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It’s good that new(ish) Brady Campaign prez Dan Gross is keeping things elevated. He clearly looks at the NRA’s confab in St. Louis and sees a target rich environment. So to speak. The willingness to equate second amendment rights advocacy with responsibility for killing fellow citizens was surely an interview prerequisite. So tarring Mitt Romney as un-American for speaking – however little he managed to actually say – to the group comes as easy as falling off a log.

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  1. If we are going to use indirect causation to place blame on others, than we can equally blame the Brady Campaign for killing Americans who could have had the opportunity to protect themselves. This new guy Dan Gross sounds dumber than the last one.

  2. There is nothing more un-American than accusing a candidate for President of being un-American, because he supports the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

    • Well you see there’s the rub, Romney doesn’t support the bill of rights or the constitution. His oral diarrhea might indicate otherwise but his past actions show his true colors.

    • You are so two centuries ago. Today, only dissent is patriotic, and the best way to show dissent is to be buddies with a quasi-retired terrorist like Bill Ayers.

  3. “Nothing less ‘American’ than appearing with a lobby that is responsible for killing so many of our citizens.”

    You mean like Obama appearing before Planned Parenthood?

    • save the bullshit. you mean the planned parenthood that detects incidences of breast cancer with their scanning?

      The logic of opponents to planned parenthood “go ahead and get breastcancer…see if we care”

        • Hmm… My wife goes to planned parenthood. We don’t see any actively encouraging and promoting of abortions anywhere. It’s not like there’s a poster of happy, smiling women on the way in with the captions “abortions… Have you had yours yet?”

          It’s more of an organization that actively promotes and encourages the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. The name says it all.

    • Thanks for saying it, Charles. We’re about 50 million Americans shy of where we would be now, thanks mostly to that group.

      • “We’re about 50 million unwanted children (many of whom would have been neglected, mistreated, abused, would have grown up in “thug culture” and become part of the problem with our over-crowded cities) shy of where we would be now, thanks mostly to that group.”

  4. That’s the lovely thing about the Brady fools and most antis in general…they do such a good job of showing their stupidity just by speaking that there’s really little else for us to add.

    Really is funny though how perspective can be so different. To their warped minds, support of gun rights leads to innocent deaths. In our minds, their tyranny and moral cowardice supports the deaths of unarmed innocents. The only difference is we have logic, facts, and rationality.

    Ah well…I don’t think much of Romney at all, but if the Bradys hate him then that’s a few brownie points in his favor. Best to be despised by the despicable, and all that.

  5. It is a small consolation to see that the Brady’s aren’t playing chess with our rights.If someone on their staff had a brain cell to use they’d realize Romney’s their best ticket for gun control being enacted in the future.

  6. thank you dan gross for demonstrating you know nothing about the bill of rights you seem so adamant about protecting.

    • You don’t like receiving slander, but you like seeing it meted out against your enemies? Nice to see that consistency is still alive and well with the hypocrites.

    • Never was much of a Helmke fan and I was from the Fort Wayne area; so I knew his past a little better than the average bear. My favorite was pushing gun stores not to sell defensive shotguns as they were a “Gang and Criminal” gun.

  7. The FDA is responsible for every single person who has choked on food they approved was safe to eat. They are clearly run by Satan.

  8. So let me get this straight. The NRA is responsible for every firearms death in this country for supporting gun ownership, but Eric Holder and the ATF are not responsible for the deaths of Americans and Mexicans as a result of fast and furious?

    • It’s simple, really Mike. And the Eric Holder discussion is on another thread.

      1. There’s gun violence
      2. A contributing factor in that problem is gun availability to unfit and dangerous people
      3. You (gun-rights folks and the NRA and the gun manufacturers) support the laws which make gun availability to unfit and dangerous people easier
      4. You’re partly responsible

      I’m not disputing that criminals who do wrong are responsible for what they do. But in this lesson we’re talking about your part.

      • The fisher of men is right…
        If not for us and our irresponsible ways, he and his ilk would have never been able to acquire weapons. Isn’t that right mikeyb?
        If we responsible gun owners would just wise up and smash our collections to junk, then there would be no more legally held weapons of mass destruction for the anti’s to focus on.
        Perhaps if we had to jump through endless hoops and wade in months of red tape, the situation would be solved by a friendly and courteous state bureaucracy. You know, the same kind of people that make a trip to the DMV so much fun, or the kind of public servants that make getting an IRS audit seem like a day in Disneyland.
        Perhaps if the legal firearms owner had to pay an annual tax that helped foot the bill for their own prosecution the problem would go away.
        Okay, I’ll pull my head out of my ass…
        How about this, blame the people who commit the crimes for those crimes. In the state of California and other places around the nation there is a mandatory enhancement for crimes that involve a firearm. Has that deterred any violent crime? Nope. The fact is the usual suspects see the justice system as a revolving door. Overcrowding, overburdened budgets and lax enforcement leads to a system that fails.

