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The Gun Rights Policy Conference is conferencing. The speakers are proving to be a lot more pithy than I thought possible. Something about a ten-minute time limit. Larry Pratt of the Gun Owners of America stepped up to the microphone (no jokes about Pretzel Logic please) and pulled no punches—without pandering. “We need to get rid of the ATF,” he pronounced. “That’s something we need to talk about.” Music to the ears of freedom-loving gun rights advocates everywhere, especially those fed-up with the ATF’s extra-legal gun smuggling operations (which armed the drug thugs who murdered U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry). A federal agency decommissioned? Would it, could it ever happen? Well . . .

“It would take a total economic collapse,” Bruce Smith from the Appleseed project told me. We were on the way to the parking lot to have a look at Bruce’s rifle, a gun that made a brief appearance in the lobby overlooking the TSA’s 4th Amendment defilement. Oh yeah, Larry wants to get rid of that too. The TSA, not the room. Or the rifle.

Symbolically enough, the Hyatt Hotel banned Bruce’s rifle from his display table. “We prefer you not do that,” the hotel manager informed the retired anesthesiologist turned Revolutionary Warologist. “We were told there would be no display of weapons.” Well, there was. In the parking garage. Deal with it.

Inconvenient weapons, inconvenient truths. Just another day in the fight to defend and extend America’s gun rights.

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  1. Ditch the ATF and the TSA. That would be a small step in the right direction. Next would be the department of education. Once one rock gets to moving we can have a landslide.

    • jwm, you are a very wise man! You have just identified three of the most noxious bureaucratic enemies the American people have ever had to face. Unfortunately for the both of us – and everybody else as well – bureaucracy tends to feed off itself; and, no matter how noisome, getting rid of any public agency is almost unheard of.

      As a matter of fact the only destructive public agency I can think of that finally, ‘got dumped’ is the French Administration of Devil’s Island!

    • Hyatt did come around after further discussion and let the Appleseed guys put the Garand back out. Kudos to hyatt for keeping an open mind and realizing when they had made a mistake.

  2. Government agencies tend to get absorbed into other agencies, rather than being outright disbanded. Still, it could be done, at the least by Congress taking all the funds away from the two.

  3. Government agencies are like viruses. They do no good, they can be suppressed, but they once they enter the body politic, they never die.

  4. But what impact on gun owners would closing the ATF have? It’s the laws on the books — the NFA of 1934, the GCA of 1968, the FOPA (think ‘machine gun ban’) of 1986, for example — that affect gun rights. Closing the ATF would not change those laws. It would only shift enforcement of those laws to different agencies. The focus should be on the repeal of the laws, or provisions of the laws, that are noxious to gun rights.

  5. Getting rid of the ATF, and DHS is a start. Thos should fall within the FBI to deal with.
    The EPA could use a good bit of defunding as well.
    In fact a lot of the government agencies across the board need some down sizing. I am not saying we shouldn’t have them but they need to be limited as well.
    Doing this would reduce budget costs across the board and let us focus funding to areas that need it as well.
    To put it in lamans terms, it is like you have run up all your. Refit cards and now they are starting to call because you aren’t making payments. Unfortunately we as citizens can’t just print money at home to catch up.

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