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“Fourth-year Tulane Medical School student Peter Gold was driving on Magazine Street at 4 a.m. Friday when he spotted a woman being carried against her will to a nearby car on St. Mary Street,” the [New Orleans] reports. “He backed up and turned against traffic on St. Mary, pulling up to the woman — by now crumpled on the sidewalk — and rushed to her aid, cellphone in hand. As he crouched at her side, the man who had been carrying her moments before jumped out of a light-colored sport utility vehicle with a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at Gold’s face. He pulled the trigger, but . . .

the gun jammed.

This might be a good time to remind readers that domestic disputes are incredibly dangerous. The old myth of cops circling the block a few times before rocking-up to a domestic dispute? True story. So, while the “damsel in distress” stimulus might trigger your “white knight” impulse, be very careful before interceding. Especially if the bad guy is still on the scene. To wit . . .

Lowering the weapon, he shot Gold in the stomach.

Gold fell to the ground, wincing, and the man pointed the gun at his head a second time and pulled the trigger.

The gun jammed again.

Twice more, the assailant tried to shoot Gold in the head. Each time, the gun jammed, and the man glanced furtively over his shoulder, shaking the malfunctioning weapon.

Finally, he gave up, jumped in his vehicle and sped away, leaving the gut-shot good Samaritan and the woman the man had tried to abduct behind him on the sidewalk.

What IS that thing? Anyway, Gold is expected to make a full recovery. And you are expected to carry wherever you can, maintain situational awareness, refrain from jumping in where angels fear to tread and remember that it’s better to be lucky than smart.

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  1. Should have been a DGU. More good Samaritans need to pack heat.

    And domestic disputes are super dangerous. I’ve walked into many as a mediator. But with only one exception, I knew the people I was dealing with. Otherwise I wouldn’t have intervened in most of them.

    • I’m not so sure about banning them, but there is a reason all these crims wear them, more cameras everywhere, more hoodies.

      Now I do think it should be unlawful to go out in public with your entire face covered, e.g., balacava, islamic slave garb, kerchief, whatever. Of course there would have to be some way to accommodate actual protection from weather, but if you are out in public hiding your face, then you are almost certainly hiding something else as well.

      And why not? We have laws about people wearing too little clothing, how would making hiding of ones face illegal be any different?

      Dude in the video was sure one lucky mfer. The crim in this case needs to be behind bars for the rest of his life. Same thing with the guy who put the music on that video, greybar hotel for him also.

      • “… but if you are out in public hiding your face, then you are almost certainly hiding something else as well.”

        You mean like our police “tactical response” teams? Yeah, I think it should be illegal for them to wear masks as well.

      • “…Same thing with the guy who put the music on that video, greybar hotel for him also. …”

        I was thinking fifty lashes but a little time away from society seems appropriate too.

      • Yeah and no tinted windows on cars. Or blinds on windows. If you close them, you’re probably hiding something.

        Maybe I am hiding something. Maybe hiding something shouldn’t be illegal.

        • Hannibal-I ride a bike a lot. Tinted windows are illegal- and dangerous if I can’t see the whites of his eyes. Lots of crazy folk running stop signs and lights trying to kill me. And here I thought you were some kind of po-leece dude…you may keep your blinds if you like your blinds…

      • If you think it should be illegal to be in public with your entire face covered, you’ve obviously never had to spend much time outside in a cold climate. Or worn a full-face helmet on a motorcycle. Or realized how absurd and anti-freedom a statement like that is.
        Think before you post to the internet, don’t be like all those idiots out there.

        • I see these idiots wearing hoodies in the middle of summer,recon they’re cold? I guess their heads gets cold and their asses gets hot judging from the way they wear their pants around their knees,I guess wearing their pants around their knees is for easy access,I understand they’ll give up the doodie hole for a $10 crack rock.

    • I’ve always wanted own one of those…. no reason to really but I don’t suppose i really need a reason.

  2. Why the warning about domestic disputes? This was a robbery according to the article.

    Technically you don’t need a ‘damsel in distress’ for a domestic dispute either. If I punched my father or brother, that would be DV.

