Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm
Dan Z for TTAG
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There’s unquestionably a dedicated cadre of CZ fanboys amongst our readership as well as in the general gun-owning community. There are plenty of very good reasons for that. The Czech pistols are time-tested, well-made, ultra-reliable and reasonably priced. In short you get a lot for your gun-buying dollar with a CZ handgun.

I’ve never counted myself among those fans, though. Being someone with unusually small hands, the length of pull on the full-size CZ 75s and was always too much for me to manage. I could barely get my index finger on the trigger for that double action pull.

Sure, I could always carry a DA/SA CZ in single action, cocked and locked, which would eliminate that long, heavy initial trigger pull, but I already own a 1911 that I enjoy and shoot well.

Oh well. Lots of other ballistic fish in the sea, right? As a result, I’d left CZs to CZ guys and stuck to the guns that fit me better. And then I finally picked up a CZ 75 Compact.

Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm
Dan Z for TTAG

The CZ 75 Compact is to the CZ 75 what a commander-size 1911 is to a government model. It’s been chopped in both length and height. The Compact is 3/4″ shorter in length and almost 1/2″ less in height. That shaves about 2 1/2 oz. off the weight of the full-size gun.

Unlike a 1911, though, the CZ 75 Compact is a double stack 9mm that give the shooter 14+1 rounds of capacity in a commander-sized package. The concealed carry-ready Compact ships with two 14-round magazines.

Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm
Dan Z for TTAG

Shooters like me with small hands who may have had to stretch to reach the full-size CZ 75’s bang switch won’t have a problem with the CZ 75 Compact’s length of pull.

Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm
Dan Z for TTAG

The CZ 75 Compact has a frame-mounted manual safety lever on the left side only. Sorry lefties. The pistol also has a passive firing pin block safety.

The long double action trigger pull weight measured a stout 11.25 lbs. Single-action was a much more comfortable (not to mention shorter) 5.5 lbs. There was a tad of creep, but reset was pleasantly short and quick. Follow-up shots are fast and sure. The Compact can also be manually de-cocked and fired from the half cock position.

The takedown process is about as straightforward as it gets….

Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm
Dan Z for TTAG

Line up the hash marks on the rear of the slide and frame, push out the slide stop lever and the slide and barrel are easily removed.

The Compact is just a smaller version of the full-size CZ 75 B. It uses the same linkless cam locking system designed by JMB for the 9mm Browning Hi-Power.

While the standard black finish isn’t anything special, the gun is nicely and cleanly finished with no tooling or chatter marks, inside or out.

Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm
Dan Z for TTAG

In standard CZ fashion, the slide rails ride inside the frame, in contrast to most semi-automatic handguns. That gives the CZ 75 Compact an admirably low bore axis (compare it to a GLOCK or SIG) which, along with the pistol’s 32+ oz weight, greatly minimizes felt recoil.

Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm
Dan Z for TTAG

Our CZ 75 Compact came equipped with night sights. The rear two dot sight is a dovetailed blade type sight that lets you rack the slide one-handed should you need to.

Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm
Dan Z for TTAG

We tested the CZ 75 Compact with a range of ammo including Armscor 115gr ball as well as JHP loads.

Gun Review: CZ 75 Compact 9mm
Dan Z for TTAG

The results: more than good enough for government (or self-defense) work. The CZ 75 Compact won’t let you down in the accuracy department.

The DA/SA CZ 75 Compact fills a niche in the everyday carry market. For polymer pistol haters, it’s a steel framed pistol double-stack. For 1911 fans who want more magazine capacity, it’s a commander-sized pistol that gives you 15 rounds of deterrence.

armscor ammunition

Specifications: CZ 75 Compact

Caliber: 9mm
Action Type: SA/DA
Barrel Length: 3.75″
Capacity: 15+1
Overall Length: 7.3″
Overall Height: 5″
Weight: 32.8 oz
Width: 1.38″
Weight: 2.1 lbs
Made In: Czech Republic
MSRP: $646 (about $540 retail)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Aesthetics: * * * *
The 75 Compact is an attractive gun. Lots of pleasing angles and swoops. Those plastic grip panels won’t win any beauty contests, but they’re easy enough to swap out. If the gun were mine, I’d probably give it a pair of nicely textured G10 grips. But that’s me.

