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The Gun Owners of America (GOA) has declared its opposition to appointing General David Petraeus as the next Secretary of State. The GOA is telling supporters that the General is not a friend of ours — in no uncertain terms . . .

Although Petraeus seldom speaks publicly on domestic issues, he hates guns so much that he teamed up with anti-gun leader Mark Kelly and his wife, Gabrielle Giffords, to co-found the Veterans Coalition for Common Sense, an anti-gun organization devoted to “do[ing] more to prevent gun tragedies” by “urging lawmakers to toughen gun laws….”

Petraeus’ “Clinton-like” disregard for American security is the least of his problems. Macy ticked off the ways in which Petraeus’ anti-gun animus could affect his performance at State….

Petraeus would also effectively decide whether to push for ratification of the anti-gun UN Small Arms Treaty.

Finally, Petraeus would have jurisdiction over the international trade (ITAR) regulations. Under Clinton/Kerry “guidance,” these regulations have been expanded to outlaw gunsmithing.

General Petraeus is currently Chairman of KKR Global Institute, an investment firm. Before making a beeline for big bucks, Petraeus served as Director of the CIA, Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and head of the U.S. Central Command. He resigned from the CIA in 2012 after admitting to an extramarital affair with his official biographer, Paula Broadwell. He subsequently pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials, stemming from allegations that he provided classified materials to Ms. Broadwell.

Despite being on probation as a result of that guilty plea President-Elect Donald Trump is considering the General for the Secretary of State’s position in the new administration (if appointed he’d have to notify his probation officer of any change in employment,) As of this writing, the President-Elect has not announced a decision. Mitt “MA AWB” Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton and Bob Corker are reportedly in the running for the slot.

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  1. It is highly unlikely that Patreaus will be nominated but if he is and then confirmed he is not going to be a lone wolf. President Trump wIll be setting Second Amendment policy.

    If Trump places restrictions on the importation of guns and ammo it will be strictly for economic reasons. He said he will protect American industry from foreign competing and he didn’t exempt industries where you like to buy foreign products. You wanted it and you could get it good and hard. The Second Amendment gives us the unrestricted right to keep and bear arms but it does not give us the right to import them.

      • This. It would be the height of hypocrisy to nominate Petraeus for Sec. of State considering the way Trump attacked Clinton on the emails/private server issues. Nevermind Petraeus’ apparent views on gun control.

      • SAF’s objection isn’t about his legal problems which I agree should and probably will eliminate him from consideration. Their objection is it would put him in a position to implement import restrictions. That is a non issue. He won’t be setting gun policy. Trump will.

        • “Well, the D.C. vs. Heller decision was very strongly — and she was extremely angry about it. I watched. I mean, she was very, very angry when upheld. And Justice Scalia was so involved. And it was a well-crafted decision. But Hillary was extremely upset, extremely angry. And people that believe in the Second Amendment and believe in it very strongly were very upset with what she had to say.”

          Sure sounds like Trump has a good read on the issue (he said pretty sarcastically). We’d all better hope to God that Donald Trump isn’t the lead voice on RKBA in his administration, since his son Eric (who isn’t in any official position of power or an adviser, by the way, despite plausible assertions he has his father’s ear) is the only pro-gun voice I’m aware of that’s anywhere near the man at this point (or ever has been)

    • Yes, we’ll give you Romney instead. Enjoy. One mass shooting and Trump will be siding with the folks who get the most tv coverage, which will be the victims, not the NRA. Showmen don’t operate on principle, they do things that get attention, like taking a call from the Taiwanese president to say something without saying it to the Chinese. Trust that kind of person do you? Don’t worry, just an ammo registry here and expanded background checks there.

      • ” . . . like taking a call from the Taiwanese president to say something without saying it to the Chinese. . .”

        Yeah, how dare Trump piss off the Chinese that way! This kind of behavior is just too dangerous. Doesn’t he understand how touchy the Chinese are and how any small slight from us can cause them to react in unpredictable ways? Surely Trump should know that simply taking a phone call from the Taiwanese president will be seen as a grave insult by the Chinese. It is the responsibility of the United States to understand where the Chinese are coming from so that we don’t do anything to upset them. Once we have offended them, there’s no telling what they might do! Trump is going to just make things that much worse with this completely irresponsible behavior. Taking a phone call from the Taiwanese without Chinese permission? The very idea!!!

