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Every American, regardless of his or her race, color, creed, political affiliation or sexual orientation, has a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Anyone who promotes the lawful exercise of that right is furthering the safety and security of themselves, their community and their country. Maj Toure is TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day.

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  1. Apparently the RTKABA is not restricted by race, gender, faith or sexual orientation. It can, however, be restricted due to your zip code. Imagine, civil rights derailed by your home address.

    • Infringement via zip code is a reality and mocks the Constitution. Short of piling brass eliminating legislators, the only thing one can do is move since vote for your rights is a non starter in redistricted democrat voting zones.

    • I recall Giuliani’s assertions that repressive gun laws were somehow permissible in New York City, if not in rural Iowa.

      My reaction then was what it is now: “If the 2nd Amendment means something entirely different in New York, New York than it does in Natchez, Mississippi, what about the 13th?”

      • The goal of government in densely populated cities (liberal or otherwise) is always top down control of the people, by force if necessary. The more densely populated the city is, the more freedom and rights are taken from the people, and always for their own good and by their own voting.
        And this is why liberals are using regulation, little by little, to force people into congested cities. First they did it with the poor.
        Yet the screwed up the formula because the middle class can’t afford to live in any city controlled by Dumbocraps.

  2. One of the most worthy recipients of the Hero honor.

    He’s got plugged-in software, quality hardware & good books on those shelves too.

  3. Everyone should be armed all the time. An armed society is a polite society. Don’t say it is not true. The really only time we as a nation were at almost 100% arms was during and right after the revolutionary war. As that generation started to have children is when we left fully armed.

  4. I tip my hat to the man. What he says has a ton of merit to it.
    Obviously what the demoncrats have done and continue to do isn’t working. He’s choosing a different path altogether.

  5. The man makes a great point. You would never guess what he is about if you met him on the street without talking with him. He is my hero and I hope he is successful in his efforts.

  6. The scariest thing in America. Law abiding black men teaching other black people about their gun civil rights. Historically white progressive liberals have been the most frightened by blacks with guns.

    The public education industrial complex would never teach this in the inner city Schools.
    As Donald Trump said, “what do you have to loose??”
    Hopefully black people will learn to vote for those who will support their gun civil rights.

    • “Historically white progressive liberals have been the most frightened by blacks with guns”

      I’d sure say that’s true. I have never been afraid of “black people”, with or without guns. Or “white people”, either! But *instantly* after a Republican president declared that slaves were free (in the South), congress began working on prohibiting their ownership of firearms. Which continues today, with battle lines much clearer.

      • I’ve never been afraid of a black man with a gun holstered on his hip in Walmart.
        I want to cheer him. He is going against the grain and protecting his wife and child. But I keep to myself.
        Ignorant people with guns can be a problem but they can also be self limiting.
        I see the smart and informed gun owners at the range.

  7. I liked the way he angled the pistol away from his foot as he held it to his side. That and the trigger discipline.

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