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They just couldn’t resist, could they? The media mavens at Idaho’s Fox 9 just had to find a local angle to the Colorado Midnight Movie Massacre. So, um, why don’t we do something about gun control? Even though the Murdoch-affiliated electronic worker bees knew that the vast majority of their viewing audience is as happy as pie with Idaho’s gun laws, they had to ask: are you happy with Idaho’s gun laws (none of which was mentioned by name or effect)? How long did it take the producer to find that one guy who thought the Gem state should gin-up its gun control? Sill, it’s interesting to see that Fox 9 couldn’t make something out of nothing, although God knows they tried. If only this was true in California, New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, etc.


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  1. i want to move to idaho. i hear that honest folk can own and carry a gun there. it’s the other way around in ca were i live.

    • It’s great here!

      And within the past year, there have been pushes, by students, for legal carry on college campuses.

      • Some of us non-students are also working on that – a number of State legislators are going to be pushing that (legal carry on campus) next session.

        Idaho has an 81% Republican legislature (mostly conservatives), and we just used the recent primary to weed out a few RINOs. The local news weenies routinely get their knickers in a bunch about our gun laws. Basically, our laws hold you personally responsible for your actions, whether armed or not. We see no reason to regulate lawful behavior.

        • Good luck to the people in Idaho in eliminating campus Victim Zones and hopefully joining the Constitutional Carry states also.

  2. Anyone seen any news pieces on the failure of the so called gun-free zone? Yeah, didnt think so. Guns are good, why are they so scared of them?

    • What??? Bring up a REAL and HONEST inconvenient truth?

      Anti-gunners will have no part of the truth when it doesn’t fit their agenda, so they pretend it doesn’t exist.

  3. Things like this make me think that if anything, the 1A is too lenient.

    Whether it’s your gun or your mouth, using it irresponsibly can cause damage.

  4. I’m very pleased with Idaho’s gun laws. 🙂

    It wouldn’t take too much time finding someone opposed to guns in the Boise area, we’ve got a lot of California transplants and liberal college students.

    The rest of the state, it would take some effort.

  5. i promise if i transplant from ca i’ll leave any liberal ideals i have hanging on the state line as i leave this place.

    • true, az is better. but i think i would like the weather better in id. another thing to consider, how often do you encountyer cops on a dailey basis. when i left wva we did not have cc but we all did it anyway. i went onr period there where i didn’t see a marked cop car for 6 months. there’s all kinds of laws on the books but if there’s no one to enforce them what difference does it make?

      • A big difference. You should be judged on what you do when no one is watching. What you’re saying is that it’s okay to break the law as long as you don’t get caught, which would make you no better than any other criminal.

      • Not all of AZ is hot.

        I-40 has frequent snow closures in winter.

        Tomorrow’s forecast is a high of 90 and a low of 66.

  6. This is one of many reasons that I don’t watch local news. I don’t need fluff pieces and histrionics. The shows have air time to fill and no brains to fill it.

  7. If you don’t like Id’s gun laws don’t come here. I feel they could be lessened. We sure don’t need more or stricter ones.

  8. This fluff piece is based on tougher gun laws effectively preventing the Colorado shootings. I don’t know what could have stopped Holmes. He opened up on a crowd of defenseless and unsuspecting people. His body armor wasn’t even used.

  9. The gun control argument is so stupid and irrelevant. One word: breivik

    Norway have more strict gun laws than the USA will ever have. It still did not help against a lone determined madman. Nothing short of a total 100% gun grab and ban on all firearms will do that. And then there are still ways a madman can hurt people. You will need a totalitarian police state of epic proportions to “protect” yourself against every danger. And those never work.

  10. I moved from South Dakota to Illinois. I can’t tell you how bad it was having to leave my guns behind until I get my FOID. The idea that I have to get a permit to enjoy a consitutional right is horrible.

  11. Living in CA I can tell you that it is time to become a political refugee and flee to a state where the 2nd Amendment is still honored. The only way to take out a crazy person anywhere, intent on killing anyone they can, is for law abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves and their families. I am Idaho bound as soon as possible, I am tired of the nanny state of CA.

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