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By Jeremy S.

In a land saturated with tacticool AR-look-alike .22 rifles, a couple of us may still be in the market for a semi-auto plinker that won’t scare Feinstein and her pals right to their misinformed cores. This market is dominated by the venerable Ruger 10/22, but it certainly isn’t the only option out there. A solid contender, Remington’s 597 is oft-overlooked but is deserving of a place on your short list, too. At the same time, it’s a tried-and-true design that’s just popular enough to have aftermarket support and to keep you from being called a hipster . . .


Remington is currently selling at least 13 variations of the 597, with different barrel profiles and lengths, stock styles/sizes/colors, accessories, and prices. Plus, some of the models are available in .22 WMR. In this review, though, we’ll take a look at the 597 HB (Heavy Barrel) with OD Green sniper-style stock chambered in .22 LR.


Upon opening the box at my LGS, we were all surprised just how short the barrel looked. Due to the heavy profile and the short receiver, it just doesn’t look like it’s really 16”, but fear not. It is. The rifle is also very light, coming in at about 5.75 lbs. It shoulders naturally and the shape of the grip is comfortable and allows for a solid hold. Combined with the forend’s mostly flat bottom and the recesses in its sides, you can really lock this baby in place. The HB’s receiver is drilled and tapped, and comes with an accessory Weaver/Picatinny rail already attached in addition to being grooved to accept some scope rings directly.


Another nice surprise: the 597’s trigger. If I’ve heard one complaint about the 597, it’s a very heavy trigger with poor feel. That certainly isn’t the case in the 597 HB, which Remington says has a sear and hammer that have been Teflon® and Nickel-plated for a “crisp, smooth trigger pull.” I’d have to agree, and guestimate the weight at just under 5 lbs.

The 597 may not look quite as good as Amber Heard, but its nice stock, multiple optic mounting options and more than decent trigger offer you few excuses if you’re not getting sexy shooting results. The 597 has proven to be extremely accurate with each of 6 brands of ammo tested so far, including a few variations of the cheap bulk stuff. At 25 yards, every one of the 5-shot groups pictured can be completely covered with a quarter.


Quality features that you won’t find on a lot of competitors’ alternatives include the dual, tool-steel guide rails on which the bolt rides, a last shot bolt hold-open feature, a true drop-free, double-stack, metal magazine that locks in as smooth as butter and releases with just a flick of your index finger, and even 5R button rifling on this and other models.

The barrel has a nice feed ramp, and the magazine lines ‘em up perfectly. The gun was taken literally right out of the box and it has run through about 240 rounds so far without a single failure of any sort. I’ve never gotten that many rounds in a row through the handful of 10/22’s I’ve shot without some sort of hitch – usually a failure to feed.


In short, I haven’t found a downside and I’m loving this gun. It’s more accurate than I’m probably capable of and it has that awesome, serious, tack driver look to it. All while still being light enough to carry around all day and to shoot on the move. As for carrying — no sling studs might be the only nit worth picking.

If you want tacticool, Remington has a couple 597 apps for that, too. If you’re looking for a semi-auto rimfire rifle, you probably already know about the 10/22 but the Remmy’s more than worth your consideration. The 597 is popular enough that you can find an OEM magazine for it at Walmart, but you still won’t be one of five guys at your local range shooting a 10/22 on any given day, if that matters to you. Nothing wrong with the ol’ 10/22, but I’m liking this gun more, and you can still find the, (and their mags) in stock at normal prices. Highly recommended.

Specifications (for 597 HB version):

Caliber:  .22 LR
Capacity:  Ships with 10-round magazine. Factory 30-round mags available. Multiple aftermarket options.
Sights:  None. Receiver grooved, drilled and tapped (with rail attached) for scope.
Barrel Length:  16”
Barrel Diameter:  0.825” at muzzle
Overall Length:  36.5”
Weight:  5.75 lbs
Stock:  Synthetic
MSRP:  $249 (Street Price ~$219)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Style * * * * *
Love the OD Green, Hogue-style sniper stock and heavy barrel profile. It looks like it means business and shoots that way, too.

Ergonomics (firing) * * * * 1/2
Length of pull is on the short side for a 6’ dude, but otherwise, the ergos are great. I warmed up very quickly to the mag release and I like it a lot now.

Accuracy * * * * *
Tack driver. Period.

Reliability * * * * *
A little more than 200 rounds through it so far, but total reliability with three brands of bulk ammo and two better brands.

Customize This * * * * *
Okay so not as many options as the 10/22, but what has? Still plenty of stock replacement options, trigger/hammer upgrades, aftermarket mags, barrels, etc. Remmy makes a couple models with threaded barrels, and that opens up even more options.

Overall * * * * *
Hard to find a fault. A well-deserved five stars for my 597 HB.

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  1. I have a 597 I bought on a whim (it came with a scope, and was super cheap) I’ve had nothing but trouble.

    I can’t finish a 30 round magazine without 2 or 3 jams, with a variety of ammo, with any of the 3 30 round magzines I have.

    10 rounders seem to function better with 1 jam per 150 rounds.

    Ironically, Remington branded ammo functions the worst.

    When it shoots, it will consistently make dime sized groups with good ammo.

      • Duke never used more than ten round mags (if that), and he would not have approved of idiots who
        “need” 30 round mags. For their .22? ISIS squirrel assault rifle????

        • There are some aftermarket 30 round magazines for the 597 that work pretty good, as long as you only load about 22-25 rounds in it.

          Nothing wrong with using a 30 rd magazine for target or varmint shooting.

          I have a free float 22″ heavy barrel 597 tack-driver, which I use for varmint control on my rural property.
          When I get set up, I’m trying to kill as many invasive varmints as I can, as fast as I can. I don’t want to have to keep swapping out mags every few seconds, or carry a dozen mags, so I don’t have to keep stopping and reloading magazines.

    • They’re annoying to maintain, too.

      Internally, they’re like a Henry US Survival (AR-7), but crappier with lower quality parts. AR-7s are picky with ammo, but the 597 is even more so (at least the older 597s that I’ve come in contact with).

    • Same here. The 30 rd magazine springs wear out after only a couple of uses and are not serviceable, and I’ve yet to find ammo that works reliably in it.

      And even the 10 rd mags just feel flimsy and poorly constructed.

