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Over at commentator debbiedowner went undercover and “joined” [via Twitter] Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Three Days in the Shoes of a Gun Activist chronicles her journey into the heart of darkness. First, this is how she did it: “Going in headfirst would get me blocked, so I had to come up with a strategy. I decided I would assume the role of a “#gunsense” supporter, and see what I could find out about the group’s values that way. I started out talking to some random people; one guy (@MDGunsBen) welcomed me and attempted to prepare me for the rough time ahead. Eventually, I started working my way closer to the middle of the group. Surprisingly, this only took two days to accomplish . . .

Once she got in, debbiedowner managed to schmooze with MDA founder Shannon Watts. There’s no smoking gun per se. The gun rights mole focused her efforts on confronting MDA’s jefe on her org’s position on suicide prevention.

“Another MDA supporter had repeated my assertion that there wasn’t a lot of work with suicide awareness in the campaign, and Mrs. Watts stated that ‘Few of daily shootings’ are the result of mental health issues. 61% of gun deaths are suicides, yet she asserts that ‘few’ of the deaths from guns are a result of mental health issues. I asked for clarification, and she informed me that suicide is not the issue – gun violence is. So, in essence, the founder of Moms Demand Action has clearly stated that they’re not concerned about suicides or helping prevent suicides – they’re just concerned about guns. Even though suicides make up 61% of the gun deaths in the country.

Probably the most shocking thing is that shortly after this, I was blocked by both individuals I was conversing with. I was told I don’t really support their cause, and that I was likely a “250lb bubba” that wishes I was a female. All of this, in spite of the fact I never said anything negative about gun control, never suggested they do less to work towards gun control, and consistently stated that I believe gun control will work in all areas but suicides. Suggesting they do something as simple as starting to also campaign towards suicide awareness, given that it’s the leading cause of death by guns, means that I don’t support their group and I am counter to their purpose. And I feel I should reiterate, this isn’t just some random gun control advocate.This is the founder of Moms Demand Action.

Again, “MDA Focuses on Gun Violence Not Suicides!” isn’t exactly stop-the-presses material. But any time gun rights advocates can highlight the lack of common sense amongst groups promoting themselves as purveyors of same is a good time to do just that. In other words, exposing the truth about gun control groups can only help Americans seeking to defend or extend their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. [h/t MDGunsBen]

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  1. Some interesting parallels can be drawn between gun control groups like this and African warlord groups like the RUF.Both organizations claim to stand for the greater good while actively trying to ruin it .

    • “Where the K-type populace values loyalty, the r-type Liberal will be disloyal, from immigration, to war, to sovereignty, to foreign policy, to intelligence, etc. Where the K-type human wants to protect children, and see children reared carefully, the r-type Liberal supports single parenting, gay parenting, and all other sorts of unconventional parenting schemes, with no concern at all for their effects upon the children. Where the K-type human want’s freedom, thirsts for competition, respects success, and demands responsibility, the Liberal seeks to thwart all of that. Where the K-type human respects ability, determination, and effort, and demands that it be rewarded, the r-type seeks to reward failure, sloth, and cowardice, and force the successful to endure the cost of producing the reward. Where the K-type human wants to win, the r-type seeks to prevent it.

      Every facet of Liberalism is tailor-made for out-grouping, because by it’s very nature, Liberalism is a psychological out-group within our K-selected species. Indeed, one of the most galling facets of the work behind this site, to Liberals who understand it, is that it is a completely logical argument, highlighting the aberrant nature of the Liberal psychology within the human race.”

      For too long we have left the Lemmings within our nation to be easily converted to cowardice and disloyalty by the Liberals. It is time for this to stop, and for us to diversify our argumentative technique to acquire this low-hanging electoral fruit.”

    • I read a little further in the thread – the ban was because the “Debbiedowner” username was a second account on the georgiapacking forum, as the individual wished to remain anonymous. Problem is, a second account is a violation of the forum rules, so the ban happened.

      The info is still valid, though.

    • @ Jeh

      Job: Watts has one now.

      I can already see this broad running for political office; she has the appropriately slanted brains, deceit, experience as a spin doctor, and the apparent financial backing to be a progressive Democrat superstar…until she wets herself in front of a crowd.

      • Damn you may be right Ros.
        Even if she’s only a lowly talking head for the Obama administration or Bloomberg’s Communist regime, I mean she fits all the requirements you said and she’s completely full of sh*t…and herself…wait same thing.

  2. Nice work, but unsurprising. The TTAG regulars tend to lean right, and there is honest disagreement and vigorous debate about key issues. That’s why many of us come here, to try out ideas, get other peoples’ takes, and let that inform and sharpen our thinking. It’s generally this way in right-leaning communities. Leftists, in contrast, tolerate not one whiff of disagreement with the Current Truth.

  3. want a real conspiracy theory? Shannon Watts(TM) (wimpy and clearly not satisfying her) husband John is a former health care executive . . . yep, the people who oversee treatment for suicidal individuals and help medicate them. What if she doesn’t want to prevent suicides because her husband is no longer employed at Wellpointe and (was forcibly) “retired” at the ripe old age of 50 after only one year as president of one of their divisions? What if this is her way of sticking it to the folks that made him cash in his stock options early? Hmmmmmm.