Reliability: * * * * *
Perfect. As in not a hiccup. The Compact ate and spit out everything we fed it.

Customization: * * * * *
There’s very little you can’t change on a CZ. The Compact’s been out long enough that there are plenty of aftermarket options for virtually every part on the gun.

Ergonomics: * * * * 
The CZ 75 Compact rests naturally in the hand. It (is the only CZ that) feels like it was made for me. If only CZ had given it some texture on the back or front of the grip.

Overall: * * * * 1/2
The is an excellent carry pistol. If you’re a DA/SA action fan, like the feel of a steel frame pistol and don’t want to compromise on capacity, this is the gun for you.


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  1. Good review of a good gun. Thank you. Never tried one myself, but a shooter with raccoon-size hands, I might have to. I have a retired police officer friend who,has 3 CZ-75 variations and swears by them.

    • Its time for CZ to do a very minor update to the 75’s…a larger ejection port, and as noted above, some grip texturing to the front and back of the frame are in order at this point. Its also worth noting that (somewhat counter-intuitively) the safety models are preferred over the decock models because the safety is mechanically locked off in condition 2 or half-cock, its impossible to turn the safety “on” unless your hammer is at full cock.

      • I have an older CZ-75. I had to make my own extended mag release and took care of the smooth front and back straps with skate board tape. Works great for me.

      • I agree with the larger ejection port. I can’t wait to get another CZ in my hands, the 75s fit like a glove and feel great to shoot.

    • I have the CZ 75 Phantom. About 29 oz. Holds 17 or more bullets. Used by the Cze Police and Military. Extraordinarily accurate, and shoots anything you put in it. About $450.00. Fantastic gun.

    • Whats weird is i don’t understand how the compact would fit a smaller hand than a full size. width, depth, and reach are all the same.

      Until recently, all metal guns did have a big advantage over plastic pistols in the fitting department because a big guy/gal could put thick grips on his/her pistol, and a smaller guy/gal could opt for thin ones. swap-able back straps accomplish the same thing now.

      And i have never shot a CZ i didn’t love! 🙂 The PCR is my fav though. same pistol as this one, but with a decocker and aluminum frame. only a couple oz. heavier than everybody elses glock, and nice enough to actually want to show it off to your friends..

  2. 75B matte stainless, 75BD Police, 75B Omega, and 75 Compact D, a.k.a. PCR. Yeah… I’ve got the bug. Can’t forget my CZ82! Factory 26 round mags available. I have a couple!

    • I am fond of the older CZ’s. Have a 52, two 70’s, 82, and 83. And a 512 rifle (.22 Mag semi-auto). CZ’s are well made and reliable. May have to check the 75 compact out.

  3. I am a little perplexed. I honestly don’t notice a difference in trigger reach with the compact vs full size.

    I do notice the difference in weight with the compact PCR vs the full size.

    • The Tristar C-100 is much better than the CZ. I have one and several CZs also. I am not afraid of using and abusing this firearm because the price is very inexpensive. There are several scratches and holster rubs, but that just adds to its personality. Always reliable and dependable and the trigger is even better than the CZ. With the smaller Lokgrips it fits my smallish hands perfectly. I really love this Tristar.

  4. Good review, Thanks.

    Never fired a CZ75 but have always admired the engineering and mfg. of other CZ products. I used to sell and service CZ motorcycles and the steel was always properly heat treated with decent coatings. A factory location close to an excellent steel mill and processes helps.

    Question: Where do I find a compact CZ75 at a decent price?

  5. Have been carrying the Compact PCR for several years, awesome bit of pistol, in fact, the CZ line is what weaned me from my decade of Compact 1911 pistol. Interesting that you have small hands and find it fits, I have XXL hands and with the addition of Hogue palm swell grips this has the same fit and feel for me. Awesome accuracy, totally reliable easy to conceal.

    CZ Rifles are also pretty darned amazing right out of the box.

  6. I’m a CZ fanboy. If you don’t want the safety for this gun, look into the P01. It’s almost the same pistol. I’ve used it in shooting competitions before even being down a few rounds from other pistols and shot very well. I have more trouble on the first pull in decocker mode with my P09 than the P01. I actually switched my P09 to a safety to get the first shot trigger pull to ensure I don’t miss the first target on the first shot. It also carries well.