    • Yeah I must say, not only do the 10-round mags appear to be (and feel) high quality, but the factory 30-round mag has given me no issues either. It IS user serviceable (baseplate comes off) and I’ve shot 5 or 6 brands of .22 through it without issue. If these things applied to the 597 and its parts at one time, I don’t think they do anymore.

  2. But, since it’s a Remington, I urge people to stick with a Ruger 10/22.
    They made their decision – let them pay for it.

    • Someone, please inform me what Remington has done that brings this response.I haven’t heard a thing but you all seem to know.Thanks.

      • They were offered a government contract and “coincidentaly” decided to stay in New York. Im not against capitalism by any means but the timing of both more than stinks of bribery.

    • Question
      Why would anybody buy a 22 semi, buy or mod the rifle just to make it shoot better ? If this is the case, then the rifle that needs needs to be modified must be a piece of junk to begin with..
      Now I like Ruger products, cause I have several, but when it comes to a 22 semi, I’ve found out the ugly girl puts out just as good as the prom queen does, and at a lower price..
      I really like my Remington 550-1, even if she is over 40 yrs old, cause I like ol chicks.. She likes any candy I give her and asks for more.. I mix up those short and long rifles and she eats em up !

  3. I was considering one of these for my youngest son’s first rifle… not anymore… sorry Remington, you made your bed now you have to lay in it. I will be getting him a Ruger 10/22.

    • The political angle aside, my 10/22 is the worst rifle I have ever owned as far as difficulty/time required to strip and clean. It is a truly awful design in that aspect.

      I don’t have one of the new 10/22 takedowns, but they would have to be better in this regard, though also more expensive.

      • You haven’t owned a Savage Model 64. It is a great rifle until the first cleaning and then it becomes a nightmare. I am hoping for a DC gun buyback so I can unload it.

        • I agree. I had one of the Savage 64’s, and actually thought it was a well made gun, but I had to watch a video to actually break it down for a cleaning! Why are so many rimfire rifles such a pain to break down for cleaning?

      • Or a Henry Youth model. Henrys will shoot anything you feed ’em, and you can not beat a lever gun for fun. It’s almost as much fun to work the lever as it is to shoot the rifle.

      • Right. I have a Savage MkII, just took it to the range this morning, and it will shoot anything…some more accurately than others, but with RWS Match, I can shoot 1/2″ groups at 50 yards.

    • well make your bed get a 10/22 add and add and add more parts and wish you bought a nicer rifle with all that money you socked into it , because it is still just a 10/22 under all those bed sheets

  4. I snagged a Marlin 795 a few months ago. It was fairly cheap but I haven’t been able to shoot it yet. I like the ergonomics of it so far with the large magazine release and bolt hold open feature. If it runs well I will scope it. My wife will be learning how to shoot on it.

    • Best price for an accurate 22 by far. If you like additions and such (with a higher price as well), then you get the Ruger.

  5. Remington needs to go on the DO NOT REVIEW list, guys. I don’t care if they make the greatest .22LR known to man, they make in the People’s Republic of NY voluntarily and sold us all out to get the fat contract with the gov.

    • I find it hysterical that so many people are crying like simps about Remington not leaving New York. They never said to support any of the bans (unlike Ruger and it’s support of the original 90’s Feinstein Ban), and the Remington 597 is made in Mayfield KENTUCKY. It’s sort’ve like the ridiculous bullcrap you hear about the 750’s in comparison to the BAR even though, funnily, the Remington is made in the US and the BAR is a Portuguese made, Belgian owned rifle that offers 10 round magazines all over Europe but not in the US.

      I don’t see how Remington can be held to fault for deciding to keep a plant in New York. Their Headquarters is in North Carolina, they have a plant here in Kentucky, Technical Support is in Elizabethtown Ky, ammo was once made in Connecticut but is now in Arkansas. They support MY home state more than any other “American” firearm maker, and unlike most “domestic” brands they don’t make 90% of their guns outside of the USA.

      So, to all you political infants spouting prattle; WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT? The thousands upon thousands of AMERICAN jobs that Remington has provided all over the country…or supporting foreign “domestic” brands who barely make guns in the US (if any) simply because they don’t have a factory in New York? I guess you guys are OK with supporting Belgium, Portugal, the Philippines, or other countries with MUCH more strict gun laws than New York simply because they aren’t, in fact, New York?

    • All of you! Seriously! Remington is one of the longest continuously operating gun and ammo companies in the Country, and they stayed in upstate NY because Ilon is where they have been located for over 100 years. They had to compete against 4 other rifles to get the contract so it has nothing to do with any back room crap. Do research, and don’t just throw crap out there and hope it sticks. The Remington 700 action is the most used action in the custom gun world and they build quality rifles and 1911’s. They also make some of the best ammo available commercially today. I spent 15 years in the US Army and once a program is approved and is running its up to the testers to give the final recommendation to the top brass, not the government to tell them which rifle to pick. I was involved in the M4 replacement program testing until it was shut down because the M4A1 performed just as well if not better than all other rifles.

      I always see this in these comment sections on many review and blog sites. Everybody knows everything until someone shows up and proves them wrong. Of course you people will say I work for Remington or the Government so I am making this up, but no I work for neither. I was injured in Iraq in 2009 and with my busted up spine, nerve damage, right hip, and both shoulders given to the Army I am all done and stay home with the dog now. So I have plenty of time to do research and many people actually call me and ask me to research weapons, pricing, and condition, and companies. I also build AR’s when my body lets me, full custom.

      • I dont put much faith in the statements printed now days, yours seemed to be from experience. I am very disappointed in the Marlin 60, 22 caliber. I bought my first one in 1972 and still have it. My neighbor gave me a new Marlin model 60 for my birthday. What a far cry from my old one. Plain stock, no engravings on the wood anywhere, plastic trigger guard, plastic pin holding the internal action in place. Figure the price compared to the one in 1972 and the one sold today. Not worth it. Plain, cheap piece of crap.

  6. I kinda like the Remington 597 myself, but as with others, I’m also hard put to sympathize with them for staying in NY. Given the sheer size and multi-state nature of the company I’d like to think they would have gained much more in the long run than they did with the whatever bribery was involved. Or, perhaps even better yet they’ll take the bribes and double-cross ’em. Once they move their operations and employees to a free state I’ll happily be the first one to grab a 597.

    • Forgot to add this till after the time to edit expired: They stood to gain more in the long run by moving their operations and employees OUT of New York than whatever the state’s henchmen had to offer them. They just don’t know it yet.

