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gun owners defy gun control civil disobedience

By Dr. LateBloomer

The call to “Resist!” seems to have become a liberal battle cry these days. But what most people don’t realize, and what the mainstream media avoids telling the public is that “resist” is exactly what firearms owners have been doing for literally decades in the face of unconstitutional gun laws. The level of civil disobedience to arbitrary firearms regulation has been truly staggering – and not just in the United States.

Here is a review some of the most recent examples:


The recent abysmal failure of the state of Vermont’s Bump Stock Amnesty is a perfect illustration of the recalcitrance of the general U.S. population when it comes to gun control.

In case you missed the news on this particular law, Vermont had an amnesty in place with an October first deadline which allowed owners of bump stocks to surrender them (uncompensated, of course) to the state police. After the deadline, the penalty for being found in possession of a bump stock became a thousand-dollar fine and up to a year in jail.

With that looming penalty, how many bump stocks were surrendered by Vermont citizens during the amnesty period? TWO. No really – two. Not two hundred. Just two.

Yes, a whole two evil bumps stocks were removed from the mean streets of the Green Mountain State. I’ll bet residents feel safer already.

New York

Speaking of “safer”, the New York State SAFE ACT  – the middle-of-the-night rape of New Yorkers’ gun rights in 2013, requiring the registration of all “assault weapons” in the state – resulted in a massive 4% compliance rate. The size of the giant middle finger that New York gun owners gave to their state government was so embarrassing that it required a two-year court battle to force the state to release the actual numbers under a FOIA suit.


New York’s neighbor to the north, Connecticut, fared only slightly better with their own gun registration plan, netting a pitiful 15% compliance rate among the state’s “assault weapon” owners.


And then there is California. The Golden State managed a whole 3% compliance with their latest assault weapons registration plan involving “bullet button assault weapons.” Apparently even Californians don’t like their own state government.

Despite what the media and gun-grabbing liberals would have us believe, Americans aren’t the only ones resistant to gun registration and confiscation schemes, either. Resistance in other countries is also quite high.


Remember the Australian model of gun control that Hillary and President Obama admired so much? What they didn’t tell you is that Australia’s “buyback”/confiscation achieved only an estimated 20% compliance rate. Hundreds of thousands of firearms owners in Australia did not cooperate. As a result, in the “be careful what you wish for” department, there is now a raging black market in firearms in that country.


Canada instituted a long gun registration scheme back in 1995. Not only did retrospective studies fail to demonstrate a positive effect on homicide rates, those famously “nice Canadians” largely failed to register their long guns until the shockingly expensive scheme (over $1 billion) collapsed under it’s own weight and was scrapped in 2012. If those notably polite and law-abiding Canadians refused to comply, why would anyone expect that Americans would react any differently?

With all of this evidence that gun control schemes not only don’t work, but that civilian populations are uncooperative and even contemptuous of such laws, WHY do liberal gun grabbers continue to push such an agenda?

They apparently fail to remember the adage that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. What that adage says about them is not particularly complimentary.

If nothing else, this data is heartening for gun owners. Our brothers and sisters in arms are not lying down in the face of arbitrary and unconstitutional gun legislation. They are fighting in the courts, and fighting in the only other peaceful ways available to them – by exercising their right to vote, and by refusing to comply.


Dr. LateBloomer’ is the pen name of a female general pediatrician (MD, MPH, FAAP) who enjoys competitive shooting sports, including IDPA, USPSA and 3-Gun. Evil semi-automatic firearms are her favorites. 

This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. You forgot all of the people in WA resisting Jay and dumbass Bobs infringements on our constitutional rights.

    • N.R.A. could learn something here ( they wont though ), No Compromise means just that.
      In addition we are all now learning that B.A.T.F.E. was not lawfully created by Congress and lacks jurisdiction on most cases.

      ” The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, has no venue or jurisdiction within the borders of any of the 50 States of the united States of America, except in pursuit of an importer of contraband alcohol, tobacco, or firearms, who failed to pay the TAX on those items. As proof, refer to the July 30, 1993 ruling of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, 1 F.3d 1511; 1993 U.S. App. Lexis 19747, where the court ruled in United States v. D.J. Vollmer & Co. that “the B.A.T.F. has jurisdiction over the first sale of a firearm imported to the country, but they don’t have jurisdiction over subsequent sales.”

      • If the information that you supplied is correct, why isn’t anyone challenging the gargantuan overreach of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ actions on possession, ownership, and sales of firearms within the individual states and the United States?

        • FEAR. …. most lawyers are too chickenshit.

          It’s a can of worms for sure, but G.O.A. is challenging their TAXING authority, so thats a start.

