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I reviewed the Canik TP-9 back in December and liked the Turkish P99ish import. Now we take a look at another budget-minded Canik knockoff, their Stingray C CZ 75 clone. Full review to follow.

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  1. I just bought a tristar T-120 (I.E. Canik). It even says “canik” on the side.

    While I’m not sure of the relationship between the two companies (N.A. Subsidiary, perhaps?), I will say that the Tristar/Canik is a great gun.

  2. I scored a stingray -c off of gunbroker for $285 last month!! It takes standard CZ75 mags, but it is bear trying to put night sights on it. I do like it, even if it is heavy. great gun for the price

  3. I bought a Stingray C on a whim a few months ago and it is a fantastic gun (for about half the price of its CZ cousin) . I almost like it more than my CZ-75b. It is a total boat anchor, but all that metal does wonders to soak up recoil. It is a very well made, albeit heavy 9mm. It has become my wife’s favorite range toy, and she has always been more of a wheel gun type.

  4. Thanks for the quicky review, I’ve been eyeballing this for a while now, and I think this would make a very fun range toy.

  5. Oh good another eastern European gun to add to my budget firearms list. After 750 rounds through my Zastava CZ 999 scorpion this weekend and nary a stoppage, I have a new found affection for all-metal European side arms. From my experience, they tend to be well made guns with a SNS price tag. Now should I buy this, or that FEG HiPower clone Ive been eyeing…

  6. I’ve had one of the for about 9 months now and love it. It does weigh a ton but there’s little recoil and I’ve yet to experience a malfunction. I’m looking forward to the review.

  7. I don’t know about the clone but though I’m a 1911 (we prefer the term) aficionado I have loved a CZ-75 (b) long and well. I hadn’t thought of it before in such terms, but perhaps my affinity for 1911’s extends to other full sized all steel pistols. Hmm. . . that explains my 92 Berretta fetish. . .

  8. Some places say it’s 1.7Lbs, others say it’s 2.3Lbs… which is it? My P7M8 weighs 1.7Lbs, but only carries 8+1 rounds… 13 rounds in a steel gun at the same weight seems decent, although I’m more of a plastic fantastic kinda guy, especially for concealed carry…


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