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I’ve joined the dark side. I’ve ditched my 1911 for a Glock 19. Since then, I’ve developed a disdain for anything that deviates from that level of perfection, from pasta to pistols. Don’t judge me; I’m going to meetings for it. It’s so bad that I’ve been scornfully wondering why Gaston Glock’s handgun makers would venture into a different frame size or caliber. Then I remembered that we live in a world of customer demand and profit margins. Still . . . There was only way I saw could appreciate (or not) line-extended perfection from a home defense/everyday carry perspective: a head-to-head comparison of multiple Glocks. In this case, the G17, G19 and G26.

All three of these pistols have the better-than-excellent Glock trigger, featuring phenomenal reset and a smoothness that would make silk sheets fold themselves with envy. All three Glocks have the same finish (stippled RTF or Rough Texture Frame) and the new, recoil-reducing recoil spring assembly. While the internet was abuzz with firing issues surrounding the initial run of G4s, problems related to the aforementioned spring assembly (which led to a redesign and replacement), I’m going to say it: all three Glocks offer the brand’s legendary reliability.

With the factory-issued standard sized magazine, the G17 holds 17 rounds of 9mm. The smaller G19 hold two less rounds (15) and sacrifices a little length between the sights. The G26 is shorter still, with a Massachusetts and Hawaii-friendly 10-round magazine. The key question: do the full-size (G17) and sub-compact versions (G26) of the Gen 4 9mm Glock pistols provide any distinct advantage over the “just right” G19? [click on image to expand]

Once I got to the range, I loaded-up magazines and started getting to know the G19’s big and little brothers. No matter what I did I could not get the sub-compact G26 to feel comfortable in my hands. I tried every back strap, moving my hands to unnatural shooting positions and even some quick voodoo magic, but nothing worked. So I went with the largest grip—which made me feel like I was at least holding onto something substantive, even if my pinky was still hanging out in space.

Unfortunately the large grip came with a price: slide bite. During my test, I sacrificed about half-an-inch of my flesh. I soldiered through the pain to put the gun through a 50-round qualification, ending with a battered thumb and 39 rounds on paper with 32 in the scoring area for a tally of 160.

The G26’s recoil was sharp, but manageable. The trigger action was crisp and predictable, as I’ve come to expect from Gen4 Glocks. There’s nothing wrong with the G26’s ability to put rounds on target at a distance of anywhere from three to 25 yards. Concealing the G26 is easy; with the right holster you could make it disappear into a Speedo. [ED: image deleted] While the G26 may extract its pound (or less) of flesh from small to medium-handed shooters, carrying the G26 sub-compact 9mm would not leave you under-gunned.

Now we move on to the Andre the Giant version of the Mini Me G26: the legendary G17. It’s a big handgun. From the moment you wrap your paws around it, there’s no doubt you’ve gained size in the barrel and grip areas. While the G17’s longer grip retains the G19’s comfort-ability factor, the G17’s a winter-concealable weapon. Unless you’re a big guy who can wear a jacket at all times, the G17 is too big for your britches.

Shooting the Glock G17 I noticed two advantages over its more petite spawn. The extra barrel length made a slight, yet noticeable, difference in my ability to rapidly acquire a sight picture. My follow-up shots were quicker than they were with the G19 or G26. While the larger size didn’t really make much difference in the force of the recoil, the G17’s motions after pulling the trigger felt more fluid and smooth compared to the G19 or G26.

After blazing through the qualifier I put up a semi-respectable score of 180, with 42 rounds on paper and 36 of those in the scoring area. The G17 had proven to be yet another uber reliable, comfortable piece of equipment. It’s a lot more than merely adequate for bedside self-defense. Strapping that full-sized frame on your body risks printing like The New York Daily News.

For the sake of objectivity, I decided not to re-shoot the G19. I’ve been shooting the snot out of the gun—now my gun—since my review of the Gen4 G19. So I used the score I attained “out of the box”: 47 rounds on paper with 40 in the scoring area, for a final tally of 200. For those of you keeping score at home, here’s how the results stack up.

