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Shannon Watts Tweet

I’m fascinated by gun control advocates’ intellectual dishonesty. The “logic” underpinning their crusade for civilian disarmament is fundamentally, demonstrably false. I repeat: the facts do not support their arguments. Which is why antis ultimately resort to emotional arguments. Look at this baby! We know they’re lying to the public. They have to. But are they lying to themselves? Do they believe their own anti-ballistic B.S.? Or are they pathological liars? According to Wikipedia, that depends on their compensation . . .

Lying is the act of both knowingly and intentionally/willfully making a false statement. Most people do so out of fear. Normal lies are defensive, and are told to avoid the consequences of truth telling. They are often white lies that spare another’s feelings, reflect a pro-social attitude, and make civilized human contact possible.

Pathological lying is considered a mental illness, because it takes over rational judgment and progresses into the fantasy world and back. Pathological lying can be described as a habituation of lying. It is when an individual consistently lies for no personal gain. The lies are commonly transparent and often seem rather pointless.

If we believe Shannon Watts’ tweet above – claiming her support for civilian disarmament is purely altruistic – then no, Ms. Watts is not a pathological liar. Problem is: we don’t. She’s lying.

Shannon’s a former Monsanto PR exec and, now, a part of billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety gun control org. The chances that she’d engage in this fight without financial compensation are about the same as the chances I’d turn down Barbara Palvin’s offer to model for TTAG. More than that, Ms. Watts has a record of lying . . .

In the video above, Ms. Watts tells msnbc that 350 people rallied against the NRA in Indianapolis. Being generous, she’s off by some 200 participants. Watts was there. She knows that’s nonsense. Just as she knows that her avowed support for the Second Amendment is ridiculously, obviously absurd. Not to mention the Dana Loesch kerfuffle, wherein Watts claimed that Magpul pays the conservative commentator to promote gun rights. 

Even if we accept Ms. Watts’ laughable assertion that she’s an unpaid non-attorney spokesman for gun control who reaches into her own pocket for her travel and meals, it’s clear Watts gets an enormous ego boost from her fame. Why wouldn’t she? To have the national media fawning at your feet feeding you softball “questions” has to be quite the buzz for our Rhode Island-gal. She’s fully emotionally invested in her role.

Yes doctor, but does she believe her own lies? I’ll let Wikipedia have the last word on that.

Pathological lying is a complex phenomenon, differing from other mental illnesses. It has many life-changing consequences for those who must live with the illness. Currently, there is not enough research in the area of pathological lying to guarantee a cure.

Well, my life has been changed by Watts’ pathological lying. I’m more dedicated to the cause of firearms freedom than I was before the Newtown massacre catapulted Shannon to fame and, yes, fortune. FWIW. [h/t TD]

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  1. if the outfit is a nonprofit, it should be easy to follow the money trail….might want to enlist a company that specializes in FININT; FINancial INTelligence collection. Specter Global Solutions, Neustar, etc….

    • Or just ask Dirk since he’s been going through their paperwork and filings since MDA was first installed, I mean, planted.

      • 1) Her group merged with Bloomy’s before her form 990’s were due so no info there

        2) Bloomy’s MAIG 990’s are overdue (after 3 yrs, IRS dissolves you) so

        3) Bloomy creates new “umbrella” group that acts as a holding company. Hence, clock re-starts.

        4) Yes, Shannon is lying and if we point that out, we are being misogynistic. Of course, there are several companies registered at her home, I mean MDA’s corporate HQ. Wonder if any of Bloomy’s largesse didn’t pad a nice “consulting” gig for one of those other entities. Where there is fire.. . . .

        • Wouldn’t they still have to file 990’s (eventually) for the period that they were separate entities?

        • “Yes, Shannon is lying and if we point that out, we are being misogynistic.”

          Just like if we point out that Obama is lying, we are being racist.

          No difference. Racist, Mean, Bigoted, Misogynistic, Bullies

        • @piersonb – no, they don’t have to file, b/c Bloomy’s lawyers set this deal up before the fiscal year ended so MDA’s financials are now part of, ta da, MAIG’s financials, who, watch this, are now part of Everytown. . . . . corporate shell game.

