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OK, so we’ve got the tape of Emily Miller’s speech at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. She provides insight into the beginning of her pro-gun rights odyssey (which includes the anti-Glock shock). While we’re at it, click here for some background on Ms. Miller’s personal and professional career which may explain her recent death threat.

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  1. If You’re going to try and fvck your ex, make sure she doesn’t fvck you first and harder. I see no indication that she will be charged with a crime herself so her gunrights are only in jeopardy because of her zip code.

    Which as I’ve stated before is a crime against our civil rights. The constitution isn’t limited by our mailing address.

  2. Glock shock aside, anyone willing to document the issues with laws in any state and try to put politicians feet to the fire is a ok in my book!
    Plus she isn’t as hard on the yes either, unlike some of us. 🙂

  3. After reading the story about her and her x. I wouldn’t trust her. Shes as bad as the politicians.

  4. I stoped paying attention to anything she said when she made it clear she chose her primary defensive arm based on apperance.

    • Time to write a reality check.

      1)Most civilians -including police-will never have to fire a shot in anger. A majority of Defensive Gun Use situations conclude with the good guy/gal drawing and the bad guy running away with freshly soiled underwear. From that perspective a two-tone silver pistol actually makes more “tactical” sense as the easier the gun is to see, the less likely the bad guy’s gonna stick around.

      2) It is not the 1960’s anymore. We consumers no longer have to choose between reliability and a pleasing design. Nearly every handgun sold in your local dealers gun case is made with quality parts and is backed with a warranty in case it happens to be problematic. For the record, the “pretty” Sig P229 she bought is a model used by the US Secret Service to guard the very people who are denying her rights.

      3)Glocks are great pistols for public agency useage, which after all is exactly what the designer intended it to be used for. If I get handed one on someone else’s dime, sweet. That said since I am NOT a member of a military organization or police agency who is forced to use one, I REFUSE to lay out $450 or more of my own money on a handgun that I can barely stand looking at. If I am going to strap on a piece with all its attendant movement restrictions and potential legal risks , I refuse on principle to carry a gun that looks like it fell out of a Borg Cube from Star Trek.

      There were reliable and pretty handguns before the Glock, and there will be long after Perfection becomes Perfectly Obsolete.

  5. She’s a hero to me! She took on the system, exposed it for all to see, and made a positive impact for our Constitutional Rights. I don’t give a hoot about her past. She part of the tribe now and we protect and support our own.

  6. Don’t be so hard on her. She’s an average gun owner and many people buy a good gun for the wrong reasons. She had no idea what to look for and didn’t know she should attend training first. How many people do we know who have an old, small revolver sitting in a drawer that’s had one box of ammo through it?

    She has had some defensive training with Rob Pincus. She discovered the SIG P229 does not fit her properly during that training. Doing a “redo” with DC government will be such a pain that it’s not worth it, so SIG it is for now.

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