        Hummm. Co-dependence, anyone? //SARC//

        • He really needs to hire someone on diplomatic protocol to advise him on stuff like that.

          (Or buy a protocol ‘droid. I hear the C-3PO model is good…)

    • “The Second Amendment gives us the unrestricted right to keep and bear arms but it does not give us the right to import them.”

      Um bullshit and you just contradicted yourself after you said BUT like the “I believe in the 2nd Amendment people BUT” people so you are no different than them.

      The last time I checked the 2nd Amendment said the right to bear arms not the right to bear only American arms. Unless we are in a state of war with a country then import restrictions are defacto infringements on the 2nd. Don’t bring up the whole regulating “trade” BS because we don’t regulate the other rights as such so the 2nd should not be treated any differently. We don’t restrict “foreign” speech that is hateful to America.

      Also we already have tons of import restrictions already so why add more? Maybe if you and others stopped obsessing over American guns as the end all, be all you would know that nugget of fact.

  2. Petraeus cannot accept the appointment as Secretary of State even if it’s offered to him.

    The terms of his probation prohibit him from belonging to any criminal organization or enterprise. So he can’t work for the government or the Democrat party.

      • Step 3) reinvestigate all the ways the FING POS is going to try to provide all of the paid for globalist deliverables promised by Hillocrap, invluding the UN 2030 Sustainability Agenda replete with anti gun, pro abortion, global warming, global communism. F Petraeus, and all the liberal_progressive_communist_globalist [&] (D) and their progeny, who want more of the UN/Obama/muslim-loving/hillosh_t/global communist agenda

        • You know, I just can’t quite figure you out. Are you a troll or just in desperate need of a good piece of tail?
          If it’s tail you need, perhaps you have secrets you could use to impress a biographer like Betrayus did?

        • He may be a bit ADHD.

          It *might* be an issue of being forgetful in the taking of his ‘meds’…


        • Again, funny at least you didn’t say I was wrong.

          No, Conservatives don’t usually express themselves this way, but I’m done with the hold your tongue and do the fall-back until you’re caught under the waterfall with POS liberal assholes. How about this, if you run and hide, I won’t tell them where you are.

      • So, basically do an Obama/Clinton arrangement again? Because it worked so well last time? It’s sickening how receptive people are to official corruption so long as it’s their own side doing the dirt. In this case it’s even more pathetic since Patraeus isn’t even on ‘our’ side (he’s an anti-gun statist who likely thinks the military could do a better job running the nation than civilians), but because Trump insists on conversing with this disgraced ass, many of his supporters seem willing to forget his past incompetence. Nothing new there, though.

    • He does not support civilian ownership of firearms and he was at the latest Bilderberg meeting in Germany. The hell with this guy.

  3. Agree, No on Petraeus, partially because of the baggage be brings, but more so because of his gun grabber leanings.

    Also a big No on Romney and No on Bolton. They both suck.

    Yes on Giuliani.

        • Correction function doesn’t seem to be working today and I wish to add that I was not making a gesture of support.

        • And you’re a jew hating lib?

          I’m a Catholic, so f all else (that’s personal, that’s NOT RC Church doctrine), but GOD has chosen his people, and i support that.

          There are a lot of negative stereotypes for all peoples out there. My policy is strictly that all stereotypes begin in ignorance but they persist when too many people live up to them. Jews are no different, and they (also) better work A LOT harder (on their own) on preventing anything like another Holecaust. If that means fing up a whole lotta vocal Jew haters for no fing reason to put the fear of GOD in a few mfs, I’ll sit by and watch.

        • “Chosen people”? Try to keep in mind, when your god wanted to step out on Saturday night for some tail, his chosen people was a 12-year-old jewish girl. And all the humans he has revealed himself to were jewish.

        • That’s blasphemy, and GOD likely chose Mary from the beginning of time but Told the Jews there were HIS chosen people long before Mary was born.
          GOD didn’t step out, HE sent his HOLY SPIRIT through the Angel Gabriel to ask Mary if she would be the Mother of the Savior of The World and she said yes (see what she said in “The Magnificat” and the beautiful Christmas English Hymm “Gabriel’s Message”). There was no “sex” as it was not needed. WHEN HE WHO IS SAYS IT, it IS.

