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“We sent a producer out and he was from Colorado. He went to Arizona, and he was able to buy a Bushmaster and then three other pistols without a background check in a matter of four hours. And that’s perfectly legal.” Wrong. Under the Gun Producer Stephanie Soechtig’s statement to The Federalist is an admission of at least two federal felonies. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has nudged the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to investigate and prosecute Ms. Soechtig. Meanwhile, check this out . . .

“These guns were then turned over to law enforcement and destroyed. They never left the state of Arizona.”

As The Federalist points out in a subsequent report . . .

For one thing, no agency in Arizona operates that swiftly. This appears to be simply a fantasy of left-wing gun hatred—instantaneous destruction of things they don’t like, as if pestilence is upon the land and authorities can somehow step in and simply eradicate it. Police don’t track and notify anyone of such actions.

As a practical matter, Arizona authorities gather firearms they receive, hold them in a property office, and through a long, deliberate court-involved process decide what the proper disposition of the goods should be. When firearms are in useable condition, they are very often recycled and used by the agency that received them. The Bushmaster rifle Couric’s team obtained, highly prized by police (though vilified in Couric’s report) is a candidate for salvation.

After criticism of their blatant anti-gun editing, Soechtig and her Executive Producer Katie Couric now face felony charges. If there’s any justice in this world, they will experience the same legal consequences as any other out-of-state straw purchaser. We are, after all a country of laws; for better or worse.

Oh and Ammoland’s expose of the Producers’ illegal acts has been pulled due to copyright claims by the film’s producers.

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  1. After criticism of their blatant anti-gun editing, Soechtig and her Executive Producer Katie Couric now face felony charges.
    I would venture poor Lambo Lo gets more time than these two.

    • We can force an investigation.

      Get 100,000 signatures on that Whitehouse petition page, and they are required to address it.

      It’s better than nothing, but I have faint hope some prosecutor somewhere will make a go of it…

    • I had the same thought. Criticism is “fair use.” And Ammoland was certainly being critical.

      • Mark, if they have indeed panicked and dumped them somewhere (to me, that sounds likely), they could be in really deep doo-doo.

        Tampering or destroying evidence is a felony all in its own…


        This story could turn out *awesome* for us…

        • But it won’t. Like David Gregory, Katie Couric is part of the protected class. She and her minions can violate any law as long as her heart is in “the right place”.

        • “We are, after all a country of laws; for better or worse.”

          It is supposed to be. But it’s not. Nothing will happen to them as long as they are pushing the leftist agenda. To the leftists in control of the Federal gov., the law is nothing more than another tool to push their agenda.

      • You tube and its parent company google are anti gun, what yould you expect. If i could get my hands on the video I would host it on my own private server and let every one view it free of charge.

        • The video being pulled isn’t necessarily evidence of any institutional bias on YouTube’s part, their DMCA system is automated and notoriously terrible

    • The problem is that if it’s on Youtube then anyone can use it any way they want to regardless of TTAG’s fair use of it. Most likely, the copyright claim is probably valid.

      • Doesn’t matter how anyone else is using it. Ammoland’s posting of the video is protected under Fair Use Doctrine. If someone else takes it and uses it for a purpose not protected under Fair Use that person would be liable, but Ammoland would not.

  2. They sure where fast on that DMCA Rob!

    I am pretty sure that AZ state law forbids the destruction of guns. I need to dig out a new basement on my property. Do you think these people are available for work?

    They seem to be quite skilled at that line of work.

  3. Couric et al do not “face charges.” They may have broken the law, but will not “face charges” unless the ATF or the FBI decides to investigate, and the DOJ decides to press charges–as if THAT will ever happen.

  4. So which police department/Sheriff’s office? Confirmation? etc.

    This lady had changed her story enough that the claim of ‘gave to cops and destroyed’ is most likely a complete fabrication…in all likihood exactly the same as her initial ‘story’ of the purchases: lies.