    • FWIW, I’m a huge fan of my CZ P01 (as stated, similar to the compact, but with a decocker rather than the safety.) I shot a buddy’s, and it just fit and shot exactly right. I went with the P01 model to compliment my SIG P220’s DA/SA functionality, and I can shoot rings around the 220 with the CZ. It fits better in my hand, is more reliable (teething issues with JHP in the 220 that seem to be resolved), and I find that I can hit much better with the CZ. I don’t *think* it’s a recoil issue, since I’m comfortable with the .45 Colt Ruger-only loads.

      But, yes… Worth every penny, and a steal at twice the price. I highly recommend this pistol.

  7. I went back and forth between this and the px4 compact. I went with the px4. Much nicer trigger pull and it holds 1 more round.

  8. CZ P01… Catch the Fever!!

    Great gun. My EDC. Accurate as heck; a natural pointer.
    My CZ75 mags fit it also (as well as the Compact).
    I have heard “ How much ya want for it.” several times when letting others try it out on the range.

    A criticism about the review though. It WAS a TTAG standard that range reports were much more than, “We tested the CZ 75 Compact with a range of ammo including Armscor 115gr ball as well as JHP loads. The results: more than good enough for government (or self-defense) work. The CZ 75 Compact won’t let you down in the accuracy department.“.
    That’s crap.
    Should have much more detailed info including shooting at a target further than 15’ !!!
    Seriously¿! Is 5 yds the new standard??
    I can plink at a 4” steel circle at 20yds all day with my CZ, (or the “5×5 Drill” in 4 seconds), and I don’t consider myself “wicked good”.

    The downward spiral continues…

    • True that.
      The only reviews worth really reading anymore are JWT’s reviews. This site still has judicial news worth reading, but the reviews are with the exception noted above: short and barely sweet. I don’t know if that is an editorial direction or not. But feel that it is.

  9. I have a full size CZ-75, the decocker model, what I used in IPSC competition for several years. Functionally it was completely reliable, and like most firearms, it could shoot at least as straight, likely straighter, than I could hold. One thing that I found attractive about this pistol was it’s material of construction, all steel, which I believe a full size service pistol should be. As for “compact models” all steel construction is, in my view, still preferable, the weight difference seems insignificant. Others would dispute that point, to each their own.

  10. The CZ is really excellent pistol. I personally like the SigSauer 9mm a little better. I am mostly a revolver man. The Ruger LCP in 38 special is one I prefer.J

  11. Ya know I never see CZ’s in any local gunshop’s(NE ILL & NW IN). I doubt I’ll buy one but I’d like see what I may be missing…

  12. When you say small hands you must mean like baby mice size hands. Mrs. WaXman shoots my SP01 with no issues and loves that gun and her hands are small but I get it, you got what you got. Going to look and see if i can find a CZ97-BD at the LGS tomorrow, if you haven’t shot a CZ you need to, sweet, sweet gun.

  13. Best thing about the 75 compact is you can buy an SAO trigger from CZ Custom and get rid of that silly and useless DA feature. Also eliminates the crazy long takeup in SA mode needed for DA operation.

    I really wish they would make an alloy frame version. (and no the PCR and P01 don’t coun’t)

  14. I kinda wanted a full sized Canik with an alum. frame. While I can’t buy that in Commiefornia, the good news is that several full sized CZ models are legal for sale. So I got the 75B. It needed a trip to the smith to adjust the rear sight a bit, but now it is much more accurate than my plastic fantastic.

  15. My first CZ, an excellent pistol. If the takedown pin is stiff, I use the corner of the base of the magazine to push the pin from the other side. Also, most of the hammer CZs will have the takedown marks line up if you set the hammer to half cock and push back the slide to rest against it.

