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Regular readers will know I’m a CZ 75 fanboy. And why not? I’ve never shot a bad one and new shooters love them, too. So expectations were high when I took delivery of new CZ 75 B Ω Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready pistol . . .



At first glance, the CZ 75 B Ω is nothing to write home about. The Czech handgun sports a mix of grey and FDE they call “Urban Grey.” The Cerakote finish is applied evenly throughout the gun. In fact, nothing rubbed me the wrong way; there weren’t any sharp edges to catch the hand. Looking a little closer, John Browning’s minimalist genius is revealed. The 75 B is all elegant swoops and graceful curves.

Neither the front strap or back of the 75 B’s curved grip are textured. Although the natural shape of the double stack gun fits the hand well and the 9mm’s recoil is light, I’d still appreciate the some checkering for single-hand work. My biggest complaint: the cheap plastic grips feel cheap. And plastic.

The tall sights are a slight disappointment. With tritium ampules, the sights work well day or night, and the rear sight is drift adjustable. But I would’ve appreciated a serrated rear sight face instead of the flat back. And I’d certainly want more of a ledge on the front of the rear sight to manipulate the slide for single-handed reloads.

This version comes with CZ’s Ω trigger. As far as I can tell, its main purpose is to make maintenance easier. The hammer is wider on the 75 B, although I’m not sure why.

The really clever bit: a 75 B owner can swap between an ambidextrous safety or a decocker-only, with zero ‘smithing involved. The process is simple, clearly laid out in the instruction manual, and all the parts are included.

I got this pistol after another TTAG writer had already fired some thousand rounds through it, all suppressed. Needless to say, the gun was absolutely filthy. Chunks of built-up, caked-on carbon flew off during recoil, hitting my safety glasses.

I was told that it was “starting to hiccup” a bit when I got it. Out of the first 100 rounds I put through the CZ 75 B Ω, the gun failed to return to battery twice. A little tap on the back of the slide completed the cycle.

So the gun richly deserved a full disassembly, some spa time in a solvent bath and a good scrub down. Unfortunately I was given a fairly short turn-around time on the gun. So I field stripped the 75 B (no tools required) and sprayed it with Rogue American Apparel’s Gun Lube until black ooze dripped out. I gave the barrel five good passes with the BoreSnake, reassembled the bits and got back to work.

Over the next two days — over 500 more rounds — I had zero failures of any kind. I shot FMJs, HPs and the Ruger ARX rounds; bullets in weights from 100 grains to 147 grains. I shot suppressed and unsuppressed. Again, no reliability issues. Considering the condition the 75 B was in when Jeremy handed it over (a “gun crime” if there ever was one) it performed exceptionally well.

One of the things that I consistently hear about the stock CZ 75: in double action the trigger is too long and heavy. Copy that. And that’s especially true for anyone who doesn’t have size large hands. The trigger isn’t too much for me, big mitts and all, but that’s because I put the “power crease” of my index finger onto the trigger while maintaining my grip.

[If you want to make CZ greater again, the good folks at Cajun Gun Works will turn the gun’s gas pedal into a Porsche quality masterpiece, and perform all manner of custom work.]

That said, even shooters who have a hard time with the CZ’s trigger in double-action are surprised at how well they shoot the gun. Of course, you can eliminate the problem simply by carrying the CZ 75 in single action mode with the safety on, as I do.

It’s no wonder this pistol has been a mainstay of the competitive circuit for decades. It draws well, points fast and absolutely hums along in recoil. Even single-handed, the CZ 75 B Ω Suppressor-Ready comes back into position quickly. Long strings of fire are a welcome challenge; there’s no fighting the gun. Suppressed, even the most recoil averse can pour out the rounds with confident quickness.

Even after 440 rounds of reliability testing and familiarization fire, the gun still shot more accurately than I expected. Shooting five-round groups off a bag at 25 yards, the CapArms 115gr FMJ shot 1.4-inch groups, the CapArms 147gr FMJ shot 2-inch groups and every other round I tested fell in between those two. That’s right, the worst shooting round, for 60 rounds, was 2″ at 25 yards.

