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One of the more distasteful traits common among elitist gun-grabbers is the tendency to develop pathologically high opinions of themselves. Michael Bloomberg, as an example, figures he’s bought himself a spot in heaven with his civilian disarmament advocacy. Now, his newly-purchased protege, Shannon Watts, is exhibiting symptoms of the same syndrome . . .

As reported by, the hoplophobic harpy sees herself and her crusade to limit Americans’ gun rights as on a par with…Jackie Robinson. That’s right. In her twisted, self-aggrandizing view of the world, Shannon sees a parallel between a courageous pioneer who put himself out there to assert his basic human rights and her effort to limit your natural, Constitutionally-protected right to armed self defense.

How much more nauseatingly low can she go? We probably haven’t seen the bottom yet.

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    • In part so that when people do a Google search for her name or organization, they see something OTHER than links to her nonsense on twitter and faceplant.

      There’s also…”know they enemy.” Given that this is pretty low stuff, it helps to know (and publicize) the disgusting crap she’s willing to say.

      • Schadenfreude.

        There is no shame in laughing at them when they do stupid things.

    • Because we should NEVER ignore people like this. Ignoring people that seem “stupid” like this “woman” is why we are where we are. We never thought people like the current crop of ‘liberals’, I will call them not so much in the closet socialist/communist, would be in power in the numbers they are now. We never thought our country would vote for a president who’s only qualifications were running for office, being black and who could read off a teleprompter. And we NEVER in our wildest dreams that people would vote for the second time for that failed president.

      We have ignored them too long, not saying something about tWatts when she is spreading her lies and misinformation implies acceptance of them.

      • As opposed to Bush reading from a teleprompter, or Sarah Palin reading from notes she scribbled on her hand?

        • Correct. Huge contrast. The Obuma demonstrates reality of the empty suit snark the libtards tried to hang on Bush2.

          Got it, the libtards can’t wrap their empty little minds around Sarah Palin. She doesn’t fit the plantation script of what a “modern” woman is supposed to think/be, Therefore she must he Alinskyized.

        • Gotta admit, being able to make a speech with notes scribbled on the palm of your hand shows a helluva lot more mental agility than being bumfuzzled when your Teleprompter screws up. At least Sarah Palin knows how to pronounce “corpsman”, and understands there are 50 states in the US, not “57, with what, two more to go”. And don’t even start with that mythical “see Russia from my house” crap.

        • @TheBear: No need to be patronizing. She’s an adult, she can defend herself.

        • What no comments on the lack of other types of experience? I guess all you have is that everyone uses a teleprompter…except that he’s helpless without one and when he doesn’t have it he says supremely stupid crap. All he’s done for the last 5 years is campaign against what is going on as if he hasn’t been the president for that long. He can’t own anything because he’s accomplished nothing.

          As for Palin and Bush? Neither is the president now nor has been for the last 5 years. Own that fact, you elected him twice so own it.

    • Because in today’s social media driven world, a lie uncontested becomes a truth.
      As Goebbles Watts knows all too well.

      The nation-wide POTG are an Army of Davids vs Goliath Bloomberg’s $50,000,000 ad campaign.
      MOCK THEM, and PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD (h/t BlogFather)

    • Because one should never interrupt one’s opponent when they’re making a mistake.

  1. Is That why shannon won’t go into the inner city, in any city, and preach her bS? Is that why shannon lives in a $1.2M+ home in a lilly white subdivision in suburban indianapolis and send her kids to an elitist private school? Is that why shannon won’t engage dana loesch? Is that why shannon has armed body guards now?

    Hypocrisy is latin for liberal, and no sweetheat, you are no jackie robinson and don’t you dare compare yourself to MLK!!

    • And just remember her million dollar home in Indiana is the equivalent of $3-$4 million home in the DC area.

      • actually, she owned several homes in the area before she shacked up with John. . . . the home she shared w ex-hubby Jayson Troughton, which is less than a mile from home #3 with John Watts, Jr. (b/c John, Sr. lives in Tampa) and then the house she had in-between marriages (which was not a long time) and which house she recently sold. Go figure. Stay @ home mom. Yeah, right.

    • “Hypocrisy is Latin for Liberal”…….My Miller just went up and out my nose………thankfully missing the Mac on my lap. Mr Diggler, this here comment is a friggin’ keeper. TM I’d say……..

    • “Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.” -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

  2. They are getting pretty sick and disgusting, and given where they’ve been, that’s really saying something.


    Lies, false claims of harassment and stalking, etc, and now this.

