Gun Tweet of the Day: Marquette Poll’s Bruen Results a Dagger to the Heart of Gun Control

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Lest anyone think this Marquette University poll was somehow skewed by a bad sample, the same poll also found a majority against the Dobbs abortion decision by 35% to 65%. The Bruen decision, on the other hand, has the support of two-thirds of Americans.

Here’s a breakdown of the responses to the Bruen question . . .

The gun control industry loves to pretend that Bruen is somehow an aberrant, extremist ruling, completely out of keeping with the culture. But as the Marquette poll shows, it’s the gun control industry that’s outside the mainstream.

Bruen is actually a bit more popular than Obergefell (same-sex marriage) and it’s much less popular than SCOTUS’s affirmative action ruling (79%). That was another one where Democrats continue to claim that the Court was somehow radically extreme when in fact, the decision has broad popular support.

That criticism really only seems to apply to Dobbs.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear or read something claiming that the Court’s broad interpretation of the right to keep and bear arms is somehow radical or extreme.


Konstadinos Moros is an Associate Attorney with Michel & Associates, a law firm in Long Beach that regularly represents the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) in its litigation efforts to restore the Second Amendment in California. You can find him on his Twitter handle @MorosKostas. To donate to CRPA or become a member, visit

This post was adapted by TTAG from tweets posted by Konstadinos Moros.

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  1. Sounds Great!!! Hand guns should be able to be worn outside of our homes for protection with these open borders allowing so many illegal immigrants into America by the thousands.

  2. Gasp! Americans side with constitutional rights and reject tyranny. Who would have ever thought that.

  3. “New Marquette Law School poll finds that 67% of US adults support “an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home,” up from 64% in September:”

    Thank you Leftist-Fascists for creating the environment where people feel the need to take personal responsibility for their own public safety. Every far-out, whack-o thing they push for drives more towards our Holy Cause… 🙂

      • Whatever happened to the guy who claimed to be a British firearms expert who trained SAS SPAZ, Royal Air Force Infantry, US Special Forces, Jesus, and the Queen? He’s a pretty good salesguy too!

  4. What I find interesting is that the greater the years of education the lower the support for Bruen. It may have to do with college major and change in faculty. The majority of the faculty in the 60’s & mid 70’s were classical liberals.

    • “The majority of the faculty in the 60’s & mid 70’s were classical liberals.”

      The classic liberals are *gone* in higher ed. They have been replaced by Fascists masquerading as ‘liberals’… 🙁

      • Too true, too true. Filthy rich billionaires bought out the left and converted it to fascism. What used to be the left is now the uber right.

        • dacian and miner don’t care about who they are killing for. Just as long as they get to do mass-murder on some designated “enemy of the people”.

        • Sorry, jwm, it was the heavily communist media in the 1940s that suddenly switched half of the totalitarian left to “far right”. Communism, fascism (Italy), and National Socialism (as National Socialist German Workers Party) are all forms of Marxism. Far left. All totalitarian systems are far left by definition. When Germany attacked Stalin in 1941, and the Italians turned on Germany in 1943, they suddenly became “far right” as it wouldn’t do to admit that the various leftist systems didn’t get along. The Dem base is far left, and the majority of the rest of the Dems are well left of center. A moderate Dem (extinct species) was a bit left of center. Trump is a little right of center, as are most MAGA.

      • Less facists and more marxists/communists.

        The left does not want a merger of state and corporate power. They want ALL power centered firmly in the hands of a government they control.

        We should have let Patton finish the job.

        • “We should have let Patton finish the job.”

          The Allies didn’t have an army and logistics capability to match the ability of the Soviets to overwhelm an enemy by sheer numbers of soldiers and equipment. Nor, did the Allies have the population agreement necessary to expand/continue the war.

    • It was like that with the stupid covidiocy too. Just before they all started writing columns in The Atlantic begging to be forgiven for calling for excommunicating people for not wearing those stupid masks or taking the still experimental shot.

      The more time you have in these institutions the more obedient and docile you be one.

    • “What I find interesting is that the greater the years of education the lower the support for Bruen.”

      It’s a few things going on there at the same time, here’s just one example –

      The highly educated ones can easily afford to buy homes in safer areas, and are thus ignorant of what’s going on outside of their affluent ‘bubble’.

      Example – Right after Trump won in 2016, a major network news person was overheard saying “How could Trump have possibly won? Nobody I know voted for him!”