        • Why hasn’t anyone fought the ATFs totally unconstitutional infringements on our rights or any anti gun law that exists on any level since day 2.
          Unless your a multi bazzilionaire with spare interest to burn. Earned from your principle fundage ala Blumsbergerr and Sorios and other folks whos principle bank accounts don’t change.
          We the little people are just too dammed poor to do much of anything as individuals.
          So the best response is to tell the Feds and states Libitards who keep passing the over 20K laws on the books..
          FU and don’t comply. I have as much as I can.
          Oh and give $$ to the GAO not the NRA if you want something to try and get done.

      • All of the alphabet agencies are a part of the long-fought battle to destroy the United States, (quite literally) by foreign powers. They all began their charters in the same few decades, all are “Independent Executive Agencies”, meaning they have no public accountability nor prospect of public recourse, not even through the executive branch. There is no provision in the constitution for their creation, and the the public has practically no awareness of what their domains are.

        The truth is, their jurisdictional authorities overlap all of the constitutional government functions. That’s simply because the reality is, the banks, foreign owned banks, funded the creation of all of these agencies in one big push. Then they bribed/swindled congress to cosponsor their creation. Their expansions are proportional to the separation of the US dollar to a commodity reserve, historically. So they just inflate the debt-backed US dollar, printing to infinity to fund their expansions at any rate they please, public has no say.

        In the meantime, they staff these agencies with regular people looking for work, but at any point in time, they can just rotate out positions/transfer and launch a coordinated campaign to attack pieces of the constitution. Or they can have teams working for special purposes inside of these agencies. Therein lies the purpose of the DNI and the classification system we are using in government. It compartmentalizes information access between the agencies and employees of the agencies. That way, the regular people working in those agencies and the public can’t figure out whats going on, because they don’t have access to information which would paint the big picture. This is evident from the numerous scandals involving executive agencies (CIA, FBI, NRO, IRS, NSA, ATF) in the past decade. When these people doing nefarious things get caught, they are just quietly removed from the spot-light, then back to business as usual.

        They are a parallel government structure, introduced without vote, to destroy our constitution. The same people who fund and run these organizations are the same people who run the 501(c)3s that fund immigration and gun control think tanks, and antifa, and BLM, and the mainstream media. Unfortunately, this not only includes the usual suspects like CNN, MSN, NBC, CBS, TBS but also includes FOX, Breitbart, Drudge etc.

        The reason it seems like the “left” never goes away and keeps coming back is because the left vs right paradigm is a false paradigm. There is only slavery and freedom as a true spectrum. In the US it’s truly manifested as “constitutionality vs not”. The false left right paradigm is a matter of controlling the range of choices. Much like marxism and communism have their purveyors like Marx, Trotsky and Alinsky, so does “Conservativism”. “Conservatism”, which is a hijacking of “constitutionalism” is a concept described in political science as “Fusionism” which is a development attributed to a man named Frank Meyer.

        The public is being lied to, the sooner people in the US wake up, the better. America is under an attack. It’s complex. The only surefire catch all is: Constitution, now.

      • Thomas Jefferson was a brilliant man, who somehow foretold our future. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t provide room to wiggle out of it. It was moved from the 22nd up to the 2nd because of the Revolution with King George. We did not revolt because of some stupid Tea Tax, it was gun confiscation.We may need another King George soon.

      • Did not the treasonous lawmakers,that crafted these UnConstitutional laws think something different would happen.

        • Speaking of Vermont and it’s red flag/ERPO law.

          Vermont man takes on local police over state’s extreme risk protection order law

          When looked at through the eyes of North Chester resident Joe Blanchard, an ongoing clash with the Springfield Police Department has a lot to do with personal liberty, shifting community standards and Vermont’s increasing inclination to pass restrictive gun laws.

          Last spring, Blanchard became one of the first Vermonters to have his guns taken away under Act 97, Vermont’s new extreme risk protection order law. Republican Gov. Phil Scott signed the measure after police thwarted a teen’s plot to shoot up Fair Haven Union High School.

          Joe Blanchard’s clash with the Springfield Police Department over gun rights and personal liberty is a complex case with multiple layers.

      • My bad — turns out to be a long-standing “quote” that Jefferson didn’t say.
        Interestingly, it goes back to Thomas Aquinas! who said that an unjust law is no law at all, but is actually “a species of violence” against the people.

      • Thomas Jefferson and James Madison invented the Democrat-Republican party in the 1790’s. That’s right, it used to be one party. Both men inherited large plantains with slaves. Both men made considerable money while in politics but ended up having money problems later in life after they were out of politics

        Please don’t get me started on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We’ve been screwed since the very beginning.

    • I made my house a “Sanctuary Haven” for firearms.
      For all those living outside the constitutional Republic send me your guns….I will raise them and treat them as if them were my own….

