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You might expect ex-CNN chat show host and notorious anti-gunner Piers Morgan to go quietly into that long good night, accepting his dismissal from CNN, keeping his mouth shut and scoring another gig that allows him to maintain his U.S. work visa. But no, the battling Brit is finishing as he started, spewing venom at Americans who seek to defend and extend their natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. In fact, Mr. Morgan seems bound and determined to test the limits of TTAG’s posting policy forbidding ad hominem attacks in the comment section. At this point, one wonders if Mr. Morgan has an armed security detail. Speaking of which, would you defend to the death his right to denigrate our Second Amendment rights? I would, but I’d have to be paid a rather significant sum, including a generous life insurance policy. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. What a relief! I feared that he was going to shut up and stop shooting the antis in the foot (if you’ll forgive the analogy).

    Welcome back Simplicio.

  2. Would you defend to the death his right to denigrate our Second Amendment rights? Yes. Rights are rights. As long as we have equal ability to counter his mad babbling with facts and logic, we’ll be good.

    • I would if he were an American citizen. But he isn’t.

      I also wouldn’t help him if he were attacked. You reap what you sew.

      • Being able to speak without censorship from the government is a natural right, similar to the right of self-defense. It’s not just a right granted to American citizens (although it is infringed by many governments across the world).

        That said, there’s no right to be given a platform to speak on. So if CNN fires him (or anyone else), it’s not as if I’m not going to protest that.

        (P.S. … it’s “sow” not “sew” … one is planting seeds, one is manipulating thread.)

        • he only has rights as long as his visa is current to work in the United States. Once enough complaints have been filed against him for his personality problems with American citizens. His visa could and should be revoked. Once revoked he’s an illegal immigrant unlawfully in the United States of America and therefore has no right under the Constitution Period! Then told by immigration Mr Morgan you have to leave United States end of story get the hell out of here!

        • He is not a citizen. Therefore, I don’t believe our BOR apply to him. So, no. I would not defend him.
          He’s on his own.

        • Thanks for the correction, I thought I might have gad that wrong.

          The question was would you fight to the death to defend his right to denigrate the second amendment. And again, if he were a US citizen I would gladly do so, but he is not. It doesn’t mean I don’t support peoples right to free speech, it means I wouldn’t lift a finger to defend any enemy of the constitution, which he is.

        • Ok, David and Tom, please cite the Article and Section or the Amendment that limits Constitutional rights strictly to citizens. The limits in the BOR are limits on the government. They do not give anyone rights. They restrict the actions thugs employed by the king/president/Grand Potentate are allowed to take. Every one has the exact same rights, but governments, including our own, attempts to restrict them.

      • I fully support Morgan’s right to defend his first amendment right to the death. Though as far as I’m aware the Bill of Rights does not have a requirement for others to die defending your words, not even the police according to the Supreme Court. His call whether he wants to exercise the right (which he probably doesn’t have due to the whole only buy guns in your state of residence bull crap that keeps expats from exercising their right) but not to deprive others of the right.

    • Agreed, Rokurota. The BOR spells out HUMAN rights; he’s fortunate to be physically located in a place that facilitates exercising those rights.

      Anyone has the right to make a complete, flaming ass of themselves in public. Of course, there are always consequences…

      • I agree with that statement very much so everyone has the right to act like an ass or to be respectful of one another, and the consequences that come along with such a dramatic statement. So Pierce, you don’t like the NRA that’s just like saying you don’t like Americans which we know to be true already! Like I said before all purchase you a ticket just to get you back to the UK out of the country oh and by the way Gents, who’s got the worst safety record in the air industry right now lol!

    • I would defend the First Amendment, all of the Bill of Rights, to the death. That would unfortunately include PM and his drivel. Would I specifically stand up and defend to my death Piers Morgan individually as he spouted his anti-2A, unconstitutional diatribes? Hell no. He is on his own to defend himself against individual attacks for his own actions. I doubt seriously he would risk a second of his precious life defending me for supporting the 2A in a similar, but reversed, scenario.