The entire CZ 75 line offers terrific value for money. The suppressor-ready CZ 75 B Ω is no exception; it performs extremely well for a wide range of shooters. The firing mechanism gives options to shooters, and the swappable safety-to-decocker feature is a welcome bonus. This gun confirms my faith in, and love for, CZ’s 9mm Euro-pistols.

SPECIFICATIONS: CZ 75 B Ω Suppressor-Ready

Chambering:  9mm Luger
Magazine Capacity:  18
Magazine Type:  Double Stack
Frame: Steel
Grips: Plastic
Trigger: DA/SA
Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged
Barrel Length: 5.11 in
Weight: 35.7 oz
Overall Length: 8.8 in
Height: 6.1 in
Width: 1.4 in
Safety: Swappable Ambi Safety and Decocker, Safety Stop on Hammer, Firing Pin Block Safety
Sights: High Tritium Three-Dot
MSRP  $636 (found new online for $565 – $599)



Rating (out of five stars):

Appearance * * *
I love the lines of the 75 B. Beyond that it’s nothing special.

Customization * * * * *
The ability to change the safety/decocker on a whim is cool. The sights are easy to swap, as are the grips and many internals. There’s little that can’t be changed by a gunsmith at a reasonable cost. There are compatible holsters a’ plenty.

Reliability * * * * *
Filthy dirty, it ran well. After a lube and BoreSnake, it ran perfectly.

Accuracy * * * *
Two-inch groups at 25 yards with a filthy gun. Not bad at all.

Overall * * * * 1/2
An exceptional value. Reliable, comfortable and accurate. The sights, grips, and lack of texture on the front and back straps deny the CZ 75 B Ω the coveted fifth star.

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  1. Too bad neither this or the CZ P-07 are on the California roster.
    They are both very attractive… CZ beauty is in eye of beholder or anyone who ever held a CZ at the range

    • It is true that this precise model is not available in the People’s Republic of CA, but the straight CZ-75B w/ 10 round mags IS available. Look for the model code 01102.

      It took me a year to find one for sale at a decent price & I took delivery about 6 weeks ago. It was very accurate from a sand bag rest until the tip snapped off of the extractor. The good news is that CZ paid for the return shipping (usually $85 if I have to initiate shipping), but they need 6 weeks for the fix.

  2. Is there any reason why low-profile sights couldn’t be installed?

    (And a raspberry to Texheim. That gun looks goooooooood…)

    • No, but then they wouldn’t clear the suppressor. If you don’t want it suppressed, there are many other versions available.

      • It’s kinda funny. I rented a glock fotay with a can on it in Utah. I took the can off and shot some rounds to get the feel of the gun. Everything worked fine and I got decent groups at 7 yards. Decent, but not great.

        When I put the can back on it was too big to use the factory sights. I actually got better groups without the sights. Go figure.

  3. Nice review, though you had me at CZ75… I own three of them (CZ 75 SPO1 Tactical, CZ 75D PCR, and the Cold War Commemorative). And the Kadet (entire pistol, not just adaptor… it seemed rude to downgrade the larger brethren to a lowly .22LR). I prefer the decocker, first shot in double action… second nature now. But I did replace all of the grips to thinner aluminum ones.

    So want me some Cajun Gun Works grooving, though. Damn. Another thing to spend money on, but at least it won’t consume an additional space in my gun safe.

  4. Ω (Omega) implies that this pistol is either the ultimate or the end of a series. So which is it — the last of a series, or the Czech blowhard equivalent of Glock Perfection? Both or neither?

    • I believe Omega refers to their trigger system which CZ calls an upgrade to their old triggers. Most people I know think the old CZ triggers feel better, but being fair, could be that the average old CZ has far far more rounds through it than the average newer gun with the Omega Trigger (read more time to smooth out). I know for sure the Omega triggers have fewer parts supposedly making for less the trigger has to do and making them easier to work on.

      As for whether CZ thinks it’s the ultimate trigger or whether they have no plans on improving their DA/SA is anyone’s guess.

