Gun Owners of America: What Trump Administration May Do to Restore Gun Rights

Dear Robert:

In one of the first pro-gun actions of his administration, President Donald Trump is expected to shortly move to revoke Barack Obama’s illegal actions to effectively outlaw gun collecting.

Obama’s anti-gun “executive action” was announced on January 6, 2016 — in the wake of Obama’s unsuccessful attempt to scapegoat law-abiding gun owners for the actions of a Muslim terrorist in San Bernardino.

Obama’s action was implemented as a “clarification” because he knew that his lawless moves could never pass muster under the rule-making procedures of the Administrative Procedures Act.

Under Obama’s now-moribund “clarification,” a gun owner could have been imprisoned for up to five years and fined $250,000 for “only one or two [firearms] transactions,” according to a White House fact sheet.

Note that, under Clinton, tens of thousands of licensees lost their licenses because they didn’t have “brick-or-mortar” stores.  Now, in a Clinton/Obama Mutt-and-Jeff routine, Obama proposed to imprison hobbyists who didn’t have licenses because the government refused to issue licenses to them.

Hence, a hobbyist who bought a firearm one day and sold it the next day at a profit could go to prison for five years. Obviously, the intent was to create such a cloud of ambiguity that gun owners would refrain from constitutionally protected activity (private firearms sales), for fear that they would run afoul of Obama’s amorphous rules.

Tragically, in some cases, Obama’s unlawful actions had exactly the intended effect.

But, thanks to President Donald Trump, Obama’s unlawful action will soon be repealed — as one of the priority actions of the incoming administration.

Gun Owners of America is optimistic that this is only the first in a series of Trump actions overturning illegal Obama actions.  We are also asking for Trump administration action:

– Removing the U.S. from the Anti-Gun UN Arms Trade Treaty
– Repealing bullet and gun import bans going from Obama back to George H. W. Bush’s semi-auto import ban
– Repealing the suspension of health privacy laws with respect to gun owners
– Repealing executive actions encouraging doctors to inquire about gun ownership and to enter this information into a federal health database
– Restoring gun rights for 257,000 law-abiding veterans
– Repealing Obama’s efforts to strip Social Security recipients of their guns, merely because a guardian processes their checks.

There is an old joke that goes: “What do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?  Answer:  A good start.”

The work of restoring the Second Amendment to its God-given status has only just begun.

But the important thing is that it has begun.

Tim Macy

P.S. The work of restoring lost ground on the Second Amendment has only just begun. Please take action encouraging President Trump to repeal ALL of Obama’s (and others’) anti-gun Executive Orders.


  1. avatar A A Rod says:

    Hey Folks, are there any rallies, marches, protests planned for March 15th/16th this year? It seems to me a good marketing strategy to have AR-15/M-16 Appreciation Day on mAR 15 and M-16th.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      I like that idea.

      1. avatar Rokurota says:

        The Ides of March. No symbolism there, huh?

      2. avatar Roymond says:

        I second that like!

        mAR-15th, indeed!

    2. avatar Adam says:

      Our next protest day will be November 6, 2018. 23 more guns grabbing Democrats are up for re-election and it’s our job to make sure they don’t win.

      1. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

        For the record, election day is November 7th, 2017, not the 6th. It’s really important that people know when they’re supposed to vote and then actually go vote.

        1. avatar Wood says:

          Republicans and democrats have different votin dates. The dems actually vote November 8th. 🙂

    3. Hopefully he will give relief to those federally disabled from owning. Ken Bucks of CO has been in my radar but i have heard nothing.

  2. avatar NorincoJay says:

    Imported Polytechs again? That would suck for people that collect milled Polytech Legends. But I would love it! Haven’t owned one for too long.


    1. avatar Raoul Duke says:

      Polytech is no longer around they were merged into Norinco.

      There are only two exporters still around, Norinco and SDM.

      Since I believe we still have sanctions on Norinco the lifting of the ban would only allow SDM rifles to be imported.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        So financing the operations of the chicoms PLA is good/acceptable? NO it is NOT

        The Chicoms may not be our enemy but certainly are the opposition. By your AK crap from mfg in Eurp (or the US_. Plenty of choices.

