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New York’s ill-conceived, poorly-written, outrageously unconstitutional gun ban bill is law. If you want to know how bad it is, click here to go to Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act FAQ page. Owners of “assault rifles” (as listed here by brand and here by features) have until April 15 to register their gun with the State Police or transfer it out of state (where it becomes some other Governor’s “problem”). Also from that date forwards, no one in the New York can sell an ammunition magazine capable of holding more than seven rounds. Bu before then, Brookhaven gun owners will get the chance to be the first in the state to punish pols who supported the SAFE Act . . .

In a special election set for March 3, New York Assemblyman Dan Losquadro will attempt to secure the position of Brookhaven highway superintendent ($93,531 p.a. plus bennies). An obscure vote to be sure. But one that has not escaped the attention of gun owners.

But first, check out the Republican rep’s pro-SAFE Act weasel words [via] . . .

Losquadro, a supporter of gun rights who trap shoots and has a pistol license, said he does not expect protests to “take me off track or distract me from my campaign in any way.”

He said he voted for what he termed “a compromise package” because it included provisions he favors, including mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes, and easing of restrictions for involuntary commitment of mentally ill people who could pose a danger.

Losquadro said he has concerns about other parts of the bill, including reducing the size of permissible magazines from 10 rounds to seven, which he termed “window dressing,” and restrictions on passing down guns to relatives. He said he will propose changes to fix flaws.

Yeah. Sure. He’ll get the State government to remove the magazine capacity limit. Meanwhile, PO’ed gun owners have taken to a Facebook page called Don Losquadro Is Dishonest to voice their anger.

We suspect that the turnout for the special election may be higher than the former State Farm claims adjustor would like.

Losquadro’s opponent for the Highway Supervisor position: Brookhaven City Councilwoman Kathleen Walsh. Walsh’s father is/was a veteran. Her son served in Afghanistan. We reckon she may hold a different position on the SAFE Act than her opponent.

TTAG has contacted her office and will let you know.

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  1. If he didn’t like parts of the bill why did he sign onto it? Let’s see how he likes unemployment. Pro gunners like him we don’t need.

  2. “Losquadro, a supporter of gun rights who trap shoots and has a pistol license…”

    While I don’t deny the stupidity of anyone that voted for New York’s new laws, the description above makes this guy seem like he’s probably pretty far right of the middle in regards to gun policy than what is typical in New York.

    “Losquadro’s opponent for the Highway Supervisor position: Brookhaven City Councilwoman Kathleen Walsh. Walsh’s father is/was a veteran. Her son served in Afghanistan. We reckon she may hold a different position on the SAFE Act than her opponent.”

    Does anyone think it might be a good idea to check with Ms. Walsh on beliefs in regards to 2A before making her victory easier to achieve?

    While you may hate that this guy voted for the SAFE act, he still might be a better option . Unfortunately this is reality in New York.

      • (Meant to be a response to Tim)

        While I may have “concerns” about Walsh’s positions, her voting record is just “window dressing” and we can always look for a new candidate after the election to fix her flaws.

        See how ridiculously wishy washy it is? It doesn’t matter what Losquardo *says* he stands for, it matters what he did. He is completely unreliable. Either he’s a weaseling liar about what his positions are, or he’ll compromise them, and your rights, for a bill even this obviously written.

        • If she’s even remotely acceptable, it’s worth voting her in. One of the main problems in politics today is there is no political price to pay for trashing the Constitution. So candidates do it again and again, secure in the knowledge that fear of the opponent will get them elected.

          If voting against the Constitution were guaranteed political suicide, then no politician would ever think of doing it.

        • Responding to Human Being:

          Which might still be a better option than a candidate that flat out supports any and all anti-gun legislation.

          When it comes to pro-gun support from the great state of New York, beggars can’t be choosers.

  3. Tim – he’s right of center for Manhattan, but not for Upstate. Take away the five boroughs and long island, and New York is almost as red as Texas.

    • Trust me many of us here on LI are in FULL agreement with our fellow upstaters. We are NOT happy at all about the vote of any of the republicans… PERIOD.
      Losquadro was considered a 2nd Amendment person before this vote. This has a lot of people upset.
      On the other hand, Walsh has flipped flopped more times on issues than I have ever seen in my years of being involved with politics.
      The voters of the Town of Brookhaven aregoing to have to make some BIG decisions in with respect to this election. I just hope they look at ALL the issues with respect to BOTH candidates and then cast their votes.