    • Yeah, can we get some clarification? Was this a domestic, an attempt at abduction, a robbery, or something else?

      • This is a local story for me. Happened at the other end of the street. Knowing the location of this, she was walking from a bar over there at 4 AM. She was very intoxicated. The assailant tried ushering the young woman into his SUV to either rob, rape, or kill her. This wasn’t a domestic dispute. Her purse was taken and she suffered minor injuries.

        This guy had some major balls, and good instincts too. Otherwise nothing good would have happened that woman.

    • A DV by statute has to have involved an “intimate relationship,” even just a one night fling. You aren’t charged with “domestic violence.” It is a mandatory enhancer that states that if there has ever been an intimate relationship, and a crime has been committed, the primary aggressor must be charged AND JAILED on that offense. So, even if you got in a fight with your brother or father, that is NOT a DV. It is one of the most misunderstood statutes, and all states had to adopt it out of federal regulations in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s.

      One example where it has worked in our favor is when a person had committed a sex assault on a juvenile female when she was 14. He was convicted and spent 4 years in prison before being paroled. Slightly after 2 months out, he showed up at her place to kill her. He was charged with the attempted burglary, attempted robbery, criminal mischief, attempted murder, etc., with the DV enhancer due to the intimate relationship, even though it was forced.

      Anyway, DV’s are extremely difficult and volatile situations. Always be careful if a potential DV is in progress!

      • “It is a mandatory enhancer that states that if there has ever been an intimate relationship, and a crime has been committed, the primary aggressor must be charged AND JAILED on that offense. So, even if you got in a fight with your brother or father, that is NOT a DV. It is one of the most misunderstood statutes, and all states had to adopt it out of federal regulations in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s.”

        Are you sure this is a blanket statement? I recall that Criminal Domestic Violence was an actual statute in SC, for example…and was not simply just an enhancement on another charge, and it was specifically defined in terms of “Member of Household,” not just anyone you knew intimately.

        Ah, yes, here we go. SC Title 16-25 spells it out. I’m thinking your description is narrow to one or more specific states, but is not a universal claim across the entire country.

  3. What the what?

    Seriously, the guy staring into the maw of his own demise, cant mount any kind of assault or defense? He just slow mo falls down and cries uncle hoping that will save him?

    I literally am at a loss for an explanation….

    • I was thinking the same thing. ZERO instinct for self-preservation. He could have mounted an attack when the thug was looking over his shoulder and trying to rack the gun. Then while the thug had the gun at his head at point-blank range, the victim casually looks down at his hand to see if he’s bleeding. He could have grabbed the gun at that moment. He did NOTHING to defend himself when he had a lot of opportunity. Yeah, I realize he was in pain… but, when your life is on the line…. PUSH THROUGH.

    • Agreed. At least he could have taken off running on a non-straight line, trying to keep even minimal objects between him and the shooter. Those kinds of guns aren’t that accurate and while guys like that are ruthless, they probably aren’t fantastic shots. Even if the gun had not jammed, he would have had much less of a chance of getting hit. With the first shot jamming, he probably would not have taken a bullet at all.

      I remember a serial crime spree in St. Louis years ago. A guy was going around with a sawed off shotgun, just walking up to people at about that range and shooting them, then robbing them. Most them took the shot facing the guy and most died or sustained serious injuries. An old black gentleman was interviewed on TV after he became the first victim to escape this gunman unscathed. The BG fired, but missed completely. The reporter asked him why he thought he survived. He said, “Some people see a gun and they freeze. I saw the gun come out and I just took off runnin’. In the neighborhood I grew up, the rule was, ‘You see a gun, you run!'”

      Of course a bigger question is why he is getting to domestic disputes without having his own gun. LA is shall issue, unrestricted car and open carry. No excuse for not being armed.

      • ““Some people see a gun and they freeze. I saw the gun come out and I just took off runnin’. In the neighborhood I grew up, the rule was, ‘You see a gun, you run!’”

