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When the Brits first clapped eyes on the Routemaster bus in 1954, they were understandably reluctant to jump on board. The ‘Double Decker” looked decidedly top-heavy. So the Associated Equipment Company filmed an unladen Routemaster tear-assing around a race-track whilst remaining vertical. Fantasia’s dancing hippos looked equally graceful, but point taken. The British subjects (who didn’t really have a choice anyway) clambered on the “London Bus” for the next 61 years. It’s something to keep in mind when you grab a Springfield Sub-Compact XD, a pistol with more than a passing resemblance to a Double Decker . . .

Unlike the UK’s two-story public conveyance, the Springfield Sub-Compact XD is ill-proportioned in all directions. Though glove-friendly, the trigger guard looks like the stretched image on one of those early 16:9 TVs. Without a pinkie extension (pictured), the grip belongs on a half-scale mock-up. Compared to the drop-dead sexy Ruger SR9c, the Springfield Sub-Compact XD is, as the Italians would say, super brutto. Eccoci qua. Here we are. And we are not alone . . .

Here’s a profile of another compact killer: the Glock 26. Compared to the Glock (above), the Sub-Compact XD doesn’t, aesthetically. Of course, neither polymer pistol is what you’d call a beauty queen. Both guns (and Smith & Wesson’s M&P) make a cinder block look like museum-quality sculpture. That said, the Springfield Sub-Compact XD has its advantages over its natural born enemy.

For one thing, the XD’s mag release is ambidextrous; if you’re left-handed, the XD Sub-Compact wins. For another, the Sub-Compact XD has a grip safety. (Debate that amongst yourselves.) A lot of shooters find the Springfield’s grip angle more comfortable than Herr Glock’s Glock. Some gunslingers appreciate the Springfield’s erect nipple (a.ka. the chamber loaded indicator). The Sub-Compact XD also has a rail for a micro-light and carries more ammo than its Austrian rival. How great is that?

I’m not sure. Thirteen rounds (XD) vs. ten bullets (26) doesn’t seem like a life-or-death difference to me. Comparing the 13-round Springfield to an eight-round .45 offers a more compelling comparison. But one thing’s for sure: if you plan on tactical reloads with the XD Sub-Compact, or any sub-compact gun, it’s only a matter of time before you pinch your hand whilst inserting a fresh complement of cartridges.

And when I say “pinch” I mean “cause an injury that may require stitches and leave a lifelong scar” and a dangerous aversion to tactical reloads. Alternatively, you could load-up the Sub-Compact XD with the 15-round magazine (with free! grip extension) and forgag the reloading deal. But then you’d have a gun with a handle only marginally smaller than the full-sized XD’s; a firearm that won’t imperil your palm and holsters nineteen rounds of ballistic reassurance.

All things being equal (which they never are), it’s a moot point. Ask any diehard (they hope) self-defense shooter: accuracy trumps capacity. In the hitting what you aim at department, the Springfield Sub-Compact XD does not disappoint. It really is as good as the Glock 26. Or better.

With its extra weight (26 ounces vs. 20), the Sub-Compact XD manages recoil more confidently than the Glock. Although the Springfield’s bore axis is dramatically higher than its Austrian counterpart, the weight helps settle things down quickly, enabling accurate “follow-up” shots. Truth be told, either gun can be mastered with regular practice. But the heft is an important consideration for a newbie, who probably won’t train more than once a month, whose life might one day depend on accurately firing a 9mm firearm with a short barrel.

The bottom line is the same for either firearm: superb accuracy at combat distances. One-inch groups at six yards are eminently doable. In terms of shooting on the move, the chances of hitting center mass are as good with the Springfield Sub-Compact XD as they are with the baby Glock—or just about any other small(ish) gun you can name.

The Springfield Sub-Compact XD vs. Glock 26 debate is destined to rage amongst the gunnoscenti for years to come. Meanwhile, gun buyers should not get distracted by invidious distinctions. When it comes to reliability, the two firearms stand head and shoulders above their competition .

With simple lubrication and occasional cleaning, the XD will faultlessly fire tens of thousands of rounds, even in the harshest conditions. Rental guns, for example, have processed 250,000 rounds without a hitch. Our sample ate-up and spit-out everything we fed it, from the humblest Blazer to the loftiest Hornady Critical Defense. Over the long term, the Tenifer Plus+ coated XD is a far more solid choice than flashier alternatives (cough Ruger cough).

On the downside, the Springfield Sub-Compact XD really needs that pinkie extension for comfort and control; a cheap upgrade that should be standard-issue. Also, more than a few shooters prefer the Glock’s quick-breaking trigger and lightning fast reset to the Springfield’s relatively mushy go-pedal and long distance reset. And the Sub-Compact’s plastic case is unforgivably Day’s Inn compared to the XD-M’s Ritz Carlton-class carrier.