        • I wonder, what will the next holding company/shell will be named?
          Hoplaphobes USA
          Everytown Mayors and Moms For Common Sense Gun Confiscation

        • You don’t actually think the Obuma IRS/Lois Lerner (Eric ArseHolder) is actually going to take any negative action against one of THEIR libtard arms do you? FIlings schmilings

      • “Or just ask Dirk since he’s been going through their paperwork and filings since MDA was first installed, I mean, planted. Shannon’s underwear drawer”


    • She’s a leftist. Catching her in a lie won’t bother her, won’t bother her followers. Like hitting a fish with a squirt gun. Or maybe like telling a cat that it’s been bad? Truth is completely irrelevant to her.

      • “The truth” will only hurt you if the press disagrees with your ideology. As for Watts, in her mind, donations don’t equate to salary. Big surprise from an ideology that centers around the “not taking is giving” philosophy.

  2. Does she believe her own lies? She’d have to believe in truth before she could believe she is lying.

    Fortunately Robert put the truth right in the name of this blog.

  3. Menopause can do crazy stuff. She probably doesn’t even know she is lying. As the flower of her youth continues to wilt and die look for more outrageous behavior, hateful speech and outright lies.

    Her transformation to full succubus is imminent.

  4. She may not be lying for financial gain, but she appears to be lying for self-aggrandizement. Her gain is the advancement of her movement; for the children.

  5. Two things…

    One, doesn’t she have like five kids?? If she’s really making “zero dollars” then I ‘d be terribly interested in knowing what her husband does for work.

    Second, Mr. LaPierre doesn’t make “millions.” If I remember correctly, his salary is a bit under a million. That’s really not terribly impressive compared to many CEO’s out there.

    • She has two step-kids (ages 24 and 20) and 3 kids of her own (ages 18, 17, and 13) according to her LinkedIn profile. Although she claims to be a SAHM for the past 5 years, her LinkedIn profile lists work going up through June 2012. ; Gun Free Zone also noticed this minor detail. Not sure what her hubby does.

        • 1) John Watts, Jr (Senior is in his 80’s and lives in Tampa area) is a former Wellpoint Healthcare operating VP that “retired” with a nice $6+ M parachute after he didn’t get the CEO job

          2) John is on several health care boards, and was recently named to one in Indianapolis in addition to his consulting work (Obamacare, anyone?)

          3) John closed down the art shop b/c in his words, the people of flyover country didn’t appreciate taste

          4) John and Shannon were both at Wellpoint at same time. John’s ex wife was in Alpharetta GA and he was in Indianapolis. . . . .suddenly, he was divorced and well now they are married. Coincidence? The other candidate for the top spot at Wellpoint was the former CFO who was canned for “allegedly” liking sticking his pen in the company inkwell.

        • I knew he had to have something going for him since she is unusually thin/pretty for a middle-aged married American woman. So he has money and power. Hypergamy, anyone?

        • Dirk, just gotta say: You’re awesome. Thanks for doing all this go-to work.

          This is the sort of stuff I used to do in the mid-90’s on these people, and one starts to notice patterns… and the pattern hasn’t been violated here in any way. MDA’s “members” are right in line with the women I’d see in similar “grassroots” groups in the 90’s – rich (or “married rich” – like DiFi), white women living in protected little enclaves, in need of a social cause…

    • After opening said link I almost forgot about the rest of the article and began my search of the model.

  6. She doesn’t friggin need to be paid since she’s already richer than 99% of us courtesy of her whoring for Monsanto and her husband. Or husbands. Alimony happens.

    And that percentage was a made-up-on-the-spot SWAG, not a reference to OWS.

    • Hell, Bloomberg pays for everything, anyway. She works from home/HQ, so groceries and clothes count as business expenses, right? Expense account that shit. Who needs a salary?

  7. What a twit. Of course though, maybe you can’t call under-the-table (or bed) cash as income. Does she really think people are Stupid enough to Believe her?

  8. All very good reasons to understand the nature of 1. women and 2. Progressives, Leftists, Statists (whatever the politically correct word is we are using here these days b/c people clearly don’t like it when I generalize to “Liberals”)

    Women are hypergamous and solipsistic by nature.