      He does not understand the Constitution and he does not support our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights. He has the freedom in this country to exercise those rights, he does not have the freedom to expect me to protect his sorry ass while he does.

      “Lack of planning on your part does NOT constitute an emergency on my part.” Shoot your mouth off at your own risk.

    • I would defend it. Yes. Just as I defended the rights of people to slander the military while serving in the military. Unless rights are equally applied, they’re kind of pointless

  3. I have never been as scared as I am now. I think I just urinated in my pants. The last thing I want is Piers threatening me and making good on that promise. I better go home a tear up my NRA card!

      • He’s a Brit. Doesn’t he have free passage to immigrate to any part of the (former) British Empire, say Australia or even India? I hear their gun control laws are eminently “reasonable.”

  4. This is no surprise. Venereal diseases take years of treatment to eradicate. In many cases, the only way to destroy the disease is to destroy the host.

    • You got it all wrong… You get rid of VD by having lots of protected relations, gotta work it out of your system. You know, like sweating out a fever.

    • Maybe Piers Morgan is indeed suffering from VD, specifically tertiary syphilis. His outbursts are characteristic of the inrushing insanity typical of that disease in its final stage. Read what last stage syphilis did to Al Capone, who was released from Federal prison early because his mental breakdown had rendered him harmless to society. Piers Morgan’s symptoms sound similar.

  5. If he’s such a proud, superior Englishmen then why isn’t he working across the pond? Oh, yeah, he disgraced himself with the news scandals, the hacking and such.

    • Some rights transcend citizenship. Freedom of Speech, Religion, and yes the right to self-defense I would put in that category.

      So yes, although I’d rather not have to.

    • While I understand your sentiment, it would be wrong to not extend our constitutional protections to foreign visitors, both vacationers, and those here for work/business. If they have to follow our laws while here, then they should get the same protections under the law that you and I enjoy. Take solace in this; at least he doesn’t get to cast a vote.

    • These rights are not provided by the Constitution, they are protected by it. Piers could live in Sudan, Somalia, Detroit or any other third-world dictatorship and I would still defend his right to speak his mind. It’s his right as a HUMAN, not as an Englishman or an American or whatever.

      You see Piers, this is the difference between you and us. We will defend your rights until our last even if we disagree with you and even if we personally can’t stand you. You on the other hand will throw anyone under the bus if they happen to not think like you do.

    • Actually, he *is* entitled to all the same rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution even though he isn’t a citizen.

      The Second Amendment Foundation fought very hard to ensure that non-citizens legally working in the United States have the ability to exercise all the same rights and freedoms most Americans take for granted.

    • As others have said:

      The right to self-defense … the right to free speech … the right to practice religion … the right to peaceably assemble … the right of free association … these are all HUMAN rights. Not just American rights.

      The fact that governments around the world infringe upon these rights all the time does not change the fact that they are rights that should be enjoyed by every human, regardless of which spot of dirt they inhabit upon this planet.

    • You might want to check that again. It doesn’t say that anywhere. As a matter of fact, it is iterated that these rights are natural, or inherent, or endowed by the Creator. Government doesn’t give or take those rights. If indeed he becomes illegally here, they can find him as such and deport him.

    • It’s nice to say we would give our lives for principle. When does that become necessary? When the highest LEO of the land traffics guns to Mexico so the fedguv can blame American gun owners for Mexico’s gun problems? When the President protects that man? When the IRS targets conservative organizations for harassment and intimidation? I could go on… and on. But you all read your news from similar places. In short all of our rights have been and continue to be actively infringed, trampled, or just ignored. We’ve got bigger problems than a tabloid narcissist with a gun control fetish. No, I will not give my life to protect his privileges while he is in MY country. What I will give my life for are my family, and their futures.

  6. Oooooo I’m shaking in my little space boots! Go home Piers, you are embarassing yourself. I hope Jeremy Clarkson is there to meet you at Heathrow.

  7. Who does this guy think he is???? He’s not even an American citizen — What the hell right does he think he has to attack the NRA? Pompous Ass! Get out of our country! You’re own country doesn’t even want you and neither do we! Maybe you can go to North Korea or the Ukraine and be their anti-gun mouthpiece… it’s sure working out real well for them!