  16. i used to do a bunch of conversions to single action only with the cz kits on the cz and all of the clones. getting rid of that long double action trigger really makes these babies sing. you can get the cz and the eaa witness clones in sa only but i dont know if anyone still sells the kits. hennings group sells some really nice aftermarket upgrades for these guns. i have 2 of the eea match guns and love them. i bought the eaa clone instead of the cz because i just cant stand painted on finishes on guns. you can call the stuff what ever you want but it is still paint.the stainless cz are some true beauties though. the cz 75 is one of the 3 best pistols ever. right up there with the browning hi power and the 1911s

  17. I guess I qualify as one of the CZ fanboys. If you like the CZ75 Compact, try it’s sister the CZ75 Compact BD PCR (Police Czech Republic). It’s lighter (aluminum frame) and uses a decocker in lieu of a separate safety. Its a great concealed carry. Two easy adds to consider. CZ-USA sells rose wood grips. You can also use regular CZ75 magazines, not just the 14 round variety. CZ sells a rubber shoe that slides on the base plate of the regular magazines. The rubber’s fit neatly against the butt of the pistol.

    Suggest you give CZ’s model 97 a try. It’s the 45 that John Browning could appreciate.

  18. Can’t have a CZ review without a nod to Cajun Gun Works. I convert all my CZs to SAO with a 5SAO trigger from them.

    • Yes, finally.. someone plugged Cajun Gun Works. The trigger jobs they do on any CZ is incredible. My main gun for training, range time, and competition is the 75 SP01 Tactical Decocker model. I had Cajun do their magic and now I have learned to shoot the DA and love it. The Cajun work lessened and smoothed out both actions, but lightened the recoil spring as well, polished internals, and more. My SP01 is flipping incredible. For carry, I like the RAMI BD, decocker as well. I’d much rather have a decocker model over a safety. Gunbroker has tons of CZs if you can’t find one in a LGS.

  19. I love these guns the da/sa is a no brainier to me for consistant carry, but unfortunately there to much heft even the RAMI which I adore is too much, if they made a RAMI in a polymer decocker only model it would be mine immediately, and no that xd-s can suck it……you know why 🙂

    • THey used to make both a Rami P (polymer) and PD (polymer Decocker) Weight savings was only one ounce over aluminum, and they had frame bulging problems.

  20. Here is a no nonsense honest evaluation of the pistol. My own.

    1. The gun has a junk plastic op-rod that actually curled up when the slide was pulled back. I replaced this piece of trash with a custom stainless steel rod which you can use on this pistol because the frame is steel. Do not do this on the other compact model that has an aluminum frame or you will ruin the frame.

    2. The gun no longer has the firing pin stop plate its been replaced with a short cut cheaper design that did away with this and now a cheap ass roll pin only holds the firing pin in and that breaks when you dry fire the gun. The result is you get the firing pin flying back out of the gun and landing between your teeth. Make sure you have good dental insurance. CZ is well aware of this new failed modification and they included a bag full of plastic snap caps with my gun. Great solution my butt.

    3. The gun is so heavy its not very comfortable to carry all day long

    4. The sighting radius is shorter than the Glock 19 which is both good and bad. The gun is more concealable because the slide is shorter but way less accurate do to the shorter sighting radius.

    5. The slide is difficult to grab a hold of in an emergency because like all CZ 75 type guns the slide is tucked into the frame rather than the standard opposite way of fitting a slide to a frame ala 1911 Colt.

    6. The safety detent is defective as its detent spring was so weak I could not trust it to stay in the “on” position. My much older CZ 75 full size pistol bought back in the 80’s has a very good detent spring as well as having the original firing pin stop plate that was later done away with to cheapen the gun but not the price you pay for it.

    7. Like a lot of CZ guns its a pain in the ass to take apart because removing the slide stop is a real chore. I always have to shove the gun up against a protrusion on the edge of my work table to start the slide stop moving out of the frame. Not a plus if you have to do it out in the field, as you may never get the damn slide off the gun unless you really get pissed and use a rock.

    8. As to be expected the single action trigger pull is not the best its rather gritty and so is my 1980’s full size gun as well. Its usable and the weight of pull is not bad but the creepy pull does not give you the best accuracy at the range.

    9. Unless you have long fingers you will not be able to reach the trigger in the double action mode. This gun has one of the longest trigger reaches of any high capacity pistol I have ever owned as I can just reach the trigger and I have long fingers. Forget it if you have small hands and short fingers.

    10. The double action pull like most double action pulls is long and heavy and only to be used at point blank blaster range of a few feet if that.