      • Tragically, as reported in the comments of another article, all of my firearms were lost in a tragic boating accident. Actually, multiple tragic boating accidents. (I’m a slow learner.) Some of them are located in Lake Powell, just below The Rincon in 200′ of water.

        I appreciate your efforts to properly raise the offspring of Repressive-State firearm owners. If anyone wishes to place their firearms up for adoption, I can also promise a good home. (snort) It’s better than the “Boating Accident” story.

  2. “Banning guns now” is a side effect. The goal of these antigun laws is suppression and culture change.
    Make the gun owner an outcast.
    Make his “hobby” illegal.
    Change the perception of gun culture as one of violence and death.
    It doesn’t matter if this generation ignores the law and buries their bumpstocks. Future generations are the target.
    The banner cry of anti American forces is “ no new membership into gun culture” while maintaining the ever pressing drum beat of “gun violence as a human rights epidemic”

    • Alex Wait’s posted online comment is 100% correct! Read my letter below:

      Klamath Falls Herald and News: Thursday, January 17th, 2019/Letters To The Editor

      Petty tyrants’ want to take our guns

      Responding to, “Bill would require permits to buy guns, limit ammo”: Tuesday, Jan. 15 Herald and News, naturally angered, but didn’t surprise me. I predicted the socialist, elitist, Bolshevik legislators in Salem would perpetrate their anti-gun “class warfare/people control” agenda against autonomous Oregon gun owners.

      Jeffrey R. Snyder’s “A Nation Of Cowards: The Public Interest Quarterly 1993 states it best under, The Unarmed Life: The private ownership of firearms is a rebuke to this Utopian (socialist ) zeal. To own firearms is to affirm that freedom and liberty are not gifts of the state.

      “It is to reserve final judgment about whether the state is encroaching on freedom and liberty, to stand ready to defend that statement with more than mere words, and to stand outside the state’s totalitarian reach.” Freedom in America (and Oregon) is more than an illusion. Is further proof required the socialist treasonous elite in Salem want us common citizens disarmed? It doesn’t matter if firearm is a matchlock or flintlock musket, a handgun, or AR-15 type rifle: these petty tyrants don’t want us to own any firearm, period!

      Class warfare? Absolutely! Two Ashland Daily Tidings commentaries of mine bears this out. They include: : “Anti-gun agenda is class warfare” (Friday, Jan. 9, 2009) and “The war on America’s gun owners” (Monday, Aug. 3, 2009), respectively. These remain archived via the Ashland Daily Tidings at http://www.daily

      Finally, “Gun Confiscation for Dummies: ‘Red Flag’ Laws Are Glorified SWAT-ing: Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019, at http://www.thetruthaboutguns. A YouTube video courtesy of a pro-Second Amendment woman attorney is likewise posted at this same site and is titled: “Paying (bribing) states to confiscate guns.”

      Write and urge your local state representative/senator to oppose Senate Bill 501.

      James A. Farmer, Merrill

    • I know what you say is true, but here in the South it is a lot less likely. My son certainly is carrying on the tradition of gun ownership, he and most of his friends. Teach them as soon as they can comprehend the subject, teach as many as you can.

      • Yes Sir, I did teach my son to shoot and to respect firearms. He started at five with pump like shotgun BB gun, by six at twenty yards we enjoyed competing shooting the end of a can, got twenty before first miss. He’s 25 now owns couple long gun and a pistol and out shoots me, but I’m disabled now(my excuse 😉 ) he’s a hell of a hunter that respects the game and good fisherman fresh and saltwater and I’m very proud.

    • Exactly. People like to say romantic things about crusty 70yo farmers in Straya having SKSes buried in their yards, but if you can’t take it out and shoot it, you’re going to get rusty with it, and you won’t be able to pass on survival skills to your kids or grandkids, and they’d probably rat you out to the pointy-pole-patrol if you did show them your collection of non-functioning non-guns and repro Tigerstripe and Rhodesian camo clothes hidden under the floorboards.

    • These laws which restrict firearm ownership are simply a tool that scumbag politicians and scumbag bureaucrats use against their political enemies and to score points with their voting base.

  3. One small point for correcting: Connecticut is east of New York State (not to mention the City of New York,) not north. That would be Canada.

      • James T Matters – lol, wut? You sound like you didn’t even attend school! The eastern border of NY state shares a western border with Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The only part of NY state that faces the Atlantic ocean is Long Island.

      • Dear friend,

        Mass, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine are all east of New York state. They are all also north of New York City.

        Do look at a map.

      • Any post you every make should have this one pinned to it so people know that you’ll happily opine authoritatively (and condescendingly) about things of which you are completely ignorant.

