because it’s against your laws. So abiding by the Crowns laws, your country empowers criminals. If you like your county you can keep it, we like ours with the right to keep and bear arms.

      Ta Ta

    • “More guns, Wow. instead of sensible guns laws.”

      Go ahead and propose some sensible gun laws instead of endlessly reposting your copypasta bullshit.

      We’ll wait.

    • Let me ask you a question: what, in your mind, constitutes “sensible gun laws”? At what point would said laws become “non-sensible”? Give me an answer, for I am willing to listen.

      • I can guarantee it involves ‘universal background checks’ since that is required to implement mandatory gun registration.

        The ‘Inconvenient Truth’ that Canada had that for long guns and *abandoned it* after it proved useless will be cheerfully ignored.

        They *must* have mandatory registration to do confiscation. You will be paid for them, since the constitution requires compensation, but it will be ruled constitutional since you will be reimbursed.

        Here is a challenge for the ‘gun safety’ activists:

        Show us a way to do UBCs *without* the data for gun model and serial number being recorded…

        • Well, yes. The imagination doesn’t preclude us from designing various UBC schemes that would preclude registration. We, the PotG ought to exercise our imaginations in drafting such schemes.
          The point of the exercise would be to bring such UBC-w/o-Registration to the debate table for the purpose of determining whether the objective of the UBC proponents is to: Adopt Registration under the pretext of an ineffective BC scheme; vs., broaden the coverage of an ineffective BC scheme without imposing Registration. Which is it that you want? Registration? BCs? If you want Registration we will see you at the barricades. If you want BC without Registration, we could talk about it (however expensive and ineffective it might prove to be.)

    • You’re hardly an American and only seem to be concerned with how much of a chicken-shit you could possibly be. It isn’t an issue of merely “different view points”. You refuse to acknowledge reality and think you are a better person for it.

      You think everyone can live off of unicorn farts and pixie dreams. If we just got rid of those evil shooty-guns, then everyone would hold hands and clap butt-cheeks together. That anyone who knows how to defend themselves or others is living a “Rambo-fantasy” or is just out to murder someone else. You’re the perfect type of coward who wants to weaken everyone, then demand that they protect you when threatened.

      I’m going to reply the only way you bottom-feeding, communist mouth-breathers understand: “POOP”

    • Sensible guns laws won’t do squat to prevent gun violence. Everyone knows that. Criminals will not abide by them or turn in their guns so it’s all smoke and mirrors to help people “feel” safe. I’m not afraid of being in a situation where a bad guy has a gun. I carry a gun 24/7 and I promise you I can draw better and shoot better than 99% of thugs with guns. So what would you do if you got caught in a situation like that? Curl up in a corner? Beg for your life? Piss your pants? Call 911 and wait for the police to come bag your dead body? I know exactly what I would do. Ventilate the shit out of that lowlife. I refuse to be a victim.

    • Gosh, where to begin. First, the snowflake can’t even spell ‘concerned’. Cocnerned? Really? Clearly a product of a flawed (most likely State-controlled) education system.

      Moving on…

      “More guns, Wow. instead of sensible guns laws.”

      Uh, we’re all still waiting for your suggestions, princess.

      “You teach people how to murder other people..”

      Since when did self defense become murder, precious? You’ve clearly been watching CNN too much. Time to crawl out of mommy and daddy’s basement.

      “This doesn’t ever happen in Europe, Asia or Australia on a daisy basis.”

      Wow. France. France. Germany. Germany. France. All in a period of, what was it, less than two weeks? Nope. Never.

      • HA HA HA LMFAO…I almost spit my in my drinkin bottle. It’s not really funny but, some people do have selective memory when it comes to reality huh?

    • This doesn’t ever happen in Europe, Asia or Australia on a daisy basis.

    • “There’s a sucker born every minute ”

      Proven time and again, particularly here
      With you, concernedamerican.

    • Why do you assume that others are fearful? My favorite pistol instructor (and competitive 3 Gun Shooter) advises “If you’re afraid to go somewhere without a gun…DON’T GO THERE AT ALL!” You’ll find that most of us here abide by that rule.
      Anyway – I think you’re projecting your own phobias on other people. You may want to talk with a professional about transference.

  3. AJ+ video… these guys are funded out of Qatar as I recall and are generally quite anti gun and anti-Western Civilization.

  4. The wisdom for today:

    If you decide to go “Up, up and away in your ‘Beautiful Balloon’, don’t come down, down, into an energized 200,000 VAC high-tension powerline.

    It’ll hurt ya.

    • Chuh cha! Dale Gribble… c’mon Geoff the bodies aren’t even cold yet-maybe.

    • Geoff,

      Sorry to go uber-nerd on you, but from what I can see in the videos and available stills, the lines they might have encountered appear to be 345,000 volts or higher. Specifically, 345kV double circuit with v-string insulators on lattice steel towers.
      Sorry. It’s what I do for a living when I’m not out pew-pew-pewing at the range. I. can’t. help. myself……

      This is truly a tragedy, and I in no way mean to make light of it. Prayers and condolences for the families.

      BTW, your video link still made me smile. Just a little bit.

      • Bill, question for you, since that is your thing – (and thank you for the correction)

        I’ve heard they are considering transmission schemes involving vastly higher voltages – 500 KV or higher, in the interest reducing losses, is that something that looks like it will happen?

        • 500kV and higher lines exist already in various location both here and abroad. 765kV AC lines are actually very common in high demand areas of the U.S. DC vs AC is another whole issue. You’re correct in that very long DC lines suffer less loss than equivalent AC under some circumstances. There are other advantages to DC as well, but considering the additional infrastructure required to convert DC back to AC, it may not always be cost effective.

          Suffice it to say that high voltage AC lines will still dominate the industry for a long time to come. I’m not an engineer (though I did stay at at Holiday Inn last year….) (and I do most of the design and analysis for the engineers), but I can with great confidence say that confidence that faulting across phases of virtually any high voltage AC system produces bad results for the object creating the fault.

          As in the line from the original Ghostbusters “Don’t cross the streams…..It would be bad.”

  5. It’s Jutsu (術 read じゅつ. Means technique). 実 can mean truth (or fruit) and be read as じつ, but I doubt that’s what you were going for.

  6. Everybody has a right to defend themselves. If this training does nothing else but give these people the mindset that they will fight rather than be sheep, then it is doing some good.

    • Agree. While one can purchase a gun and not train, it is wise to frame your mind to know when and how to use it effectively.

  7. A training class can be helpful in developing effective techniques performed properly. But I think participating in shooting competitions can take those techniques and put them to the next best level of practice. I have shot Action Pistol and Three Gun Tactical. Fun stuff! It does put you under time pressure, in front of an audience, which increases the pressure even more, and puts you into different scenarios of fire and movement, shooting from cover and concealment, and you can train to know the difference, while training you to balance speed with accuracy, and penalizing you if your accuracy is marginal. (Every bullet has a lawyer attached to it). The next level would be to participate in force on force classes. Nothing like being shot at in a training class to put into place good reflexes for a real shooting event.

    It can help in a real shooting situation, which is rare, and will help in the even less likely scenario of a mass shooting event.

  8. Right when one lady was saying, “quickly, effectively, and safely,” the editor cut to another woman with her weak side thumb crossed behind the slide of her blue gun.

    Does Cohen teach cross thumbs, or do the students just come in that way?

    That said, the “gun-jitsu” thing is a good idea. But, fundamentals should be fundamental.

  9. Whatever. All’s I know is it’s me and Lauren from now on. I think she’s Israeli.

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