YMMV. But I figure that the numbers don’t lie; the G19 is the clear winner in every category from the shooting test. Taking a look at the ratings section (score is out of five) we see that the Glock G19 once again comes out on top of this trio.

So there you have it. In the land of 9mm Glock pistols, the compact version reigns supreme, with the full size and sub-compact both tied for second. After my test, I look at it this way:

The Glock G17 is the best bedside, duty or combat weapon. The G26 is a carry piece for owners who need (or prefer) relatively deep concealment. The G19 is the utility infielder. It’s not too big to conceal, nor too small for comfort at the range. It’s the just-right self-defense carry gun you can trust with your life. And so I do.

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  1. I’ve never liked Glocks, partly because of their ungodly ugliness. But I guess you can’t argue with tried-and-tested quality.

    If any branch of the United States military ever adopted one of them, however, I’d shoot myself. Literally. It’s bad enough that we’ve got the Beretta 92 as standard-issue, because it’s Italian (@#$%@$%#$%^&*&#), but THIS would be the final straw. *Rant, pant*.

    What would you guys like the military’s next main handgun to be?

    • FNH, which makes basically everything other than the pistol at this point, including the mighty Ma Duece, is Belgian.

    • I have carried a Glock 27 since 1994 and have always loved it because of it’s small size and large caliber.But, I do prefer more rounds and an easier caliber to shoot. Since now that we have better bullet tech that makes the 9mm,.40 and the .45 almost equal,any of the three are a good choice. I just bought a Glock 19 4th Gen and love this gun.It is now my carry firearm.This fits my hand and is a better carry choice then my full size HK USP .40 variant one.

    • The USMC bought about 10,000 chambered in GAP not too long ago, and the AF has apparently been issuing G19’s to some of their personnel. Since it’s not a primary combat weapon, it doesn’t make a huge difference either way. The M-16 and the M249 are the biggest casualty makers in the small arms category in the US Armed Forces. The pistol is for personnel who probably aren’t going to need to use their weapon even when deployed, or for those who find a rifle to be too cumbersome to perform their duties properly (like pilots, tankers, mechanics, medics, etc). I don’t see a problem with Glocks, and would have honestly rather had a G17/G19 than an f-ing M9 any day of the week.

    • I’ve been in Army SF and other SOF elements for over a decade and have carried and issue G19 the entire time. While we have some other pistol options for certain scenarios the G19 is by the far the most common handgun in all our SOF units.

  2. So you shoot your own gun better than two guns you’ve never shot before. Other than that conclusion it was an interesting read.

    • Mr. Ryan specifically excluded his expertise with the Glock 19 after his initial score, which was made without prior experience of that model.

  3. I’ve seen Glock’s pistols and Ahnold’s mistresses and all I can say is that Austrians like them functional and ugly.

  4. Can anybody tell me why the 1911 was phased out in the 1980s anyway? I’ve met soldiers (Marines and a few Army guys) that say it’s much better than the newer Beretta, for example. I’ve never tested them scientifically, so I wouldn’t know.

    • I’m working from memory so this may not be totally correct.

      Lots of reasons were given at the time. Main reason for going to the 9mm was logistical and the compatibility with the caliber used by NATO allies. The logistics part involved the ability to supply more ammunition for the same space and weight since the 9mm cartridge takes up less room and weighs less than a .45 cartridge. I also remember reading that the stocks of 1911s were old and needed to be replaced anyway so it was a good time for the move to a new gun in the new caliber. Besides, the military just plain wanted a new handgun and, by God, they were determined to get it.

      The Beretta was a co-winner of the trials, according to reports at the time. The SIG-Sauer passed the trials as well. Apparently SIG couldn’t match the price of the Beretta so the Beretta was chosen. The SIG was allowed as an alternate choice to some service units.

      • The only complaint concerning post-1924 (A1) 1911s I’ve ever heard is low magazine capacity (at least in real life). I’m guessing that might’ve played into it, too.