    PLEASE keep posting this stuff. The more they show their true colors, the better things will be. People will see this for the garbage it is.

    • Lying, paranoid, idiotic cowards are tough to present favorably, but they sure try!

  3. notice liberals try to link racism with gun ownership. their objective is to equate racism with guns and thus if you support gun owners you are a racist like those who threatened robinson when he played ball

    • Last week it was misogyny and sexism 😉

      Classic Rules for Radicals techniques – right out of the book.

    • I’ve never seen a photo of Shannon, but that she is surrounded by white people. And white moms, at that. She’s clearly afraid of black folks….and their guns.

  4. This pile of excrement DARES to compare herself to Jackie Robinson?


    Have you no shame, Mrs. Watts?

    • Try as I may I can’t connect Shannon and baseball, except perhaps for the old Soupy Sales line: Her guys kiss her between the strikes. She’s kisses them between the b… well, whatever.

      Her history, just the obvious public knowledge of her time in Missouri political campaigns, her work, her marriages, indicates a propensity to, well, move on to the next powerful prosperous guy. She hasn’t actually done much that’s in the public record to propel the careers of fellow…moms. Seems like a player to me. Ah, player…baseball. Got it.

  5. If you haven’t, click the opening photo and read the comments back at her.
    One comparing Jackie’s jersey number to Shannon’s IQ.
    She is being LIT UP by pro gun and civil rights peeps.

  6. Well said JR. Wondering if the Reverend will come out with a statement on the comment.

  7. This is an interesting choice for Ms. Watts. There can be little doubt by now that soccer moms favor citizen disarmament because they want to take guns away from scary black people. Yes, I said it, and it’s the truth. Who do you think they’re trying t disarm — 70 year old white female librarians? I don’t think so.

    • Good point.

      Kind of like how so many lily white soccer moms who say “African American” and probably coined the term are actually the most racist.

      Because they know it’s not socially acceptable to be racist, they will overcompensate for this fact, but still freak out if a black family moves next door. These are the same people who when moving to a new city will choose not to live at a new house or apartment if they see too much “foot traffic”, i.e. people of color walking around.

      These are the /moms/ who will publicly tell their kids to be kind to everyone, follow the golden rule, blah blah blah but then tell their kids not to befriend minorities or go over to their houses.

      People I know have wondered why I staunchly refuse to say “African American”. One is that the term doesn’t make any sense. The other is that all of the elitist closet bigots I’ve ever met all unfailingly use that term as part of their “socially elite” facade.

      I cannot stand hypocrites.

      PS: How much do you want to bet Shannon Watts refers to black people as “African Americans” and is ok with cherry picking black history to help further her cause, but would quickly move if all her neighbors became black?

      • actually, I respect Clippers’ owner Sterling more. . . . because at least he doesn’t say “N!GGA” like I know Shannon does behind closed doors.

      • In addition, those soccer moms like Shannon either own or have their name on papers for ownership of those blighted, rat-infested slums in the inner city that “those people” exist in. #Slumlords for gunsense

  8. i love the lack of support from her followers…. oh wait you need followers first, my bad…

  9. The people threatening Jackie were trying to limit his freedoms (and that of black people in general). MDA is trying to limit people’s freedom. Who’s the bully now?

    • The really sad part to me is that, unlike Shannon, Jackie Robinson didn’t simply invent those death threats for cheap publicity.

  10. I dunno; it seems to me that she’s reached rock bottom – and started to dig.

    She’s already sufficiently low that when they bury her, they’ll have to dig upward.

    • Haha!
      When people like this pass away, they bury them at 10 feet instead of 6.
      Because deep down, they are nice people.

  11. “Newly purchased” ” hoplophobic harpie” ” how… Low can she go”
    We make our observations, you delete em as ” ad hominem attacks”.
    Don’t see much difference between ours and yours.
    Getting ready for the ” if you don’t like it get your own website” lickspittles

    • The Mighty Midget. If she doesn’t stop spectacularly FAILing he’s going to cut her off.

    • I was just going to post that Watts is not the only one who does this, I’ve heard some pro-gun folks compare themselves to Rosa Parks and it seems along the same lines to me.

      • Well, Rosa was fighting FOR civil liberties, not against them. Does that make a difference?

        • That makes it slightly less ridiculous – but not right.

          There is a big difference between fighting to keep rights you already have recognized and fighting to be identified as a human being.