  8. Mr Morgan has no rights he’s not an American citizen he’s very limited to what he’s able to do in this country! He acts like what he’s got to say actually matters, maybe in a Jerry Springer type of way it may matter but I doubt it! FLAME DELETED He does this for only one reason, he hates America and Americans! He needs to be arrested for inciting riots and crimes against the constitution of America in other words, beat with a stick! I I can’t believe that this hack has been reporter from the UK of all places where just recently the people voted that they wanted to recall the handgun and fire arm ban that was passed like forever ago in the UK. Sounds like the British are sick of being treated likeslaves as well! They want to be able to defend themselves from criminals as well as the rest of the world including the United States of America. Yes it safe to say Mr Morgan we the United States citizens we can’t stand your ass! Hey didn’t we already kick your alls ass’s about 200 plus years ago I remember something in Boston maybe you should check your history book!

    • While I do not agree entirely with your statement, I understand your sentiment. However, it would be wrong to not extend our constitutional protections to foreign visitors, both vacationers, and those here for work/business. If they have to follow our laws while here, then they should get the same protections under the law that you and I enjoy. Take solace in this; at least he doesn’t get to cast a vote.

  9. Considering this guy isn’t even a citizen – who cares what he says. Why is it that these arrogant Brits and Canuks feel they can come here and try to influence a political system in which they have no right to participate?

    • I don’t think one’s status as a citizen or non-citizen should be the rubric by which judge the relevance and validity of their opinions.

      • Maybe not, but he hasn’t made any effort to understand our culture other than the little bits at the edge of both coasts.

        I admit that I’m entirely unschooled about British culture. I try not to judge something I don’t understand.
        Piers Morgan doesn’t. He’d rather flap his gums about people in Missouri, Texas, Ohio, and Montana without ever stopping to consider that their reality looks far different from his. To him, only his way is the right way.
        That’s what invalidates his opinion.

      • Look, this isn’t a college debating society. Morgan is working to materially limit my rights by seeking to influence policies in a country not his own. He has absolutely no standing to do so. Period.

    • They do it because they’re paid to. Piers Moron was well-known to be a bombastic, dishonest jerk before CNN hired him. He was hired as a pseudo-intellectual shock jock, someone to generate viewers by saying outrageous things. Looks like he went too far.

      • I suspect some half educated halfwit at CNN heard Piers Morgan speak and thought to himself, “Cor lumme, that don’t ‘alf sound posh!”

        Morgan’s cultivated tone hides the morality a jackal would be ashamed to own.

        He is impervious to opposition, lacks any sense of how the press functions, and is detemined to single handedly impose his own agenda on any and all forms of communication.

        He should be bound and gagged, and put on a Jumbo to face Justice in Britain, forthwith.

        • Those personality flaws mark him as a perfect political candidate on either coast and Chicago. Thank goodness he’s not a citizen so he can’t be elected.

  10. I thought Piers was wanted for questioning by the Brits in the NotW phone hacking scandal? This might be a good time for him to man-up and go deal with that situation.

  11. So I guess this BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP! is going to try to pull a Zimmie and try to extend his 15 min. of fame as much as possible. What a BLEEP!

    * self-censored just because. 😉

  12. Someone clue me in – he’s important or powerful or something?

    Could have fooled me…

    Evidently he couldn’t get more than 10 people to care about what he thinks or says so I can’t see too much of a worry based on some ranting tweets.

    The NRA will be around long after Mr. Morgan is forgotten.

  13. there’s a big joke between us gun guys and gals on this website. We wouldn’t have even known he was gone unless somebody had made a comment on here! Lol Does anyone else find this absolutely hilarious the best that a***** good deal was threatening in our ad oh that’s real smart thing to do Mr Pierce Morgan G there’s only over 5 million of us in the United States alone!

  14. I love how his statement assumes he was more than a flea on an elephant’s @ss with respect to the NRA. I guess delusion knows no bounds….

    • Delusion is not the first “D” word that came to my mind, but at least it won’t get “flame deleted.” We can go with delusional.