        ANY goods produced by a PLA controlled entity should be banned from import to the US. Given the infestation of the PLA in China, that is a very large list but the West should not be paying for the R&D, factories, and spying of the chicoms. See also Russia.

        1. avatar j says:

          “buy US made AKs”. ………lol…no……

          The type 56 is the pinnacle of plain jane AKs….I’d scoop one up as soon as they became legal to import again..

        2. avatar Raoul Duke says:

          Who the hell do you think you are to tell me how to spend my money?? You sound like Clinton right there since he supported the ban too!!

          If I want to buy Chicom guns then I damn well have the right to do so and you don’t have the right to restrict my right to because you don’t like them. Last time I checked the 2nd Amendment said the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, not “shall not be infringed because I don’t like this country” or “unless neiowa says so”.

          We already are buying shit from China so if you are so gung ho about it throw out all your “Made In China” stuff from your house but I know you won’t because you are a hypocrite!! Yea I bet if one of your pet guns was banned you would be howling at the injustice of it as well so who are to tell someone to go somewhere else and deal with it.

          Also U.S. made AK’s in general suck ass. Unreliable, brittle pieces of garbage.

  3. avatar Dave says:

    This might sound a little stupid but could you leave a link where we can email whoever that needs to be emailed about all these topics. Thank you very much for the update. We’ve got a lot of LOLs to repeal and some agencies such as the ATF II that need to go bye bye. I truly support the repeal of all gun control efforts that violate the constitution in this country. Ipledge to support and to help get rid of this anti-constitutional plague of liberal progressiveness in this country. Amen brothers and sisters let us all join together now and let the president know exactly what the people want in this country. After all president Donald Trump said this is the first time in a long time that the people are being given back the power in which we deserve.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Before the ATF goes bye bye (something that needs congressional action) let’s get an executive order requiring them to process all NFA paperwork within 5 business days.

      1. avatar Jon in CO says:

        See, this is something I can get behind. It’s not all the paperwork,(well it is) but it’s the 9 month wait for them to process it that has kept me from jumping in.

        I’ll also take over the counter tax paid stamps.

        1. avatar HiTechRedneck says:

          Ok. I’ve been following TTAG for quite a while now without commenting, but I just have to say something here. Either the petition above was just created, or it really needs a lot of help from POTG. It said I was only the second to sign it. The “repeal the Hughes amendment” and NFA petitions could also use some love.

        2. avatar pwrserge says:

          I just created it. Seemed like a good idea. It’s been up for about an hour.

        3. avatar Noway says:


          you seem anxious and concerned that after all the emotion you’ve invested in this trump may still fail you, your clearly not confident or you wouldn’t be so defensive about it. dont worry though… you have no control, so worrying is a waste.

          lets sit back and see what happens. i’ll buy you a beer.

      2. avatar strych9 says:

        Some people in West Virginia will have heart attacks if they read this.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:


      3. avatar Noway says:

        “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun,” – Donald J. Trump.

        So, good luck.

        1. avatar Pwrserge says:

          That was quoted before I even got out of high school. People are allowed to change their minds.

        2. avatar Noway says:

          Hey you got a point.

          In fact they change super fast – they make promises during the election period then fail to actually follow through when they are in office.

        3. avatar Pwrserge says:

          Go fuck yourself concern troll. Trump has done more for this country in his first four days in office than Obama and Bush did in the sixteen years between them.

        4. avatar Noway says:

          @pwrserge –

          Oh wow! Quite the vitriolic display of emotion there! Congratulations on incredible restraint you’re able to demonstrate.

          Don’t like facts? Those are his words after all. You can throw all the tantrums you want, but it won’t change the fact that he said that.

        5. avatar pwrserge says:

          Yeah… He said that back when dialup was still the primary method for accessing the internet. You are so full of shit it’s coming out of your mouth.

        6. avatar Noway says:


          you seem anxious and concerned that after all the emotion you’ve invested in this trump may still fail you, your clearly not confident or you wouldn’t be so defensive about it. dont worry though… you have no control, so worrying is a waste.

          lets sit back and see what happens. i’ll buy you a beer.

  4. avatar Military guy says:

    Still waiting for the EO on military base gun free zones…

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      GIve the guy a break. Only 3-1/2 working days on the job. Has done a LOT so far.

