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Gavin Newsom can’t Handler the truth. The California’s Lieutenant Governor and 2018 gubernatorial candidate’s Neflix interview with Chelsea is an affront to anyone who values their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. And the NRA, the civil rights group that fights to defend and extend that right. Newsom, author of the ironically named Safety for All gun control ballot initiative, is all about American exceptionalism. He feels the U.S. is exceptionally bad. If you want to see the face of tyranny, here it is. On both sides of  the coffee table.

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    • +1
      This joker is a proven idiot, he got OWNED by Adam Carolla

      Newsom is a shill for the lefties. If he really wanted to save lives that he’d address at the top 3 killers in America;

      Heart Disease
      Medical Error

      Our medical system kills way more people per year than guns do. So this is not about safety, its about disarming the populace so they can crush American’s rights!

      Notice how sensitive they are about their LGBTQ “sacred cow”? Only the left can care about transgendered, any show of concern by the right is immediately suspect!

  1. Prepare for a governor run from the block head. Although his fellow dems have been jumping off his ships like crazy lately….

  2. The NRA continues to spread it’s lies everyday about how more guns equals less crime despite the fact that belief has been thoroughly debunked many times.

    The NRA continues to dominate politics leading to constant corruption.

    The NRA continues to promote hate, terrorism, racism and violence under the false guise of “patriotism”.

    The NRA continues to torture the american people with it’s deceit about how countries like Europe, Australia, Japan and Canada are somehow dangerous countries despite the fact the heavy increase in gun murders and suicides has made the US is more dangerous than any 3rd world country in the world.

    While ironically these same nations are much freer than the NRA dominated US.

    The NRA has itself became the tyrant that the brainwashed slaves of the gun continue to see as some god.

    The same NRA that armed the charlie hebdo and paris attackers.

    • Please quote where you get your ‘information’ … otherwise, you’re just spreading lies instead of debunking them.

      • This is a “cut & paste” anti-2A and anti-NRA diatribe that seems to be available to those who do not have the intelligence to come to their own conclusions or do any sort of actual research on their own. It has been posted on TTAG at least three times that I know of in almost identicle form, content and even sequence. The only source this person could possibly quote is the site where he got this patently false and politically motivated pseudo-information.

        Calling him out on the ridiculousness of the claims is useless since he doesn’t know or care if they are true or not, they “FEEL’ true to him.

    • Please list sources to your claims, your opinions on established scientific studies notwithstanding. Also, why would anyone willingly disarm themselves when a maniac might become the head of our government? Seriously, please answer this question or reveal yourself as a mindless troll.

      • Sadly, no. DTL is a troll who has been asked for links from their source of information and has never left any.

      • One of my favorites too. Also the NRA apparently tortures Americans and arms terrorists. I had no idea.

    • I would think, based on the published news reports, that Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq are far more dangerous places than the Untied States. Get real. Go live in Baghdad, and tell us how living under the constant threat of another car/truck bombing feels. Further, just looking at published “violent crime” rates between the US and the UK (see the FBI and the Home Office for published statistics), and recognizing that the US statistics are based on reported crimes while the UK stats are based on convictions, the UK is 5 times more dangerous than the US, and getting worse as immigrants from third world Islamic countries feel free to attack anyone not of their religious/ethnic group. You have a choice: you can take the red pill or the blue pill. One will awaken you to the truth of the world around you, the other will keep you in the Bloomberg video game. Choose wisely.

      • It depends on where in the United States.
        Afghanistan is safer than many parts of the US, like the cities with the most gun control laws.

    • 300 million guns in the country and what maybe 35,000 shooting deaths? Right, guns are the cause of violence . Your comments get more and more foolish every time.

    • Oh, hey Gavin… Glad you could join us!! Did Chelsea Handler’s cooch smell as bad as everyone says it does?? You must be pretty hard up to chase that skank’s approval… I guess spreading HIV to all the rest of SF’s resident’s was getting boring huh? How’s your job as a “twink fluffer” going??

    • I see you added Canada to your list since your last post. Canada can be dangerous, but its mostly from wildlife.

      FYI, Europe is a continent not a country.

      I sincerely would like read any links you have for your information. Please post them!
      Or do you not give a damn about anyone how asks to check out your source(s)?

      • Canada has reached a milestone in gun ownership and licensing- more than 2 million people have licenses, with a major increase in restricted licenses (pistols, AR-15s). That’s quite a few (official) gun owners.

        But like America, we’re seeing a decrease in murders, except amongst urban gangsters who are using illegally acquired guns. One major source is smuggling (a lot via ports from manufacturing countries), and a significant one are the movie shoots in Canada- there have been several thefts from movie armories.

        Where we aren’t seeing an increase in criminality is from the rapidly growing group of legal gun owners.