It’s only a matter of time before the Springfield Sub-Compact XD gets the dash-M treatment. The new Sub-M’s improved grip will be much appreciated in colder climes, and the chevrons on the barrel should help make the design less of a dog’s breakfast. The question is, why bother?

There’s nothing wrong with the current Sub-Compact XD’s ability to accomplish its mission. It’s a dead nuts reliable, more-accurate-than-you-are carry piece. So you might want to wait until the Sub-Compact XD-M hits the shelves and then bargain hard on the “old” Sub-Compact XD. A keenly priced Sub-Compact XD could be just the ticket. Mate.


Caliber: 9x19MM
Magazines: 1 – 13 Round Compact, 1 – 16 Round w/ Grip Extension
Barrel: 3” Steel, Melonite, Fully Supported Ramp Sights: Dovetail Front and Rear (Steel) 3 – Dot Trigger pull: 5.5 – 7.7 lbs. Frame: Black Polymer
Slide: Forged Steel, Melonite Finish
Recoil System: Dual Spring with Full Length Guide rod
Length: 6.25”
Height: 4.75” w/ Compact Mag, 5.5” w/ Extended Mag
Weight w/ Empty: 26 ozs. w/ Compact Mag, Magazine: 27 ozs. w/ Extended Mag


Style *
If it was a dog you’d shave its ass and make it walk backwards.

Ergonomics Carry * * *
A bit heavy, but only a bit. Finding holsters that can accommodate that XXL trigger guard is a bitch, but a 13-round mag makes it good to stow.

Ergonomics Firing * * * * *
A bit snappy, as you’d expect. But the extra weight helps you hit what you’re aiming at and get back on target right quick.

Reliability * * * * *
It’s what allows XD to be spoken in the same sentence as Glock.

Customize this * * *
The mini-rail-enabled flashlight option is welcome, but the lack of suitable holsters makes that a problematic proposition. The sights are sufficient. So . . . what more do you need, really?

Overall Rating * * * *
No beauty queen, but no safe queen either. A practical carry gun upon which you can bet your life.

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  1. Springfield just came out with the XDm-9mm Compact. It is slightly smaller in height (4.6″ vs. 4.75″) and only 3/4 inch longer (7″ vs. 6.25″). Same 13 round magazine size, but can use the XD-9mm 19 round magazine with the extension. Lots of holsters available – can use all the XDm-9 and XD-9 Compact holsters, plus new ones coming on line from almost all major manufacturers (I have holsters from Comp-Tac, Blackhawk, and Galco). It’s the height, not length, that has most impact on conceal-ability. Why buy a sub-compact XD? If 3/4 inch less length is that important, wait till the XDm sub-compact comes out.

    • thanks for the info, makes me wish I had waited a bit longer, but I need I needed a gun for the neighborhood I’m going to be moving to.

  2. I’ve shot both the full-size and the compact 9mm XDs extensively. A friend of mine owns both of them, so my familiarity with both models is more than “I fondled them at a gun show” deep. The subcompact is his daily carry gun, and the full-size model lives in his bedside gun safe at home. No matter what gun he reaches for, whether in the dead of night or in a parking lot, they both feel and function and fire exactly the same. One is just a bit shorter and easier to carry.

    RF is absolutely right about these guns: they are accurate, strong, and stone-cold reliable. They’ll put a whole magazine (short or extended) into a ragged cloverleaf at 7 yards and they’ll do it without fail, again and again, until you’re standing in a pile of empty brass. I’ve never seen a jam or failure of any kind, through dozens of boxes of ammo.

    The subcompact XD 9mm is backwards-compatible with the full-size XD 9mm magazines, but this compatibility isn’t reciprocal: the full-size XD 9mm cannot use either of the subcompact’s magazines. This is no different from the 9mm Glock 9mm family, where a higher-numbered (and thus smaller) Glock 9mms can accept the magazines from lower-numbered (and larger) Glock 9mms, but not vice-versa.

    The XD subcompact ships with a short magazine and a full-size magazine with a grip adapter. Neither of these will fit a full-size XD, but full-size XD magazines are for sale everywhere and will fit either gun. To avoid the finger-smashing tactical reload, use the compact magazine for CCW and buy a full-size XD magazine for a high-cap (and pinchless) tactical reload. Ditch the adapter magazine, or keep it in your range bag for non-tactical use.

    If you own both sized of XD, avoiding the ‘short magazine in full-size gun’ problem is equally simple. Leave the compact magazine loaded in the subcompact, and use full-size magazines for ALL your reloads in both pistols and you’ll never go wrong.