      • Marketing hype at it’s finest. The Omega trigger is far less expensive to manufacture compared to the traditional CZ trigger. And, it’s not as good. Possibly slightly smother in DA mode, but heavier and less crisp than the traditional trigger in SA mode.

        And of course, far less aftermarket support for the Omega.

        Still, I do want a P-01 Omega, since that’s the only way to get cocked/locked on an alloy frame CZ compact. Shame they appear to be complete vaporware.

    • The Omega is the trigger pack, not the model name. Referring to it as the model was added in editing. You can get the Omega trigger on several pistols. It is the CZ75B with the Omega trigger, suppressor ready. I’m guessing it would refer more to the “ultimate” trigger, as it is easily convertible, services easy, and will last forever. But who knows, maybe they already had Alpha through Psi and this was just next on the list.

  5. I had been looking for the regular black not threaded barrel for 2 years. damn thing is rarer than unicorn farts. Finally gave up and found an older version of the Omega without the safety/decocker convertible for 450.
    Makes my 5th Czech gun.
    Scorpion Evo 3 SBR
    CZ 2075D Rami
    P07 9mm
    Cz75b Omega.

    I really wish they had made one of these without the without the threaded barrel and Suppressor height sights. I really like that urban grey color but I don’t like the sights.

  6. Interesting they did the ambi safety but not the ambi slide release… it was like one part away from being an 85.

  7. I’ve had my CZ 85 for 20 years now
    It was my first gun and is still my favorite
    It has had lots of rounds through it and the trigger just keeps getting better with time and rounds down range
    As my eyes have aged, I had CZ remove the right side safety so I could install the Crimson trace laser grip
    I just bought a Scorpion Evo and CZ has hit another home run with this sub gun
    I am going to have to buy a threaded barrel for the CZ pistol so I can move a silencer between the two!

  8. Oo, nobody’s said it yet… I get to be first !!
    CZ is THE most underrated pistol.
    Wonderfully accurate out of the box.
    Ergonomics that make it feel custom.
    Great craftsmanship, and customer service (if needed).
    AND affordable.
    What’s not to love?

    Ugly? No my friend, you need to get out more often.
    The world is full of beauty waiting to be discovered.

    LoL. Mark me down as fan boy.
    CZ 40B, P-01, 75B High Polish S/S

      • and the p210.
        surprised the slide in frame deal remained unmentioned. (edited?) i tend to think of it as significant in terms of lockup solidity.
        this gun is where my hi powers took me. the first omegas got the upswept beavertail, which is comfy. i would prefer that the front and rear straps were not smooth. having said that, some aggressive g10 grips work well.
        i hear the omega trigger referred to as the polymer trigger, maybe it was first on the p07 and 9.
        so far goo gull has been little help in explaining the why and what of the difference.
        count me among this series admirers.

  9. Remember when you could by unwanted uncooked chicken wings for $0.29 per pound, before they became popular?

    Just like 3rd Gen Smith autoloaders (which can be bought for a pittance used), I tell everyone CZ’s are terrible, inaccurate, malfunction prone with really crappy triggers.

    That said, my CZCustom 75 Shadow had done more for me in upping my game in IDPA, USPA and 3Gun than any single thing.

  10. Good lord, that was filthy! Although that was after what? A thousand rounds? A friend of mine gave me a half full 50-round box of really old Remington .45acp, which I ran through my 1911, followed by another half-box of Blazer brass. My 1911 was every bit as dirty as the CZ.

  11. Got mine 2 months ago love it 1000 rounds in no malfunctions it’s more accurate than I will ever be. My first CZ won’t be my last .

  12. John Browning was definitely a genius but had nothing to do with the CZ75, he was long gone by then. The CZ75 was designed by Josef and František Koucký, and is still a sweet pistol.

    • Erik, the action of many various pistols are based on Browning’s design. Browning may have had nothing to do with the 75 specifically, but it would not exist without him.

  13. Love everything about my CZ-75 omega! Great value…
    Take a look at Diane Lane vs. Scarlett Johansson. You cant beat beauty & maturuty like that! Except when it comes to my wife! 😉

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