  7. The first .22 rifle I owned was a 597. Bought it at Dick’s. I picked it up before all this garbage started. So what I’m saying is I supported two companies that had I had the gift of foresight I wouldn’t have patronized either. That being said I freaking love my 597. Rarely ever a hiccup though I haven’t tried the 30 round mags yet( mainly because they are hideous and look foolish on a rifle of this style. The thing is incredibly accurate even though I don’t have the heavy barrel. Mine came with the bull barrel. When I’m done shooting in the woods I like to finish up the session by taking the tacks out of the target. Four tacks can usually be obliterated within ten rounds at about 30 yards. For a couple hundred bucks it is better than one could ask for.

  8. Historically speaking, the 597 has never been known for reliability. Jeff O’s comment is reflective of others in forums all over the Internet. Congrats, Jeremy S., if you got a good one.

    • I’ve certainly seen those comments, and they seem to stem mostly from poor magazine quality. I have two new production 10-round factory mags and one new factory 30-round (black plastic) mag and function has been flawless. Maybe something changed in the not-too-distant past?

      …all purchased before Remi’s NY statements, although I haven’t really thought about how that would affect my decision were I in the market for something like this now…

    • I’ve heard the same stories Ralph has – a 597 is about as reliably unreliable as an AR-7 (pre-Henry). To be fair, I’ve also heard that you can fix them rather easily, with proper application of Dremel – much like a pre-Henry AR-7.

      All that said, Marlin 60s and Nylon 66s routinely go tens of thousands of rounds without a hiccup. I guess if you want the accessories, you’re stuck with 10/22, 597 and the like.

  9. One reason for buying a traditional styled .22 like my 10-22 or my Winchester Toz is price. You can save 2-300 bucks off one of the AR styled rifles and at the end of the day you still have a .22.

    • There’s also something to be said about the svelte lines of a 10/22 over an AR-style .22. Sometimes those extended grips, jagged rails and protruding mag wells just don’t stow well under the backseat of a truck.

  10. Remington does not deserve civilian business or reviews aimed at that market. Can’t believe you guys bothered. The govt will be using their weapons to shoot at their neighbors in the next war.

  11. And another 22 with no (decent) iron sights?

    Recently looking for a 22 to teach sons marksmanship (vs a semiauto/ammo burner). Very surprised how few proper options – bolt action, high quality sights and a reasonable price. Savage as close as was coming up with but talked to several stores and no one thought could get one.

    • neiowa, look for a used Winchester Wildcat. They are actually Russian made Toz’s and they are tack drivers. Bolt action, decent sights and even a target crown on the barrel. Winchester only sold them for a couple of years. Look for the Winchester or the Toz brand.

  12. I’ll take a night with Amber Heard over getting a Remington 597 absolutely free. Then again, if I was offered a brand new Browning SA22 with a nice scope or a night with Amber I’d probably choose the free Browning.

  13. I picked up a used 597 (non-HB, but with the same color and model of stock) at Gander Mountain for $75 a few years ago. It is more accurate than my 10/22 by a hair. I have not had the problem with jamming that people seem to have (although when it does jam, it’s probably Remmy Golden), even with Remington OEM 30-round mags. Great gun that my kids love to shoot. Great service from Remington, too, who put more free parts and labor into it than I paid for it. I’m not getting rid of it in a fit of pique, but I am sorely disappointed they’re staying in enemy territory. But not the least bit surprised.

  14. I clicked on the review just to see who else is avoiding Remington.
    They are on my NO-BUY list. (Based on a few of the above comments, I don’t feel like I’d be missing much by not having a 597 in my collection anyway.)

    • Try having one,try shooting one and. You’ll know the 597 digest every brands of ammo you’ll going to feed her. and they’re accurate!

  15. All this “Hate Remington” stuff. Here are a few points to consider.

    1. Remington management and employees MAY not have a voice in the decision making process. Remember, their are part of the Freedom Group, which is owned by an anti gun investment group.

    2. Why be a coward and run? Why not stay and fight? Lots of families and businesses are supported by the firearms trade in NY.

    3. Who would we really hurt? Oh yeah, employees and their families, probably all supporters of 2A. So that means we are throwing our brothers and sisters under the bus.

    Now that is what I call standing together.

    • 1. Remington management, throughout their history, must have allowed themselves (somewhat) to fall under an anti-gun ownership scheme. Heck, that ownership interest is even MORE reason to not support them.

      2. I live in NJ, and currently I am staying and fighting, at least for the next few years (beyond which I hope to be somewhere that freedom still exists). Why do you assume that Remington is staying and fighting? Sounds to me like they are staying and rolling over.

      3. Every $ that Remington doesn’t get will go to a company that deserves it more and actually fights for 2A. If the choice is Remington or no gun, then your point is valid. The problem for Remington is that there are many other choices. I was going to buy an 870. That money will now go to a gun company that has more of a backbone – whose employees also deserve to make a living.

      • 1. There is no “allowed” involved. They are employees. Follow directions or you are gone. So it is irrelevant what their beliefs are.

        2. Management and ownership may not fight, but I feel reasonably certain most workers are 2A. THEY are the ones I support.

        3. I agree with 2/3 of your statement here. With two exceptions. You are making an assumption that brand X has more of a backbone and is putting more effort in fighting the good fight. Those are two assumptions that you are willing to confirm as fact, before making your buying decision?

        Not me.

        I will make my decision based on need, quality, and value. THEN I will consider other issues. BUT, I will not allow the actions of the GUN GRABBERS to dictate who I buy from.

        I doubt that the Remington employees lined up in support of the stupid laws. They will be the ones who ultimately will pay the bigger price.

  16. Oh yeah, another thought. Since everyone is on the “Hate Remington” bandwagon, what about all the other firearm manufacturers in anti guns States.

    What about Connecticut? There goes Colt and Mossberg, plus Rugers plant in Southport. Beretta is still in Maryland, lots of smoke, no moving vans yet.

    Smith & Wesson, in Massachusetts?

    So, everyone ready to boycott those makers? Clean our your gun safe in protest?? Good, give me a call. I am in the market for some bargain firearms.

    • Henry in NJ…

      I agree, it makes little sense to me. These companies, and us gun buyers, are better off with the firms being in places with a long history of manufacturing and very skilled workers.

    • Beretta just announced that they are moving from Accokeek, MD to Gallitin, TN. Even had the Beretta family patriarch at the ceremony in Gallitin.