    Note: when the XD subcompact gets the ergonomic ‘dash-M’ treatment, the magazines will not be compatible with any ‘non-M’ XD.

    • Can you explain this pinching thing more in detail? I am new to handguns and am considering a compact 9mm. Thanks.

  3. I’ve had one since 2008 and its been my daily carry piece since then. When it came out it was only 10+1 with the compact mag, but the newer 13+1 is a great replacement. It was my first pistol ever, I paid $399+shipping+FFL.

    I’ve had no problems with it (except for my reloaded ammo, which was the ammo’s fault) and it shoots where you point it. My only gripe is the trigger safety which I find annoying after a box or two of rounds.

    After a couple of years in the crossbreed super-tuck there is some wear on the slide starting to show but no rust. I figure I’ll duracoat it green or black whenever it needs it.

    • I carry an xd9 sc Its showing signs of wear. Thats just a sign of commitment and pride. Congrats.

  4. I carry the .40 version of the XD sub. The triggerguard makes little difference to holsters unless you are carrying in generic–you shouldn’t do that anyway.

    But one of the things that surprised me was how close in overall dimensions the XD subcompact is to the Glock 19–The 19 looks a lot bigger, but is almost identical in height at the grip, and only about half an inch longer barrel. If you carry IWB, there’s no difference in the ability to conceal either gun, and you get a place for your pinkie with the Glock. I didn’t realize that until I made a holster for a 19.

  5. I bought the full size XD9 (they call it the “Tactical”) and used it to fire for my CHL. I keep it in a drawer at the opposite side of the house from my bedroom, where my sub-compact has its place by the bed. I do not leave the house without it. I haven’t kept count of the rounds fired in the last four years, but the failures I know – none. Chris and Pete have it all correct. I am totally satisfied with both of these fine weapons.

  6. Fugly little ucker!
    My Glock has a better trigger and is easily adapted to any situation. My XD, I offloaded it on a guy who thought it was better than a Glock. His loss, my gain!

      • Pure baloney… the Glock is a far more accurate and reliable pistol… less felt recoil too… lots of info on XD reliability problems…

        • Oh look, it’s a Glock fanboy. Now why the f*ck would anyone listen to you? You just came on here to knock the XD and tell people how great your Glock is. Maybe, if you could actually post something constructive, you could post links to reference what some of those reliability issues are – keep in mind, don’t post information that you found on competitor’s websites (we all know how truthful competitors are), or info about the XD(s), XD(m), or other variants – those are completely different guns. Just the XD; and we don’t want any info about your glock either, this page is not about that gun.

          It’s funny how I never found any of that info that you talked about, but feel free to post it here.

          If you can’t post any constructive criticism about the XD while leaving glock out of it, it’s safe to say you just came here to troll about your glock.

        • “B”, the article contained a rather explicit comparison of the HD and the Glock, making comments about Glocks versus HD’s pertinent to the article.

          It might seem to you that comments about Glocks are too frequent, but maybe they’re frequent because there are so many Glocks out there.

  7. Just bought the XD sub in 40SW. Came with four mags: two 9 rd, one with a pinkie extention that you wanted and which fits my hand very well. Also came with a full length 10 rd mag, and a 12 rd mag of exactly the same dimensions that actually holds 13 rds of 40sw.

    Overall, quite happy.

  8. The last sentence in this evaluation says it all .
    ” A practical carry gun upon which you can bet your life.”
    Isn’t that exactly what we are all hoping to get when when we lay-out our hard earned money to purchase a carry gun?
    Sounds like ***** to me.

    • yeah, and there are guns out there that you can buy for only a couple hundred that have a good amount of issues, especially ones that people constantly complain about.

      I’d rather take a short summary over one that reads “A reliable gun….that just occasionally misfeeds, stove-pipes, and fails to eject. Sometimes the sights will be off, so you will need to ship it to the factory for realignment, and you need to send it to the company at least once a every half-year to ensure it stays reliable and no parts break or malfunction, but it comes with a warranty, so it’s all good.”

      Even though the summary doesn’t need to say much because it’s already discussed in the previous paragraphs, sometimes, less is better. It indicates there aren’t a lot of problems.

  9. Having owned full-size Glock, a KelTec and an HK USP Compact as well as recently acquiring the 9mm SubCompact mentioned here i have a decent cross section of high end and budget minded handguns…Anyone who cries ‘Glock’ is either unfamiliar with XDs or has watched US Marshals a few too many times…

    The XD costs nearly $100 less in my area; the magazines are metal not plastic; its actually CCW friendly (unlike my USPc which is like carrying a brick in my waistband)…and lastly it has 2 features a Glock doesnt but should–the loaded chamber indicator and cocking pin indicator–these are very nice piece-of-mind additions when carrying or instructing at the range….

