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The press haven’t pressed the police on it, but “New York’s Finest” have been playing silly buggers with the crime rate for decades, reducing crime stats, rather than crime itself. It’s a particularly galling fraud given that New York City Mayor and gun grabber Michael Bloomberg points to his patch as proof that anti-pistol policies create a safer city. Flash forward to today and the media is no longer asleep at the switch. Ish. “Some of Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhoods are exploding in a wave of violent crime that hearkens back to the bad old days when people feared going out at night, according to NYPD data obtained by The Post . . .

Chelsea, Gramercy Park, TriBeCa, SoHo and Midtown South all posted a frightening rise in rapes in the first three months of 2013 compared with the same period in 2012. Felony assaults in the usually peaceful West Village nearly tripled, the new crime statistics show . . .

Increases in rapes, felony assault and grand larceny sent Village crime stats rocketing 28.7 percent during the Jan. 1-to-April 7 reporting period, the figures show.

The 13th Precinct (Gramercy) and the 1st Precinct (TriBeCa, SoHo and the Financial District) each reported five rapes since January, up from two each in the same period a year ago.

Chelsea’s 10th Precinct recorded four rapes, up from none a year ago, and saw a 61.5 percent hike in felony assaults, from 13 to 21.

The West Village’s 6th Precinct reported 44 felony assaults so far this year — up from 16 — for a 175 percent spike, while grand larceny jumped 36.6 percent to 351 incidents, against 257. There were two rapes, compared with one a year ago.

Now you could say that the percentage increases are misleading. That the absolute numbers and the overall percentage (of the population) affected is low. But then I’d refer you to the top of this article and ask what the real stats are. And pull the “if an armed civilian stops just one rape it’s worth it” card.

Given that these are some tony neighborhoods, what’s the bet that Hizzoner will instruct the Police Chief to redeploy troops—sorry, police into these ‘hoods to protect the city’s political and financial elite—leaving other areas with less “juice” with less police presence.

At the same time, I’d like to see how many pistol permit holders live in these areas and how that number has increased. Not their names or exact addresses, but the total number and borough location. I imagine that would be instructive, on some level. [h/t b0bb33z3r]

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  1. You had me at “Some of Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhoods are exploding in a wave of violent crime that hearkens back to the bad old days when people feared going out at night…”

    So then, let’s also applaud this because the class warfare talking point is being manifested right in front of us. Those damn wealthy richie rich folks! They deserve to be terrorized! Grr. Argh. Occupy! 99%! We want what you have! *facepalm*

    This is not the America I want to pass onto my children. That particular America has been hijacked by statists, progressives, and other Constitutionally-retarded miscreants.

    • I’ll just call anything bad that happens to/in NYC karma (or well deserved). You have to expect a cesspit to stink.

    • Yes, yes, yes. I pity the fools who can’t see the class warfare right in front of them. Then again, they pretty much can’t see anything the TV doesn’t tell them about.

      THIRTY YEARS AGO, I ask someone, “are you going to watch the meteor shower (Leonid, I think) tonight?”

      REPLY: “Is it going to be on TV?”

      My world’s never been the same since that day. Now I know you can only get about 5% of the populace can even be gotten to look at the SKY! Day, night, whenever….

    • They aren’t under attack because they’re ‘wealthy,’ but because they have money and jewelry. It isn’t “get the rich.” It’s “get the f’g cash and jewelry.” The perpetrators aren’t completing any socioeconomic studies before the evenings’ activity. They aren’t part of a Marxist academic cell. As for why rape is up in the districts with slim well-dressed knife-less women, I leave that analysis up to you.

  2. And is anyone surprised by this? If you know what houses are unarmed, you know what houses to rob! Burn NY, burn!!!!

  3. Ah crap guys, my sympathy button is broken again.

    Or maybe it just never works for pretentious trust fund babies.

    • The class warfare wonks got you again. Did you even realize that you fell in line with class warfare tactics?

      It’s understandable. Everyone gets pulled inside from time to time. Look for it and you’ll find it, every day.

      • I know, I know, and on the surface you’re right and I begrudge no one their economic status, rich or poor. I strive to have a comfortable bank account myself.

        But I’ve spent enough time in New York to have a very specific demographic in mind….head to the Meat Packing district on any given evening and perhaps I can persuade you to agree with me….

      • Class, race, gender, political, etc….warfare. This is the libtard game. Evil and creepy, these big gov statists must be destroyed. And for Gods sake, never ever vote for them (democrats) AGAIN.

    • Pretentious Trust Fund Babies sure sounds like a good name for a band. I wouldn’t expect actual music from them, though.

  4. Buy a double barreled shotgun. in case of assault or home invasion you step out onto your porch/balcony and fire a blast into the air. That’ll scare ’em away. Or fire blindly at the door. Take your pick. Problem solved according to Biden.

  5. Pity is reserved for those who are unable to avoid the circumstances they find themselves in. These idiots in NYC voted in the representatives that made them excellent targets for crime by passing assine laws. They $hit their bed, now let them lie in it.

    • Yup. When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away. Cops are “reactionary” but they draw really nice chalk lines around victims.

  6. It’s sad that my first thought is “GOOD”! It’s sad that I’m actually able to feel happy about violent crime rising. But it’s already been said; our sympathy buttons are on the fritz.

  7. Chuck “the schmuck” Shumer said yesterday that he doesn’t want national concealed carry because Times Square should not look like Tombstone. Sounds to me like Tombstone was safer than NYC is today.

    The worst neighborhood in Northern Virginia is safer than the safest neighborhood in NYC. We have more guns the Tombstone and half the per capita police force. The Virginia suburbs of DC are the safest urbanized are in North America.

  8. In the UK, is has been official Home Office policy to deliberately down-play crime statistics since the 1960s. In the UK, a murder is only a murder if the defendant is actually convicted of murder. If they plead on a lesser charge (ie: aggravated manslaughter), then it is not considered as murder for the statistics. If a burglary was committed at an apartment block and five or six units were broken into and ransacked, the official statistics will report the crime as ONE burglary because it happened at one street address.

    Obviously the gun-grabbers forget when you disarm the people, the criminals will not be socially inspired to hand over their guns as well. To Schumer and Co, good luck getting the genie back in the bottle. If the Democrats want a classless society (at least a two-tier classless society), this has to be considered the “redistribution of wealth” phase.

  9. Why its all due to those gosh dern guns ,by gummit. I wonder how long they can push the “we love you ” laws in that toilet, Randy


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