        Accusing the NRA of killing Americans is like blaming oncologists for cancer deaths.
        The NRA pushes safety and training with a heavy focus on young and new shooters. Why? Because if these impressionable people are given the chance to see that real life is not an X-Box game, then maybe that young person will not accidentally shoot someone.
        Yes, the NRA does lobby for citizens rights. What a novel concept. What does the Joyce Foundation do? Oh, that’s right, the lobby to curtail civil liberty. Which is supposed to be the axis of evil here? Hmm, let me see…
        “If we ignore the problem and refuse to really look at it, and instead punish those who already obey the law, then society will be so much safer.”
        What a shit encrusted fairy tale of special olympian sportsmanship that is.
        Once again, I’ll not take moral direction from a common criminal.

        • No, how about this? How about you begin to cooperate with reasonable restrictions that would inconvenience you very little but would prevent many guns from flowing into the criminal world?

          Your refusal to do that is the epitome of selfishness.

        • If selfishness is unwillingness to be subjugated to the little king that couldn’t, then I guess I am as self centered and self righteous as you.
          Feel free to kiss my ass.
          The trouble with people who wish to fix the evils of the world is that the problems often start with themselves. Then these little Napoleon wannabe’s wish to broad stroke the world and these twisted little people fail to see the abstract of it all.
          What would be the harm of inconvenience if it will save lives…
          How? Just tell me how punishing the law abiding will save so much as one, single, filthy little orphan? How will stripping the rights of the United States Constitution prevent the senseless death of even one underprivileged urban entrepreneur? How will telling me that I can not give my son a gift prevent the slaughter of innocents as a criminal wades in blood through a gun free zone?
          It will not. Your pathetic emotional bullshit is void of reason as you vainly grasp at accusation and denial. You will whine and snivel about how you are not taken seriously. Who gives a damn? Hide in obscurity an hurl your little turds into the punchbowl, the facts support reason, not emotion.
          I will sip my scotch tonight and enjoy my life. No one wants me dead, no charges are pending and I am comfortable in my citizenship. I have never testified against friends, nor been kicked out of the military. This is my home, not yours. Stay where you are and suffer whatever misery you have called upon yourself.
          May those horrid dreams of a life soon gone make you grieve for realities that never will be as the rush of age drives pain into joints and focus from vision. May whatever loneliness you wished to deny find you in slumber and wreck what false peace you wish for.
          In short, whatever made you drive your life in such a direction that would assail my rights and freedoms, I hope it haunts your ass forever.
          Have a nice day.

        • American history is filled of examples where the common folk took exception to others curtailing freedom. Used to be that was an open declaration of war.
          This day and age has ushered in a whole new breed of coward:
          The internet troll.
          For writers who cannot write, blogs are available as cherry picked articles are copied and pasted with a speed and fervor that has never been matched. Watch as the troll pulls a statistic out of his ass to flaunt as unsubstantiated fact. Then when he is called on it, he retorts that it takes reason to see his point of view…
          You don’t need a psychiatrist or even an ophthalmologist to see life as mikey does. You will need to see a different kind of specialist, one that wears rubber gloves and jokes about how his is a shit job…
          Reasonable restriction? Really? Is that something like the old “Pain free dentistry” signs? What is the difference between inches and miles? Come on Marine, you remember this one, don’t you? Inches are given and miles are taken. Simple stuff. If you give up a right, even a small portion of it, then what keeps any of them intact?
          Why is it that these anti’s have a thing for European societies? Didn’t they pay attention in history class? Didn’t we as Americans decide to be a different country based on individual freedoms? Didn’t we suffer and struggle to make that happen?
          Now these ignorant fools want us to embrace the “Free thinking and enlightened understanding” of the old countries and just give up “a little freedom” as we evolve.
          What a concept. One flaw:
          Every time the wolf growls, who gets a call? Every time there is some screwed up disaster of politics and some nutcase dictator that was put in place to bring “enlightenment” to a darkened place, we end up throwing our lives and money at him. Why? Because those have wit intellectuals forgot that the human race is made up of meat eating predators with an ax to grind.
          And now those same clowns want to remove our freedoms so we can be more like they are. Wonderful.
          Of course many of these eurotrash wannabes (Hi mikey) want us to lay down our arms. It makes perfect sense to them…

        • “Just tell me how punishing the law abiding will save so much as one, single, filthy little orphan? How will stripping the rights of the United States Constitution prevent the senseless death of even one underprivileged urban entrepreneur? ”

          It’s not punishing the law abiding when we raise the bar a bit in order to screen out the unfit.

          It’s not stripping the Constitution of anything any more than making it illegal to scream “fire” in a crowded theater is.

          “Filthy little orphan?” “underprivileged urban entrepreneur?” Wow, man, you gotta calm down.

        • You say: reasonable restrictions that would inconvenience you very little

          I say that is subjective thinking where objective thinking is needed. The subjective language: “reasonable,” “inconvenience.” It’s the view from the Ivory Tower.

          Down here on the ground, given ‘grabbers’ disdain for empiricism, why would I believe that they would ever stop piling on even more “reasonable” restrictions. A complete ban is reasonable to them. Lott’s et al. actual research be da##ed.


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