  12. Ms. Watts,

    Mr. Robinson was great American who believed in a just cause.

    You are a puppet.

    Please do not confuse your ideology with the actions this brave man’s cause.

  13. Nice Try, Ms Goebbels Watts. The Big Lie Won’t Fly.
    You’ll need more than Bloombergs $50 M spread among your paid trolls who retweet this nonsense.

  14. No. We haven’t seen the bottom yet. Where we go from here is not pretty, humane or civilized. Be prepared.

  15. Did Jackie Robinson have to have armed guards at the ready? #didntthinkso #alltalk #nofortitude

    • Uhh yes, he did. Actually when the Dodgers played in Cincinnati there were snipers on the rooftops because of all the death threats he received.
      Sorry if I read your comment the opposite way it was supposed to be read.

  16. Yes, who better to relate to the struggles and tribulations of segregation and racial subjugation in America than an affluent, white woman.

    • Well, she’s probably as black as Elizabeth Warren is American Indian…it’s the thought (spelled “f-e-e-l-i-n-g-s”) that counts anyway, right?

  17. I can’t imagine she feels that threatened with all the
    ARMED guards she’s hired.

  18. Yes, seeking to limit the rights of others is exactly like being a pioneer for equality and civil rights…

    What an imbecile.

  19. If Al Sharpton denounces her on his MSNBC Show for this reprehensible use of a great American, then it means Bloomberg wasn’t fast enough paying Al off to keep his mouth shut and protect his stooge.

    Yeah Watts could sink lower, and will as she gets more desperate to make it look like she’s accomplishing something, other than making herself look exactly like the inept, bumbling propagandist she is.

    On the bright side, she is now officially wasting Bloomberg’s money and that can’t be bad.

    By now Bloomberg has to have had at least one “OH S**T!!! She said WHAT???” moment.

    I think the Democratic Socialists need to demand that Bloomberg sell MDA, maybe he can get Sterling to “bundle” MDA with the Clippers..oh..wait!…that would make the selling value of the Clippers go a few tens of millions lower…

    • I bet Bloomberg is ecstatic at how wonderfully she is doing. He is clearly deluded in many other ways, so why not?

      • You know, you’re probably right, and that would explain why he hasn’t fired her yet….

  20. Oh the irony Shannon..for it is not the privileged Bloombergs or mis-informed lackeys they fund that are the ones being discriminated against….it is the law abiding, constitutionally protected gun owners (yes in theory) that are. I would love to see a class action suit brought against gun grabbers for discrimination against a constitutionally protected group…using the same argument that prevents a baker from refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple.

    And another thing…getting mighty tired of the gun bully (#gunbullies) and gun supremacist BS. Time to create some standardized hash tags to identify the pity party in the media…something like #anticonstitutionalextremists or #rightsdeniers or #getagrip…something clean but witty…

    • Actually, I see this “bullies” thing like I see the “mom” thing–it’s getting pretty well played-out, mass impact-wise. In fact, I think it shows the shallowness of Shannon & co’s thinking. I mean seriously, bullies? The targets of her $50 mil crusade are not murderers? Public enemies? Dangers to civilized society? No, they are “bullies”, the boogeyman of kids and juvenile-minded adults. Hell, I’m pretty juvenile myself, but I’ve gotten well past the “scared of bullies” stage.

      • To the anti’s the ‘gunbullies’ ARE the murderers.

        The criminals are just poor, misunderstood hapless rapscallions that didn’t get a fair shake in the lottery of life.

      • I don’t disagree, but there is some fun to be had with it…#unsafeamerica…#professionalvictims….#boughtandpaidfor….#everytownhasaprice…#momsdenied…#bloomiesangels

  21. I’m gonna throw a “Rejecting the assumption” flag on this play. What have the demanding moms actually accomplished that I’d care to stop? To my knowledge they’ve huddled in a couple of wind swept parking lots, wasted Bloomie’s money and made fools of themselves anytime they left their own echo chamber. All the #gunbullies I know think those are quite admirable accomplishments and would never try to stop them.

    Ms. Watts, please continue the mission – for the children*!

    *Hers, of course. I have no intention of letting mine wander off into the wide world afraid of their own shadows.

  22. “One of the more distasteful traits common among elitist gun-grabbers is the tendency to develop pathologically high opinions of themselves.”

    Funny how that’s common amongst those on the fence as well as with those frothing at the mouth while dual wielding 1911s.

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