      • Someone needs to look at a map. The borough of Staten Island is about the furthest South you can get in both NYC and New York.

        To the east of S.I. is Long island.

        North of Long Island is Connecticut.

        Connecticut is also EAST of a part of New York from New York City to about even with the Catskills.

        Then Massachusetts is East of New York and North of Connecticut.

        So Connecticut is North Of a part of New York AND East Of parts of New York.

        You have to go thru New York to get to Connecticut from any other state west of the Hudson river.

    • For God sake!! Who the fuck cares guys!! This isn’t about geographical location for christ sake, it’s about gun control!
      Jesus, if yo’re going to argue about something as trivial as no it is east, no north, no sw, then we are truely doomed.

      • Thank You!! This is exactly why we are slowly losing… I hear people at the range arguing about all sorts of meaningless shit and yet few of them write letters or give money to GOA… sad

        • Agreed, the one positive thing I can say about the left is at least they’re all on the same page rhetorically. Gun owners are all splintered up in numerous sub sets arguing among themselves. Does divide and conquer ring a bell? The founding fathers would be discussed at what we’ve morphed into. That’s why the left will eventually win, 20 years from now it will be all over. The boomer generation will die with their 2nd amendment intact. The GenXers will rollover and accept it, and the Millennials do as they always have and always will do, not a GOD Damned thing. And the Feds won’t stop at the 2nd amendment, welcome to 1984, 34 years late suckers…

    • And everything west of NYC is New Jersey, until you get to Los Angeles (at least, that’s how the residents of NYC see it.)

  4. Fortunately, in the United States, we have the Second Amendment and a number of US Supreme Court Decisions which make it clear, any law that explicitly conflicts with the US constitution is Null and Void. So US gun owners have no reason to “resist.” It is the government that is on the defensive every time. (I just wish someone would tell the government this fact!)

    • The problem is that it any law can be worn down with enough persistence… what truly matters is the resolve of those supporting the founding tenets of our country.

      The fight against this kind of extremism is a multi-generational fight … and, call me jaded but, I just don’t see our side holding out unless something changes.

      There are few these days who back up their talk – whatever that may be – with actions… and we are being talked into extinction.

    • All the amendments were written assuming that there would be Patriots willing to fight and die for those ideals. Sadly, other than the 1% of you, those hero’s who’ve fought and died for this country in Iraq and Afghanistan what else does your generations (GenXers and Millennials) have that is willing and able to step up to the plate for freedom? I hear a whole lot of talk on sites like this and YouTube but very little action. Those Patriots in 1776,1860, 1916, 1941, 1951, 1965, were willing to die for freedom. Sadly I just don’t see that in the general population today, especially in the Millennial generation. They’re way too wrapped up in themselves and their petty little problems to give freedom a second thought.

  5. Yes. In addition to non-compliance, non-registration of assult weapons and Voting, us folks behind enemy lines keep up the fight by also keep buying guns and ammo, we bring new people into our world of shooting for sport/hunting/self-defense, we attempt to have rational conversation with the left leaning to show them we are not what the media portrays us as and we teach our youth to shoot straight and safe.

  6. The magazine capacity limits strike me as the most absurd of all. So, we all have a stock of 30-round magazines. NJ AR-owners have their 15-round magazines which are now illegal; they have to buy 10-round magazines. Next year those will be made illegal and they will have to buy 5-round magazines.

    If a national limit is ever debated in Congress, the magazine manufacturers will be running 3 shifts 7 days a week turning out 30-round magazines as fast as the dealers can take shipments. The country will be flooded with 30-round (and larger) magazines.

    Following will be a flood of orders for the newly-mandated tiny sized magazines.

    Following will be a flood of orders for PVC pipe to bury all the new and old illegal large-capacity magazines.

    To be sure, the black market will be flooded with (illegal) 30-round magazines so jihadis, crazies and criminals will have no difficulty acquiring whatever they need to undertake their “missions”.

    And, to be sure, when the march to Lexington & Concord begins again, the nation’s inventory of 30-round magazines will be dug-up and found in good condition having been hermetically sealed in PVC pipe for the duration of peace.

    What do the gun-controllers hope to accomplish with magazine capacity limits? I can’t imagine any rationale whatsoever.

    • Hey neighbor! I’m moving from NJ to PA to help you guys fight. You guys have a chance. No one here in NJ turned in mags. It’s a joke. First week of January some nut was shooting at houses with his AR. He DIDN’T have 10 round magazines LOL SHOCKER!!!!! 30 rounders baby.