      And, it’s just stunning how far his apparent delusions of importance run.

  15. I imagine he’ll Evolve somewhere…intern job at MAIG or something he’s qualified for…maybe shine Space Commander Kelly’s boots.

  16. I would certainly point out to Mr. Morgan that he is free to exercise and, if needed, defend his rights as he sees fit.

    Since I do not see any evidence of the US government attempting to muzzle him, I personally see no need to intervene one way or the other. As in the G&A scandal, however, CNN is not a government agency and are under no obligation to offer a voice to anyone.

    Remember, the right is to pursue happiness, not guaranteed happiness.

  17. I take it there was no desire in the UK to offer the High Priest of Hyperbole a position, (minds out of the gutter please, this is a family blog). He just might become more annoying now without the restraint of being on CNN. Or he could go completely off the rails, you know howling at the moon, keeping the kids up and such. I expect that sort of thing from Barry (the becoming more annoying part) once he leaves office and is free to become the next Al Sharpton on steroids.

    • Nope. Barry has accomplished nothing and will be completely forgotten once he is evicted from the White House. The difficulty is finding and choosing anyone who CAN accomplish anything in that sullied office.

  18. I’m sure the NRA head shed called an emergency meeting to deal with this threat. “Oh goodness Wayne, Piers is very angry”!!!

  19. Unfortunately you have to defend his right to say that. As you pile on exceptions that will only lead to other exceptions. Once you have exceptions to the first, why not exceptions to the second?

  20. Cool. Piers Morgan has become the Charlie Sheen of the gun debate. Hopefully, he’ll start broadcasting live, drunken reports from his sprawling estate.

  21. My father was kind to everyone. But was in ww2 and he hated British. Never had a bad word for anyone else. He said when his ship was there for repairs from attack they treated them horribl. So, they can well lllllllll.

  22. His comment makes me think of the scene from Monty Pythons and the Holy Grail where the Black Knight is calling King Arthur a coward for walking from a fight after The king has just cut the Black Knights arms and legs off….

    Come back and gets whats coming to you NRA!! I’ll bite your knees off!!

  23. Just goes to show you. When it comes to grabbers the NRA is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

    As for morgans freedom of speech? I’ll protect that when he stands up for my 2a rights.

  24. Morgan should make a hate movie with Harvey Weinstein. If things work out right, NRA membership will go to 6 million before the film goes to DVD.

  25. Yes, RF, and so would you.

    No, I don’t mean going out in a blaze of glory defending him from a mob, but rather fighting for the First against any and all attacks.

    I doubt and hope against it, but the wholesale abrogation of the Constitution – from Shrubya’s “free speech zones” to magazine capacity limits, and universal surveillance to denial of Habeaus Corpus – might well lead to a serious armed conflict.

    If so, I’ll see you at the barricades.

    • What if Piers Morgan gets invited to the White House? Then it would be POTUS saying, “NRA, I’m not done with you yet.”

      Put nothing past this regime.

  26. OMG! What a dweeb. He gets funnier and funnier every time he opens his mouth. He should go and join MADD and leave this alone he is way out of his league and doesn’t even know it.

  27. His work here is done. Now he should go to Australia and help turn the tide against gun control there. Surely his pro-gun control, I-know-more-about-everything-than-you attitue would do wonders to help Australian get their rights back.

  28. When one openly and secretly works towards the destruction of the USA, the last best hope of the world one looses certain protections

    • Sigh. It’s loses not looses. Reading your comments, and the comments of other frequent posters who routinely butcher the English language, I couldn’t cringe any harder if I saw my mom in a bukkake video. All of you so-called ‘Armed Intelligentsia’ need to learn to spell. It’s not difficult. It would help our cause immensely. Spelling and grammar are very important when struggling for credibility, which is precisely what we’re doing right now. Either learn to spell or hold off on your comments because you are making the lot of us look bad. Unfortunately you are going to have to start caring how the rest of the world sees you. If they see you as a sloppy boor, complacent in your crudity, then all of the splendid work people like RF do every day is negated. You need to be more like him. Learn to spell for the love of Christ. Don’t do it because I’m whining about it. Do it because it helps you and it helps our cause to gain credibility. Do it because it helps to keep YOU from looking like a fool.