    11. Accuracy: I usually bitch about my Glock 19’s accuracy but the CZ was worse because of its very short sighting radius, shorter than the Glock 19. Yes if you practice a lot you might on a good day put some shots in the chest area of a humanoid silhouette target rapid fire in the off hand position but don’t hold your breath (pun intended). Off the bench yes you can hit targets at 25 yards no problem but shooting off the bench and shooting combat rapidly is a different ball game altogether that is why accuracy tests off the bench are often so misleading. Bench tests never take into consideration the height of the bore axis of the gun or the ergonomics when pointing it. The CZ points well but has a high bore axis reducing recovery time between shots and a heavy double action first shot pull and a short sighting radius and a gritty single action pull.

    The basic design is accurate especially in the full size model but not the compact as the sighting radius is just to damn short. But to be fair gun fights most often take place at only a few feet and if you get hauled in front of a jury for blasting away at someone 25 yards away try explaining that to a non gun owning average jury who falls into a dead faint when anyone even mentions a handgun and who will also think you should have taken cover or run away as they know little about real life gun fights.

    I bought this gun because I considered it safer to handle and carry than my Glock 19 but never ended up carrying it not even once despite even buying a nice holster for it. I ended up getting a H&K P30SK (compact) unfortunately the gun only holds 11 shots which is its only draw back. I wish they made the P30S in a Glock 19 size and capacity.

    In conclusion if you hate plastic pistols the all steel CZ75 might be what you want but consider all the draw backs before you buy it. Being all steel you can knock a guy out if you slammed him over the head with it and it would not fly apart and have the slide fall off the frame like my Glock 19 once did when I beat a guy over the head with it. He quit fighting me because he started laughing when the Glock’s slide fell off the gun. Alls well that ended well because I did not have to shoot him, he almost died laughing when the Glocks slide fell off the plastic frame. And since I carry a plastic H&K don’t call me a plastic hater its just that HK actually tests their guns before they market them. I wonder why? No one else seems to do this.

    Update: If you own a Glock do not panic Glock actually had 3 length slide rails before they finally got it right so supposedly this problem is now cured and remember to call it an upgrade not a recall because you might hurt Glock’s feelings in regards to their guns not really being perfect.

    And remember to check to see if our passive firing pin safety on the Glock actually does work there was a recall, oops, I mean upgrade on that problem too as well as broken trigger springs.

    • I have shot a compact although I have handled a couple.

      I have shot full size 75s. They shoot well….very well.

      I like them a lot better than the HiPower and they don’t have a stupid magazine safety.

      Never thought about guide rods as I just shot the shit out of rhem.

      The slide is more difficult to operate since it is inside the frame.

      This is an easy gun to shoot at distance. And if someone is shooting at me from 25 yards away then i am shooting back as long as they are a threat.

      There is no “out of bounds” in a gunfight. You do not get to dictate rules to a criminal. As a general rule, they ignore rules.

    • I’ve been shooting CZs for over two years and have not had any of the problems you’ve mentioned. I call your review mostly False. Sorry, but that’s the way I see it being a very experienced CZ shooter. I shot many guns in my search for the platform that works best for my medium sized hands, and the CZ fit me perfectly, shot great straight outta the box, and even easier/smoother once Cajunized. I train and shoot combat style in my training every Sat and have nailed a steel plate at 100 yards on many occasions, even one time at 250 yards. I’ve shot between 20-30K through my main CZ and only had a slide lock break once. No other problems whatsoever, and I’m the worst about cleaning my gun, I hate to admit. And lastly, when I need to push the slide lock out anywhere, I always use the corner of a mag and it pushes out in an easy snap. Sorry, but your review reminds me more of my ex-wife and her uncanny inability to ever be nice, agreeable, or easy to get along with. Everyone who shoots my SP01 wants one, never a complaint. Well, each to his own.

    • Sorry @vlad for your bad experience with CZ but it sounds lik mostly personal preference or not understanding how the gun is designed or supposed to work. There are of course some bad apples in all manufactured products but the mechanics of the gun and design, like the way the slide fits, helps with recoil and makes it a lot smoother. If you you want a 1911 get a 1911 but don’t expect every other gun to mimic that design. I’ve never had any issue operating a CZ or CZ clone so your anecdote is just that, anecdotal. The guide rod, well I am sorry. The only plastic guide 22 kit for my beretta. I would be like you and replace it if I had a higher caliber gun with plastic rod. Try other CZs and see how you are at operating them, my guess is you’ll either like the platform or not but your experience isn’t typical in my opinion.