      • You guys are pathetic, bloviating about magazine sizes. If you don’t have guns and ammo to put in your prized 30 round mags what are you going to do, throw them at people. Don’t think for a second there isn’t a history of every gun purchase every gun owner has ever made somewhere. What a joke. And when you come up with some lame excuse why you don’t have every gun on that list do you actually believe the authorities are going to swallow that Bullshit? No you’re going to jail, until you produce those weapons on that list. As far as ammunition goes, I’ve been saying all along. They’re not coming after your guns or mags. That would be a colossal waste of time. They’ll just stop allowing the sale of ammunition. This isn’t going to happen overnight folks, the elimination of guns in this country will be slow and methodical. In 10 years the Feds will have everyone disarmed if That’s what they want. And you’ll all be sitting on your hands waxing philosophically about the good old days. LMFAO.

        • You think you’ll go to ‘jail’ until you can produce every firearm on that list!?

          I doubt it, it will be a bullet to the back of your head while you’re on your knees!

          That’s why, “if it’s time to bury them”, “it’s time to dig them up”!

          I for one AM willing to die in the name of freedom preservation. Which, they probably WOULD ‘get me’, but I’ll tell you what; I’m taking some of those motherF–Kers with me!

        • That’s why you don’t just buy guns and ammo for them. You make sure you can load your own ammo too.

  7. Possum is sad, his house burned down and he didn’t have renters insurance. It caught on fire last nite, FD said electrical fire. Possum is living with landlord until he gets another place, won’t be in the paradise country he had, Everything burnt up , grabbed my phone, .45 and the clothes I am wearing now. Thankfully, not trusting the Gubment, he had a few firearms stashed in another persons residence. Possum is sad, real sad, puke sick sad. Ashes nothing but ashes, excuse me got a puke again

    • Hang in there, Possum.

      My place burned about 15 years back, and it SUCKED.

      At least my cat got out alive…

    • If you use any sort of plug-in space heater, check the plug and cord daily during use to make sure they’re not too hot. We had one that got so hot the plastic melted because the prongs were poorly soldered to the wire. I had to turn off the breaker to unplug it. Was a six month old heater, Chinese, of course, and an expensive one to boot. Could have burned the house down.

      • Yup in the kitchen, thinking probably space heater, popped a breaker so I plugged it into the microwave’s outlet 30amp breaker. Chinese

        • That’s how the chicoms are gonna get us. Cheap shit products designed to take us out by “accident”.

    • Amen, Brother! I don’t give a damn what this corrupt State of Illinois passes for “gun laws”. I’ve got what I need, all I want, it’s all “stashed” where no one is going to find it so these liberal anti-gun corrupt politicians can just kiss my ass! Besides, moving to another state is looking better all the time.

      • INDIANA beckons…and it’s only a mile away. I’m about to turn 65 and I’ve had enough. There is no fixing this chit state…

      • If you’re “old”, moving is a viable option. If you’re under 50, you’re only going to get a temporary reprieve. Progressivism is a societal sickness that is spreading, and eventually there’s not going to be anywhere to move to.

        • Aye, if theres no revolution by the time I’m 65+… I’m probably giving most of my guns to family and jumping ship to Norway. I’ve always wanted to go there but they don’t allow dual citizenship (yet)

  8. Hey, civil disobedience worked for Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. It can work for us. They both broke laws that were unjust. We should too. I know I’ll never register or surrender a damn thing.

  9. Gun owners will continue to be demonized, and if they fail to comply, lumped in with the real criminals and will be deemed to be worthy of destruction. Shannon Watts has already called us ‘cockroaches’ that need to be stamped out of existence. It took Hitler less than a decade from coming to power to building extermination camps, and if you think it couldn’t happen here I might remind you of the internment camps built for the Japanese during WWII.

    • You guys are missing the point of all these new laws. Non compliance is not a bug, it’s a feature! The point is to turn all gun owners into felons. No going to the range, no teaching your kids our way of life. Hide them, bury them. No more talking to your gun buddies, because if one of them gets jammed up, do you think they’d through you under the bus to save their family. Stop a home invasion, and oh look, that gun is illegal, or the magazine is too big, or you used the wrong kind of bullets. Poof, you’re arrested, convicted, and now you’re a felon. No voting and no guns for you! You can’t get a good job as an ex con, so you’re whole family suffers.
      If you have to hide your guns, you might as well not own them. You’re carrying all the risks and getting not of the rewards

      • So when it comes time to fight back to save this country, your going to roll over and show your belly? Sell your guns and turn your man card in and move to kalifornia. You sir are sheep trying to play sheepdog that was nurtured. I’m sorry but anyone that gives up that easy is weak minded to the propaganda? Let me say, I’m disabled with pain so severe at times, it’s hard to keep going. I do not because of fear of death, it’s fear for my family and friends that’s keeping me going, I’m waiting for the blood to drop on CW2.0(civil war) or for President Trump to ask for help from citizens patriots to march on Washington with some to help fed marshals to round up the traitors to be brought to justice. One way or the other. Question are all the cops going to enforce unconstitutional laws? Are they willing to go to a house to take someone’s guns and die for a socialist politician? I’ve asked on lots of comments and haven’t got one answer! I took the oath in 81′ and still honor it! Do you?