      They don’t know crime is bad if it never happened to them, so why would someone want to carry a gun? It’s a totally alien landscape for them…

  5. “Lest anyone think this Marquette University poll was somehow skewed by a bad sample, the same poll also found a majority against the Dobbs abortion decision by 35% to 65%. ”

    Author is confused. The progs “skew” their pro-infanticide polls. They HATE guns but abortion is a religious rite for their chicks. Really stretching create a comparison of the two issues

    • Correct, Dobbs was also the victim of a vast and expensive media mischaracterization campaign. Ginsburg HERSELF said Roe was bad law, feel free to look it up if you don’t believe me. It was always a 10th Amendment/states rights issue and though I think all these baby killers belong in hell I’m at least happy it’s been returned to the states where it belongs. I’ll say the same thing about the same-sex marriage decision, SCOTUS has no standing or right to make such a sweeping deceleration onto the states as to how they define marriage. And I could not care LESS if fake conservatives who cower away from the defense of life are losing elections over Dobbs. GOOD, they were happy to use it as a wedge issue when Roe was ‘the law of the land’ but suddenly when they have to summon some principals they want to join the other side. Cretins like Trump are all too happy to see babies killed just so long as he can win, which coming from a NYC billionaire should surprise no one. You’re absolutely correct that infanticide is a religious rite to them, see the arrests of the women in the UK for ‘silently praying’ outside abortion clinics. And it’s not restricted to the unborn anymore either, 8 month old Indi Gregory just became the youngest person ever to be judicially executed in England. It’s their rebellion against God that causes them to hate and slaughter the innocent, this isn’t new it’s only no longer hidden behind occultist rituals and innuendo. There are 60 million reasons America will get everything we deserve.

  6. A dagger wont work unless it’s got a silver blade, wooden stake is cheaper.
    Say, say , say, did you notice how Americas President glided down the Air Force 1’s stairs, that really impressed Xi.
    I gotta give the Chinese dude credit though, he really held his composure while smelling Joe’s.
    Diarrhea is hereditary
    It runs in your jeans.

  7. but, does it matter?

    If the dems win seats, based on abortion, they will enact gun control and place anti-2nd judges in power (stare decisis is little but a quaint thought, now), and they will say they have a mandate from being elected.

    Other than a significant change to the 2-party system, the only way I see this working out is if we can separate out these two major issues- abortion and gun control- from the conventional party dynamics. That would be good because both of them are a cancer on the political system. Just have some votes instead of polls on the two issues and maybe we’d see the parties not have to make everything in their agendas about two topics.

    • “Other than a significant change to the 2-party system, the only way I see this working out is if we can separate out these two major issues- abortion and gun control- from the conventional party dynamics”

      Are you delusional? Those issues are the foundation of the 2 party system, they’re called wedge issues because they guarantee support by simply ‘taking up’ either of them. They will never abandon wedge issues because they allow worthless politicians to get elected and focus on getting rich while they pretend to try and piss into the wind on these issues. The abortion issue is a perfect example, when Roe was the ‘law of the land’ there were scores of elected gop politicians (like Trump) who were ‘staunch unyielding defenders of life’. But with Dobbs rightfully respecting the 10th amendment and states rights they’re suddenly no longer such staunch defenders of the unborn with characters like Trump calling for the killing of the unborn to be excused just so long as he can win. Who could be surprised that people who were heavily supported by opponents of abortion are no longer winning office after going soft on the issue in attempt to save their office? I was done with the 2 party bs long ago, Robert Lewis Dabney said it far better than I ever could in his quotes about ‘Northern Conservatism’. 2023 Republicans are indistinguishable from 1990’s democrats, and there’s hardly a single conservative to be found except maybe Massie.

    • Complete BS, if abortion was a losing issue none of them would have been elected in the first place, they would’ve never wasted a dime let alone million upon millions appealing to the anti abortion crowd back when they thought Roe was never going away. The problem is they went soft because they’re cowards who stand for NOTHING just like you, why would people who voted for them when they pretended to protect life vote for them again post Dobbs when they’re caving to the left on one of the most polarizing issues in America? Now that fake conservatives feel some risk from actually taking a side they suddenly turn shy, because they have no real convictions they’re liars who are only in it for the abuse of power and the love of money.

  8. Been carrying since High School back in the 60’s! Only had to draw one once when I was a cop and later in the Military! The law abiding citizen can protect himself or herself and others!

    • Because Democrats run on abortion, not on gun control. They talk a big control game, but not as much right around each election. Many GOP lost in local/state votes this month because Dems ran a scare campaign of “no abortion = dead women.”

  9. It’s because we allow the left to use a euphemism and get away with it …’s not abortion.
    It’s murdering your baby….killing a human baby….call it like it is…..
    So the question becomes…..” Do you support killing a baby? ”
    see if it’s 65%

  10. A poll of 1,000 people is not even going to skim the surface of a “national pulse.” Surveys are meant to be representative of a larger group, but national surveys are extremely difficult because of so many variables, such as local economic conditions, political conditions, climate, fashion, etc. To truly capture a national pulse, surveys would need to have millions of respondents.

  11. As the kiddies are dumbed down beyond repair and the borders are left wide open for millions of illegals, who currently cost the US taxpayers $450 Billion a year and 12 US citizen’s lives a day, our rights are going to slowly deteriorate.

  12. “Stop calling abortion a ” right”.. it is mentioned NOWHERE in the constitution.”

    The Constitution has no approved list of human rights, but it does proclaim that rights not delegated to the central committee are retained by the states and the populace (“the People”). Thus if states want to allow (demand”?) killing of the unborn, …..

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