  4. This is awesome. Did she actually interface with these people in person or online? If it’s the latter she should publish all of these exchanges – that would really get this shared around.

  5. I got banned on MDA-USA’s Facebook with only one comment submitted. Immediately. Like 10 seconds. And it was a reasonable comment. How do they know that fast whether I’m fer ’em, or agin ’em? Secret code word? Direct feed to NSA database? Amazing debbiedowner got so close so fast.

    • they have no idea who you are, they just immediately censor comments that do not conform to the playbook. Facebook pages of groups like this are usually staffed by overeager interns anyway. You know, the kind to have no experience and dont question authority because they are happy to have something on their resume.

        • trust has nothing to do with it. Gun owners are at least 3x more active than non-gun owners. If they did not have this policy, their page would be overwhelmed with gun rights comments.

          If they are forced into censorship, they are losing the debate.

    • Isn’t that one of the basic tenets of Rules for Radicals: “Control the message”? They must block dissent lest it raise ANY sort of doubt amongst their low-information readership/followers. It does their specious cause no favors to allow even the concept of logical discussion or debate since then they would have to admit that they were not already 100% right (left). Okay, 100% correct.

  6. Meh… All done through the anonmity of the internet. It’s not like she infiltrated an Al-Qaeda sleeper cell or the Hell’s Angels.

  7. I suspect the only followers MDA has are Nanny Bloomie and a few Keyboard Kommandos. They can’t even muster a van load of supporters any more.

    • she is just lonely. Her husband is more interested in his art gallery than her. She needs someone to pamper her, draw her a warm bath, massage her feet and tell her how smart she really is and how enriched his life is now that she is in it. maybe someone to cook dinner and grocery shop for her. Watch the kids while she goes out for coffee with her friends. take her shopping for arts and crafts.

  8. So now when MDA talks about 30k gun deahts we now have Watts on record as saying she doesn’t care about 61% of them.

    • Dana, a word of caution from the past – “Never underestimate your enemy.”

      The contsituency that MDA is looking for, low-information voters and unquestioning liberal ideologues, MAY contain its share of “fruit-loops, but the organizers and leaders of the group and others similar to it know exactly what they are doing and are consciously and all too competently working towards a specific goal.

  9. I have tried for months for Ms Watts and MDA to go on the record what kind of actions she would support if the kind of gun bans she wants became law. Nothing but silence. I personally know what they think of the First Amendment, they got Twitter to permanently shut down my parody MDA Twitter page. I personally think they would endorse the use of violence to enforce gun bans. Their use of children as props is disgusting. If their proposals became law, thousands of children would be deprived of their moms and dads… the name of “the children”

    • “I personally think they would endorse the use of violence to enforce gun bans.”

      Tom, there is really no other way that they COULD enforce gun bans. Look at California, New York, New Jersey, etc. Do you think people there pay any attention to those illegal, unconstitutional laws just because their legislatures passed them and the treasonous governors signed them into law? They obey them (as much as they do) because the power of the state will descend on them in the form of armed enforcement agents.

      If you look at all real-world attempts at Utopian social orders the one consistent pattern is that they ABSOULETLY MUST at some point resort to violence to control dissent. As I stated in a comment above, they cannot under any circumstances allow dissent because that would be admitting that their policies were open to discussion or debate and therefore were not 100% correct.

      And as for the “For the children” meme, every one of those (of us) who would fall under the weight of government enforcement of unconstitutional gun restrictions was somebody’s child at some point. Just because we’ve grown up and disagree with them the suffering and sacrifices of our parents suddenly no longer count for anything?

  10. The suicide thing might not be surprising but I’m glad the leadership has outed themselves as regionally prejudiced, fat-shaming, trans-phobic, assholes (i.e. the “250lb bubba who wishes (they) were female” bit). Then again, I’ve met a lot of PotG who are just as prejudiced.

  11. Girl Shannon was a loyal PR quack for Monsanto which owns Blackwater and manufactured Agent Orange during the Vietnam War?

  12. Is the 1 mill. Moms figure obtained the same way as “90% of Americans Want…” figure.
    I have only seen 30. Just sayin’ . Maybe the 1 mill. figure is hits on their website?

  13. You guys don’t understand. Shannon Demands Action isn’t a bunch of fruitloops. It’s not interested in suicide prevention. It’s not interested in “gun violence.” It’s not interested in members. It’s not “for the children.” It’s not even interested in gun control, guns or control. It’s a money-making venture, PERIOD. It’s about money and nothing but money. This organization is Shannon Watt’s ticket on the Bloomberg-Joyce Foundation gravy train. That’s all there is to it.

    Had the “spy” sent Shannon Demands Action a big check, I’m sure that Ms. Watts and her legion of hags and girlie men would be polishing debbiedowner’s toenails this very day.

    • Yes. That. Shannon’s next poster’s gonna show a cowering scrawny 12-yr-old street meth dealer with a Hi Point in his belt and a pleading look on his face, being intimidated by five OFWG’s in suits brandishing ARs. “Real Americans Root for the Underdog! Take The Man’s Guns Now. For the Children.”