    Don’t get me wrong…Glock makes fine firearms–for people who prefer to pay extra for a brand name…they are equally reliable, easy to care for, with a plethora of accessories…but $100 difference buys plenty of ammo

    just my $.02

    • Hm, even though you say the USP is like a brick, I would actually also compare the XD sub-compact to a brick. It’s not hugely concealable in my opinion, unless you wear baggy or loose clothing, and it weighs enough that you probably wouldn’t go jogging with it (especially with bullets in it), even though it’s called a sub-compact. If I were to try to go jogging with this, I think it would be pretty obvious that I’m carrying, and it would probably bounce around a lot even with a holster – I would probably take a Beretta Nano or similar gun for jogging or exercise.

      • I recently purchased the subcompact XD in .40 S&W and I love it. As for jogging with a concealed weapon on your waist, I think your going to have problems with any gun? Why do you even need a gun when your out jogging?

        • “Why do you even need a gun when your out jogging?”
          Why do you need a gun anywhere then? Does jogging somehow instantly make you safer?

          “As for jogging with a concealed weapon on your waist, I think your going to have problems with any gun?”
          I think you’re not going to with a Ruger LCP and the right holster.

  10. just bought a 40 xd subcompact springfield and i love it, but i was wondering can i put the full size 4o xd rd into the sub and would it mess up the gun if it do.

  11. owned it 4 a year and love it!!!!had all kinds of nice guns for 19 plus years……friends own glocks, in my opinion springfield hit a home run.glocks are great, hate when glock people think nothing can be better. give credit where its due.

  12. I have to disagree about the author’s opinion of the Springfield’s looks. I own the first gen Bi-tone sub compact XD in .40, and compared to my Gen 4 Glcok 27, it looks AND feels much better in my hand. My Glock 27 gets the job done (it’s my off duty firearm) but if my department authorized any other gun outside of Glock for off duty, I’d take my XD subcompact every time. It’s shoots tighter groups, has a MUCH MUCH smoother trigger, holds more rounds, has a rail for a tactical light like my Streamlight TLR-3 etc…. So, what bothers me is that my Springfield, which was developed and produced years before my Gen 4 Glock, has more bells and whistles, shoots better, grip safety, loaded chamber indicator, high capacity magazines with mag sleeve/grip, and has better ergonomics, and costs same or less… What’s up with that Glock?

    • You would need to swap barrels and magazines. But if you got a SIG 357 barrel you could use the 40 mags. Ask Springfield for prices. Cheaper than buying a totally new pistol by 1/2 or more

  13. I purchased my first handgun about a year ago, a Springfield XD .40 S&W Tactical (5″ barrel). Having shot regularly with it for a while now, I feel confident to go for my CCW license. What sold me on the Springfield over the Glock was the feel. I held both in my hand, extended my arm, and looked down the sights. With the Springfield, they were already lined up with no manual correction needed. I looked away, then looked back, sights remained dead-on. I handled the Glock, and some manual adjustment was required to line my sights up, in an extended hand stance. Just to be sure, I switched off several times, and each time the XD sights were lined right up. When I went to shoot it a few weeks after bringing it home, I was not disappointed. I shot great groups, and allowing a natural, controlled recoil, I was right back in the sight picture naturally, no correction needed.

    All that being said, I am now looking for a weapon to CCW. Leaning very strongly toward coming back for some more Springfield based on my awesome experience with the first one. I believe the major difference (at least in my case) to be that the XD has a more favorable ramp angle for my natural grip. My only question, and I guess I will answer this by more handling, is whether to go sub-compact, or just compact.

  14. I shot my Dad’s XD 9mm sub-compact, liked it but thought the trigger needed work. I decided to order a XD 40 with a factory trigger job, and night sights on the bitone. It is my go to primary sidearm, I carry it often and it is very accurate.

  15. I picked up a well-used (and thoroughly broke-in) subcompact XD today and immediately put 100 rounds of mixed ball and hp through it. GREAT little gun, smooth and reliable, and as the review noted, more accurate than me. Ain’t pretty by a long way, but pretty counts for exactly nothing if it doesn’t run. And it runs, oh yes.