        God, I hope an American company comes up with a Glock/SIG-ravager. GO USA USA USAS ASASASRFG

    • we adopted the Beretta 92 for one reason only, so that we could put, surface to air, and surface to surface missiles in italy!!!! thats a fact for you guys to wrap your head around!!! sig had them all bet at the time, but we needed missile defense there so we gave italy the contract… and guess what we just signed another long term contract. when we were in country.we’d use captured glocks and sum cz’s and ditch our beretta . just the way it is in real combat gents

      • Wrong. The Beretta 92F was the only gun, along with Sig that passed the trails. And I would never, ever, dropped a m9, for a CZ, EVER! Parts fall off and brake if you run them hard. Unacceptable.

        • I own a Beretta Brigadier and a CZ 75b, both are well made guns and I have fired thousands of rounds on both pistols, so far the CZ has not had any problems but the Brigadier has had a fractured lock block lug….

        • I own a Beretta m9 and a cz 75b…. I have had 4 parts breakages with the m9 and none with the cz 75b, despite the fact that the cz 75b has gone through several thousand more rounds than the m9…. the cz 75b was not part of the pistol trials of the 1980s because at that time Czech republic was part of the Warsaw Pact and the US was forbidden from adopting a firearm originating from a hostile country. If the cz 75b was part of the test the m9 would not have stood a chance…. the usaf picked the m9 over the sig based on price alone despite the sig being a much better pistol, hence it being the choice of the US special forces….

      • I call BS. As a 29-year army veteran I can tell you that NOBODY ditches their weapon unless they want to be court martialed.

        As for the 92F, its a good gun. Reliable, accurate, comfortable and with adequate ammunition capacity. Its grip is suitable for a very wide range of hand sizes and with its open slide it won’t stovepipe.

        The army could have done much worse.

      • Hate to tell you’ll experts, but Baretta has been made in the good olde U.S.A. for five generations. Baretta
        used to make a Cougar, Same machiney but they are now made in Turkey, problem being, shipping guns out of this country, so Baretta got together with Stoeger, and Turkey because they wanted all of their military and police to carry the same hand gun; now made a Stoeger Cougar, in 9,40,& 45. Occasionally
        you can find one made here but not often. Bye the way the Stoeger is made to the same standards Baretta used. You’ll never find their plant unless you know the area real well. And Italians are beautiful.

    • I was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds during this sad period in US history and it all boiled down to:
      #1 Politics, our nasty 45 would not shoot through euroguns
      #2 Greed on ALL sides
      #3 PC (Because most women then in the new Voulenter Military could not lift a 45, let alone shoot one!)
      Oh sure they had all sorts of “Tests” to prove that the 1911 was Unsafe, Inaccurate, Heavy. They even compared it to a S&W M-10 and proclaimed the Smith the better of the two, forgetting that the 1911 was developed to REPLACE a 38 revolver!

  5. On an unrelated note, have you guys tested/reviewed Ruger’s SR40? Are they going to break the “good” barrier and slip into “the greats” category anytime soon?

  6. I’ve never had a hiccup of any kind with my 4 inch XD, but it prints like “The New York Daily News” too. I know the 3.8 XD has the shorter grip, but I can’t help but lean toward the G19 or G26 as the next handgun to add to my stable… Thanks for the review.

  7. I gave up my 1911 for a Glock 19 as well. In 1990.

    A few years ago, when I got a CHL, I treated myself to a G26. I agree it feels funny in your hand compared to a G19. Once I added Pearce magazine extensions to all my G26 mags, it handles better and I shoot it better. Some days I shoot it better than the G19. That’s why there’s a G26 in my right front pants pocket almost every day.

    I’ve never had any need or interest in the G17.

    • I’ve never owned one, but I loved shooting my neighbor’s Glock 19. I still prefer 1911s, and by a significant margin, but I couldn’t deny that it was a great gun to use. It just felt right.

  8. Excellent review and comparison! Bravo! As a Gen III G17 owner, you have made me salivate over the Gen IV G19 – perhaps THE perfect handgun on the planet.