        Sounds like wise advice.

        On the other hand, I invite Progressives who get a gun pointed at them to engage the gunman in a calm discussion to explore why he feels the need for an ‘evil gun’…

        But that’s just me…

    • I’ve never been shot in the stomach….I imagine it hurts slightly. I watched that video several times; and I think this good Samaritan probably didn’t think he would actually get shot in the process. When he falls down; as I imagine a good number of people would. I think he doesn’t even realize the bad guy tried shooting him in the head the first time due to the trauma of being gut shot. After that, each time the bad guy tries again the good Samaritan is turning his head away. I think the good Samaritan doesn’t have a clue what is happening or how lucky he is. I’m certain you guys would have gone Chuck Norris on that guy and disarmed him single handily and held him for the police to arrive….all while your body leaks a multitude of fluids. This good Samaritan is a medical student….not a Navy Seal. Likely has absolutely no training but I bet the lady is forever grateful for his heroism. God bless him and you may continue criticisms……now.

  4. MSM on/ It’s a good thing the victim was unarmed. If he had a gun the situation would’ve become so much worse with him randomly spraying bullets in all directions and killing innocent bystanders. / MSM off

  5. Glad he was lucky. But to hell with the “damsel in distress” nonsense. Why wasn’t she armed and ready to defend herself? That’s a big part of what has to change. The would be rescuer couldn’t know what the situation was, but SHE did without much doubt. I’ve got no patience with these helpless little snowflakes who set themselves up for “domestic violence,” if that’s what this was.

    Get your head on straight first, cupcake, get a life, and then get a gun. A good man is hard to find. Live with it.

    • “Why wasn’t she armed and ready to defend herself? “

      There you go. That’s the million dollar question.

      Women shouldn’t NEED ‘rescuing’ by default. “Sam Colt made ’em equal.”

    • She was leaving a bar and intoxicated…..her packing heat would be breaking the law and very unsafe.

    • Hopefully, he didn’t learn.

      Folks need to be responsible for their own defense, but a little incompetence on the part of the bad guys doesn’t hurt.

    • I remember arguing online with a dingbat in New Zealand who insisted we could buy machineguns off the wall in the US. My assurances as someone who was here and bloody well knew what we had to do to get guns in this country made no dent with her. She finally asserted that the Columbine Shooters, D**** and K****** had both used full auto Uzis. I told her that if so they had to have been stolen or illegally modified. I SHOULD have gone and done some quick research on the spot. I’d’ve learned that ONE of them had a Tec 9, which is…er, not an Uzi.

  6. Crazy. The gun typically “jams” right after it has fired a shot or been racked…So I don’t understand the first failure at all, unless the BG was boneheaded enough to be carrying around a gun that had not gone into battery after he loaded it. (Or maybe it was originally unloaded and he loaded it on the spot.)

  7. Yeah. I was running in my neighborhood a number of years ago and saw a local gang banger dragging a woman kicking and screaming into his lowrider while a second woman was screaming, “He’s gonna kill her!”

    So, of course, I stop to help. The G.B. stops trying to drag the woman into the car when he sees me and now he’s trying to talk to the woman while both women are hysterical and crying. Some other people are on the edge of the open lot calling 911 on their cell phones. The women are trying to leave and he keeps blocking them from going. So I step in between them and tell the guy, “Let them leave!” They run off. He looks me up and down, (I’m 6’1″ , 220 lbs. mostly muscle, and he was maybe 5’5″ and 140lbs wet) He says “Stay right there!” and he runs off to his car. I think to myself, “Here it goes” I prepare to defend myself as I think he might be going for,a gun. I run after the women to make sure they get to safety as he drives off after the women as well. They run into a nearby apartment and at that point the cops show up.

    I give a report and say that I would testify against the G.B. if needed. So for the next couple of months I carry two full sized pistols, a back up third pocket gun and keep an underfolder AK-47 in a back pack with extra mags near by in case of retaliation.

    They never call me to testify. And fortunately, they don’t retaliate.