  16. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in…the Springfield XD SC is what I carry, and I had the opportunity to test several handguns (including a Ruger and Glock) before I decided to purchase this one. As a woman with smaller hands and weak wrists I find the XD SC very comfortable to hold and shoot. My husband has the XD and I can tell a notable difference. I have tried other sub’s and this by far was the one I found to be easier to control (the muzzle flip and recoil are minimal and the reset was perfect). The only problem I have is that it is a bit bulky (top heavy) as you mentioned in the review, which causes a problem when it comes to finding a conceal carry purse that it will actually fit in properly. This also poses a bit of a problem when I want to carry on my hip (but this is partially due to my holster I am sure.) I just wish it was small enough to carry comfortably.

    **Additional note…I personally like the added grip safety, but that’s just me. 🙂

  17. Been around firearms for my entire 32 year LEO career. Shot off a box with my new XD 9mm subcompact today. First gun I ever fired that felt broken in right out of the box. Cycled smooth, amazingly tight groupings, felt good in the hands. Even doing look over the sights double pops the gun felt true and was right on. Think it is going to be a keeper.

  18. The XD sub compact is a better machine than the Glock sub compacts. and safer to handle in stress situations. And I have used both. matter of personal preference of course.
    As to holsters..try a Don Hume JIT slide. It fit mine just fine and for $25 it is a bargain.
    I prefer the 9mm because in the real world the 9mm with decent ammo will do the job just as well as a .40 or even dare I say..45 ACP. At combat ranges the bad gut would not know the difference is hit in a vital zone.
    As to pretty is as pretty does. The XD is a beauty queen in action. Again..personal view.

  19. I think it is a serviceable enough appearing piece, never bought a gun for its “looks” – sorry, reviewer.
    But accuracy is enny guns saving grace, and one inch groups at combat range is good enough and should be good enough for enny shooter. Even for a self, and home defense centric shooter like myself.

    I am currently carrying the Taurus Judge, 3″ magnum Chambers, The modern Winchester PDX1 defensive rds with 4 plated discs and 16 plated bb’s each 3″ magnum round is good enuf for me.

    but i am interested in a semi auto for cc. This Springfield XD Sub-Compact 3″ fits the CC bill, but is not heavy enuff in calibre for my desires. I am seeking .45 cal perhaps like Glock mod. 21 or something. But I really am a big-bore hawg; Excellent review.

    • If you crave .45ACP… pony up the big bucks for a Kimber Ultra CDP… Series 1… if you can find one… Superb pistols. The Para P12 is not as smooth… but a nice piece. I am very pleased with my XD40sc… very reliable and accurate, traded my P238 for it… I had no confidence that a .380 would put the BG down… and I am not that great of a shot to hit an eyeball at 7 yds!

      • This comment was cravenly revised… I traded for a GLOCK 23, not a XD40SC… sort of tells ya all a great deal… like with Odumbo… the truth is very elusive. How many other comments were revised?

    • John, you need to do some very serious research into terminal ballistics, not the gungho internet hype but real terminal ballistics. I’m not going to go into everything here because someone else will come back with this that and the other thing, but hand guns are no different than rifles, the three base facts are velocity original bullet diameter and bullet weight, there needs to be a balance in this trilogy for proper performance, too much velocity and you dont transfer energy to the “target” not enough and the projectile doesnt perform properly, the greater the bullet weight, with in reason, the more energy is retained and as such transferred, ( too much and velocity is lost causing an imbalance). When this trilogy is in proper balance (this means some things can be traded off for others within reason) THEN you can consider bullet design, such as the type of hollow points to use. With proper consideration, you will find that the .40 S&W can actually out perform the .45 acp in virtually all applications. This isnt surprising since this is exactly what it was designed to do. It started out as a 10mm, but that round was too hard for many to control, and to accurately bring a second round into the target without major issues having to recover sight alignment in reasonable time (too much recoil), the .45 was not a practical choice for grip size on larger capacity magazines so higher velocity versions werent practical either. Thus the development of the faster than a .45 but slower than a 10mm .40S&W, it fits a 9mm sized frame, easily handled by smaller shooters and meets the requirements for a fast double tap. This is all borne out of the FBI’s search for a reliable replacement for the two calibers they were using that was becoming problematic. The 9mm which was proving insufficient as shown by the actual shoot outs they had recently been involved in (and there were many at the time). And the effectiveness of the .45, however this also showed that in the cases where it was used, there was a universal need to reload. So they tried the 10mm, which lead to issues with many agents not being able to handle it on the range, not to mention in the field. However the facts that logistics of a single effective caliber did prove a major point, they started working with ammunition and firearms manufacturers to make the better mouse trap. and hence came the .40S&W…

  20. I have been shooting rifles for the better part of 40 years. I was always into long range accuracy but i have recently purchaced a inexpensive 9 mm. now i am looking for a small or compact 45 acp or a Sig sauer, nano,ruger something not too expensive but adaptable for a laser, flashlight & maybe a rail for a scope. so any info into what would b good for me or suggestions with a low to high price range( preferred) lower range