  17. This is getting better and better. Since most everyone here has jumped on the “Hate Remington” bandwagon for staying in New York, based on the restrictive gun laws….here are some more for you to boycott.

    Redding Reload in NY., RCBS in California.

    What about all the foreign firearms from countries with heavy restrictions?

    OOPS! There goes Sig Sauer from Switzerland (most everyone may own one, but the laws to follow for ownership are beyond belief) and Germany, FN…..gone, Taurus….you too. Darn, those Beretta shotguns……from Italy. All those value priced Turkish shotguns, alas, boycott time. Anything from Spain.

    So, what’s all the hate and boycotting is done, looks like the only firearms anyone can purchase are the rubber band guns from Uncle Bob in the bayou.

    • Until Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey start standing up for my Second Amendment rights, I’ll won’t give a crap about their equivalent (or lack thereof).

      In the meantime, since Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey aren’t actively trying to destroy my Second Amendment rights, it seems like a better investment than NY or CT. At least Bloomberg, Schumer, and Malloy can’t get their grubby little hands on those bank accounts to fund their party.

      • Um…considering a good deal of the countries you mentioned are UN affiliated and are FAR less likely to care about the gun rights of people who live outside their country than they do inside; I find your argument of their countries not “fighting to destroy your gun rights” to lack a cogent basis. The UN has admitted that it’s ultimate goal is to disarm everyone on the -planet-, and a few minutes speaking to your average citizen from Germany will expose just how much they tend to abhor pro-gun arguments of any kind.

        Might I also add that Remington did just relocate a factory due to the political pressure after fighting against their anti-gun legislation.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I find it pretty hysterical how many of these people ignore the anti-gun history of these companies and the location of their factories. Then you have the excuses (like below) as to how, for some reason, countries that fully support the UN’s anti-gun efforts are supposedly innocent in terms of trying to go after the USA’s gun owners. As I posted a while back in regards to a lot of the “domestic” companies like Browning; their rifles aren’t even made in this country. You have guns made in the Philippines which have had -serious- problems with illegal enterprises lording over the civilian’s unarmed world…but this, apparently, doesn’t register.

      Somehow Bill “step on gun rights in order to try and make my 15 round magazines the only legal high-cap option” Ruger’s prattle about how anybody who needs more than X rounds is likely a criminal is forgotten (eventually they doublecrossed him which was classic, although sad for 90’s America).

      I often wonder how many of the people who post slam reviews on the 597 or the Remington 750 are paid to do so. Granted; this may sound paranoid…but I was actually offered a job writing false, positive reviews for a small startup company involving yacht accessories and furnitures (I declined due to moral objection) and I’m no stranger to the forum politics. You can find stories of various companies who’s employees will sign up under multiple accounts to pretend to be civilians to either give false reviews or to vehemently blast other products and/or people who don’t like -their- product. Have you ever seen the kind of responses you usually get if you show disappointment with a Browning BAR or a Ruger 10/22? You usually get slammed with nothing but flaming and ridiculous stories of how somebody’s never cleaned their Mark II since two years before they actually existed and it not only fires flawlessly with any ammo but it also makes them breakfast the next day.

      It’s all ridiculous. Too many people go by hearsay, baseless assertions, or a very limited and often mishandled personal experience. I can’t tell you how many of these bad experiences could have been solved had they actually used their warranty services (or not sold it to someone else, voiding the warranty and screwing over the next guy down the line). You’ll even have the old gunsmith story where some basement gunsmith will decide “I’ll fix it” and end up bringing in a bag of parts and a barrel with a chewed up crown they tried to “fix” with coarse grit and a drywall sander. This doesn’t even cover all of the political pseudo-science, biased conjecture, and other garbage that you can find in the annals of any company’s history who has more than 20 employees.

  18. Great review! The 597 has always been my favorite .22 semiauto, so much so that I currently own more than one (I won’t say exactly how many out of embarrassment). Thanks to Remington the 10/22 is dead to me. 😉

    All you Remington haters: Remember Ruger in the ’90s, you bunch of self-centered hypocrites? Let me know when Remington supports another AWB.

  19. Great review. Been considering another 22, and had my eye on the Takedown, but thinking it over. Understand about Rem staying in NY especially if it puts the hurt on the EEs. Not all companies have the flexibility to move as much as the purists might like.

  20. Oh, by the way, all Remington 597s are made in . . . MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY. But go ahead and boycott them just the same, them Kaintuck hillbillies are a liberal bunch. Not.

  21. Oh, by the way, all Remington 597s are made in . . . MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY. But go ahead and boycott them just the same, them Kaintuck h!llbillies are a l!beral bunch. Not.

  22. umm every one has failed to mention rugers front page is covered with pro 2a stuff and some facts about ny stupid laws, remmy’s has nothing of the sort. i live in ny and itd suck if they left or went under. but they are NOT fighting for us. end of story. i dont support nor advise anyone to support them.

    • So, instead, you support Ruger because it has posted legislation that involves a state that various gun companies are based out of while ignoring the fact that Bill Ruger himself was a sleazy Benedict Arnold? He supported a 15 round magazine capacity limit because, at the time, his Mini 14 was the only firearm with a 15 round mag while the rest had 20+. He fought tooth-and-nail to make sure the Feinstein legislation went through in the 90’s and actually said that people who wanted more than a 15 round magazine weren’t law-abiding citizens.

      WHAT A SURPRISE! Ruger, again, is following the bandwagon of political fury in order to promote it’s own products! Oh but I’m sure Ruger’s factories aren’t based in states with strict gun control, eh? NOT! The “Facts” in all of these arguments seem to be very conveniently subjective when someone’s arguing one company verses another.

  23. Real glad this review turned into a whine session in the comments section. This guy takes the time to write up a review on a firearm that’s an excellent value and all that he’s hearing is how butthurt some of you are.
    Jeremy, thanks for taking the time. Well written review.

    • The gun was purchased well before the news on Remi’s choice to stay and on the gov’t contract, if that matters at all. Would I make the same decision now? Unsure.