      This goes for all of you commenting on here. Ad hominems are one thing, and RF was right to prohibit them. Now RF would be smart to issue another memo, mandating that all of you mouthbreathing hicks learn to use the English language properly once and for all. You discredit the RKBA movement with your poor spelling and grammar, and lack of punctuation. Stop being so mentally lazy. Do I need to remind you that MAIG and MAD are here cherrypicking the comments section every day, compiling your little gems to use against us? From what I have read here so far they must have quite a collection. RKBA requires common sense and discipline. Freedom of speech does also. Get some!

      • ensitue generally leaves cogent and correct comments, so I’m inclined to chalk this one up to an autocorrect fail and say that your abuse is entirely misplaced. Your rant is not without merit, but man, don’t attack the undeserving.

      • Scurvydog. How much mileage will MAIG and MDA get out of your “mouth breathing hicks” rant? If we’re trying to be careful that our enemies are spell checking us should we set up a grammar patrol. Or did you just volunteer for the job?

        Or maybe RF should set up an education bar that people must pass before posting.

        • jwm, what do you propose then? Should we just allow these heinous lapses come what may or does somebody like me come in here and say something? I can guarantee you the gun-grabbing consortium will come in and mine this blog like the Black Hills so I’m assuming you think it’s OK that they find numerous examples here to spin and use to discredit gun owners in the court of public opinion. That’s all part of their plan. Are you saying that’s OK with you?

          I’m not trying to come in here and insult anybody. Nor do I wish to be the ‘grammar police’ but somebody has to jump on that grenade. At some point you have to walk the walk if you wish to be considered ‘Armed Intelligentsia’. I’m not saying anybody here is stupid either. I’m saying there are some folks in here who prefer to be mentally lazy, and their posts will be cited in the gun-grabbers’ propaganda. Don’t believe me? Hide and watch.

          The fact remains that you will be judged by your posts, and the graceful articulation of the content therein. If your posts are a train wreck of misspelled words and poor grammar you are not making it any easier for any of us to get our beliefs respected by those on the fence. It has to start somewhere, and it has to start sometime. Stop with the mental laziness. These are critical times for the RKBA and the internet never forgets. It’s not like I’m asking you all to donate a kidney, and spelling isn’t particle physics.

        • Well, apparently you have volunteered to jump on that grenade. Lotsa luck with being the self appointed grammar nazi. It will be a thankless task.

  29. Maybe he should be declared TTAG’s “Pubic Enemy #1,” and an exception to the ad hominem guidelines.

    As a pubic figure, and a not-so-intelligent one at that, he’s pretty well exempt from libel, slander and parody.

    • Pubic Enemy #1? Pubic figure? Does he also take pubic transportation to the pubic library to do research on pubic affairs? We already know his position on ownership of firearms by the pubic.

  30. One my happiest monets in life when Jeremy Clarkson punch Mr. Morgan in mouth felt more sorry for Jeremy Clarkson sour hand.

  31. I defend PM’s right to speak his mind even though i hate what he has to say. If i am unwilling to defend his 1st amendment rights, who will stand up for my 1st amendment rights.

    With that said, i also use my 1st amendment rights to say he is completely and utterly wrong regarding 2nd amendment rights.

    • There is a distiction between exercising a liberty and engaging in acts of War against the Constituion.

      By trying to undermine the U.S. Constituttion, he has proven himself a hostile combatant to its supremecy and existence and those that hold it’s granted liberties, through the submission of government, as inalienable.

      He is acting as a Red coat would have.

      Ask yourself this;
      After the Revolutionary War, how long do you think his Words, or actions, would have been tolerated?

      He would have been strapped to the mast of the first ship heading back to England.

      Most people in this country think that war ended, but to the Birtish Empire, no war with them is over until they have won. He is an extension of that empirical mindset, because he is a slave to the Crown. That is where his loyalties lie and he should be treated as such. With unacceptance and disdain.

