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Springfield Armory’s much talked-about competition class XDm is in the hands of your faithful correspondent. Crimson Trace marketing maven and Top Shot champ Iain Harrison reckons the 9mm 5.25  is the most versatile handgun on the market. Springfield created it so you (yes you!) can dominate your local IDPA club with righteous aplomb. It sure looks sex, what with all those “match grade” components and the low-weight slide. Watch this space to see if the 5.25 XDm is writing checks it can’t cash or if you should write a check to your local gun dealer for this something-of-a-race gun.

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  1. I know they are entirely functional, butI don’t think I’ll ever get past the techno New Age X-Treme Sports(!) branding approach of Springfield’s poly pistols. I find this kind of overwrought product marketing undignified when it comes to firearms. I hate Glock’s grip angle, but I respect the minimalism. Though it fits me great, even my SR9c is a bit purple for my taste.

    • The marketing works though. I’m old enough to remember when the XD was called the HS2000, and nobody wanted to buy it for $300. Springfield did a great job rebranding it and making it an object of desire for the Volcom-sticker-in-the-back-window-of-the-Honda crowd.

    • “…the branding of springfield’s…” stop right there. the entire xd line is a rebranded Croatian pistol made by HS Produkt.

      • Springfield did a lot more than just ‘rebrand’ the HS2000. The XD’s internals are a total redesign. The XDm that much more. Its a fine pistol

        • Um, no, the XD is not a total redesign of the HS2000. The internal parts are the same, and interchangeable. Same is true with the XD and XDM. It’s all the same basic pistol.

  2. Two shooting buddies bought these in the last month. One in 9mm and one in 45acp. I put about 100 rnds thru each. They shoot way better than regular XDM’s. I don’t know if I would jump out and spend the money and get one(I have a regular XD Tactical 45 and lots of 9mm’s). But I was impressed with them right out of the box. Better than Glock 34/35. Better than S&W M&P Pro.

  3. This statement should read, “Springfield created it so you (yes you!) can dominate your local IDPA club with righteous aplomb, unless, of course, you live in California.

    Thanks for nothing, Springfield.

    • You can get it in CA. Either find a police officer exempt from the roster who wants to sell his new gun, or find a FFL willing to do a single shot
      exemption. After its out from the 10 day wait, convert it back to normal. Then just block the magazines so they only hold 10. Easy and how I purchased mine. Head over to calguns and find the thread on it.

  4. I finally got out and shot my new XDm 5.25″ 9mm today and it shot like nothing else- an absolute dream to shoot. I don’t shoot for groups, but I might have to try it sometime 🙂

  5. I am in the market for a wonder nine. I want to get into competition shooting and am seriously considering the xd 5.25 as a competition gun. Or even just a range gun thats less expensive to shoot then my 1911 what do u guys think? Should I jump on the glock fan wagon or what?

  6. I just purchased an XDm 9mm 5.25. It has been worked over by Springer Precision and is an outstanding gun with an extremely crisp trigger.. Time will tell but I think it will live up to its hype.

  7. Purchased the XDM9 5.25 back in October. Love it. I’ve shot S.A’s for years, also owned Taurus, Beretta and Glock. I have run about 600 rounds through the XDM and have had no issues. I love the trigger pull, sights are great, I’m by no means a competition shooter, but have access to a range every weekend. If you have a chance to shoot one take it. My brother in law is a police office and won’t own anything but a glock, he shot my xdm and placed 12 rounds at 7 yards in a 1/2 circle and didn’t come close with his Glock, he still wouldn’t admit it was a great shooting gun but that’s his nature.

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