  9. My first gun was a Colt 1911. It was accurized by my father-in-law and he did an amazing trigger job on it. I absolutely love to shoot that gun. It is as accurate as any Wilson/Brown, etc. out there. However, I also love and carry my Gen 4 G19. I wouldn’t mind having a G26 as well. I think the G27 and G30 are great options as well. I tried the Smith and Wesson M&P. Great gun, but I like the stock trigger on my G19 much better. I am very fortunate to have two such wonderful firearms. Even though I am still pretty new to shooting, the range owner says I shoot better than 95% of people who shoot. I believe my two pistols have a great deal to do with that compliment. Thanks for the review.

    • My shooting’s good, but it turns out I live in a neighborhood where the NFL and Major League Baseball aren’t as big-time as competitive shooting. God, do I feel inadequate.

  10. Just curious, Ryan, have you shot a Gen 1/2/3 comparison to the Gen 4’s?

    I shoot several gen 2’s and 3’s (G22, G34, G17, and G35) in local USPSA and Fun Steel matches, and would never call the Glock’s trigger ‘silky’ or the reset ‘phenomenal’…even with Vanek and Glockworx triggers/bars installed.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Glocks, but the stock triggers are not the best around, IMHO. Are the gen 4 triggers that much better?

    • I recently purchased a XDm 3.8 compact 9 mm. Before that I had just shot Glocks. I love Glocks but I love my XDm more. For me it is something to do with the grips. Me and a buddy head to the range on the regular and he likes the XDm as well (he is the guy who provides the Glock 9 mm, .22, .40 and 45) so I shoot mine about 50/50. The total package of the XDm is what sold me. But you can’t argue with a Glock either. The Glock shoots up and to the left for me and the XDm shoots up and to the right. Why? I don’t know. After a few trips to the range my hands have learned to position differently on the different brands. All in all, I love them both. Just my two cents.

      • Thanks! I’ve heard great and not so great things about all of them. Guess I’ll have to try and rent them all before I commit.

        • I would. I would rent and try them all out and see which one you put on target the best. Reviews and opinions are all great but in the end it is what fits you. Price, accessories, feel, accuracy – all of it will come together once you have an idea which one you like best. I paid $200 more because my ‘feel’ said to do so. Good luck with it.

  11. “God, I hope an American company comes up with a Glock/SIG-ravager. GO USA USA USAS ASASASRFG.”

    Smith & Wesson has done so. See the S&W M&P pistols. The .45 ACP should be perfect. I carry the 9 compact.

  12. I now own four Glocks. I am a glock fanatic. The G19 is my favorite for many reasons. It fits my hand better than any handgun I have ever held. It is a Glock. It will take the 33 round magazines just like a 17 or 26 would. It is a Glock. If you own one glock, you need to own at least two, preferably more. It is a Glock. The generation 4 models are worth looking into for any of you that are interested. By the way, 1911’s suck!

  13. Just came across this particular set of reviews and was just wondering if anyone had heard of a problem with .40 cal. Glocks locking up their triggers due to failure to clean the weapons while firing a thousand rounds. I was talking with the range master of a small town near where I live and he told me that his agency had just selected a new agency pistol, the SigPro in .40 caliber after having all the officers shoot it, a Glock 22 and a Baretta and then the officers voted which one they wanted; found this quite democratic. What surprised me was hearing that the Glocks had a problem with going 1000 rounds without being cleaned in that the triggers would lock solid due to a buildup of assorted crud.The range used is also a very dusty place with blowing dust from mine tailings a common problem. After all I’d read for years on Glocks regarding their ability to take abuse this surprised me. Just curious if any one out there had come across similiar problems? I’ve never seen this particular issue on any of my range times over the past several years with my 21 or with any other officers’ Glocks, both .45 cal. and .40.

  14. I am really sold on the 19 and am going to get one after the first of the year. I actually think they are nice looking. I can’t wait till I get it. Nice reviews btw.