    • Okay. The target was shot with elbows resting on the bench and with a 1x red dot. Plus none of the ammo is target quality (match grade, etc)… it’s all bulk stuff except for the CCI Stinger, which is more powerful but still isn’t match ammo. Maybe groups would have tightened up in a real rifle rest combined with a scope, but I’m no bench rest shooter (which is why this fun plinker wears a red dot). If I can do this standing up w/ elbows on the bench, I’m sure you can do better after figuring out what ammo it likes and setting up properly. At any rate, I mostly shoot the Winchester bulk box stuff (555 boxes) and I’ll take groups like the one in the pic all day long. That’s minute of can, squirrel, golf ball, target explosive, steel plate, etc every time…

  24. Great review. Thanks everybody for not buying Remington. The one I’ve been waiting for my local dealer to order for me, finally came available. While ya’ll are at it, how about boycotting the Remington .22 ammo, so I can find some of it at normal prices too.

  25. Thanks but I’ll stick with my 10/22. 16 1/2 inch heavy barrel(floated), Hogue drop-in stock, decent trigger, bi-pod, red-dot sighted at 50 yds. Shoots 2″ groups at 100 yds albeit no wind. I’ve had zero problems with it and it likes the 36 grain Federal stuff that comes in bulk boxes of 525. Fun!

  26. My 597 bull barrel is a great gun, more accurate than a 10/22. I added a Volquartsen trigger for advantage, works very well. I support the Remington machinists who manufacture a great product, wherever they and their families live. I’m not persuaded by the boycott Remington arguments, too hot-headed and short-sighted for me. For those who want an affordable, very accurate semi auto .22 lr rifle, I can testify that my 597 fits that bill. The political issues are important, but the jobs of the skilled and innocent 597 machinists are very, even more, important, too. I’m proud to own a Remington 597 tack driver with a pretty laminated stock. Its 4 X Swift scope brings the targets in close enough for me to act like a wanna-be paper target sniper.

  27. I love mine! It has never malfunctioned, but did blow the extractor claw off once hitting me in the face with debris. Lol

  28. I have 4 22 rifles and my 597 is my favorite ,its a tack driver, more accurate and better rifle than my Marlin 60, my friend has a Ruger 1022 and likes my rifle

  29. Bashing Remington for the recent decision to stay in NY and accept a gov’t contract is one thing. Passing along rumors that have been disproved is a shame. The rumor that Freedom Group’s owner, Cerberus Investment Group, is anti-gun has been researched by the NRA and an announcement was published by the NRA stating the rumor is false. If we propagate lies, how are we any better than our opponents?

    I fail to see how boycotting Remington does a thing for the pro-2A cause. As others pointed out, if one does a little research it is hard to find a company that hasn’t done something you disagree with at some point. If they haven’t, just give them time.

    With that out of the way, let’s get back to the topic at hand, the 597. I own several 10-22s. None of them are as-purchased. I like modifying stuff, and that is one great thing about the 10-22. If there is a part on a 10-22 that someone doesn’t make an “improved” version of, it has to be the spring for the bolt release, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The 10-22’s popularity is evidenced by the aftermarket for it.

    My father bought a 597 after I had tried to sway him towards a 10-22. He isn’t smitten by the modification bug as badly as I, so the aftermarket didn’t matter to him. He wanted a 22 rifle that felt more like a sporting rifle and he didn’t want to change everything on it to accomplish that. I scoffed a bit, then I shot it. Now I own a 597 too.

    That isn’t to say the 597 is perfect. I did rework the trigger to get a decent 3.5 lb pull and limit the over-travel, but I haven’t yet felt a trigger in this rifle’s price range that was acceptable to me. The trigger is a little narrow, making the trigger pull feel slightly heavier than it actually is. The 30-round mags aren’t worth the headache, in my opinion, but extended mags just get in the way for the majority of shooting I do. I have gotten the 30-round mags to work reliably, but it took a fair bit of work.

    The 597’s size was made for an adult male. You can make a 10-22 carbine fit an adult male or you can spend significantly more money for a stock 10-22 made to adult male proportions (i.e., the target models). You can just buy a 597 and be done with it.

    The only malfunctions I’ve witnessed with two 597s have been ammunition issues. In my experience, 10-22s are pickier about the ammo than the 597s.

    Both the 10-22 and the 597 are great rifles and I’ll not be parting with either. I like them both for different reasons and recommend the purchase of one or the other to people based on their desires and intended use.

    Great review on the HB model. I’ll have to add one to the collection.

  30. I have the 597 and to be honest I am still waiting for the first jamup, stovepipe, what ever. I have two factory 10 rd. mags and they work flawlessly, I also have the Remington 30 rd. and have had nothing bad happen with it. And to tell the truth I have been using old, real old 22’s of mixed mfg. just junk rounds and it pumps it thru the barrel like hot butter. Granted even a Roll has an issue now and then, and a bad one will get out of the factory, but for the most part I will highly recommend the Remington 597, I am very happy with mine..

  31. I have a 597, and I’ve only ever had one fail to feed issue. It was a Remington Yellow Jacket. I’ve put thousands of cheap Federal bulk rounds through it. As for the magazines, mine must be okay (purchased in 2012 sometime) because one magazine laid in some mud for a week and when I found it, I shook the dirt out of it, threw some rounds into it and fired away without a hiccup. As for the accuracy, I’m a terrible shot so it isn’t my place to comment. I’m not a huge fan of how my hand fits around the grip; it sets my trigger finger up in an awkward position but maybe that’s just me. The trigger was absolutely horrible, but ten minutes and a file fixed that.

  32. I can understand that you American’s are scared of gun laws
    but you have it not bad over there
    its a your right to have gun
    in Holland its really hard to get one
    you have to train 2years at a gun club to get a license
    and your stuck whit a 22 single shot for a year
    it takes 3/5 years to get a semi auto ore a large caliber gun and max 5 guns
    gun are expensive ammo is cheaper over here
    I like the review and I think I gona get one

  33. I’ve got both a regular 597 and an HB. Both are great shooters. Can’t really say that the HB is any more accurate than the standard. I’ve used both at a few Appleseed shoots and have about 1200 rounds through the HB now. Can consistently shoot in the 240’s on an Appleseed AQT with both using CCI mini-mag HP’s. Here’s what I can report:

    Like most .22lr’s, very ammo sensitive. Both shoot great with anything CCI, from cheapo Blazer to Mini-mags (the best). Mini-Mag’s are 1.5- 2MOA for 5 shot groups off a bench and I can hold the 10 ring in rimfire sporter in unsupported slow prone, no problem. Never get flyers with CCI. Even Rem golden bullets are fairly accurate (but lots of first strike duds). Fed automatch and american eagle are lousy. 3-5 MOA 5 shot groups. Lot’s of flyers.