  21. hey fellow gun enthusiaits, I have a problem that i hope u could help me with. I am looking for a small Compact concealable semi auto pistol for my job, the one I use now is too bulky & hard too conceal which could put me in a compromising position. I prob could’nt afford a Glock Sig Sauer or Ruger but u guys & or girls would know what would work for me. I had a 9 mm. that i wast happy with, I wiymguld prefer a 45 acp or maybe a 380. what are urs thoughts on a Nano a Caracal

  22. I $h!t¢@nd my Glock 36 due to the so-called “LimpWristing” stove pipe jam problem. It has been replaced by the XD 9mm Subcompact. This gun is the real deal! It doesn’t much care how you hold it! The 13 round mag capacity is nice! The gun is dead nuts accurate! I use a Medium size Versa Carry holster and can carry anywhere, no problems when running, jogging, etc..

    There is nothing out there that comes close to this gun, in my opinion!

  23. I give exactly two pinches of goat shit what any gun looks like. A gun is a tool and it better work. Firearm ownership (concealed carry in this case) is an evolution for me. My thoughts and ideas have changed over the years. I used to think that a pistol was built by Colt and it held 7+1. I carried a 1911 in my truck (Texas Farm Truck Plates) I dealt with dirt and rust (and reliability problems) for a few years and I loved that gun but lost confidence in it. Alas, I fired and hauled a Glock (pre concealed carry) I thought I was going to shit rainbows. Glock 23 for the last 10 yrs I have all the mags of every length the 9mm barrel and mags and have carried and run the crap out of it without fail. I though that gun was all I ever needed. Last year I bought my wife a Glock 36 and I carries easier for me than the 23. Period. I carry a keltec
    p3at when it’s not working for me to carry a 9+. So I decide that a sub 9 i.e. Glock 26 would work even better because I am more likely to draw down on a coyote or a feral pig than a bad guy and more rnds = more dead animals. I then get in an argument over G26 vs XD sub with a buddy and he loans me his XD sub and I had to buy one. This gun conceals well, carries lots of ammo, feels right, shoots good, and never fails. Then it cost $100 less than a Glock and has more stuff in the box that I can use. The evolution continues. Don’t be a hater. Just shoot it.

  24. ive been around guns my whole life, been in the military, worked in a gun shop, have a ccw permit and bought sold and traded more guns than I can list. when looking at a gun, close your eyes, pull the gun up and open your eyes when the gun is fully extended. the sites should be aligned left and right and up and down. unless you train a lot with a glock, a glocks sites will be elevated. the xd has awesome pointability and great features. I carry a xdsc daily and have a full size too. try one on and youll see what I mean! great guns! great review!

  25. I Have a glock 19 gen3 and a Xd sc9. I love both guns but if I only had one it would be my glock. Is it better than my xd? NO but it shots better in my hand. They are both great guns but what fits me might not be your cup of tea

  26. hi, I have buy the xd subcompact 9×21( I’m italian), I have had before the glock 26 and the 19; for me the XD is better.. more safe, less recoil compared to the Glock 26, more factory rounds, and I like more the design( yes they both not are the Angelina Jolie of the gun;) … my overall rating is ****1/2 . bye.

  27. Why do we get people who write how great their Glocks are? Please stick to a Glock review page if your Glock is so much better, sssh. A handgun is only good as the person who shoot it. Not to brag, but I outshoot shooters who used Glocks. I tried Glocks and it is not one of my favorites. The XD-9 Sub-Compact is one my favorites. At 13 yards, I get excellent shots groups at no more than a inch. Recoil is good, never had a failure and feels good in my hands. There are other brands of handguns are that I get better performance but they are not Sub-Compacts. In short, try before you buy. See what works better for you. I tried a lot Sub-Compacts at the range. The XD-9 Sub-Compact won me over.

  28. Been doin this 6yrs military, & 28yrs contracting. I like Kimber, Sig., Springfield, Colt, and custom Smith’s, and the Glocks are O.K. But I get irritated when I here
    people run down the Springfield. The truth is if the gun is right from the factory and the ammo is good, you won’t have any….any problems from a Springfield gun! In fact the Springfield is the only gun I’ll put up against a Kimber for function & accuracy on a day to day basis. After firing over 300,000 rounds I am qualified to tell you, your full of Shit.