        • I never thought about movie production being a place to steal guns. So they use real guns for movies there not fakes?

          Congrats on the number of gun owners up there going up. 🙂

        • Yes, the RCMP has written up a bit about the use of guns from movie sets being used in crimes:

          “…movie production companies filming in various Canadian locations. Under special permits, these companies are allowed to legally purchase firearms, in bulk, internationally, and import them to Canada for use on their movie sets.”

          “Frequently, these firearms end up on the streets of Canada after being sold in illicit markets.”

          I remember seeing more concrete numbers, but I can’t find them with a brief search. At any rate, it’s even more frustrating to hear some Hollywooder talk about how guns are bad when they are facilitating crimes using firearms. It’s especially annoying when they have some guns that are prohibs for the average Canadian gun owner.

          Sometimes it’s just a matter of bad security for their armories, sometimes it’s because they hired some crooks and didn’t do proper background checks. Whatever the reason, they get into the hands of various gangmembers.

      • Bloomberg?

        You mean Trump, right? Right? (and no, I’ll never let Mr. T live that ‘business expense’ down)

    • I have a question.

      What’s the ‘National Rodeo Association’ have to do with this?

    • Wow…you have no clue!!! I have been an NRA member for 20 years! I have never seen anything close to “The NRA continues to promote hate, terrorism, racism and violence under the false guise of “patriotism”.”

      Patriotism was me serving my country on foreign land to protect the Constitution! Have you ever done that? I doubt you have…you have no clue what you are talking about!

    • I see you crawled out of your mom’s basement again after another bout of licking the paint off the walls.

      Here are some facts about Australia you don’t know. Gun ownership is now higher (persons and number of firearms) that it was before Port Arthur. So high the Greens are in apoplectic rage over the issue. What is upsetting the Greens is that while people are obeying the law, and undergoing to the long process to secure a firearms license, they are not doing what “their betters” expect of them.

      Crime is down, and has been falling since long before 1996. Robbery is down. But rape is increasing. Nothing to do with guns (except for turf wars between drug gangs and outlaw motorcycle clubs). But most of the guns owned are longarms and most of the crime is done with handguns, which makes correlation and causation difficult.

      So keep licking the paint, smoking the crack, using meth, oxycotin, or whatever else gives you your insights. You give me a laugh every time you post.

    • Hi. I’m the NRA. Just like the commercial said. Your Alinsky bullshit is useless here, buddy.

    • I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re actually pro-gun, and are asking us to debunk the lies you’ve just posted. I’m not actually going to bother, it’s been done here before, but it’s the best conclusion I can come to.

    • If it’s so dangerous here, leave for one of those more enlightened nations.

      Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out.

      Constitutional Republic – look it up. “A nation of laws” except for the elites.

    • you are fact challenged. Japan has a significantly HIGHER rate of murder+suicide than the US. So do several other highly developed democracies, like S. Korea and others, Are you saying jumping in front of a train, or murdering someone with a knife does not count but the same actions with a gun do?

      And the US has a much lower rate of non criminals than Canada, Australia or the European mean. A dozen studies across the US have found 85% to 93% of US murder victims are criminals, with at 75% to 80% being felons or persons with five or more arrests (career criminals). US murder is in the vast majority, criminal on criminal. Rates of non criminals murdered in the US are estimated at 0.35 to 0.42/100,000. Australian rate of murder of non criminals is much higher than the S at 0.65/100,000.

      And more guns do equal less crime. Every comparison of same region similar demographic states, those with more guns and less gun control have less murder and violent crime. Look at Maryland vs cirginia

  3. If you get bored listen to Adam Corollas podcast with him he just makes his regressive leftist mind explode by asking simple questions.

  4. It’s fascinating to watch a grown man, an elected official, scurry to the bottom desperately seeking the approval of a naive celebrity floozy loud mouth and her unemployed TV audience.

  5. The fact is we have a Second Amendment. It is an individual right as are all of the bill of rights. I don’t like the right of the left to be able to spew the shit it trowels out. But we have a first Amendment and they have the right to be ignorant and lie and say stupid things. The left is ignorant and obnoxious.

  6. Sorry, I don’t want to watch the video.
    I can’t stand that guy. I’m hoping he gets caught in the middle of a mob raid. Something is not right about that guy.

    • Agreed. I shook his hand once, Yee, and De Leon’s too.
      I felt like I had just had sex with the 11 dollar 7/11 hooker down the street! The shower could not be hot enough or long enough to wash it all off!

  7. So you’ve got a Netflix subscription, maybe some popcorn and your favorite adult beverage, all those movies to watch. … and you turn on this twat? Is Netflix that desperate for programming?

  8. I know what company is not going to get any of my money… Are you paying attention, Netflix?

  9. The California voter is getting the political leadership it voted for.
    All they want is free stuff. Conservatives are just outnumbered.

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