    • It’s a money-making venture…

      I was reflecting upon that one. Many/most of the political movements are money making schemes and sometimes they result in political power wins for the leaders.

  14. They don’t care about facts and they can’t be swayed by logic or reason. Shame them, make fun of them, belittle them and laugh at them.

    That’s all they deserve.

  15. I don’t see why Shannon Watts and rest of MDA would complain about these comments. I’d have thought they’d be flattered. I mean, if I ever encounter this many people so eager to screw me, it would have to mean I wandered into a timeshare seminar.

  16. I live near her, too and she’s a friend/neighbor of someone I work with. I keep my mouth shut about it as I really don’t want any heat at my job. Just knowing that I’m just a few degrees of separation is aggravating. Maybe one day I’ll try to mole my way into her little club. She’s always downtown on the circle chanting with the other grabbers.

  17. So, this reporter took less than three days to get within MILF Watt’s inner Twa… er… Twitter circle…

    … and 90 comments in, Dirk hasn’t duplicated the tactics?

    You’re slipping Dirk.

  18. Those MOMS DEMAND TO BE VICTIMS can rant and rave all they want ,they are in violation of the constitution ,not gun owners,so good luck with you’re’ repeal the 2nd amendment ‘campaign.Let’s see how many of them,oh ya ,they claim 110,000 which means 10,000 and how many gun owners,oh ya 80,000,000 ,so good luck ladies.

  19. What these folks want more than anything is to be seen as:
    1. morally superior
    2. smarter
    3. able to get people on their side

    “Liberals are processing incoming stimuli during debates through a completely different neurological filter compared to Conservatives, and their goals within debate are different as well. As a result, Conservatives will argue within the bounds of honesty and honor, to find logical truth, while Liberals will argue in a less rule governed fashion, simply to acquire followers, and create consensus around their views – in essence validating them through public acceptance. This difference in purposes during debate can be exploited, if you understand it.”

    The point I will make here, once again, that responding to the MDA crowd by constantly attending to them, retorting to their every claim, escalating your emotion to match theirs Gives Them Exactly What They Want !! As they perceive “Debate” (above) they have beaten you.

    The only way to win the battle against gun control is to change to the game to one where We make the rules, We set the field and they have to come and play. Not the other way around.

    As the Anonymous Conservative further states at the link above: … “Conservatives will instinctively fail to meet the Liberal on the correct elocutionary battlefield, for it will not be enough to simply be correct. One must also focus upon preventing the Liberal from feeling as if they are amassing consensus around their false premise.”

  20. These MDA folks make me think of ex-junkies who start drug treatment centers.

    They will tell you what’s good for you. Shut up. Don’t comment or contradict. You’re wrong. Period.

  21. MDA would be wise to study authoritarianism. From the beginning they have been a high right authoritarian organization. (Right doesn’t mean right as in conservative but as in righteous in the political science theory of HRAs.) Exclusion of any outside groups, ideas or thinking. Not just exclusion but meeting any counter information with hostility. Any member of the group that doesn’t follow the rest of the group to the letter will be expelled in order to maintain the purity of the group.
    These symptoms and more are signs of an HRA.

  22. I am a conspiracy theorist. I tend to see enemies all over. Is it possible that all these people are bought and paid for by the criminal element to reduce the amount of resistance to committing any crime. So granted I’m whack! Can you answer me this then, where does your money come from???

  23. So they are against gun violence. Do they think other forms of violence, that leave innocent victims maimed or killed, are less important?

  24. “Gun violence” includes suicides. Nice try.

    What she means–and what you’ve foolishly chosen to spin–is that they are not concerned with the CAUSES of suicide but the MEANS by which it is accomplished.

    If you’re going to disrespect our intelligence we’re going to disrespect yours.

  25. This is really amazing. I just “liked” the Moms Demand Action page of Facebook to see what was up BEFORE I saw this post. I was rather amazed at the lack of opposition comments on the page except those that were offensive, called names, or generally made the person look like a jackass.

    After they posted a story about an incident in Savannah Georgia this week (I live in Georgia), I responded by posting a news story where the gentleman charged in the incident provided his side of the story. I found one response later in the day saying there was no reason to listen to the idiot gun-toter. I responded, citing specifics in the constitution and the SOTUS case the established presumption of innocence. I later posted several recent news stories from Georgia about single mother’s who had defended themselves with a firearm.

    Later, they posted a “rethink gun storage” which I commented on that I agreed … that I rethink often whether or not my firearm is on my side or locked away and how I have taught my children how to respect and handle guns.

    I went in today to see if anyone had posted any comments … they were GONE. Fortunately, I had shared the posts on my page with the comments I had posted. The only “evidence” of my comment is the response from the other commenter saying that there was no reason to listen to the man in Savannah.

    I tried to be as respectful as possible … no cursing, no name calling … a little snarky, but that’s the way I am generally.

    It is their right to control the content and comments on their Facebook page, but I was stunned that they would remove factual, opposing views. I guess I still trust people too much.

    Absolutely amazing.


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