  15. I have a Glock 26 that I use for carry… Really its the first pistol I’ve owned. I looked around for 6 months before making my decison. I went to the range shot Sigs, S&W Kal-Tec, XDS, Karr, Beretta’s all they had in both 9mm and 40 cal. All I ever heard was “if you wont reliability go with Glock” It took me a box of ammo to really feel secure with this gun. If by chance I had to choose a differant name to protect my house and family… it would have to be Beretta.
    It really was my 2nd choice, but not by much……

  16. You gave the Glock 19 a 5 in the Carry dept. You also gave the Glock 26 a 5 in that category. I don’t understand, the Glock 26 is a smaller gun and therefore, it should get a higher rating than the larger Glock 19. The Glock 19 should receive a Carry score of 4 in the Carry dept. Therefore, giving the Glock a total score of 4.6, not 4.8. For people with smaller hands, the Glock 26 can have an Ergonomics score of 3 to 5. For example, I’m a male with a medium sized glove hand and my hand fits the Glock 26 quite nice. I would rate it a 4 in the Ergonomics dept. Therefore rating the gun at 4.6 total, just like the Glock 19. I say the Glock 19 and 26 are tied, it just depends on the size of you hand and comfort ability.

  17. Hi

    Nice review. After researching for weeks I have settled on the Glock 19 for my home defense/carry. However the Glock 19 Gen4 issues I’m seeing reported all over the net scare the hell out of me; constant stove pipes and casings in the face are not my idea of reliable. I’m now stuck between going with the Glock 23 gen4, 26 gen4 or 19 gen3 as relaibility is my number one concern.

    Any advice or knowledge on around reliability of these three would be highly appreciated.

    • I have a new Glock 19 gen 3. Thought I had it lubed according to specs, but started encountering 1-2 FTEs or stovepipe per mag. Ran through 100 rounds, no joy. Brought it back to my dealer, who promptly added more grease than I did. We ran 3 mags, all ok. Weird, since glocks never jam. Sorry I did not buy a gen 4 and Mos sights because I am cross dominant.
      Would I buy a 26? Only with mag extensions.

  18. Well I went with the Springfield XDm-9 (4.5) for a duty/home gun. Put 150 rounds through it and would have to say wow. NICE! Not shot a glock LOL. American Co. But made in Croatia. This is my first 9mm. I have no complaints and don’t think I would like a glock any better. I liked the stock sights and grip better. I believe the glock to be a great gun but not the only one like some think. 19+1 is nice also. Then price and what you get with the gun. Found my XDm new for 549.00 there are more compact models for better CC but clearance price and extra performance of longer barrel sold me. I have smaller guns for better CC. I would say they are worth checking out and a good alternate gun to a glock.

  19. I thought the author wrote an excellent review. However, I would disagree with him on his rating on the G26. I would have given the G26 at least a 4 for ergonomics and rate it right below the G19. My reason is simple, compare it to the other sub compacts out there in accuracy. The G26 is superior, which is saying the shooter is not having much trouble with ergonomics. I have owned every Gen 4 to date, and have found everyone to perform flawlessly. I am the most accurate with the G19, closely (and I mean closely) followed by the G26. I find the largest improvement with the G23 Gen4. A beautiful firing 40 S&W, which Glock has finally tamed the muzzle flip associated with the 40.
    As far as the Springfield XDm a graded “B” pistol in my opinion. “You get what you pay for” and for a few dollars more, you get a much superior firearm in the Glock.

  20. Ryan,
    I found your review interesting, but was left confused about the slide bite with the large backstrap. Could you go into some detail for me? What size are your hands? What were the ergonomic/biomachanical details that ended with your flesh being pinched by the slide? Did the Gen 4 larger mag release also bite?

    I have small hands. Over the past 25 years I have experimented a lot with various CCW systems. My current carry system are a Gen 3 G17 with the grip shortened to G19 length, and a Gen 3 G26. Both have a max grip reduction, and the G26 has the backstrap lowered 1/4″, all by With the addition of the Pearce +1, or +2 grip addaptor depending on your hand size (+1 for me) I can get a (all 3 fingers) full firing grip on the G26 for better control for a small increase in size. With various IWB and OWB holsters this system gives me a lot of options for concealed carry as well as bedside.

