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Gunbuster gun pulverizer (courtesy Laura Burgess Marketing)

Guns are incredibly durable products. With even the most basic care, a GLOCK 19 should remain fully functional into the twenty-nineties. Same goes for every other firearm in your collection. But there comes a time in every gun’s life when its life is over. At that point, without restoration, the gun must die. Just as I want to be cremated, I don’t mind the idea of my defunct guns being pulverized. But that, of course, is not what the GUNBUSTERS Firearms Pulverizer System (above) is for. We noted the gun grinder’s introduction last year. Now the thing has been patented. And it’s just as scary as it was before it received U.S. government protection. Caution! Firearms destruction videos after the jump . . .

Chesterfield, Mo.  (December 2014) – GUNBUSTERS, LLC is proud to announce the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 8,890,994 for their revolutionary GUNBUSTERS® Firearms Pulverizer System. The system provides law enforcement and governmental agencies with a safe, simple and secure means to dispose of unneeded confiscated and surrendered firearms. A main feature is the documentation process, wherein the agency is provided with a DVD showing the pulverization of each individual firearm.

With the issuance of their first patent, GUNBUSTERS is ready to move forward with their plan to establish a limited number of licensees to provide regional pulverization services to law enforcement and governmental organizations. In most instances the license will be for one or more states.  A few states, such as California, Florida, New York and Texas, may have multiple license holders with specific geographic boundaries.

The ideal candidate is an existing law enforcement distributor, gunsmith, or retiring law enforcement armorer with regional contacts and extensive firearms knowledge.

The sight of a machine enabling the mass destruction of firearms sends a shiver down my spine. Of course, it’s not the inanimate object that’s evil, but people who misuse it. Still . . .

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    • Safe space and restriction on free speech should allow for getting close to the first and regulations of some prestigious colleges. Good grief.?

  1. There was(may still be in use) a dock on the Houston Ship Channel that had lots of guns dumped off it, after being cut into pieces by a torch. This is just a faster method of destruction.

    • The entity doing it should be reported to TCEQ, EPA and both state and federal natural resource agencies for illegal dumping, as well as to US Army Corps of Engineers so they can face federal charges with regards to navigible waters.

  2. Betcha no one wants this thing…other than Feinstein and Bloomberg, they’ve probably already ordered one to put in their home.

    • I don’t understand why these guns are being destroyed?

      The US Government sells illegal firearms to other countries, as does all of the other 5 countries on the UN Security council does. Why couldn’t these be sold to law abiding citizens with the proceeds being used to pay off the national debt and other social programs? People are evil, not the tools at their disposal. Sounds like some libtard nonsense to me.

  3. That’s just a little one. They brought the big boys in after Katrina. It could reduce a refridgator in a matter of seconds. The small one could be beneficial to have around during hunting season. Burgers for everyone.

  4. Oh the horror, not the machine the damn auto opening of youtube and google play thanks to the crappy advertising.

    The machine will probably eat many pricless heirlooms along with a lot of high points and Jennings.

    • BUSTAAH BEAAAMU! That show was really weird; basically toy-mongering crap at first, that actually developed into a pretty good story just in time for the ending, lol

    • And an environmentally irresponsible shredder at that. All serious scrap metal shredders have sophisticated separators downstream to recover the metals and plastics. This fraud just feeds landfills.

    • Possibly, possibly got the patent through the incorporation of the digital camera to automatically make the DVD all combined with the metal shredder. But if you have enough spare cash to get a little help from a lawyer, you might try breaking the patent based on prior art not previously brought to the patent official’s attention. This is going on all the time with software patents.

  5. So they took an SSI shredder, stuck a vacuum on the end of it and granted it a patent because it shreds guns? What makes it gun-specific? Looks like the baby version of one of several units we run at work to process boiler fuel.

    Bet FedGov will give someone long dollars for that little setup.

  6. Behold, the final solution.

    +1 on all the “how can you get a patent on a rotary hammer grinder at this point?” comments.