    The good:
    Great out of the box trigger (my HB measured 3.2 lbs. with wheeler gauge. Standard 597 was 5.5 lbs)
    More accurate out of the box than most 10/22’s or Marlin 795 based on my Appleseed experience
    Adult sized stock (for a .22)
    Good balance in hand
    Action and barrel clamp screws don’t come loose after hundreds of rounds
    No FTF or FTE problems with HV ammo. (with a FTF magazine exception listed below)
    Double stack drop free mag – minimal mag protrusion – good for slung prone shooting and target style offhand.
    Good, intuitive, easy to use mag release
    last round hold open (LRHO)

    The bad:
    – Comb of the stock is too low for scoped use. More of a low cheek/high chin weld even with low rings
    – No sling swivel studs (but a molded in tower in the forend can be drilled out to install one)
    – Several mag problems (all easily fixed and listed below). One of these problems will cause a FTF of the last round in 4 of the 7 mags I’ve had.
    – Terrible LRHO spring (have broken in both of my 597’s). Very easy to damage when removing the trigger group and hard to get right when re-installing it. Springs cost $4.44 at Brownell’s. The LRHO will drop out of the way due to gravity though as long as the rifle is help in the normal upright position when cycling the bolt. I’ve run dozens of mags through both of mine without the springs, no problem.
    – My HB won’t reliably cycle Standard velocity ammo (the Standard 597 does a bit better). Federal gold medal match was particularly problematic. Bolt short cycled about half the time, causing a FTE and or/FTF. The hammer reset seems particularly rough. The 1200+ FPS stuff cycles perfectly.

    – Scope mount is too far to the rear. Presents eye relief problems with standard scopes in prone and seated positions for almost all shooters. The Leapers bug buster scopes are a nice cheap alternative to take care of this without spending $40 for an EGW extended rail, due to their shorter eye piece. However the rings they come with won’t fit the 597HB rail (spacing isn’t right) so you need narrower rings. The fixed 6X bug buster is a nice inexpensive choice for shooters wanting to get into CMP rimfire sporter as it has resettable target turrets, AO, the right eye relief for this rifle and won’t push you over the weight limit.

    Several mag problems and fixes:
    – Some mags won’t accept 10 rounds when new and you’ll dent the 9th trying to get the 10th in.
    – The plastic orange follower often gets hung up just before trying to feed the last round, causing a FTF on the last round. The forward edge of the follower will catch the die parting line flash inside the mag body.
    – The 30 round mags suck. Plastic feed lips easily damaged and hard to load more than 22-3 rounds.

    Here’s what I do with all of my new 10 round mags:

    Disassemble them and sand off about 0.040″ from the bottom of the follower (allows it to fall that much deeper so it will accept the 10th round).
    With a small jewelers file, I file down the forward wall (where the bullet points) of the inside of the mag body to eliminate the die casting parting line flash that catches the follower and causes last round FTF. Also have to file the small groove on that wall.
    Re-assemble and load 10 rounds. Let sit for a few days to lighten the spring up just a touch. Always load the mags holding onto the sides rather than placing the mag bottom plate down on a table. This gives a little more play for the last round to load.

    A bit shocking to me that Remington hasn’t fixed these common mag problems, They’re on their 3rd generation mag design and it still sucks. And the fixes are very simple. Also shocking that they haven’t addressed the bad eye relief of their scope rail. Another easy fix. Or the problems cycling standard velocity ammo.

  34. Problem gun!!!! I have a rem 597 Heavy Barrel. I got it instead of a 10/22 I really liked what I read up about it. I am have issue the firing not hitting the rim, I mean no dent what so ever. I called them up and they sent out a new firing pin, the spring and a firing pin retain pin but the issues are the same. Anyone have a guess as to the problem? I have tried sevral different ammo types. I have cleaned the gun and oiled lightly, I tried lubing the snot out of it. It used to run anything with out issue. I have tried different mags. I AM AT A LOSS and a little disappointed with the gun. I want it to work like she used too. ANY helpful comments please

    • Sounds to me like your barrel wasn’t installed properly during assembly or the chamber wasn’t reamed correctly, and either way it isn’t headspacing correctly. Maybe the rim of the round is too far from the breech face and the firing pin can’t reach it. Sounds like a definite warranty concern. I’d call them up and have them send you a return shipping label so you can ship it back for warranty repair. It definitely seems like the entire rifle needs to be looked at, not just the bolt or firing pin…

      I should say that this isn’t a “known issue” or something. Lemons and outliers happen with every company and every gun model. SUCKS that you have pretty clearly gotten a bum 597, but it isn’t a “problem gun” in that this is a normal thing.

  35. Great review Jeremy.Thanks for taking the time to do it.I bought one for the wife and it has been flawless even in the extreme conditions of this frozen north in which we reside.(AK)
    As for all you whining,Rem bashing Mary Annes, I’ m curious what states you live in,pay taxes in,and therefore support?

  36. I find it hysterical that so many people are crying like simps about Remington not leaving New York. They never said to support any of the bans (unlike Ruger and it’s support of the original 90’s Feinstein Ban), and the Remington 597 is made in Mayfield KENTUCKY. It’s sort’ve like the ridiculous bullcrap you hear about the 750’s in comparison to the BAR even though, funnily, the Remington is made in the US and the BAR is a Portuguese made, Belgian owned rifle that offers 10 round magazines all over Europe but not in the US.

    I don’t see how Remington can be held to fault for deciding to keep a plant in New York. Their Headquarters is in North Carolina, they have a plant here in Kentucky, Technical Support is in Elizabethtown Ky, ammo was once made in Connecticut but is now in Arkansas. They support MY home state more than any other “American” firearm maker, and unlike most “domestic” brands they don’t make 90% of their guns outside of the USA.

    So, to all you political infants spouting prattle; WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT? The thousands upon thousands of AMERICAN jobs that Remington has provided all over the country…or supporting foreign “domestic” brands who barely make guns in the US (if any) simply because they don’t have a factory in New York? I guess you guys are OK with supporting Belgium, Portugal, the Philippines, or other countries with MUCH more strict gun laws than New York simply because they aren’t, in fact, New York?