        • And, GOD was, and has since been, revealed to the world (maybe even here, although, pardon me, not by me, and never let me cause even the shadow of your foot to fall outside of the path that HE has set you on).

      • How well did he get along with all the other ambassadors at the U.N. when he served in that role? (Quick answer: Not well. He was a screaming jerk.) Given his record as Ambassador to the U.N., how do you think he will perform when dealing with world leaders? The man is an idiot.

        • But he’d complement the other members of Trumps’s “Team of A-Holes” so well (referencing Lincoln’s ‘Team of Rivals’ here). Between Trump, Mattis, Bolton, and Milo, the liberals’ heads would ASPLODE!!!1! I will at least grant that effective administrators tend to be assholish, but so do a whole lot more ineffective managers that get in the way of business. I’d need more research on Bolton to know for sure which he is, but seeing as he’s of the Iraq War 2.0 vintage I’m guessing the latter. As far as I can tell, 95% of his appeal is saying crass things bluntly* that makes war-hawks feel more confident, rather than concrete accomplishments to our advantage at the UN. Which is par for the course with this administration so far, so not very surprising (it’s early yet, I know)

          *see: Idiocracy

        • Bolton did great, If you mean how did he get along with the aholes at the UN?, then not well and that is as it should be. The UN should be bulldozed into the East River, it is not because that would be an environmental catastrophe (to the lower Hudson and NY Harbor).

          Anyone having a problem with Trump’s Team is jus a liberal POS that will no longer get a cookie.

    • If Trump doesn’t have problem with Romney why should you. To quote the Donald “heah, I said some pretty nasty things about him too.”

      • Romney is a POS Globalist/Socialist pretend (barely) Conservative.

        Trump doesn’t want him or he’d already be approved. Trump’s handlers are floating trial balloons and they are way the F TOO INSULAR (as D.C. Always is) and Trump’s handlers are already infected with the “We ran to serve the people, now let’s see how we can stay here” mentality.
        But, the Conservatives and (R) voters that put him there are still pissed at the POS (D) and the wetshit (R) and all he little fbag POS (D) voters out there that tried to give us more of that sh_t that Trump’ll be hearing from the masses pretty soon if it looks like business as usual, and the “devil we know” bs we’ve been sold for years.
        We could still do civil war.

        • Trumpsters like you are political idolitors. You have created the Donald in your own image just like Obama voters dId in 2008. Donald Trump is an old school big government loving libreal Democrat crony capitalist masquerading as Republican. A literal RINO. He occupies the space between center/left and center/right just like George Meany or Tip O’Neal. Only the delusion think otherwise. The great thing about being a #neverhillary trumps #nevertrump voter is that President Trump will only give us pleasant surprises.

        • Romney’s probably too conservative for Donald’s liking, to be frank. Hard to simplify the tax code & regulations while passing out tax breaks to politically valuable corporate allies*

          *Trump’s taking credit for the Carrier ‘deal’ is bad in several ways; 1) Trump himself had very little to do with it yet is grandstanding worse than Obama after Bin Laden was killed, 2) he is conditioning supporters to expect direct negotiations between his administration and corporations to further their interests. This happens now with boondoggles like Solyndra and military contractors, but it doesn’t make it right or any less Economic Fascism. 3) The Carrier deal is the smallest of small, temporary potatoes, and strongly suggests more temporary quick fixes for easy political points rather than hard work needed to make broad, long term changes that benefit us all (par for the course in the Trump school of business from what I understand)

  4. I’m warming up to this Tulsi Gabbard. Yeah, she is a democrat from Hawaii, you wouldn’t expect much good to come out of that combination, but she’s a pro 2A veteran, that hits the mark on most of the foreign policy issues. She just doesn’t have the notoriety of the others, so she probably doesn’t stand a chance. Combined with Mattis at Secretary of Defense, I think that would be a good combination.

    • No, she’s F’d, I don’t care if she was only dog-catcher or her dad signed her up for the communist (D) party when she was only a child and too young to realize the (D) were satan’s minions.

      If she lives in a blue state, she MAY be part of the problem. If she has a (D) after her name, is a liberal_progressive_communist_globalist, or a RINO . . .


