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Quite why Deepak Chopra would want to weigh-in on the issue of gun control is a mystery best left to pseudo-scientists. Or is that scientists who study pseudo-science? Anyway, Chopra’s message exposes the psychology and tactics of those who would seriously abridge Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. If you strip out the racism, prejudice and bigotry, Deepak’s saying that anyone who’s hostile to gun control or fearful of its consequences (e.g. mass murder) shouldn’t own guns. Obviously, the opposite is true: people who are pro gun control shouldn’t own guns. I’ve got no problem with that. Now, put the racism, prejudice and bigotry back into his Tweet and we see gun grabbers’ ignorance, condescension and willingness to stoop to ad hominen attacks. Thanks for the lesson, Deepak.

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  1. From the Skeptic’s Dictionary:

    “Chopra claims that perfect health is a matter of choice and that he can identify your dosha and its state of balance or imbalance simply by taking your pulse. He claims that allergies are usually caused by poor digestion. He claims you can prevent and reverse cataracts by brushing your teeth, scraping your tongue, spitting into a cup of water, and washing your eyes for a few minutes with this mixture. According to Chopra, ‘contrary to our traditional notions of aging, we can learn to direct the way our bodies metabolize time.'”

    Short version: avoid whatever this dude is smoking.

    • I was hoping someone else would show what a fraud this clown is.

      Thanks for saving me some time.

  2. i would think that deepak chopra would want to own a gun if he thought they’re gun owning rascists out there. witness the sikh temple. wouldn’ve been nice if the gentleman with the knife had had a glock.

    • I am so glad that so many people who are anti-gun do not own guns. I’ve found the most polite, courteous, and emotionally balanced people are often found at the gun shows and shooting ranges. Government leaders holding a writing pen in their hand have signed the documents ordering the slaughter, massacres, imprisonment of the innocent, wars, and starvations of more people than private citizens ever will harm with guns.

      • Aharon: “I’ve found the most polite, courteous, and emotionally balanced people are often found at the gun shows and shooting ranges.”

        Gun shows near me are usually like trying to squeeze through a packed dance floor, and yet I never fail to get an “Oops, sorry” should someone bump into me or step on my foot. I cannot say the same of my local WalMart.

        • You are absolutely correct. Everyone I’ve encountered at a gun show has been pleasant. I’ve never seen tempers flare, unlike Wal-Mart.

        • Many years ago I found myself with a flat tire at Target. Nobody bothered to help and I had a cast on my wrist do to fall that winter. A women parked next to me actually asked me to stop doing whatever I was doing so she could get out instead of asking if I needed help.

          Last year around November, my brother and I went to a gun show and we had to drive thought this area under a lot of construction. I jokingly tell him, “watch me get a flat tire” — sure enough, I come out and the tire is flat. This time its my Durango so I had to crawl under to get the tire. A bunch of guys coming of the show walk by and I hear “Wow, that sucks!” Next thing I know, there are four guys helping me and they changed the tire for me LOL! I thanked them, asked them if I could buy them a beer or something, they said they had to go. We chatted, said goodbye and that was that! A few gun shows later I was finally able to repay them with a beer (well at least 3 of them) and pizzia after the show.

      • Indeed. I have observed similar interactions at local gun stores in CT. Patrons will use excuse themselves if they bump into you, yield if you cross their path, keep the door open if you’re behind them, or even hold a door open if you are walking in as they are walking out.

        As an unfortunate resident of this benighted and progressive hell hole, filled to the brim with surly, insular folks blinded by the numinous light of their own bigoted virtue, for nigh on 40 years, I can attest that the behavior of the People of the Gun is atypical for CT. You can’t help but notice it.

  3. Well now I’m confused…..

    – The Armed Intelligensia has a (negative) opinion about gun-control.

    – People reqularly respond to that opinion with racism, prejudice, bigotry, hatred, hostility, and fear.

    – Those people should not own guns.

    …. does that mean Chopra is on our side?

    Naw, I didn’t think so.

  4. Gun owners (especially if they’re Caucasian) are racists.

    Where have I heard that before? Oh, that’s right…everywhere idiots reside.

    They really need to come up with new lies if they hope to be taken seriously.

    Repeat after me: “racist, racist, racist, racist, racist, racist.” We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  5. In my experience the racism, prejudice, bigotry, hatred, hostility and fear is all on the side of the gun control crowd. So when I read the tweet I quite agreed with it.


  6. Chopra – another ignorant, non-native American who doesn’t have a clue about the Constitution.

    • LMAO +1

      Who’s going to determine the level of “hatred, bigotry, etc”? Him? Geebus – no one in the US will be allowed to own guns then.

  7. Who died and left this all-knowing douche-bag in charge? Shouldn’t he be on Oprah?

  8. I actually don’t think that’s what he’s saying at all. While I don’t agree that gun ownership should be conditional on a person’s beliefs, I think the events of last weekend clearly dictate that those who live in a burbling coctail of hate, bigotry, and hostility shouldn’t own guns. Unfortunately, those people are pretty hard to spot, and the last time I checked it still isn’t illegal to be a bigot, nor should it be.

    • You could be right. He doesn’t define whether the opinions on gun control in question are for or against. Maybe he means both sides of the argument. True psycho-babble.

    • You honestly believe that the absence of firearms will keep crazy people from hurting or killing innocent people?

      • Read the original quote and then read my coment again. I either wasn’t clear enough or you didn’t get what I was trying to say. Chopra may not even be taking a side as far as 2A issues, maybe just preaching against hateful people on both sides of the issue. Regardless, just more of the psycho babble that has made him millions from the Oprah crowd.

  9. Pretty funny, considering it’s gun-grabbers who overwhelmingly respond to gun owners with hatred, bigotry, prejudice, and fear. Guess they shouldn’t own mouths.

    This quack simply exemplifies the despicable tactics of gun-grabbers and progs in general: say that whoever disagrees with you is a “bad” person. The next step, which he advocates, is to suggest denial of equal rights for those who disagree with you. This leads to oppression and then, if allowed to continue to and gain popular support, genocide.

    So, in a far-reaching sense, this purveyor of “peace and harmony” is advocating oppression, denial of human equality, and genocide. Fuck him and fuck all gun-grabbers. They’re the lowest form of sickening garbage this world has to offer.

  10. Chopra is a genius. He created a mega million dollar money machine out of bullshit and thin air.

  11. Hey Chopra you PC sccchhhmaaaccckkk,

    Go back to southern India where the common people have always been struggling serfs under the rule of elite ruling class. Small government, the liberty to speak and be free, and open markets create prosperity. As long as people do not immorally and illegally use guns to act out any bias they may have it is their right to speak as they choose. If you don’t like it Chopra then don’t speak and tell people how to live.

  12. Uhm kay…..
    At first I thought it had to do with people who simply throw out stupid depraving remarks for anyone who wants gun control. I might not like what the grand dragon of the ku klux klan has to say about Jews, but that doesn’t mean he can’t own a gun. So long as he doesn’t try to shoot me because I go to a synagog and not a church I am fine with it. He can spew out what ever verbal assault he can think up, since it is his right. I won’t like it and won’t agree with it, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the same rights as I do.

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