  37. I’ve heard good/bad or pros and cons about the 597’s. I bought one new from dick’s sporting goods January of 2013. I’ve only put a couple hundred rounds through it and had one FTF. I have read on some forums that upgrades which should be made to the 597 are to install a volquartsen “exact edge extractor” and “target hammer”. Also a mcarbo/tandemcross “trigger spring kit”. Can any one give me some insight concerning this advice. Would it prevent future problems and/or have any benefits? I like the trigger, don’t know what # it breaks at, but it seems pretty smooth to me. I don’t want to put money into this unnecessarily but don’t mind upgrading for reliability and function. I do like my 597 so far but really haven’t used it that much. Also I am in the market for a nice reliable 22lr bolt action. Leaning towards Savage Mark II series with Nikon Prostaff Rimfire scope… Any suggestions? Thanks

    • The vol hammer and extractor are excellent. The hammer brings the pull to a clean crisp 2.5 lbs from 6 or 7 and sloppy. Extractor will wear on the stock unit. Worth changing out and you’ll never have a jam . Tandemkross spring kit is OK. Worth putting on with the vol kit even though they don’t recommend it. Brings it down to around 2lbs. If I was going to buy one thing it would be the hammer. Unbelievable improvment. Wondering why Remington cant do this themselves and save the consumer. Just cutting the hammer different during the manufacturing process.

  38. I have a 597 with two 10 round mags and a 30 round mag (remington model). The mags are tough to load but they feed just fine. I shot over 400 rounds of ammo that was at least 30 years old and the rounds went through fine with the exception of 3 or 4 misfires. But with ammo that’s that old these rifle works very well!! I would suggest anyone who wants a cheap plinker to get the 597.

  39. It’s a great rifle very accurate. The only problem is magazines. I have a 77 model apache nylon rifle and a few more Remington magazine rifles and every one has magazine trouble but besides that the best .22 i have ever shot.

  40. I think the article was a little over positive about the 597. I’ve owned a 597 since the first year the came out. I was super excited. Mine isn’t a heavy barrel, just a plain one, and its been super accurate. But the trigger group is poorly designed. My gun has been back to Remington once, and I’ve had to replace the trigger group again on my own dollar. There is a spring that is literally glued into the plastic trigger housing, and when it decides to finally break loose (which went fast on my first trigger group, but lasted a couple years on my second), your gun is a useless paperweight… I have been thru the whole series of revisions to the magazines. I still have some of the original all plastic ones that don’t feed at all. The gun is picky on ammo, only liking high velocity stuff like Minimag and CCI Stingers, which are really hard to get hold of at the moment.

    Hands down, buy a 10/22 all day long over the 597, and if you can’t afford one, pickup a Marlin 795. You will be 100 times happier.

  41. Well, I was very excited about buying my first rifle. Remington 597 seemed like a great purchase. Unfortunately, so far I’ve been very disappointed. I’ve already tried 3 different types of ammo. Constantly jamming up. Will not eject properly. Only had it for a month now. Hopefully the dealer can do something for me.

    • My .597 has the same ejecting issues with seemingly all types of ammo. Do you have the combo rifle (with the scope)? Mine came with the scope. I solved the issue with mine:

      Take the scope rings off and shoot it. It should shoot fine after that. What was happening is the manual lever to the receiver (finger pull manual breach opener attached to the bolt) is jamming up against the bolt on the scope ring. When you manually open the breach there is enough give that you probably don’t notice this problem but if you look close you will see that it bumps against the forward scope ring bolt. At the time of fire the bolt opens the breach enough to allow the empty shell to pass back to exit the receiver but not enough to fling it outside the breach.
      It was poor thinking on the manufacturer when they installed the scope. All you need to do is get a new set of scope rings that won’t be in the way of the breach.

      This was the ejecting issue for my gun. I hope that’s the issue for everyone else too.

  42. SELL all your guns from any manufacturer who has ever had a gov contract, built in a anti gun state or foreign country. do not buy any ammo made in anti gun states tied to gov contracts or foreign countries.

    I enjoy buying evil used guns & ammo, while I am sure you will enjoy hunting flies with your American made bug-a-salt gun

  43. I bought a 597 HB just like the Story, out of 500 rounds I have had 2 FTF’s, both have been failures to extract. I have an old Marlin Model 60, I have had it for over 30 years. It is absolutely the most accurate 22 plinker I have ever owned. A few years ago I traded for a 10-22 International. Beautiful gun, because I had the 2 22lr’s I let a nephew take my Marlin 60 home with him. I started shooting the 10-22 and learned why you have to fix them up. They aren’t comparable as far as accuracy but compare as far as function. So I traded the 10-22 and bought a Marlin 795. I was hoping for the same performance I got out of the 60 with the 795. It was ok but still not as accurate as my old model 60.
    I saw some advertisements for the 597HB with the 5R barrel and I sold the 795 and purchased a brand new 597HB. I haven’t purchased any 30 round magazines but have a few of the 10’s. I have found the rifle can be very accurate but with some ammo types the groups do open up. Due to my life’s situation I have to buy what I want when I can afford it. So Remington kept part of its operation in NY. I would look at that as employer/employee loyalty. They already were moving to other states and need to keep the machines humming in order to pay for the moves. I do not begrudge Remington for some of its business decisions, where I live I can buy their products, may not be able to afford them but I can buy them.
    Bottom line I love my 597HB, I love my old model 60 Marlin more but they are two different creatures.

  44. I bought a 597 Heavy Barrel for myself and a Pink camouflage one for my daughter in November of 2012. I let her decide between a 10/22 and the Remington and then I decided, why buy 2 different sets of magazines and I picked up the 20′ HB for myself. I was really frustrated with them because they would consistently have Failure To Feed! My daughters was fixed by cleaning/smoothing out the internals of the magazines. Mine still had issues. I researched the problem on dozens of threads and then decided to polish the guide rods and the bolt on mine and that stopped the FTF BUT, THEN IT STARTED STOVEPIPING! I was so mad I was about to wrap it around a tree when I decided to try the Volquartsen extractor. Best $20 I’ve ever spent on a gun!!! Now this thing will eat any ammo I put through it. Golden Bullets, Winchester, Federal Bulk, 25 year old plain lead I found in the bottom of an ammo can and quickly wiped the corrosion off, etc. So…. should mine have run better from the factory? Yes it should have but, when you’re talking about a mass produced rimfire semi-automatic (Made in the USA and bought at retail for $249) that has a heavy 5R barrel and a decent scope, you shouldn’t expect every single one to run perfectly out of the box. Several people I know have had them run 100% out of the box with no tweaking. I’m confident I could have sent it back to Remington and they would have corrected it but I would rather do it myself. With the $20 extractor, $5 worth of valve grinding compound and 45 minutes of my time, this is one of my favorite firearms and I will never get rid of my 597.