      Contacted your Senators/Congressman this week???

      1. avatar Military guy says:

        I would do exactly what he’s doing, signing ~5 a day to show continued momentum for an extended period of time. But, I also didn’t say this:

        “My first day, it gets signed, okay? My first day. There’s no more gun-free zones.”

        I don’t trust that the President actually has any deep philosophical commitment to gun rights, so I only care about what he actually does, not what he promised on the campaign trail.

        In the mean time, thousands of DoD employees have to travel to and from work through dangerous neighborhoods unarmed.

        1. avatar Guardiano says:

          I remember doing that too until I left the Active Army. Remember when they let the ChiComms hack all of our personal data and covered it up for a year? That was pretty cool too.

        2. avatar Noway says:

          “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun,” – Donald J. Trump.

          To add to this.

  5. avatar Ozzallos says:

    People, you don’t have to put it all on Trump’s shoulders. This works like the military– Attitude and policy trickle down based on the leadership in command. Example– “Congress Acting to Block Obama’s Social Security Gun Ban”

    Congress suddenly has a spine because of the attitude and policies of the president. Minions take on the traits of their leadership because they want to suck up and curry favor. You can already see the difference in the ATF, CBP and any number of other pivotal offices. You might not think he’s the best thing since sliced bread, but just his mere presence is moving us in the right direction.

    1. avatar Guardiano says:

      You got it right. The fact that there are 77 co-sponsors to the HPA of 2017, including one (!) Democrat, is just one more sign of the changing times.

      1. avatar JLAUGHL says:

        The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 is up to 144 cosponsors.

        I giggle every time I get an update telling more have signed on.

        1. avatar Big E says:

          First let’s pass the Concealed Carry reciprocity act, then immediately work on making it obsolete with CONSTITUTIONAL carry act. Should be easy enough just copy paste Amend II with a few unequivocal clarifying comments for the remedial judiciary and state legislatures.

        2. avatar Guardiano says:

          That is fantastic. Including TWO WHOLE DEMOCRATS!!!!

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      True. Every policy change that DOD made in the last 8yr was because the Bumer Whitehouse sent the msg – No one with a brain could believe that adding queers, trannies, Islamists, wickans and every kind of pervert and degenerate to the force (and downsizing) improved the efficiency, readiness or performance of the US military. The message did not even need to be written, the “commander’s intent” (insane) was clear. Make it happen or be purged just like hundreds of other good officers/NCOs.

  6. avatar LHW says:

    Let the flow of freedom begin.

  7. avatar former water walker says:

    I like what I’m seeing and hearing…more please!?

  8. avatar Anon in CT says:

    ” Repealing bullet and gun import bans going from Obama back to George H. W. Bush’s semi-auto import ban”

    Just in time for Argentina to begin replacing all their FALs. I think those are some Latin American immigrants we could find good homes for.

    1. avatar Klaus says:

      And having the original barrel would be a bonus too. I think that’s a rule that could be amended by a pen.

  9. avatar Joe R. says:

    How about a repeal of the post 1986 full-auto bans. Even if tax stamps are still required (and the ridiculous “we’re protecting you” waiting period).

    “False is the idea of utility that sacrifices a thousand real advantages for one imaginary or trifling inconvenience; that would take fire from men because it burns, and water because one may drown in it; that has no remedy for evils, except destruction. The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm those only who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.” – Cesare Beccaria (1738–1794) quoted in The Right to Arms and the American Philosophy of Freedom (via

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Politically speaking, that is probably a bridge too far. Can you imagine the firestorm and howls of protest if any such bill were introduced? The vast majority of people have no idea how many legal automatic weapons there are in the US, or the fact that none are used to commit crimes. Rather, they will have an image of a gang banger mowing down a crowd of teens burned into their brains if this were to occur.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        But we can get the President to direct the BATFE to expedite NFA processing. Sign the petition.

      2. avatar Nanashi says:

        If you banned everything but large single shot 22 target rifles they’d whine and scream 22 rifles weren’t banned. You’ll never appear the disarmament crowd, so it’s best to ignore them.

      3. avatar neiowa says:

        WHO is going to be howling? That has ANY relevance.