  29. I just purchased the XD subcompact .40 The newer production XD’s must be different. I was hesitant on getting the .40 because of all the sites saying its really snappy. I found the recoil to be more manageable then my longer barreled sig and Taurus. I brought it for the first time yesterday and ran a couple clips through it and it functioned flawlessly. I was shooting a can pretty rapid fire and hitting in and all around it from about 15 yards. I also shot it 1 handed with no problem. I only brought the extended clip out to the range because of the its very snappy comments. With the short clip as Far as im concerned I don’t see the smaller mag changing much on the shootability of it. By all means go to a store with a range and test drive it.

    • Yeah, with an XD subcompact, getting a good grasp on the grip is no issue even without the grip-extension. I didn’t see what all the fuss was about until I tried a Glock sub-comp and my pinky just dangled off the end. With the XD = not a problem.

    • Ray, Is the XD 40 SC “snappy”? You bet it is that’s a mighty short barrel and a lot less slide mass… BUT do you know how to shoot? Most of these complainers base everything off the 9mm. I cut my teeth (at the ripe old age of 9) on a Remington Rand 1911 in it’s native .45 acp. .40″short and weak” isnt an issue. I hunt Whitetail with a 6 inch Taurus Raging Bull in Ruger .480, which even with the heavy handloads I use, is very easy for me to handle single handed, not because of my massive biceps but because of my skill. I have a massively customized Colt Commander that used to be my EDC piece. One day, in of all places a Gander Mountain, I picked up an SA XD40 sub compact. and ended up buying it on the spot. The ergonomics are prime, the trigger pull sweet, and it is twice the firearm that the Glock 29 subcompact 10mm I carried prior returning to my Commander, was. I have a bout a half dozen different holsters for the XD, all based on the season and clothing choices, since I ALWAYS carry, and live where our weather goes from over 100+ degrees in the summer to -20 and lower in the winter. I know I’m preaching to the Choir, but the fact is we both have a shooters piece, and appreciate for exactly that reason.

  30. I dont know why all the fuzz about glock. I compared both at the range and my xd-40 is a superior shooter in every way. A friend of mine got in the fanwagon and bought 2 glocks for him and his wife and they constanly jammed when we went shooting. Last week I went shooting and the guy next to me had a glock, again having jams and problems. I am not a fanboy, as with anything I buy what works for me. I expent some money renting a lot of different guns before deciding on the xd and at the end for my purposes the xd-40 was superior to glock. I havent had problem with it, and seeing all these guys at the range having basic problems with the glock just makes me not trust that gun. My next buy would be a CZ , and I know that one is better than both the glock and my present xd40.

  31. It has taken years for people to wake up to the fact , that xd’s are better quality pistols than glocks.. I personally have owned five glocks… just to try them, gave them a fair shake.., but they do not compare in qualityand accuraccy in my opinion..Glock fanboys just cannot cope with the fact, that their choice of pistol is inferior and more expensive! I am so sick and tired of every thing being compared to what law-enforcement is using! Most Law- enforcement officers cant shoot worth of crap anyways.. I out shoot them quite often with my stock Xd 40 sc vs their tacticool modified princess pistols… in the gun community this day and age it seems that a vast majority seem to hang on to every word that some super-cop/ tacticon/range -officer says.. and they all like to brag about their resume’ -accomplishments.. and come up with some of the most stupid analogies-reasoning behind their love for the Glock.. Get rid of them, and shoot and XD… if you want real results!

  32. Oh! by the way some of the most accomplished shooters in the world today, are not military or Law-enforcement.. They are civilians…!

  33. I purchased my first XD on 1-26-06. That purchase was the start of the making of an XD enthusiast. I have owned just under a hundred firearms in my 55 years, including Glocks, H&Ks, Berettas, Kel-Tecs, Rugers, 1911s and the list goes on. From cheap to mid-range to high end. I have owned 6 XDs at one time. At present I still own 4 including that first one, the XD-40SC. It was one of the first XDs shipped. The ones before they started using the Melonite finish. Mine is more of a slight plum finish, but with no rust or any other problems in over 4147 rounds. I kept a log of all shots fired from all of my firearms up until a couple of years ago. I used this XD-40SC in IDPA and IPSCCA competition matches quite a few times with pleasing results and only a single failure, when I shove the webbing of my support thumb/forefinger into the slide, stopping the cycle while shooting and moving. Definitely NOT the guns fault. After clearing, the gun kept right on getting it with a chunk of my DNA in the slide grooves. All other rounds of store bought FMJ, JHP, and reloads eaten and spit out reliably, year after year. Beyond that, I will say that this is surprisingly enough for a Sub Compact, easily one of, if not THE most comfortable .40 S&W handguns I’ve fired, and the list is fairly substantial. Those friends that have tried this pistol have agreed that it shoots surprisingly smoothly with comfortable handling, light on felt recoil and easy back to successive shots, even with the short mag on board. Of course with the full sized mag, it gets even smoother. I had a Glock 23 that I really liked. Had a 9mm bbl and a .357 Sig bbl for that one as well. It was a great pistol. I just sold it a month ago, but my XD-40SC still rides with me every day in a saddle bag over the gear stick of my SUV. Pistol on the right side pocket, and a few full extra mags on the left. In easy, quick, comfortable, reach of my right hand. I trust my life, and those of my cherished family to that pistol on a daily basis. As I type, my XD-40M is within reach of my left, and my XD-9M in reach of my right hand. The XD-45 Service does bedside nightstand duty equipped with an X2L light laser. The XD-45, my favorite pistol in the whole world, has over 7000 rounds through and is still going strong without a single part ever replaced. Ugly? To some perhaps, but to me, they are a beautiful mixture of reliable materials, precise and complimentary dimensions and parts. A wisely fitted group of pieces that are greater than the sum. An orchestral piece of mind product, friend, tool and extension of my hands, mind and heart. Glocks are good pistols, no doubt. But the XD is the AK-47 of pistols. My XD-40SC will be with me until I’m shooting at that old range in the sky, at which time it will go to my son who will continue to enjoy it and hopefully pass along to his son in turn and so on.