        • I’m sorry if you took my rant as a call for surrender. That is not where I was going at all. I was just trying to point out the reality of the situation. When the government decides to come for your guns, they won’t say so. They’ll come for the meth lab in your basement, or the kiddy porn on your computer, or your ties to radical Islam. If you fight, you won’t be a hero defending our rights, you’ll just be another dead scumbag. If it comes to this, the war won’t be fought with a roar, just a whole lot of little whimpers. Nobody fought for the Davidians, or Randy Weaver. Don’t expect anyone to fight for you. The only hope I hold out is from theClive Bundy standoff.

        • Most cops are decent people. But at the same time, they have families, mortgages, college funds, and pensions. You better believe they’ll enforce whatever they’re told to enforce.

        • While I must agree for the majority of cops, that agreement goes right out the window when SHTF. A few hundred dead cops and there will be no more compliance with unconstitutional laws. Many will quit completely, others will refuse unconstitutional orders, possibly shooting the person issuing them.

        • Most of the county Sheriffs in Washington State have affirmed that they have no intention of enforcing the crazy anti-gun laws coming out of Olympia and (by initiative) the rich sections of Seattle and King County. The town of Republic, Washington made headlines by passing an ordinance that infringing state laws would not be enforced in town.

          Although law enforcement in the big cities typically sides with the liberals who appointed the police chief, out in the rural areas, the law is usually on the side of the citizens.

        • Larry, any SHTF situation will be a planned controlled demolition, much like the 3 towers that collapsed on 9/11. Don’t kid yourself.

        • Pg2, any such “controlled demolition” will not affect my guns, and is not what I was referring to.

        • You are right Tweety Rex. Anyone who resists will be labeled a psycho or terrorist. Without leadership any resistance will be futile. One against many is a lost cause and suicide. They won’t be coming to your home when you expect them, they’ll wait until an inopportune time like 3:30 in the morning when they kick in your door and shoot your Dog. Before you can react they’ll have you hog-tied on the bedroom floor and you’ll gladly give them every gun and bullet you own to protect your family. All the tough talk on this and a myriad of sites on the internet is all just good bullshit. Then they’ll ask you about anyone you know who has any “illigal contraband” ( guns and ammo) and like any of the other posers on this page you’ll tell them to keep from going to jail. But don’t feel ashamed, 90% of the population will do exactly what you did. I once knew a good old country boy here in Florida that spoke of another country invading the USA. He said that him and all his buddies would just retreat back into the swamps and fight it out. Little does he know the reality of that situation. A properly trained and equipped platoon of Marines could easily take out 150 good old boys in any swamp in the world.

  10. You may have heard about the proposed law in Oregon to radically change firearm laws: BANNING “assault weapons”, five-round magazine limits, allowing purchase of only twenty rounds of ammo per month, and more idiocy. There is no mention of budgeting the huge new bureaucracy that all this would require. This proposal was pushed by a group of fired-up senior students from Lake Oswego High School in the aftermath of the madman tragically shooting up Douglas High in Parkland, Florida. Lake Oswego High is the most ELITIST and EXPENSIVE “public” school in the entire state of Oregon, in the RICHEST city in the state, built around a large PRIVATE LAKE that nobody but local land owners can access. These kids know little of the real world, except that they will likely get extra-credit grades; they also did not know that the Parkland madman used only FIVE ROUND MAGAZINES, a fact hidden until only recently. This idiocy could actually pass into law, but public compliance will be nonexistent!

    • Wasn’t that IP 43, which failed to get on the ballot?

      Or are the urban authoritarians up to something new?

      • Yes to both. They failed last time around, but they’re pushing something even worse in the legislature right now. Same as it ever was.

  11. Don’t forget. Guns and accessories made illegal by some new unconstitutional ruling are not really illegal. They’re just undocumented. 😉

    • They’re refugees seeking to avoid brutal dismemberment. Gotta give sanctuary to all that we can.

  12. Quotation: “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” Sources checked: Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Digital Edition. Thomas Jefferson retirement papers.

    So there. One of the founding fathers encouraged me to disobey.

  13. Any law that is unconstitutional isn’t a law as far as most people are concerned. We are not stupid sheep in this country, we are just as smart as those criminals in DC and state governments who SERVE US!. The key words in that statement is “SERVE US”. It is they that serve us, not the other way around. If they refuse to serve us to our pleasure, they can and will be removed.