    I would do it again.

    • With all due respect (thank you for helping those women in your story)… What is the deal with so many people on this site carrying multiple handguns at once? I’ve never seen the need for more than one handgun (a Sig P229), two spare magazines, and the knowledge of how to manipulate my weapon and clear malfunctions.

      Can someone explain this to me? Also, can someone explain to me the type of clothing you’re leaving your house with while carrying more than one handgun… And the type of day-to-day job you’re doing while carrying said guns?!

      Yeah, yeah, some idiot on this site will call me a troll because I disagree with your tactics, but I can tell you for a fact that I can clear any malfunction and be back on the gun faster than you’ll reholster and draw one of your backups. And don’t lie to me and tell me you’d just drop your $600 gun and draw your second weapon. I bet you a nickel that you’ve *never* in your life trained to drop a handgun and draw another handgun. (Dropping a rifle to transition to a handgun is different, as many people train for dropping to sling)

      • My cousin has had a variety of jobs as armored car transport, private investigator, and personal protection. He told me he always carried two guns just in case someone got the drop on him and he had to surrender his primary gun. His backup was either IWB in the small of his back or in an ankle holster.

        I don’t think he’s ever drawn his gun, but that’s because he’s a mean SOB and more likely to crack people with his telescoping baton.

      • I will attempt to answer from my perspective and I don’t consider you a troll. First of all to answer the question about wardrobe I usually wear shorts or comfortable long pants and a T shirt. I would rather not go into the specifics of my job but I deal with a good number of strangers every day. One of the reasons for my secondary gun has to do with giving me additional draw options that can be superior depending on the situation. Sitting vs. not sitting as just one example. My secondary is also small enough that it is very easy to carry with no extra burden. There are also locations and situations where it can be beneficial to fire a specific type of firearm over another.

        Training to keep my primary running is not something I have overlooked to put it mildly. The same goes for dropping my primary to retrieve my secondary since it could have a catastrophic failure or run dry. Even with a second magazine.

        Not only have I tossed an expensive pistol in training to go to another pistol, I have done a lot of one-handed shooting with both strong and weak hand and while running drills with my “$600” gun soaked in real animal blood before it was tossed.. There is more but that is enough. Where can I get my nickel?

      • Fair enough Will. Have you ever been attacked by a human predator? Fought a human predator? I have. It’s what started me on carrying a firearm. In most circumstances, I carry a primary weapon, and then a pocket gun. In a perfect world, with perfect situational awareness, you would only need one gun and some extra mags. But what I found out in my fight with a predator, sometimes they can get within arms reach if you’re distracted in your awareness. Then what happens if in the initial scuffle, your gun gets knocked out of your hand, or if it is taken from you? which cops deal with. So I take that into account by carrying a back up.

        Now I’m in a special circumstance of being a potential target of a drug gang. That raises the possibility of dealing with multiple opponents to a whole nother level. And the potential for a close physical contact even more so. So the potential of getting a gun knocked away or being taken is even a higher possibility.

        Yep. Until you experience the reality of being the possible target of a violent drug gang, the idea that you could have too many guns is rather a bizarre idea.

      • How much training do you need to drop a gun? You open your hand and gravity pretty much takes care of the rest. I’m not sure it’s something that requires any training.

        Also, I have shot 1911’s in competition in the Navy and have many thousands of rounds through them. l I had a well broken in, well cared for, Colt 1911 with good mags, feeding new, FMJ ammo jam up so badly in a combat shooting class that tap-rack-bang did not work. The gun was totally locked up. The instructor had to pry out the mag with screwdriver before we could even get the action to work. Once we cleared it, the gun functioned flawlessly with the same mags and ammo for rest of the class. If it were real situation, I would have darn sure wanted a backup.

  8. The student was no dummy if he was in Med School but even bright young men make stupid moves and that was certainly a stupid one. Because he was unarmed anyway he should have immediately phoned police and then kept an eye on this guy and if the criminal left with the woman followed him keeping his phone open to the police informing them what was happening at the moment and which direction the perpetrator was heading, and informing the cops of every turn the guy made in traffic. I bet the Med student never makes the mistake he made that day again.