      • Yep. I just bought a Shadow and a Compact at the same time. The Shadow is deluxe!! The Compact trigger is not as good as an M&P Shield or a G43. It plain sucks!!

    • Firing pin retaining roll pin broke on my 75BD at around 2,000 rounds. Firing pin hit my cheekbone instead of teeth because my follow through is on point. It wasn’t a sudden failure, the firing pin end was visibly distended for 10 or so firings before it let go. $10 and 5 minute fix with pins and replacement lost return spring from CZ Custom. Still my favorite semi-auto.

    • Agreed that it is definitely not a good concealed carry pistol, but your complaints about disassembly are way off mark from my experience. I have a CZ-75 Compact and it is by far the easiest gun I have to take down for cleaning. Lining up the mark is key, but I can usually do it just by feel. I tap the pin with a mag, then pop it right out.

      The plastic guide rod looks cheesy, but that is all it is: a guide for linear motion. There is no pressure on it whatsoever. And you can buy an aftermarket steel one super cheap if it really bugs you.

      Keep in mind this firearm was not designed for the American hobbyist market. It is an Eastern bloc sidearm, not a fashion piece. Just saying.

    • EVERYBODY knows that plastic guns are no good for head-konkin’, and that over time, they cause the user to develop “Reptile Malfunction”….

  21. Nice piece…, another nice piece, was the STAR, I not positive, but I think it was made in Spain, the one I had when I started my collection was stolen in my car,,, good piece, accurate, reliable, great gun…

    • Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A. was the company until 1997. They were from Spain and traded heavily on that fact due to Spain’s history of producing quality steel.

      I don’t know if the steel was superior in terms of guns but SBE made some damn fine guns.

    • It’s funny Star of Spain gets mentioned here. I still have my Firestar, the only gun I clean and take care of, the others get abused.

  22. So why don’t you put on a badge and show us how it’s done,,,,. err whoops, wrong channel. … First I wanted a Glock, but yuk plastic, then I wanted a Sig , ohh my $$. I’m a thinking that Cz 75 is the one. Don’t much care for 9 mm, but hey with modern technology it’s just as good as an .45 A utomatic C reedmore P istol

  23. The CZ pistols are absolutely the worst handguns ever made. Please do not buy any of them, especially the PCR, the P-01, the Rami BD, or the P-10S optics ready. The polished steel 75B especially should be avoided. As well as the Shadow 2. Bad, terrible guns you will hate.

    The triggers all require $1,500 gunsmith jobs, by burly men in swamps or deserts. They’re heavier than a .50 Ma Deuce, and conceal like an AR-15. A 20” rifle AR-15. The reliability is on par with Republican senators on gun control.

    Please avoid buying any CZ handguns. Glocks and Sigs and HKs are where it’s at. Let me suffer in your place because my masochism knows no bounds, and fools like me really don’t need the wait time at CGW to be longer than it already is.

  24. umm. glad the shortened aspects give better grip, but i don’t see how the reach to the trigger would change. just less room for your pinky.
    and while these do have low bore axis i don’t think it’s due to the slide in frame.
    i tell myself the slide in frame contributes to rigidity and accuracy. it may.

    very reliable bludgeons.

  25. I find this mildly amusing. CZ makes great guns but the back and forth here is funny to me.

    CZ makes the 75 and gets the design down pat which IWI kinda steals with the 941 Jericho which then becomes the “Desert Eagle” line of pistols.

    IWI, after some reinventions of the company, comes back to making this line of pistols and creates a compact line of all-steel “Baby Eagle” pistols, complimented by a polymer framed variant and after CZ sees that the there are no issues with that gun CZ then steals the gun back with the 75 Compact.

    • Sounds like good old capitalism to me. Kinda fitting since everyone stole the CZ design since it was a commie gun.

      It’s a good design that holds up today. If they made a stainless with single side levers, I would buy one. I do wish they get some better machinery for a nicer roll mark. That’s the only cheapo-looking aspect of the pistol.