  14. Judging by the blatant effort, particularly here in CA, to register non-citizens to vote, the only thing left is resistance/non-compliance. Be aware that the Left’s claim that Hillary won the popular vote, the number of the “win” are almost EXACTLY the same numbers thought to be the illegally registered voters!

    • There’s not a trace of any indication that there were that many illegal voters.

      In this last election we were screwed either way, an outcome the inventors of the Electoral College didn’t imagine: two candidates, neither deserving of being president. The EC saved us from one of those by its purpose of restraining the popular vote, but thanks to those who worship democracy and thus passed laws requiring Electors to set aside one of the major purposes of the EC and vote as “the people” did, we got stuck with the other.

      It’s ironic to me that it was the people most loudmouthed against Trump whose agenda guaranteed his victory. We need a federal law mandating that Electors can vote their conscience!

      • No. Electors who “vote their conscience” are called faithless for a reason. The purpose of the EC is to ensure that population centers can’t overwhelm everyone else. It checks the tyranny of the majority.

        You would have had us stuck with Shillery?

        • Wood, you must be new to this argument, that is definitely NOT what he is advocating. He is suggesting that the nameless, faceless, completely irresponsible electors have the unlimited authority to install *anyone at all* as president, in this case probably Barack Obama, the now and future king. It is really idiotic besides completely lacking in thought or justification, would result in assassinations most of the time, until somebody thought of assassinating the electors themselves. A more rational idea would be to eliminate the physical electors for electronics, since there is no latitude for decisions any more (I think?) why are they needed, particularly when a Hitlery supporter can be elected to cast the vote for Trump.

      • Wood is exactly correct, the Electoral College is the reason those of us in fly-over country have a voice in electing who will be elected. Otherwise the west coast and northeast states would select the president every four years with nothing we could do about it.

        • Common folks. “Common Sense” tells the Libitard story. Let in as many illegals from the south as you can. Make all the currently illegals here legal citizens overnight.
          110% of the former illegals will vote Libitard Democrats in no matter who or where they are.
          We lose every election for the next 30 years.
          America becomes Venezuela. And the Libitards destroy this country without a shot fired.
          That’s their long term plain and anyone who denies that is the current Libitard strategy is completely full of shit.
          In the mean time for Us.
          NON compliance is the way to go for anything these shitheads come up with.
          Its mandatory.

  15. Who I’m feeling sorry for (slightly) is the cops that will have to eventually round up and arrest the otherwise law abiding citizens that refuse to follow these unconstitutional laws. A lot of these cops are pro-gun and will either refuse to obey, quit or risk having their former shooting buddies coming after them and their families. Big target on their backs.

    • You missed one major option for cops, which would be my choice if I were a cop. Salute smartly, say “Yes, Sir!!” with conviction, get in your car and head out, a quick stop at the donut shop and the day’s over, “Sorry, sir, couldn’t find him! Shall I try again tomorrow, or are you going to do it yourself?” If you refuse the order, you may well be fired, so instead just become massively incompetent. You do need to be able to recognize when SHTF, though, if other cops are trying to enforce such stupidity, somebody will start shooting uniformed cops, without checking their arrest records to see if they’re bad guys. Time to take a few weeks off.

  16. While it may be fun to do so, not complying with gun law opens you up for other problems. A friend whose wife has an adult son living in their home, had the house tossed, and all his guns were taken. The kid had been arrested at a party for drug possession. The son had no guns and the guns were locked in a safe in his bedroom. The police maintain that the kid(23 years old) had access to them because he lived in the home. Taken were a few homebuilt ARs that were not registered in Ca. He had many firearms and ammo. This may be a case that makes him a felon for the ARs(by Ca law)

    Sucks to be him.

    • I’m not understanding….was party at the house he lived at?

      How/why cops search, who consented or did they have a warrant?

      • This is why I oppose laws prohibiting gun ownership for previously convicted criminals. If the crime did not involve actual use of a gun (mere possession is not use) then after appropriate punishment and perhaps a probationary period all civil rights should be restored. For example, felony reckless driving resulting in a death is punished by temporary driving license revocation but permanent gun prohibition; this makes no sense.

        • Active negligent homicide by reckless driving should result in permanent loss of your drivers license. And jail time.

    • That’s a really tough one.

      I often get asked for counsel by parents whose adult kids are living in their home and doing questionable things. I always tell them that only two things are true: 1) You can’t control what they do or what they bring into your house as much as you think, especially stuff like drugs and B) what they do can affect you if it runs afoul of the laws in your state.

      I wonder how the cops even knew your friend had guns in the first place, since the possession didn’t happen at home. Did the kid tell them?