    If I want maximum concealment (t shirt)I go with the G26 with the standard 10 rd mag, IWB holster, and 2 spare G17 mags in my back weakside jeans pocket. If my shirt is a little more blousy I’ll add the Pearce +1 grip addapter altered mag. As my cover garment improves I’ll add a single mag pouch on my belt. And so it goes; OWB holster, G17 improved, double mag pouch, etc. This system gives me a lot of flexability, and allows me to stay armed. Everything in CCW is a trade-off, but I think the G26 with the flush 10 rd mag fills a useful nitch in my CCW system. While I have smaller guns, the G26 is as small as I generally prefer to go. It shoots more like a bigger gun, but conceals more like a smaller one. My G26 reloads with the same mags as my bigger G17 improved. Shooting well (enough) with this mag is a matter of training. For me if the option is to carry my G26 with flush mag, Ruger LCP, or S&W M640 I’ll go with the G26 and flush 10 rd mag every time.

  21. I am considering the SR9c or G26 as a CC/range gun. I have handled them in the store but haven’t had the chance to shoot either; the range only has the G26 Gen3 for rent. Maybe tomorrow.

    From everything I’ve read, the most important factor effecting accuracy is how comfortable the gun is to handle & practice, practice, practice. And without the benefit of shooting, it appears the G26 has the best fit in my hand when simulating draw to target acquisition. The only handgun I own is Ruger Security Six purchased in 1980 with 6″ bbl in .357 cal. w/Pachmayer grips. You can’t beat the revolvers simplicity and reliability but this one is impossible to conceal.

    Jeff, I’m leaning strongly toward the G26 based on ergonomics and Glock rep for reliability and accuracy. Would you share what IWB holster you use for the G26 and what position you find most comfortable?

  22. glock has it right and other manufactors are trying to copy or catch up, the price is right due to how the gun is made and what its made of.
    glock is a natural pointer and the ease of maintinance and lack of parts that rust, ding, and scratch make it the perfect everyday tool like any other.

      • Ok My question was is there any glock that has safety?
        If not can it just go off say if someone sits on it by accident or just gets dropped ? Thanks

        • Glock has three internal safeties. The need for an external safety is not needed. Don’t pull the trigger and the gun won’t fire.

  23. I’ve just bought a Glock G26 Gen4 & looking for a catalogue to check for the various holsters,where can I get one? I would like to shop around as I dress according to the occassion & would like to be armed without anyone noticing.

    • The best holsters in my opinion are uncle mikes but a good catalogue is centerfire systems they have any and everything you’ll be looking for

  24. glocks rule, and 1911s are junk that people keep in the closet to show buddies, and a glock when ya gotta handle ya biz. glock & sig rule, 1911s are garbage for old men that dont know any better.

    • I’m a 1911 guy, they are not junk and may not have a place in every “man’s” safe. I love mine & shoot the crap out of them at the range and in competition. But I have to admit, my conceal carry gun is Glock…

  25. I have a glock 19 and I just went to the range and shot 10 rounds and 9 of which landed in the 6 in circle I drew on the target at 20 ft. I fired only about 400 rounds. This is the first gun I owned and it was a gift from a friend. I am a medium hand and like the size for range firing and protection at home but it seems to big for concealment. What are you guys recommending for holsters. I was thinging of buying the 26 for my conceal carry weapon. Thanks for the review and comments it helps.

    • Opinion about holsters. I tried the concealment vests from Sportsmans Guide. Have one of each color. Wife wanted one in black. Neighbor also wanted one in black. Well, not everyone’s style, but these vests do conceal well, and have lots of pockets and magazine storage. Zippers are a bit delicate, but add silicone and they’re good. They make my 19 disappear, or even my ruger LCR, and especially my wife’s SCCY. Advantage, no printing.