  34. I find the Author’s inability to properly handle a subcompact that is designed ground up as a true concealed carry COMBAT piece rather humorous. It is very telling in his lack of proper training in a field he proclaims expertise in, My own subcompact XD-40 has over 10,000 rounds through it, has never bit me in any of the combat reloads that most of those rounds were the result of, and it never gave me any control issues. It replaced my venerable Colt Commander, which wore oversized grips because the full sized 1911 frame was just too narrow for my double extra large hands ( I actually wear XXXL gloves). Perhaps he lacks the strength and ability to simply unroll his palm, straighten his pinkie and lay the reload magazine into his palm as a ramp to locate the magazine for faster reloads, using his hand as an extension of the magwell. Something we “old timers” learned on our 1911 based concealed carry pieces. And as for the overly long trigger guard? Its no longer than that of a Beretta 92’s… Nor is the piece “top heavy”, the slide lays exactly where it belongs, giving the XD ( EVERY VARIATION of it) the precise natural point they are noted for, You can shoot the subcompact and pick up the service model and not have to correct for anything as long as both have their sights properly set for the ammo they are firing, every xd feels the same and shoots the same. WHY is ignorance wasted on liberals and gun reviewers? we need to start exporting it as a natural resource. The Irony is in the last quarter of his review everything he complained about comes back to make the subcompact XD praiseworthy. and as for finding holsters? His issue must be due to some personal handicap since I have been carrying mine for 5 years, and was able to find multitudes of holsters from day one… Is there a trust fund we can donate to for him? it sounds like he is in need…


  36. For what it’s worth, I bought the pinkie extension for my XD-9 subcompact then found I shoot better without it. For some reason, my pinkie feels “just right” riding just under the mag base. This was unexpected.

  37. I have owned a Glock 26, a Glock 42, a Sig Sauer P232, a Sig SP2022, a Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm, a S&W Bodyguard .380, a Bond Arms .45/410 hand cannon and others, including the XD9 Subcompact. Of those the only two that I found truly concealable — no printing at all — were the Bodyguard and maybe the Shield. The Glock 26 (Gen 4) is smaller than the XD9, but there’s no way of truly concealing it. I love my XD9, but it’s not concealable, either, and I’m going to sell it and go for a Sig P238, Kimber Micro or Colt Mustang. Reliability is only part of what I need from a pistol; I also need for it not to print.

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  39. I don’t know what this reviewer is talking about. The XD is a GREAT looking gun, and the top heavy design is what makes it perform so highly. This gun is my favorite, so much that I purchased the same gun in the model 2.

  40. I’ve had my Springfield XD9 Subcompact Mod. 2 “Grip Zone” for about a year and a half. It swallows everything I feed it with no hiccups, points naturally, and hits what I aim at. However, I didn’t particularly like what I felt was a too-long trigger pull, so I had a Powder River trigger job installed. Now it is the best shooting, most ergonomic semiauto handgun I have ever owned. I use it for my EDC in an IWB kydex holster, and it is a keeper. I’m thinking I might go for an XDS 9mm for enhanced carry in the summertime.

  41. I just bought the Springfield XD sub compact. I love it. Great shooting gun. I was shooting a 1 to 1 1/2 inch grouping at 7 yards. I found my new carry weapon. I love it. Not snappy at all. It fits my hand perfectly. Springfield has a women in mind when they made this gun. I suggest this gun to all women. The trigger has a nice pull and nice reset to it.

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