      I’ve also been asked for counsel by young people living with a parent who’s doing same, and I tell them the same thing.

  17. The elected numbnutses who have enacted the referenced legislation, let them now enforce their “work product”. Regarding citizens who voted for such proposals, supposedly while on the way to crusifiction Jesus offered the following. “Forgive them, they know not what they do”.

    • If their arrogant stupidity results in a shooting war with hundreds of thousands dead, I will forgive them after we hunt them down and hang them, alongside their entire families.

  18. Over 30 or 35 years back I recall in Arizona the reaction to neighboring California’s latest gun control laws. Co-workers were talking about how Arizona should set up border stations for east bound traffic entering the state. Non-Californians would be allowed to pass thru or come visit, no problem. Californians would be turned back, or made to apply for a Tourist Visa with a fee assessed. This kind of talk made it into some local news at the time.

    “I WILL NOT COMPLY” has a long history in this country, and not just from back when it was King George we were dealing with.

    Hey, who’s heard of that “Prohibition” deal they did back nearly a hundred years ago? Anyone recall how the “I WILL NOT COMPLY” crowd fared then?

    • I would think of that long history of resisting moonshiners would qualify,think the whiskey rebellion.

  19. Hi Dan
    Did you get the link I sent last week of the man in rural Australia who was found with 109 unlicensed firearms?

    If they are still finding caches of 100 plus in Australia 22 years after “buy back/ steal” I cannot imagine how many in USA if they try.

  20. If a commonly exercised constitutional right is made unlawful, what incentive is there to follow any law?

  21. Before I moved out of Commifornia I did not comply! Now I live in the Free State of Idaho. Almost moved to Oregon & Washington
    Thank God we moved North East instead of North!!!!!!

      • The number I saw at the time was under $40 million, I think 38, but it was everything the NRA had. They also were not supporting Trump, they were opposing Hillary.

  22. Forgot to mention that in NJ ZERO “high-capacity” magazines have been turned in

    BTW, there is NO SUCH THING as a “high-capacity” magazine!

    There are regular-, normal- or standard-capacity magazines.
    And then there are tyrannical, government-mandated, 2A-infringing, reduced- or low-capacity magazines.

    Don’t let them co-opt the language.

    Abortion is not “women’s health service.”
    Homosexual pervert unions are not “gay marriage.”
    Open borders is not “immigration reform.

    • Nah, there is such a thing as “hi-cap” magazines, I’ve seen some neat 60-round items the same length as the 30-round ones, and somebody has a 50-round drum, Personally I prefer the 20-round, less weight and less interference in prone position.

  23. “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

    – Ayn Rand

  24. Government can Kiss My Ass – I Live the 1st & 2nd Amendment – All the rest have been Trashed by the Scum at SCOTUS.

  25. “WHY do liberal gun grabbers continue to push such an agenda? They apparently fail to remember the adage that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

    Short version: They are achieving their actual goals.

    Agree with most of the article, especially the general message. However, gun grabbers are NOT liberal. They are authoritarian, the opposite of liberal. Nothing good comes from allowing leftists to re-define words.

    More importantly, the ones pushing gun control ARE getting the results they want: 1) laws on the books for (eventual) selective enforcement against political opponents who are not adequately submissive, 2) fewer peasants buying guns due to the associated hassle, expense, and risk, and 3) votes from misinformed idiots*.

    *While votes are still needed. With collectivist authoritarians, it’s generally a race to secure enough control before a critical mass of the common rabble understand that they’ve been duped.

  26. I have to wonder how much of the noncompliance is active resistance and how much is lack of paying attention to changing gun laws. There are any number of people who pay no attention to this subject at all, simply assuming that if it was legal when they bought it, it is still legal. This goes for mags as well as newly enacted registration requirements in California and the new ammo law.

    • As a lifetime supporter and life member of the nra, I cannot and will not recommend donating anything else to them given the most recent changes to the NRA’s philosophy about compromising on at least 2 laws, slide fire stocks and red flag laws (they support both)…. I will be looking into GOA and others who are actually going to stand up and do something with challenging unconstitutional attacks on the constitution….. I would suggest everyone do a little research on who aligns with your beliefs and then give them the support you can….. support IS crucial!!!

  27. They don’t expect to get guns surrendered, not right away.
    They expect to drive away the new generation of voters from ever holding a gun.
    That’s how NAZI and Commies got the kids to turn in their own parents for killings.
    So watch out for your niece, soy sipping nephews, etc. to turn you in.

  28. Hi fellow gun owners, dont be so upset, thank God, that YOU DO NOT LIVE IN MASSACHUSETTS, as I do, we have some of the worse Gun negative, laws , that you can imiagine.

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