  26. I was given the 92 in the usmc at beginning, then glock 17 , had malfunction on both I was asked to try a sig 226 I did and it was a keeper no probs Good and bad in all my self I own sigs glocks colts walther rem and others but if it hit the fan my sig and my gen 4 will be my family’s hand gun choice . ( again just my opinion ). life is great enjoy every day with the ones you love, and get along with the ones you don’t 🙂

  27. By the way glock all the I own a glock 17 4gen and don’t regret payin 550 for it a wise investment indeed

  28. Interesting discussion. Choosing a carry weapon is like choosing a car. It depends on what you like and what you can afford and frankly is a very personal decision and there is no correct answer. My wife and I both each own a Beretta, a Smith & Wesson, a Sig Sauer and a Glock. My wife is 100 lbs with small hands I am 200 lbs with Xlarge hands. Over the years as she has become more comfortable and proficient with a pistol we have gravitated away from any pistols with a manual safety. This rules out our Berettas and our Smith and Wessons.
    I have a Sig Sauer 228 M11-A1 9mm, my wife has a Sig Sauer P226 SAS 9mm.The pros are: they are top quality weapons with no safety, interchangeable mags. They are tack drivers. The cons are: they are heavy and difficult to carry, the grip is a little too fat on the P226 for my wife and and leaves me with 1 and 1/2 fingers hanging off the grip. Our Glocks are a 19 gen4 9mm for my wife and a 23 gen4 .40 cal for me. Pros are: they are good quality very reliable weapons with no manual safety, light and easy to carry, they utilize two of the most common calibers and the 23 converts (think SHTF scenario) easily to a lesser caliber and are interchangeable regarding mags and holsters, the grips are adaptable and fit my wife’s hand and mine. The cons are: they are light weapons and both my wife and I shoot slightly better with the Sigs but only slightly. So all things considered we both carry Glocks. My bug out bag contains a lone wolf 9mm barrel for my 23. Someone once said: If you want an Audi buy a Sig Sauer if you want a Honda buy a Glock. They will both get you where you want to go reliably but you will spend less on the Honda, it’s cheaper to fix, cheaper to insure, cheaper to modify, it gets you where you are going for less and you probably won’t mind as much when it gets dinged up a little. Good advice.

  29. There are range guns and combat guns. Range guns too many to list. Combat guns- Sig if you can handle the DA/SA BS or Glock.
    Range wienies sell your junk if you ever intend to leave the range.

  30. The 17 shoots awesome. It is the glock.I know everybody and their brother has a 19 and it is great,I feel the 17 is the cats meow.

  31. Dude. If you truly believe your statement: “…these pistols have the better-than-excellent Glock trigger, featuring phenomenal reset and a smoothness that would make silk sheets fold themselves with envy.” then you have either never owned a decent quality 1911 from Colt or you are full if it starting with an “Sh.”

    Glock triggers are ok, but not “smooth.” Glocks have MANY Shortcomings. What they excel at is being very reliable (in 9mm chambering only), being inexpensive and being quick to train the lowest common denominator, non-expert (e.g. Rank and file police and military. There have been a dozen or so excellent pistol designs which preceded the Glock and I have owned most of them.

    I have owned a LOT of Glocks and other pistols. Seen three dozen G-22 / 23 break numerous extractors and ejectors (and an occasional other part) at the small state LE agency I worked at. The safe action trigger does nothing to serve as a safety (2 NDs by solid, competent officers at the same agency and have known others outside).

    The Glock is the modern day equivalent to the old 38/357 revolver, but in an auto platform. It is good and solid, but NOT perfect. Nothing is perfect.

    I so truly tire of the uneducated (such as yourself). attempting to “educate” others who know so little.

  32. Can anyone guide me in taking a decision? I have G17 Gen 4 and also have Walther P99, so thinking of replacing Walther P99 with G19 Gen 4 so would it be right decision? Pls let me know because I’m bit confused, thanks.

  33. I have to agree with everything you said, which is why I have the 26 and the 19 and not the 17, however, I also have the 34. The 34 rounds out my stable of Glock 9s. In my hands it is everything the 17 isn’t, other than that it would be even harder to conceal. I find its accuracy on a par with that of the 19, if not better, and its balance lends itself to one-hand shooting (right or left). So if you’re thinking “Glock” and are thinking maybe you’d like a competition model, give the 34 a try (even if you feel you must try the 17L).

  34. I used glocks enough to try out Sig’s and put the glocks into consignment rotation and put the $ towards Sig’s. Never liked the grips, trigger, sights.

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