    Progressives have brain functionality that is different than ours and geared specifically to subvert, masquerade and scheme in order to get around the problem of having to be competent and compete on a level playing field with non-Progressives (generally: Right leaning people.)

    Lying is of course part of being solipsistic and Progressive, by definition.

    Shannon is particularly lethal because she is both female and Progressive. However that also means there is a treasure-trove of techniques and strategies that have been developed over the past few years and “field tested” in order to destroy her.

    I am using those strategies, mostly against her minions who fit the same format, and winning.

    Any of us can do the same and furthermore the organizations who represent us can do the same as well. Maybe they already are.

    • I’m not sure I always agree with everything you say, although it has certainly given me a bunch of food for thought, but you might actually get me to join Twitter just to watch you toy with that bunch of disingenuous, manipulative tools. Could be hilarious.

      • This is really all you need.

        I am not sure Ben S is privvy to the materials that I absorbed to get here, but his video ends up in the same place as where I find myself. He is better than me so far though but I am catching up with practice.

        Brilliant, must watch.

    • Women are hypergamous and solipsistic? So they are gold digging, unempathizing, and selfish? I am so glad somebody made fancy, nigh unpronounceable words to describe such a thing, or else we’d get yelled at for being stereotyping jerks.

      • Not exactly. These two words are very specific and they are used to convey very specific information – they are not interchangeable with other words.

        Hypergamous and solipsistic convey much more meaning and nuance than the words you used. They are not necessary negative, either – don’t just read it the way you want.

        Again, the words are specific for a reason. If you want to understand them, you need to spend a little time.

        If you don’t then do what you want with the information. Enjoy.

      • Hypergamy is the female trait that observes whether or not a man can provide for their (mutual) offspring and prefers men who can produce the goods over those who can’t.

        This is the female flip side to why men ogle women’s breasts: Yes, we men like boobs. Let’s get that out of the way up front, so to speak.

        But male ogling also has a biological component: We’re programmed to breed with women who are a) in good physical condition, and b) can feed offspring. In other words, there’s a biological reason why men prefer women with certain proportions of bust, waist and hips.

        Same deal with women: They’re looking for some biological factors, chief among them is the ability to fork up the meat on the table. Or the paycheck on the teller’s window in today’s thinking. I noticed this coming out of engineering school. Women who wouldn’t look at an engineer twice for the first 3.5 years of college and who were completely taken with the starving artiste’ types suddenly had their first biological alarm go off when job offers started coming in and they noticed: a) starving artiste’s are called such because they don’t make jack if they can get a job (which is always in doubt), and b) engineers might not be much to look at on most days, but they can certainly pull down a consistent paycheck and they like to work like sled dogs, ergo, big and consistent bucks.

        I noticed this at that time and continued to notice this dynamic between women and men throughout my entire adult life. Women will sleep with bad boys for thrills, but they want to marry (or shack up) with providers.

        “Gold digging” is a pejorative for women who aren’t seeking a provider, but are instead seeking a sugar daddy who will lavish money upon them in return for scant episodes of non-reproductive sex.

        As for the solipsism issue: Any married man can tell you that this is often true. Get into an argument with a woman. What’s her bottom-line issue in any argument? What her feelings are. Damn the facts and consequences, what’s really important are her feelings. Listen to how women talk: How often do most women say “I feel” instead of “I think,” hmmm? Go ahead. Start listening critically to how women talk. You’ll start to hear the patterns.

        And on this point, Mina is absolutely correct: The MDA types are all about their feelings. They believe, with righteous indignation, that they have an absolute right to feel safe. Nothing else matters. Your safety doesn’t matter. Their actual safety doesn’t matter. Their children’s actual safety doesn’t matter.

        What matters are their feelings.

      • Great comment, Mina.
        Really, POTG- take her advice and watch Shapiro twice, or three times.
        You will enjoy driving your liberal brother-in-law or batty aging yupster neighbors nuts.

    • We’re hypergamous and solipsistic? Wow, I must have missed the memo. :::creates OKCupid account and immediately begins search for obscenely rich husband::: /sarcasm

        • Uhh, despite the way his user name sounds, I think Mina is actually a man.

          He also seems obsessed with gender relations and comes off as a bit of a jerk, but that’s just my opinion.