  26. You might also like the P10-C.

    I have small hands, and I’m an inexperienced shooter. The first time I picked up that pistol I shot 10 rounds into a 3″x5″ notecard at 7 yards.

  27. Dan, a commander only has a shortened slide. In 1911 terms, this is a CCO. More accurately, this is the G19 of CZs.

  28. I have owned this same model for years. It is my “heritage piece”. The one that will be passed down multiple generations because it will last forever. Seriously, you could run over this thing with a tank and it would still function. But it would never be my EDC. Unless you have reinforced suspenders to hold your pants up.

  29. Count me as one of those CZ fans. I’ve had my 75B for about 5 years and it’s by far my favorite pistol. Comfortable, accurate and dead nuts reliable. I have fed that thing the cheapest garbage ammo I can find and I have yet to encounter a single hiccup.

  30. I have a SP-01 Shadow and my wife has a P-01 – the size is the same as if you hacked off the front and the bottom of the grip. LOP/trigger placement in these pistols is determined by the: 1 trigger itself (several shapes and curves are available, with set screws for tuning, straight for SOA), 2 the trigger bar and it’s relationship to the 3 disconnector (aftermarket discos of varying sizes). Changing and/or tuning any of these parts even in the slightest bit can make an exponentially humongous difference in LOP, trigger weight, smoothness, and reset. My Shadow has a SA pull wt. of ~2.5 lbs, DA ~5lbs, a LOP about half of the stock LOP, a SA break at ~2mm and a reset at just under 1mm. This is with 11 lb recoil and hammer springs and a well-broken-in trigger spring. A new trigger spring and heavier hammer spring keeps it operating the exact same while increasing trigger weight, if desired.
    BTW, the P-01 – with it’s decocker and firing pin block – is a pain in the ass to work on in comparison. The sear cage alone grrrrrrrrr. I would highly NOT recommend a CZ decocker, manual decocking is absolutely no problem, and a safety is better anyway, IMO. Also, the decocking lever kinda gets in the way of a higher grip, for me anyway.

  31. I’ve had the version withambidextrous controls, the CZ 85 for 39 years.
    My children and grandchildren will inherit it as it is solidly built from all steel.
    The trigger gets better and better as more rounds go thru the gun.
    CZ builds great products!
    The CZ Scorpion is also a phenomenal and inexpensive pistol caliber carbine

  32. I think I’m becoming a CZ fan boy. I have the SP 01 and will be getting the P09 soon.
    PLEASE HEAR ME! The slide rails that ride inside the frame DO NOT LOWER THE BORE AXIS! Everyone always says that and it’s just not true. If you simply reverse the rails so they ride outside the frame instead of inside the bore axis is not affected.

  33. I have average sized hands and just don’t understand the comments about the “long trigger reach”. I shoot my Tanfoglio CZ clones, both full and compact sized just fine, no problems, along with my Jericho. They are my favorite of all my handguns.

  34. Dan.. I can’t believe you’re still writing reviews after you proved to your own self and readers that you’re an idiot, based on several past reviews written by you, yes you. You should be writing food reviews on yelp. The cz is a great gun btw.

  35. Nice honest review. I own 2 CZ’s: 75B (9mm) & Kadet (.22) and
    2 SIGS: P226 & SP2022, both 9mm.
    Thinking about getting a compact 9mm, so far the CZ 75B Compact. I’ve never had a misfire on either pistols. Personally I have no problem with take down, cleaning, or accuracy. My CZ 75B is the most accurate pistol I’ve ever shot. I just purchased the P226, so given time, I’m sure my accuracy will improve. It’s a great gun & I got it at a sweet price. The SP2022, is home defense. Trying not to get off track; The biggest negatives (for me) is the CZ 75B Compact is it’s weight. I guess it’s a matter of steel vs polymer. I’ve owned a Glock, great weapon, mine was a lemon (it happens regardless of manufacture) & traded it for the SP2022. I have to go with steel; CZ 75B Compact.

  36. yeah, LOP is the same for both fullsize and compact cz75. grip length and slide length are both shorter than full size 75b, more like OACP than commander compared to gov’t model.

    Great double stack 9mm pistol. With all the rage over 1911 in 9mm, and they are nice, I still like my cz 75 compact for a 9mm launcher. In 1911, I prefer super38, simple due to C.O.A.L.