  5. They can pull the video, but they can’t cause people to unsee it. And anything that has been on the Web is plenty available for law enforcement to see. They might get off, but I would love to see them prosecuted.

  6. “…pulled due to copyright….”

    Baloney. Their lawyers are making BS claims to scare Ammoland into pulling the videos.

  7. It couldn’t happen to a nicer pair, except maybe the traitors Hillary and Jane. But I’m not holding my breath.

    Sow the seeds, reap the wind….


  8. Re the “copyright claim”: My understanding is that youtube will pretty much automatically pull a vid if someone makes any kind of facially colorable copyright complaint, whether it is actually a valid complaint or not. Youtube just doesn’t want the hassle.

    • Their system is automated, the video is pulled automatically as soon as a claim is filed (depending on the nature of the claim). re-instating it requires a counter-claim which has to be verified by an actual flesh and blood Google drone over at YT headquarters.

  9. just a hint for the poster

    when you post something to youtube add in some game footage and a whole bunch of other stuff

    youtube goes nuts and can’t figure who owns what so it stays up—most of the time

  10. Is there any hard evidence that this “producer” actually did purchase a Bushmaster and other guns in Arizona? I’m starting to suspect that the reason they aren’t worried about criminal charges is that no money was actually exchanged for ownership of any firearm.

    • They claimed they videoed the transaction and the guns.

      If they erase or destroyed that tape, *that* is a felony all on its own…


    • Calling it now. The entire story is entirely made up. No part of it ever actually happened. It’s just a sad attempt to salvage something out of the giant clusterfluster this whole thing has become. And they’re so willfully ignorant of the law they couldn’t even make up a plausible lie.

  11. Going out on a limb, but I’m guessing that turning the firearms over to a police agency (assuming they actually did that) doesn’t make it not a violation of federal law. I’m guessing that taking possession of the weapons is all it takes to commit a federal felony, not transporting them across state lines. But if anyone actually knows…

    • Yes, it’s a federal felony even if they didn’t transport the firearms in question across state lines for several reasons – they themselves crossed state lines; the firearms are already involved in interstate commerce as all guns are in the first place according to the ATF, and the party in question, being a Colorado resident, was required to transfer said guns through a COLORADO FFL and complete 4473’s for each weapon in question, which was by their own admission never done. Take your pick.

      I’ll be blunt. This country is going to war. Just when I don’t know, and all tyrants and bad actors need to realize that when that happens they WILL come to bad ends, and they will own it.


      • “I’ll be blunt. This country is going to war. Just when I don’t know, and all tyrants and bad actors need to realize that when that happens they WILL come to bad ends, and they will own it.”

        As much as I would hate to see it if it does come I will revel in the misery visited upon our “betters”, those who have insulted and vilified us for decades.

        It will be with great satisfaction that I listen to what has befallen the “anti’s” when their cloistered enclaves and upscale “urban” neighborhoods are left unprotected as police and their “armed” security details, who fearing for the lives of their own families, abandon them to their well deserved fates.

        We all know these “elitists”, those who have engaged in a never-ending campaign to disarm us and who abhor the idea of meeting violence with violence would NEVER, EVER resort to owning one of those “evil”, “phallic”-symbols of “misogyny”, those so-called “instruments of death” that are the “great equalizer” thus they will suffer horribly.

        Our enemies may well have the time (probably not, things happen so fast) to regret having decried the private ownership of firearms their entire lives but when their pets, the violent subcultures they, “the Left”, have pandered to and enabled for generations descend upon their locale and brutalize them and their loved ones I for one will smile as we will have been vindicated.

  12. They should have just bought some firearms from an antique dealer or taken a couple off illegally carrying guys in California and skipped all the hassle. Much easier.

  13. “After criticism of their blatant anti-gun editing, Soechtig and her Executive Producer Katie Couric now face felony charges.”

    According to *who*?

    Do you have a citation on that?