        • Exactly. The start of the leftist indoctrination in the 60’s was their campaign against “generalizations.”

          Guess what, folks? Generalizations are true when you’re talking about clear, unequivocal statistical majorities – like 80% – of a population.

          Here’s an example of a generalization:

          Pissing off a grizzly bear will get you killed.

          There, I just generalized about grizzly bears. No one (except loony animal “rights” activists) will take issue with it. Are there exceptions? Sure. The grizzly called “Ben” in some goofy TV show, for example. Bears raised in circus environments, etc. Bears in their native habitat? Your ass is as good as tomorrow’s bear poop if you go up against a grizzly without weapons.

          Here’s another generalization: Women won’t hang around deadbeat men with no job and no money for very long.

          Are there exceptions? Sure. But is the generalization true about the majority of women? Yup.

  9. Even if it were true, doing something for no money doesn’t mean you’re being altruistic; it means no one wants to pay you to do that thing.

    I assume there’s some logical loophole there. Her SALARY may well be zero. She may get paid by the hour, week, month, appearance, number of appearances she makes, lies told, words said (redundant?). She might just be having all her living expenses comped and her retirement fund deposited, or maybe she’s compensated in stocks, options, bitcoins, or pints of virgin blood. But, technically, she’s not salaried.

    • sal·a·ry
      noun: salary; plural noun: salaries

      1. a fixed regular payment, typically paid on a monthly or biweekly basis but often expressed as an annual sum, made by an employer to an employee, especially a professional or white-collar worker.

      By this logic, all of the (blue collar) production operators at our manufacturing facility have a salary of zero dollars. But they certainly aren’t working for free.

    • Salary – Zero. OK, possible. But more probable: Salary – Zero; Tips, Gratuities, and Other Income – $250k+. All in cash.

  10. I have an alternate hypothesis. Most people make snap judgments based on what they hear in a 10 second sound bite. Once those people commit to those judgments, it takes an enormous amount of effort to reach them with the truth. I believe Mrs. Watts is using that fact to her advantage and knowingly lying on purpose. She knows the value of reaching people first. So she lies to get them on her side knowing that it will take us 10 times the effort to change their minds.

    • ding! ding! ding!

      She is doing exactly what her type does (progressives); she is playing to the audience. Period.

      You are exactly right. And that’s what we need to do as well, while finding a way to position her/them to expose themselves for what they are in the process. That is the trick.

    • Indeed. Just get them to hear the lie first, and trust her. Then when you present the truth, the typical left-of-center voter says “you’re just saying that because you’re conservative or like guns!”

      It’s hard to present the facts when the lie satisfies their worldview, their favorite narrative that simplifies the reality and which presents their own biases, appetites, and hopes as good, fair, just, and so forth.

  11. Well, according to some quick Google-fu and the 2012 numbers, the NRA took in about $250M. Total administrative cost was around $25M. So, by my rough math that makes 10%. TOTAL.

    I don’t see 10% of revenue going to salaries as being that big a deal, not when some non-profits run closer to the 50% mark.

  12. She immediately agreed to be bought out (READ: purchased lock, stock, and barrel) by Nanny Loonberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns before it came time to file her IRS 990s.

    How very convenient.

    Could it be that her organization was in fact in gross violation of its alleged 501.c.(3) status? We already know that she was making upwards of $1 million a year as the sock-puppet for Monsanto. We may never know what her salary really is, but it is most certainly not “$0”. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere and she wouldn’t be able to afford her very own private security theater — adding “theater” because that’s really all it is.

    Yes, yes, she is a pathological liar — and she’s somehow proud of it.

    • At WellPoint Watts oversaw an impressive “30-person corporate communications team” until 2008, when she stepped down to begin VoxPop Public Relations. Watts “started the firm because she saw a need for boutique agencies that can provide the same service at a lower cost during the recession,” PR Week observes.

      Quite an informative article. What I got from the quote above is that she was rapidly “pricing herself out of the market,” so she latched on to her current serial hubby and hooked up with Bloomie some time before Sandy Hook came along. Right place at the right time and all that.

      Also, isn’t VoxPop Public Relations the outfit that was trying to start a “meaningful, common sense middle-ground dialog” with gun owners earlier this year?