  7. I dont see a problem on a couple of fronts..they can’t ” Bust” the technology.. Just the product…and it’s just job security for gun manufactures.. But then Im a glass half full type of guy..crunch away.. Gun manufactures will Just hire a third shift..

  8. That patent number doesn’t pan.

    Image capturing apparatus
    Document Type and Number:
    United States Patent 8890994

    An image capturing apparatus comprising an image sensor including image forming pixels each of which generates a signal for image generation, and focus detection pixels each of which generates a signal for phase difference detection, readout means for reading out the signal of each pixel of the image sensor, focus detection means for detecting a focus by a phase-difference detection method using the signals for phase difference detection from the focus detection pixels, and switching means for switching a combination of the focus detection pixels to be used for focus detection by the focus detection means between a case in which the readout means reads out the signals of the pixels of the image sensor after thinning-out and a case in which the readout means reads out the signals of the pixels of the image sensor without thinning-out.

  9. This is how they will drive down your street, bust your door down. Gun sniffing dogs finding your kit and tossing it into the apparatus.

  10. Face it, products that last a long long LONG time is not good job security. Auto manufacturers have little incentive to make cars hugely difficult to steal. Do you think GM cares that cars are stolen and taken into Mexico? Hell no. The only reason the manufacturers make it more difficult is pressure from the insurance industry.
    It’s sad to seen any rare and valuable firearm be ground up, but the reality, few valuable guns will be ground up. The exception is any firearm that the serial number has been obliterated, rendering it not valuable even for a cop. We don’t get to see that a nice gun is ground up because in actuality, the serial number is gone. We all know the cops pick and choose what items get sold at auction after asset forfeiture, the junk and what they keep for themselves, and what guns are destroyed after confiscation. You think the cops are going to let a Colt Python for instance, that was recovered during a drug raid with no known owner found, be ground up? Hell no. It ends up at some commanders house with his personal collection.
    Grinding up these guns serves to keep the crap out of the hands of pukes. The real gun folks like me and you, hell, I’ll just go buy a new gun. The scuz bags don’t have the money. I prefer to keep our American workers working. Grind them up! I love recycling.
    These gun buybacks that get so much media attention? They collect up junk for the most part. Sure they get some good stuff now and then, but largely, it’s trash and medial hype.

  11. Anyone else notice this monster had a utility patent instead of a design patent? Not sure how they got one since it’s basically an oversized and toughened paper shredder. Not really worthy of a patent.

  12. As a patent attorney specializing in the firearms industry, I can offer some perspective. First, the patent number given in this article is wrong. The actual patent number is 8,890,944. It covers:

    “A firearms pulverizer system comprising:
    a pulverizer unit having an inlet chute, a cutting chamber, and an outlet;
    a first image capturing device positioned above the inlet chute for capturing an image of an identification number associated with a firearm; and
    a second image capturing device positioned above the cutting chamber for recording destruction of the firearm inserted into the cutting chamber.”

    So the only protection is for the use of two different cameras mounted as described, not for pulverizers in general. The selling point is for agency destruction, presumably so that guns that are “destroyed” don’t actually end up sold out the back door, or used as throw-down guns. So this isn’t really a patent on a pulverizer, it’s a patent on a documentation system.

    Keep in mind that patents are restrictive, not permissive. The only legal effect is that anyone other than the company is now restricted from offering a similar system. Patents are prized because they let the owner set pricing based on demand, not competitor pricing, so this means that the system will be priced higher than it would otherwise be, making it less attractive to agencies and municipalities.

    Really, there’s no need for a bunch of these machines all offer. I suggest that unwanted guns simply be shipped to me for appropriate disposition (you can find the address on my website). 😉

  13. The Horror! Make it stop! Dear Lord, make it STOP! Seriously, though, it is terribly disturbing that this thing exists with the expressed purpose of destroying firearms. It would be far more beneficial for municipalities to auctioned them off as a fundraiser. Keeps them in the hands of lawful gun owners, doesn’t present an implied threat against the 2nd amendment and adds a little bit extra to the budget. Win/win. There is no logical argument for the complete destruction of perfectly good guns.


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