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  1. Yeah, that square backstrap reminds me of the one on the S&W Bodyguard .380 that beat up my hand and changed my mind about buying one. Only this one’s made of metal, and it’s not shooting a .380. They might as well print “For Emergency Use Only” down the grip.

    • If they sold one that came in a case etched “Emergency Use Only” or milled into the gun, I’d buy one to keep in my car / emergency kit.

    • I think that was a back-handed slam against me. That’s OK, it made me smile.

      I’m not saying that the Bodyguard is the most punishing gun EVAR, it’s just that when I knew my next gun was likely going to be a concealable .380, I’d pretty much settled on the BG until I shot it. Of the dozen or so I shot, it was by far the least comfortable. And since I was looking for a gun that was fun to take to the range as well as being small and concealable, something that beat my hand up even a little was going to lose in comparison to something that didn’t. I ended up with a P238, which is admittedly probably close to twice the weight of the Bodyguard, but that was a trade-off I was willing to make. It’s as comfortable to shoot as anything else I own (even for my soft, girly hands), well made, more accurate than me, and still very concealable.

      • I bet the 9mm Range Officer must be a pleasure to shoot. A wimpy little 9mm out of 41 oz gun has got to be virtually recoiless.

        • My CZ 75 SPO1 weighs in slightly over 38 ounces. It is by far the most comfortable 9mm I’ve ever shot, and the 10-12 people who have shot mine all have said the same thing. There is something to be said for full-size, steel handguns.

  2. Shooting full power .357 out of a titanium / scandium snubnose revolver gave me a new understanding of recoil. These little guns look to be just as nasty. Ouch. That revolver is now stuffed with .38 +P’s, and I’ll be shooting it tomorrow for function testing. The Glock 23, on the other hand, will send 100-200 rounds down range with ease.

    • Really it’s the ergos and ‘abrupt’ edges that do it. I don’t mind the smack in the palm from light, snubbie .44 mags or the like. This thing puts ALL of the recoil force into a tiny little point in what has to be one of the worst parts of your hand haha. It’s right in the web of your hand over where it tags that 2nd thumb knuckle every time. A few shots is fine. It’s not pleasant to practice with, though.

  3. Yeah I… I just can’t get the fascination with this thing. Just seems like an over priced derringer to me. Yeah, sure. Super small and concealable. But two shots just isn’t enough.

    • I don’t get it either.

      I saw one in person at the LGS yesterday, and the damn thing is bigger in all directions than an LCP. What the hell?

      • I’ve met guys who “really like derringers”. Pocket guns for the “.45acp is the holy grail and only round that should exist” crowd maybe.

        I don’t get it. At all. “Less moving parts”, I’m told. Whatever. I just can’t warm up to them at all.

        Weird, ugly, uncomfortable and low-cap, but I guess if you want a .45acp in that size it’s where it’s at.

        I guess.

      • That’s what I’m saying! I thought the thing was dumb before, but having seen it in person, I can’t imagine a way that this thing is not vastly outclassed in many different ways by other firearms.

        The only thing it has going for it is caliber, and how much does that really matter out of a nearly nonexistent barrel.

        I can see this as BUG for one of those fetishists who refuse to acknowledge that there are other handgun calibers than.45 ACP, and that’s about it.

        • Yeah, it’s really just a gimmick gun for the “.45 or nothing” fanboys. I’d much rather have an LCR with five .357 Mags (or even .38+Ps) in it than two .45 ACPs (that might possibly double-fire when I pull the trigger). This is a dumb concept, even worse execution.

    • Well, one more shot and it would be the holy grail of the “average gunfight” crowd, like the ones in the “Should Have Been A DGU” thread. Missed it by that much.

  4. From the Obvious Department of Departmental Obviousness: nothing that is labeled a ‘pocket pistol’ can be truly ‘tactical’. If you need a stupid, hard-recoiling, no-sights-having pistol, your tactics have failed. Thus, you are not ‘operating’ in a ‘tactical’ fashion. Everyone knows that tactical people have MP7’s and flashbangs and arm tape and talk like James Yeager.

  5. My little DB9 has enough bark and recoil. I’ve only shot a few mags at a time before switching to something more pleasant. Like the .50 bmg.

    • have been carrying my db9 for 2 yrs. took me 2 months to get used to the recoil with one hand. and another 2 months to get used to recoil with just the weak hand. overall i’ve carried it more than any other gun simply for the convenience.

    • natermer, “all the things in this world that you don’t understand”, notwithstanding, the doubletap is, in fact, a “defensive pistol”.

      No one cares if you buy one, or what you think of it. So “yes”, little girls probably shouldn’t shoot one.
      And for the terminally-stupid observers of things that are completely obvious to everyone else on earth, “no”, it’s not a range gun.

      Congratualtions, geniuses. You’ve finally cracked the code. Kudos to all.

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