  13. moms demand action is not listed in Guidestar as a non-profit, unless their company has a different business name, you should be able to look up the salaries of the top earners in the company.

  14. There is no path to track because they are not a Non Profit. It is detailed on their website that donations are not even tax deductible.

    Not sure why we should believe her anyway. We have video and photographic evidence of lies falling out her mouth like maggots.

    • They aren’t a non-profit anymore since becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns™ and now Everytown for Gun Safety™

      Neither of which are non-profit organizations.

      • I would guess, if I had to, that MDA, MAIG, and EforGS are 501(c)4’s, non-deductible, non-gifts-reportable social welfare organizations.

        • I don’t know, I actually couldn’t find MAIG or Everytown. There is a Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns Fund in New York, but that shows an inception date in January of this year.

          Neither of those two groups show up as registered corporations in New York State. And neither show up as being eligible for tax deductible donations with the IRS (but we knew that).

  15. So are you saying that anyone suggesting there is a problem and that measures need to be taken is de facto a pathological liar? This seems a very extreme position, Robert. You are essentially demonising everyone who disagrees with you and declaring that there is no possibility whatsoever of finding anything on which the gun control side of the argument and your own side might ever agree. This site seems to me to ever more shrill. I do not mind vigorous commentary but the space for discussion is now so narrow as to be pointless. Sad.

  16. I would hazard a guess that Shannon’s modus falls more in line with the “our cause is so noble that it doesn’t matter what we do or say”. The other side wants to KILL YOUR CHILDREN!!!! … did I mention !!!! ? Wouldn’t YOU lie to save your children from vicious gun-toting killers bent upon killing them with guns, which they tote while killing your children!!!???!!!

  17. Ha! $0 yeah right…
    Mark Glaze, who doesn’t work for free also touted there is a full time staff of 85. They can’t all be working for free. They can paint this anyway they like, but she is a lair. Those armed guard were not paid for by her, and I am sure the hotel suite, various entourage, and personal assistant were all paid for by her? Yeah ok, thought so.
    I do know, GRAA, 1MMAGC, COGR, and many others are run by ordinary folks like me. We get no compensation, we pay for our own trips, and food, and lodging. When I go to Sacramento I pay for my own gas and parking, and I lose a day of work doing so. Shannon can not boast the same. That is true grass roots, period.

  18. Calling Justice Scalia ! I have another babelicious commie u can take hunting. Man we appreciate the heroic effort u are “doing” for us.

  19. “…Ms. Watts tells msnbc that 350 people rallied against the NRA in Indianapolis.”

    Watts was probably including *everyone* involved in the “Everytown” organization including support staff who were only there in mind and spirit.

    Apparently Bloomberg hasn’t yet bought enough “grassroots” activists to round out his new anti-gun organization for a formidable presence.

    • Maybe it’s actually supposed to be “Mrs. Watts tells the 350 people watching MSNBC that there was a rally against the NRA in Indianapolis.”

    • Right and the actual count that we’ve been able to find is 35. Meanwhile: Paid for transport, hotels, pre-printed signs, matching TShirts, catered lunch, armed security.

      Real grassroots. It’s all a lie, #AstroTurfing, from bottom to top.

  20. Yeah, I know a guy that “doesn’t receive a salary” either.

    He just has an Amex provided to him from the company that he contracts for from time to time…

    You know, for his “business expenses.”

  21. she’ll just move the goal post and say that she’s not an ’employee’……’s all in their usage of words……the term ‘salary’ is equated with being an ’employee’…..which she probably isn’t….I’m sure Bloomberg is smart enough to snake around labor laws and hire, and pay, Shannon Watts as an Independent Contractor, unless Shannon Watts set up her own company, and Bloomberg pays this company.

  22. We should be able to refute our opponents points of view without indulging in ad hominem.

    This obsesion with MDA and the vile personal insults these posts generate in the comment section us not helpful.

    • +1 on the juvenile name bending and misogyny. The sexist and demeaning comments about Ms. Watts and others by posters here is out of line. I am sick of them. They are the same as any racist comment and should be met with the same ferocity that would be met with any anti-jew or anti-black comment here.