      • I’m presuming you also hated Reagan, since he was damaged by being a Democrat at one time.

        And Trump, man, you gotta hate him, because he was a Democrat for most of his life.

        • I don’t have to “like” him, my jury’s still out. We’ll see. I’m Conservative, and if his policies forthcoming are not, then yes, my dislike may rise to the level of hate.

          Reagan was a (D) before the majority of their POS-ness came into being. Reagan didn’t shift parties to get elected, however (as he would have had an easier time with the (D) if he merely spouted enough of their cr_p) he did it because the party platform moved away from him. Does he get a pass? NO, he was only Conservative-enough, he wasn’t devoid of liberalism. He was still A DAMN SIGHT BETTER THAN MANY BEFORE AND ANY SINCE.

          As I said, Trump could out-Reagan Reagan, merely for having the benefit of having seen it being done. I give him no pass for any support of anything liberal, much less being (D).

          There’s A LOT of F’d up (D) out there in the North East parts of America, and many of them are (D) because their parents were, and because they don’t really pay attention to such political things and they ignore the Societal impact because the fail to relate the F’d upness of the two.


    • A pro-gun president out of none other than New York City, and a pro-gun cabinet official out of freaking Hawaii. Something about barking and wrong trees.

  5. I saw the naked cowboy went up for a meeting.
    Ultimate Trump troll: wine and dine Romney for weeks, give the job to Naked Cowboy.

  6. Nope not him for obvious reasons. No to Romney the turn coat.
    Giuliani would be the one. The fact that its taking this long makes me think its Rudy all the way and has been from day one. Trumps saving the best for last.

    • Giuliani presided over quite possibly THE MOST despotic third world hell hole when it comes to gun rights in this country, and you want his jurisdiction widened to the whole nation? Hell, even the flagship policy he & Trump are so proud of “stop and frisk” is all about gun control. The kind of gun control we supposedly want purged to the annals of history. What, did you think the practice was actually all about harassing poor black people? Gun control.

  7. Let me be the first to say that I am saddened by the sensless gun violence at the Oakland warehouse…What?…. Huuuuuuuhhhhhh?…..How?……..Ohhhh… Guns are bad, bye.

  8. Nomination of John Bolton

    May 25, 2005

    Dear Senator:

    Gun Owners of America is delighted that John Bolton has been nominated to be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. We fully support his confirmation.

    Mr. Bolton admirably defended the Second Amendment at the U.N. in 2001 when gun banners in that body attempted to get the U.S. to sign onto a gun control treaty. Thanks in no small part to Mr. Bolton, that treaty went where it deserved — nowhere.

    Mr. Bolton’s confirmation is a matter of great interest to the members of Gun Owners of America and will be used in the GOA rating of the Congress.

    Please vote to send this dedicated public servant to the U.N.


    Larry Pratt
    Executive Director

    • Like Cheney and Rumsfeld, Bolton is an experienced player, maybe even smart, but an absolute idiot when it comes to doing the right thing, or ever admitting that he’s wrong, many times. I don’t care if he supports the 2nd, he’s a menace like the other two.

      • Bolton’s a very smart man and highly experienced, but he doesn’t have the soft skills necessary for the Sec. of State job. Not that it matters. Trump is a megalomaniac who’s going to do whatever he wants, anyway, regardless what his advisors say.

  9. Tdiiva

    Banning ammunition imports sounds great to me. You do realise most Winchester .22 and 12 gauge plus some centre fire is made here in Australia

    I would love an over supply and price drop

  10. Petraeus put out some nonsense that ARs were awful because the cartridge they fire has a high MV. His nonsense sounded a lot like he was trying to crawl back into Obama’s good graces.

    He is a weasel, with way too much nasty baggage.

  11. This overrated horn dog should be totally and permanently barred from government service altogether, all the way down to dog catcher and trash collector. Anywhere else but the rarefied echelon of this country’s super wealthy and politically connected, this national disgrace would be flat out unemployable.

    Strip away his prestigious medals (Hey! That’s a great idea!) and he probably couldn’t even get a rudimentary clearance to be a student summer intern at the State Department. Yet, he’s being considered for Secretary of State? UnF’ingbelievable.


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