  45. I realize this is an old thread, but here is 2 cents worth. I recently purchased a 597 AAC-SD. I now have almost 1000 rounds through it with not one single issue. I use only the factory 10 round mags, they just look better. This thing has eaten everything I put through it to find out what it shoots best. It REALLY likes min-mags and the thing rocks with Winchester’s new 42 gr. power point. I keep it clean and well oiled. With the cheap Barska scope on it now it will stack these 2 rounds in 10 shot groups at 50 yards on a nickel! Maybe I got lucky and got a good one. In closing, my only complaint about this rifle is I can’t get the darn thing away from my wife at the range!!!

  46. Bought a Rem 597 against advise of my friends. I went directly to the range right after I picked it up. Didn’t get one shot fired, the barrel was loose, the Range Officer and I removed the stock, right there, two pieces of the receiver’s fore end had broken off, I was stunned, the barrel was only held in place by the friction of the recoil springs and the tension on the stock, What or whoever let this rifle out of the factory is appalling, …still waiting on a reply from Remington.

    • What do you expect with union labor? They aren’t there to do good work, they are there to be in the union and be a leech. LMFAO!!!!

  47. i have a totally tricked 10/22, but now i shoot in a rim fire league, open sights only….so 10/22 was a no go. did research on what would work for me, it narrowed down to the savage mark 2 or a Remington 597, went with the semi auto, i never looked back, ended up taking league champions( fall league 2013), I’m defending the title now 2014, mods to 3 597’s VQ hammer and extractor, tech sights, free floated barrel, full internal polishing, wolf mt ammo, this year we have a long range optional shoot, so i bought a 597 ac ssd mod’s are the same as the open sight league but no tech sights add center point 4-16 x 40 w/ med rings, i’m shooting 2.5″ 150 yds and 2.25″ 100 yds 10 shots each 20 shots total, 20 x for 220 score first time out, sighted for 150 with a hold under at 100…stan clark county


  49. bought for wife for xmas. shot ethan 200 rounds and lever fell off. called Remington for help put on list for new bolt assm. been waitng over 6 weeks for parts . told 2 to 6 weeks more .because to many guns have same problem. would not buy again

  50. If any of you morons had ever been through the plant in Ilion it would be obvious why they didn’t just drop everything and run from NY when the politicians went stupid overnight.
    Remington has been in the same place since 1816(for those of you who can’t do math, that will be 200 years in < 2 months)and the place is massive.
    They have a workforce there that you can't leave, much less replace overnight and I would not expect them to do so. I doubt that the entire work force would pull up stakes and move either. Judging by the comments here I suppose these points may be recondite for some of you.
    Remington has facilities in AL, KY(2), NC, and others.

    Remington has supported the shooting sports for years and has stepped up to support 3gun in a big way.
    You can complain about their products but before passing judgement on their business practices give it some thought…..if you are capable of that.

  51. my 597 story: I ordered a 597tvp, waited weeks for delivery and when I took it out of the box the stock was literaly crushed . I actually got a splinter in my hand when I picked it up. sent it back to the wholesaler got I back 3wks later. took it home ,mounted a proven leupold scope on and couldn’t keep it on paper at20 yds. removed the stock and found a cracked receiver. took it to the nearest rem repair center. they returned it to Remington and I got a replacement rifle 3wks later.mounted the leupold, shoots 1 hole groups at 25yds but it wont feed more than 2-3 rounds without extraction problems or stovepipes. I tried several ammo types and 2 mags. didn’t help. I wont give up, I’m taking it back to the rem repair center. I love the gun, sure it can be reliable.

  52. all these remington haters are nuts,that kind of thinking is is the reason china and other countries are getting our manufacturing jobs,buy remington support the american worker.

  53. I didn’t take the time to read all of the posts so excuse me if someone else has already said this but all this bashing because they took a Govn’t contract. Who do you think should be making our weapons systems the Chinese? Ya let’s give the contract to Norinco! Would that make you all feel better?

  54. Here it is 2020. I am still rocking my 597hb. I took the scope off and ran it for a bit. My ammo is a mixture of what I find on sale. She still runs great, in fact I think she runs better. I am getting ready to put a scope back on her. I know I am more accurate than the red dot and I prefer shooting at distances so I have optics on all my long guns and the red dot was an experiment. I had never really used a red dot on one of mine until now. Now I know, anyway back to my little girl.
    The 597 has been a good gun for the last 6 years. I think its as accurate as my old Marlin model 60 and that’s saying alot. The biggest problem with the 597hb is its ergonomics. It has a poor cheek position in reference to sight picture and takes a lot of work to get that right. Would I recommend it, yes. Do I have any regrets about this rifle, no. I want to put a different stock on it. When I find one I can afford or I know a place that makes stocks. The only but is that I love tubular magazines.

  55. I order mine in stainless and a 6″(22″heavy)barrel and had to wait 2 months for it. This was back in the 1990’s ran over 1000 rounds of the cheapest ammo and finally got a fail/jam did not count undischarged round(typically not the guns fault). Took home disassembled and polished and ported found some machining clean up that I would have never seen on pre 2002 Ruger arms. Mine had the full size green Houge stock reworked that and did harmonic barrel tuning and some trigger polishing. I shoot ambitious but prefer lefty for rifle. This thing out shot my 10-22 Ruger out of the box hands down. But butter smooth now.

    Regarding the AR7 I have owned and sold/traded over 15 of them and yes the mags are twitchy and sometimes need adjusting in the field and do benefit from polishing/barrel ramp shaping/porting. Every time I show one to a friend I end up loosing it to them and buying a new one. I have 2 now and looking forward to my first Henry’s. I kept a sposed Olympic model with 4x scope included that goes into the stock(interal color orange) there is in my opinion two contender to mach the form fit and function of the design concept of the AR7 and that’s the Springfield m6 over under. I like the TPS/M6 version. Haven’t fired the Remington version but very pretty had it in hand more than once at the dealer. Have not touch the USSG or chippewa versions. And for you old guys the Stevenson model. Savage has several versions. The odd dog and lovable is the Firearms International side swing open break down version. 410 is not comfortable for any extended firing.


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