      RF don’t let the smart a$$ clowns in the back of the 7th grade classroom take over your gun blog. Between that and the constant attack ads I find myself reading and posting here less and less. It is very disappointing.

      Finally, do not equate MDA, Everytown, etc with the NRA. The NRA has a larger paid membership than all of the above combined. The antigroups unpaid membership is comprised of likes on Facebook or other social media. The NRA is exactly what it says, a paid membership non profit group with a political lobbying arm that promotes safe gun ownership and the right to bear arms.

  23. from that video clip, Shannon says:
    “We support the second amendment, but…”

    Everything you need to know, right there.

  24. Also from the video clip:

    “we’re not against armed security…our security had background checks.”

    So…why was she so upset when a member of “Truth About Guns” was photographed with her while he was carrying? I’d assume that since he was practicing LEGAL concealed carry, that she’d have NO problem with him being there, or with her having her picture taken with him…

    • These statists who have complete faith in the government, police, and those guards’ background checks, don’t trust/recognize the background checks, etc involved in our Sheriff’s Dept-/State-issued concealed carry permits.

      It would be interesting to see a question posed to Mrs Watts and her ilk, asking them why that is.

  25. I wish I had a hot dude interested in me. I use big words and creep around the Internet. I am just that awesome.

  26. Well for one thing the NSSF is the scape goat she’s looking for. That’s the National Shooting Sports Foundation. They’re the trade organization that looks after firearms manufactures and sellers.

  27. Since she was a PR at the Executive level, I’m quite sure she has a pretty big black book full of current clients. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) She seems to ALWAYS have more than one oar in the water in case things don’t turn out well for her.

  28. Wayne La Pierre sells guns? This is news to me.

    I have historically purchased guns due to 2 people…

    1. Hickok45 – when he reviews something and I think it is cool as heck, I buy it.

    2. Diane Feinstein – every time she mentions a gun she wants to ban, it is added to my list and I buy it.

  29. “Is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Jefe Shannon Watts a Pathological Liar?”

    Of course she is, as are all leftists/liberals…they continually manipulate(LIE) the truth to suit their own agenda…
    If it were in their best interest to say that there were 3 Monday’s in a week, there’d most certainly be a movement and statistics to bear that out…

  30. Like all zealots to the cause, the end will always justify the means.

    Shannon Watts, like her erstwhile comrades in Gun Control Australia and various Green political parties, doesn’t care if she distorts facts and even out-and-out lies for the 5-second soundbite. It is all for the cause, and for the children.

  31. so when Shannon did contract work for PR Firm Fleishman-Hillard (thru her VoxPop), has anyone checked to see if any of Bloomys businesses are Fleishman clients???

  32. Is Shannon a liar?

    Is a frogs ass watertight?
    Does a bear crap in the woods?
    Is the Pope catholic?
    Do cows fart?
    Are horses hung like a horse?
    Well, you get the picture.

  33. Doing it for free actually makes it worse. It’s one thing to do bad things (like sell genetically sterile seed corn) for money, but to campaign against civil rights because you *like* to? That’s just seriously messed up.

  34. She’s a liberal. Meaning, if she is a pathological liar, her statements would generally be closer to observable reality, than if she is not.

    • Because she’s trying to make herself look altruistic and pure in her motives.

      This is a common tactic by the “socially aware” activist types, especially the environmental movement. They want to portray anyone making money as being compromised.

      eg, on the AGW hysterics: They claim, in the same way that Watts does, that the words of the power utility execs, coal mining execs, oil companies, et al cannot be trusted because they’re making money.

      What no one from the AGW doomsday crowd likes to point out is that the researchers promulgating the scare tactics are also making money from academic grants and funding, and the more panic they can sow, the more money will be flung at them for more “research” (which consists mostly of running and re-running computer models).

      Watts is making money from this, somehow. She’s a PR professional, and PR professionals don’t do this stuff for free. She has no real interest in this cause, because she has no real reason to be interested in this cause. That’s what is most telling about this: Her schtick is that one day after Newtown, she just up and gets mad about guns. Riiiiight. A PR professional gets mad about guns and decides to start up a big PR campaign against guns for nothing.

      I’m not buying that.

  35. A salary if zero dollars means nothing if a Bloomberg-backed senate campaign is what you’re really after.


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