      • Wow, so what would you do if he burned a flag? The right to criticize is important, and only speech which excites strong emotions NEEDS protecting.

  32. I sure hope he’s not done with the NRA yet. Every time he opens his mouth on the issue of gun rights we passively win more than he does.


  33. We need to follow and hound him like the Fox he is.

    Chase him so far up a tree his whimpers and crys for abolition of liberty may not be heard over the riotous exultation of victory.

  34. BREAKING NEWS — Piers Morgan hired by UNN (The Ukrainian News Network), where his nightly show will educate Ukrainians on the joys of civilian disarmament.

    Film at Eleven.

  35. The constitution protects the rights of persons living with in the US’ territorial jurisdiction. Just as a foreigner has to abide by the constitution, they are also protected by it. The only rights protected by but limited to citizen in the constitution is the right to vote and hold federal elected office.

    I would most certainly defend his rights, especially as I disagree with just about every word he speaks. As that is the core principal of what the 1st amendment is about, that even as unpopular as certain speech maybe, it cannot be restricted. Just as I would defend the kkk or WBC, despite their drivel makes me want to puke.

  36. It’s a shame when someone takes a position for soo long thereby removing the possibility of taking another. My suggestion piers? Buy a gun and hit the range. You will be “perversely” empowered.

  37. It is always those people who are at the precipice of a personal epiphany, who argue the most against something they need but have yet to rationalize to themselves WHY.

  38. Good luck with that Mr. Morgan. I suspect Frederick, Lord North and maybe even George III said or certainly felt the same way back in the day… you know, back when they wrote and enforced the 2nd among a few others… may you have the same results.

  39. I don’t care if he goes quietly, or screaming, ranting and raving, as long as he goes…he was never significant by any means, he’s just a major PITA…

    • now’s the time to be very worried the Obama administration Bloomberg Feinstien and now Pierce Morgan have dropped off the face of the earth now out of the media’s I! There coming to our local state governments now! I can’t tell you enough how important it is to go to the voting booths coming this November and let’s finally get rid of these Democrat Lefty’s who do not believe in the 2nd amendment or the Constitution in general! Believe me when I tell you they’re using Bloomberg’s money in there trying to be all hush hush behind closed doors now now that they found out that going had on with the NRA which is 5 million members strong plus is not a good idea for any congressperson to try to do!

  40. Piers is what CNN gave us when Larry King did the bird…………..Whom will Piers be replaced by?………….Tick Tock………

  41. Meanwhile, the phone hacking case against this Redcoat proceeds apace in the UK. After he’s convicted, will the US honor the UK’s extradition request? There is a lot of anti-Piers sentiment in the UK.

    I think Brixton would be nice lodgings for Piers Morgan.

  42. I spent all weekend watching History’s “The American Revolution.” Fifteen episodes at 45 minutes, per. When I heard about Piers, it was hard not to think that this was Saratoga all over again. That said, I have considerably more respect for Gen. Burgoyne than I do this Morgan twit.

  43. I wonder if Mr Morgan has a warrant for his prosecution and return back to the UK may have to call my best friend who happens to be a bondsman and see if there’s a reward on returning him via a jumbo jet to the UK for prosecution?

  44. I think that Piers Moron would make a fantastic solid fuel rocket test pilot, hell, I’ll even light the fuse for his first flight to hell.

  45. I used to call myself the self-appointed chief of the apostrophe police, but I’ve given up on that. It’s too much like trying to hold back a tsunami with a feather, and definitely not worth taking up arms over. The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, however, is worth bothering to support, and if needed, I will take up arms to protect the Constitution from domestic enemies!

  46. To be honest, the only people who pay attention to what Piers Morgan does are folks who read this blog.

    Mainstream America never really paid attention to him.

  47. Yeah the NRA is scared of that poofter. Larry Pratt of the GOA made mince meat of the cretin. Good luck limey scaring the NRA. Peirs Morgoon said previously that if he had a gun he would use it against thugs breaking in his home. Move home if you like gun control you fat head hypocrite. Go ahead and delete my ad hominem attack against this verminous worm.


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