  9. LOL at all the tier 23 tactical ninjas here that would put a smack down on the bad guy after taking a point blank round to center mass. You guys are real badasses!

    I hope he recovers.

  10. The way that criminal was so willing to murder that guy makes me long for the days of capital punishment.

    Seriously, I would have ZERO problems being a part of that guy’s firing squad.

    Justice needs to be done.

    • TTAG believes the criminal had every right to be packing heat with access to legal marijuana. If it was a dispute between two homosexuals who were recently married, the intervener would have been excoriated by Robert.

    • The sad part is, if the cops had showed up and shot the a-hole, a drug store on fire right now.

  11. Hmm. Bad guy is wearing a hoodie. Hmm.

    Also note that the good guy, just gave up. He appeared to be conscious and ambulatory. But he just lied there and looked away. FIGHT.

  12. “The old myth of cops circling the block a few times before rocking-up to a domestic dispute? True story.”

    Not a true story. Absolute bullshit actually and insulting on top of it.

  13. What I don’t understand is why surveillance cameras usually seem to have resolution that is marginal at best for identifying people.

    • So is the purpose of these security cameras to provide a video recording of events for postmortem analysis, or are they there for traffic revenue enhancement – I mean public safety (no, wait, I don’t)? If so, what’s next, real-time remote police monitoring? And when that fails, will they add tasers so they can subdue the perp? And when that too fails, will they replace them with remotely controlled firearms? What about the legal repercussions? Hmm, I know, just replace the human element with a computer. Let it decide when to shoot, so no person gets blamed for any failure. Or just bring back the beat cop and armed citizen before flying police drones swarm the streets “to protect and to serve”.

  14. I would like to see if the (EXTREMELY ) lucky good Samaritan becomes pro gun or anti after this incident ?

  15. RF, your cautions are just not manly. The proper thing to do is just as described in the article: heed nothing, jump to defense/rescue, take your chances, die for a stranger and leave your family and relatives to bear the burden of your death.

    And cops who scope out the territory before intervening in a domestic situation are just as un-manly….and they are paid to get shot at.

    • Welp, you still don’t get it. Are you going to bring this horsecrap up for every single article that has to do with third party DGU?

      You keep missing the point. Now you’ve switched from “Rambo” to a sarcastically intoned “unmanly.”

      Question: Where did anyone call you ‘unmanly’ for stating what YOU would do in those other conversations? Got a link to an actual quotation?

      The point you keep missing …AGAIN…it’s a far cry from you stating what YOU would do from you so assuredly telling OTHERS what they SHOULD do. And, that they are WRONG for disagreeing with you.

      Now, you trot all this out every time something remotely similar gets brought up…STILL with the elitist “I’m right and there’s no other way” tone.

      Tiresome…just like the anti-OC-ers that spout off about how people that OC are only in it for the attention is tiresome. It’s not enough for someone to just choose OC is not for them, but the rest of the world has to conform to THEIR way.

      Now, anyone that disagrees with you gets either called Rambo or gets words put in their mouth (calling other people unmanly).

      Not everyone thinks the way you do. Not everyone has to agree with you. It does not make them wrong. It does not make them worthy of insult. It does not make you superior.

      • What part of “I don’t” have you missed? I don’t do things I recommend others not do? Guy in the video had a cell phone. Make the call. Stand and observe. Make another call if necessary. Avoid getting into a gunfight if possible. If not, shoot until the threat stops.

        What I would do….
        – not be in that neighborhood after dark (or almost any neighborhood)
        – do not rush to aid; you don’t really know what is going on (which is why I DON’T stop and render roadside assistance; I stop beyond grabbing distance, ask if help is needed and volunteer to call for help…engine running.
        – do not render first aid; you will be sued out of your mind if you are wrong, are right, or do not live in a state with “good samaritan” laws.
        – be aware of your surroundings and look for quick exit

        How many reports on this blog do we need about bad outcomes for people who get involved when the prudent course was to call for the professionals, before the lesson takes hold.