        Screw the ATF/GCA68. Close it and revoke it.

      4. avatar Joe R. says:

        Would they whine if we just jumped to the prescribed civil war? Not for long. You say ‘well, the options are . . .’ and I say Marie Antoinette had the last slot at long-winded description of options.

      5. avatar Klaus says:

        It would seem that we Trump voters decided that we really don’t give a crap about what is politically correct or expedient, what would outrage leftists, or what stupid people are howling about. The post 86 ban needs to go.

        1. avatar Joe R. says:


          Well stated Sir.

  10. avatar binder says:

    Hay, I all for rolling back Obama’s BS. But at the same time, Tim Macy needs to NOT take stuff out of context.

    The Obama Administration wanted to make the executive order sound tougher than it was and you just help him do that.

    The so called “your a gun dealer after selling one gun” new standard by executive orders is NOT what was in the executive order, the order was “Clarify that it doesn’t matter where you conduct your business—from a store, at gun shows, or over the Internet: If you’re in the business of selling firearms, you must get a license and conduct background checks.” That was the E.O.

    Is was put in that “courts have upheld convictions for dealing without a license when as few as two firearms were sold or when only one or two transactions took place, when other factors also were present.” But that is not Obama, that is the court system.

    Link to the Fact Sheet

  11. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    I sent the GOA the money for a life membership 17 years ago. I still don’t have a card, get the newsletter or anything.

  12. avatar Parnell says:

    And overturn the Obama ban on the repatriation of M-1 carbines from South Korea.

    1. avatar Jay W. says:

      & the M1Garands too!

  13. avatar Nanashi says:

    Indefinite NFA amnesty!

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    There is an old joke that goes: “What do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? Answer: A good start.”

    Great idea. Would it be okay if we start with Alan Gura, Timmy?

  15. avatar adverse4 says:

    So far, the Colors on The American Flag have gotten brighter and more defined, from gray and blurred of the Socialist Regime that was in office. Zocialism has not been defeated, only blunted, they will be fighting back with guerilla warfare in the press and the media. Everything President Trump does counter to zocialism will be evil. Obama/Hillary will be truth, President Trump will be lies. Expect it, be ready for it. It is internal warfare as real as any firefight. (A Zocialist is a blend of socialist and zombie).

    1. avatar Red in CO says:

      Zocialist, huh? That’s clever; I like that

  16. avatar Noway says:

    “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun,” – Donald J. Trump.

    Yea, there’s the cold water folks.

    1. avatar PDW says:

      And in 1961 Ronald Reagan was a Democrat. Politicians can change….

      1. avatar Noway says:

        Yup they sure can, they make promises during the election period then fail to actually follow through when they are in office. Hey, they change! Amazing.

        1. avatar PDW says:

          Jesus, Trump has only been Prez for a few days and already you’re sitting in sack cloth and pouring ashes on your head in despair ? Get a grip ( or some Prozac )

          And politicians can lie ? Who knew ?

        2. avatar Guardiano says:

          Some people here are almost as unhinged as the sore-loser leftists. They’ve already lost all faith in the man because he didn’t hand out TrumpAR-15s to white folks below a certain tax bracket on day one. These things take time, and in just one week he’s already delivered on a number of campaign promises, including those that everyone said he would “never do.”

    2. avatar Chris T from KY says:

      When Donald Trump put together the second amendment advisory group with over a hundred of most well known firearms and outdoor names in the business.
      I know Trump is serious. But can he get the beta male republicans to go along with him?
      That is the $10K question?

    3. avatar Armed peasant says:

      If he is cold water what would have Hillary been?

    4. avatar PDW says:

      In an article titled “This is where Donald Trump stands on gun control” from Business Insider dated 10-8-2016 by author Chris Sanchez, Trump repudiated his former stance on assault weapons.
      “The GOP nominee appears to have changed his position on assault weapons since writing his book “The America We Deserve” in 2000. ” …article then cites Noways favorite quote from book… “Trump recanted his statement in a debate in March when he was asked if he supported the ban, saying ‘ I don’t support it anymore. I do not support the ban on assault weapons’ ”

      One of the sources used by Business Insider was Trump’s own website where Trumps states that ..” the government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own…”

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