  37. Great review, One recommendation I can make is to put the CZ brand rubber grips on the gun, it really makes this handgun a treat to shoot.

  38. It’s my standard carry. Very ergonomic. Fits my palm perfectly and complements my natural point of aim. In live fire the low barrel transmits recoil right to the palm of my hand. 14+1 is more than enough and mag changes are a breeze, with practice of course. It’s easy to understand why it passed the test of time. Excellent accuracy right out of the box. If self defense is all you need and you keep your shirt untucked, you can’t ask for a better weapon. I’d bet my life on it.

  39. Great review. Glad I already had purchased mine before I read the article, now I feel vindicated. My wife has a Canik C-100, which has been Cajonized. I purchased the 75 Compact which has not & you can tell the difference. They are both accurate & dependable. I also own 2 other CZ’s; the 75B and 75 .22 Kadet. I don’t consider myself a CZ Fanboy, as I also own a few SIG’s. I just like quality weapons. Shoot straight & stay safe.

  40. My others are Berettas, both reworked by Wilson Combat. Never jammed. Always accurate as I am. Have a couple of 1911s to round out the collection. I’m quite a fan of pre-1980 steel.

  41. Not much to add to what’s already been said. CZ makes great firearms. CZ is the vertical manufacturer in the business. I own two CZ’s, the 74 compact PCR, and a CZ 97. I also own a Sig P220 45ACP. It’s a close call as to which 45 I prefer. Let’s just say they are both outstanding hog legs. Both are grandsons of the 1911.

    Speaking of vertical manufacture, I lost one of the tiny star washers that along with the screw fastens the handgrips to the frame. Anyone know where I can find them?

    • Try a hardware store. Two cents. Or you can go to CZ-USA and pay $10 for a pair. Your choice.

  42. Dan this is one of the more thorough reviews on the CZ75 compact. The weight has me a bit concerned for conceal carry, but a bonus for recoil. My arms are on the weak side and hand strength not very good (78yrs old).
    With that in mind I am intrigued with the Staccato C2 compact. How is the recoil with their 3” barrel? The trigger pull is 4 lb excellent.
    The cost is not a concern, but spending this kind of money without trying it out is a bit concerning.
    Is the C2 that superior.
    I would appreciate your overall review/response.
    Thank you and regards

    • Hi Ed,
      To be honest with you, I only really had one flavor of gun in mind; CZ Compact. My wife has a Canik Tristar C100, a Turkish version of the CZ Compact. It is lighter, with an alloy frame and I actually carry that one vs the CZ, for that reason. It also shoots just as good as my CZ. I’m also getting up there in age, turning 65 last year, so I know how you feel. Wish I could help you out more.

  43. Not sure if this thread is closed but here goes : Bought a CZ75 Compact and it is one heck of a shooter. Love the gun. Drawbacks : The stock sights are useless. I bought some hi gloss white model paint and now they are highly visible and workable. The mag release is terrible. Very stiff and I have to pull the magazine out. I could live with a half inch ejection but that doesn’t happen. Most places have this firearm priced above 700 dollars. And you get plastic grips. Plastic grips ???? Yeah, plastic grips. So, other than that, the best pistol I now own. Oh, I also have the CZ75 P-01. They are absolutely fantastic firearms and now prefer them over my Kimbers, Sigs, Rugers and Smiths.

  44. I bought mine in 2018 for $525. Changed the grips to G10s. Well worth it. The sights do suck but I’ve trained past that. Did a few tactical classes and never had a magazine sticking issue. Never jams. Sorry you paid $700 but we all know who to thank for that.

  45. CZ 75 Compact is a semi-automatic pistols for self-defense, service, sport and hobby shooting. It represent one of the linchpins of CZ’s global success and worldwide popularity. We have been developing and manufacturing semi-automatic pistols for more than 60 years. And so, there are no secrets left for us to discover in this challenging field.

    For anyone in need the website below supplies and offer’s amazing deals for firearms and ammo.

  46. My only regret is not getting one sooner. I was on the fence for a few years. Glad I got one. Makes a great fall/winter carry while my summer is a sig p365. The pistol is accurate and has excellent ergonomics. Glad I found that PSA deal of the day for $500 and decided to get one!

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