        “Unmanly” ? My choice of word to characterize the comments that someone who puts themselves and family first is a crisis is not to be taken seriously.

        How many times will I bring up prudence and caution in the face of chaos ? Everytime, so long as RF allows me to submit comments.

        BTW, again we have RF proposing/recommending caution and I agree, only to receive vitriol in return. Would you not do all the things I listed above? OK, fine. That would be your choice. I would disagree, but never take out my frustration the way several do, every day, all day.

        And now, I have stated, in answer to questions, what I would do. Shouldn’t be a question any longer.

        • “And now, I have stated, in answer to questions, what I would do. Shouldn’t be a question any longer.”

          It wasn’t a question. No one has asked what you would do.

          The point you CONTINUE to miss … again … is your tendency to tell others that not “doing” what you would “do” is wrong and subject to your criticism and ridicule.

          Now go ahead and tell me again what you would do (or not do)…just so I’m REALLY clear, because that’s so totally not the point of the entire ‘discussion’ we seem to be having.

          • So far, I have not “called-out” anyone who would act differently. I made observations, recommendations and even elaborated on what I think is the prudent course of action. I asked people (and there may be some new people reading this blog who haven’t considered tough situations, yet) to think and re-think their assumptions about what they would do in the situations highlighted. Never said anywhere that someone who doesn’t act like me is somehow sub-human or worse. Never said ignoring advice was stupid (or something). I did lay-out my operating theory and refused to yield to those who accused me of being selfish, uncaring, obtuse, brutish or whatever words were used. I did point out that people who have never been under fire and imagine how they will react are not operating/working/thinking from any element of reality. It is curious how many responses were absolutely sure that with no training and no experience were/are absolutely certain their course of action was indisputably correct. And that is the way it stands. As I did close one string of comments, If a person cannot tolerate challenge to their sense of self, that person is setting up for failure, at great cost to themselves and family. If a person insists that pleasing words must accompany any criticism, that person will forfeit the advantage of introspection.

            Do as I recommend, or not. Contemplate my cautions, or not. Act as you see fit, or see if another idea might better serve you, or not. Make your own decisions, for whatever reasons. Just don’t discount the consequences to relatives and family. Or maybe that is actually OK, too. I guess, take it or leave it; nothing more.

        • “Would you not do all the things I listed above? OK, fine. That would be your choice. I would disagree,”

          A different position than was asserted in the earlier threads.

          So…cool. My bad for not catching that the first time through.

  16. Um, where in the article is it mentioned that this is a “domestic dispute”? According to the article, she was being abducted against her will and the black guy stole her purse. Oh, right – you’re a Jew. You guys just love to push miscegenation in TV, movies, and porn.

  17. This video is a lesson. Never give up the fight. The good Samaritan just laid there waiting to be killed, and if the gun had not jammed, if the bad guy had not stormed away, he would have been dead. Have the will to fight to the end because it may be your only chance to survive.

    • The gunshot victim may be a useful example of how “reasonable” people think about being shot; one round and down. The gunshot victim’s reaction, probably stunned, and disbelieving and fearful, is what all too many people believe would be the reaction of anyone shot once. The conclusion is that anyone with a gunshot wound is too incapacitated to carry on with an attack. thus: no need for “large capacity” guns; no need to shoot an attacker more than once; no need to have reserve ammunition; no need to kill vs. wounding.

      These are the ideas a jury has when going into deliberations. Now they have a video to reinforce their notions.

      • ” The gunshot victim’s reaction, probably stunned, and disbelieving and fearful, is what all too many people believe would be the reaction of anyone shot once. “

        So, perhaps we could call this one a “psychological stop.”

  18. That is the face of evil. Multiple nonchalant attempts at a sidewalk execution? Are you kidding me? No way this is anywhere near his first (attempted) murder. There’s a body trail behind this guy and he must be put down.

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