    (But not a Cessna Citation)

  14. Either this goes down like The David Gregory Situation or the police where in cahoots with this and they don’t want to say.

    Regardless, nothing will happen because different rules for them versus us and this current Administration is rotten to the core.

    • There is a difference between the David Gregory Mag incident and the “TEAM Couric ” supposed buy.
      Gregory violated a DC Municipal law. We all wanted to see him get in trouble due to arrogance.
      BUT TEAM Couric, possibly violated Federal Firearms LAW. BIG DIFFERENCE!

      • The same statist democrats who control D.C. also control DOJ. Nobody was so much as fired for running guns to Mexico, and nobody in Camp Couric will be bothered either.

  15. My guess is that no straw purchases were actually made. The story of buying guns across state lines is likely entirely fabricated for the producers target audience. When people who actually know the law pointed out how illegal this actually is, they then made up a story about turning them into Arizona police to “be destroyed”. Again, not knowing that the law says that Arizona law enforcement can’t just arbitrarily destroy guns.

    I’d like to see the investigation, but I think all it will actually turn up is a bunch of lying liars who lied and made up a story about buying guns to bolster their anti gun credit in the wake of every major news outlet shredding it as heavily edited agitprop.

    And because they don’t actually know the law they claim they want to expand, that’s falling apart as entirely fabricated, too.

    • As a follow up, Saul Alinsky wrote in his”Rules for Radicals” that the “radical” should have a firm grasp and knowledge on the subject while the “enemy” remains misinformed.

      In the gun control debate, the exact opposite has become true. While the antigunners keep trying to paint the pro gun side as ignorant rubes, time and again they reveal themselves to be ignorant of practically every aspect of both the guns themselves and the law surrounding them while the pro gun side shows a firm grasp of both the technical aspects of firearms and the laws regulating them.

  16. Criminials? Liars? Fraud? All in the name of pushing the gun control agenda. The list of potential charges grow longer each day. Guns turned into a PD would have a paper trail, should have a ID and address on who turned them in. Would it not raise questions a person from CO wanting guns in his possession destroyed in AZ? Orig, how he got them, why does he want them destroyed? AND why was he not arrested at the PD? Surely the out of state illegal buyer filed a claim for reimbursement for the guns or a expenses list if he had a cash advance to buy them. Find the paper!

  17. I want a David Gregory card to hold in reserve, just in case I need to commit a felony or two at some point in service of a political position.

  18. It’s actually illegal in the state of AZ for the police to destroy firearms. Once they are no longer needed as evidence they must be either returned to the lawful owner, used by the department (asset forfeiture) or auctioned.

    Tuscon PD is probably willing to violate state statute and destroy firearms, but probably no other agency would be so brazen.

  19. And when did they turn those guns in to Arizona authorities? Yesterday, maybe?

    They still violated Federal law.

  20. I suspect that they’ll never see prosecution because A) there’s no evidence of a felony committed beyond what they claimed they did, and that’s not enough to convict, and the reason why there’s only a claim that they committed a felony is because B) they never actually did any such thing, which is why C) there’s no earthly way a law enforcement agency destroyed those guns on such short notice.

    These guys are the adult equivalent of that kid you knew in elementary school who had a girlfriend in Canada who was a model, and totally went hunting in Alaska with his cousins and shot like, 50 wolverines. #thathappened.

  21. Add this to the Gun Rights Action List….as the earlier VCDl recommendation to record independently all interviews. Now we must constantly download the posts and videos of the enemy.

  22. ‘Under The Gun’ Producer: The Arizona Police Destroyed the Guns We Purchased Illegally

    1. And that’s supposed to make everything alright?
    2. So now they’ve entangled the Arizona Police in their conspiracy to destroy evidence in a Federal felony case?

  23. I’m confused. Pistols would certainly be illegal to buy outside of their home state, but I thought long guns were ok. Or are long guns only ok if purchased through an FFL?

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