    • Hell, remove certain parts of the state that shall remain nameless, and the state of California would give Texas a run for its money in the red department…

      BTW, not all of us who live in the extreme-liberal areas of the Glorious People’s Gun-Free Multicultural Non-Violent Medical Pot-Smokin’ Rainbow Republik of Californistan agrees with the gun grabbers. Just sayin’…

      If I were king for a day, I’d change the electoral college to a 1 county = 1 vote system, instead of the winner-takes-all system we have now; it’s totally unfair that a single urban area can throw an election for an entire state like Minneapolis/St. Paul can for Minnesota…

      • It’s Kalifornistan, with a k.

        On that note, I used to think that if you take away 30 miles from the coast in, most of California’s problems would go away. But I think we’ve grown more diverse in the last few years.

  4. Wait. If Losquardo is “Highway Superintendent,” does that mean he’s out of the State Assembly?

  5. If I was a New Yorker I’d be telling Cuomo to shove it! Have you ever noticed that these parasite politicians pass rediculious laws and if they’re not obeyed they’ll send their goons to cram it down your throat.

    • Until the SAFE Act was passed in NY I didn’t give two squirts, but as of now… Yes, I think we’ve all noticed.

  6. 1) I don’t care what Walsh’s position is on 2a as, after all, it’s the highway department.

    2) I don’t care if someone running for the highway department voted for NY-SAFE _if_ they never lied to our face and told us they’re our ally and we should vote for them.

    3) If, however, you have lied to me and taken a hypocritical position you don’t get to be elected dog catcher. Hell, Losquardo would do less harm if he left Albany for the highway department, but it doesn’t matter. He, Skelos and their fellows need to understand that there’s a price to be paid for what they’ve done.

  7. I wonder how this law affects Remington that manufactures out of Ilion, NY? Also, included are the brands, Bushmaster, Marlin and possibly several others.

  8. There is a video of a local church and gun owners debating him for an hour at his campaign rally last Saturday. Does anyone know where the link is

  9. real questions
    what is a loaded gun? is empty chamber and full mag consider loaded gun?
    if i had a 8rd mag, i load 8rd, then chamber 1 rd, did i break any laws?

    on my ar, if the blot locks back after every shot, and i have to manually release the bolt after every shot, is it still consider semi auto

  10. My bolt-action 300 Winny in an Accuracy International Stock is now an assault rifle. Threaded barrel, detachable magazine, and thumbhole stock.

    Bunch of idiot politicians up there in NY.

  11. When I use to live in upstate Ny Ithaca
    To be exact we use to say there’s more to NY
    Than Just Ny . What’s good for the city
    Isn’t good for the rest of the state

  12. What would it take to correlate changes in a state’s violent crime rate to the number of guns that leave NYS for that state? I know I’m just advocating adding one more controverting statistic to a long list of statistics but if after a year or so if there is no downward change in NY’s rate and there is no upward change in states that received guns from NYS might that be used to help repeal the S.A.F.E. Act?

    • Given that our previous AWB was ineffective, I can’t see the failre of NY SAFE actually influencing Cuomo.

      Heck, the goal of NY SAFE isn’t to reduce violence, it’s to reduce gun ownership.

  13. So now that we have this law in effect, won’t the GOA, SAF or someone else file a lawsuit to challenge it’s constitutionality?

  14. The “Dan Losquadro is dishonest” facebook page is great for all of us who do not live there

    They have a list of all his supporters for you to call and email. Lets start calling!!!

  15. On the NY State site, I saw a reference to the Browning Buckmark rifle being considered an assault weapon (check out the “legal pistols” pdf).

    America should cower in fear of this beast of a weapon. I hear Sly Stallone will be using one in Rambo: Part Five.

  16. Transfer them out of state?

    Aren’t these the same jerkoffs that whine about criminals getting guns from more permissive border states?

  17. So my Browning Buckmark Rifle is an “Assault Weapon”…. The only thing it has assaulted were some targets and a raccoon that was poking about during daylight hours. The NYS elected crew of Governor, Assembly & Senate is a bunch of buffoons for the most part.

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