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Or not.

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  1. Long Day. I needed a good laugh. I’d like to see Master Ken on Piers Morgan and see how long it takes PM to realize what’s up…if ever he does.

  2. That was extremely funny. Yes, that video summarizes the entire bare-hands defense cult, masters of mayhem. If your attacker has congenital idiocy syndrome or an “it’s not a gun but I thought I’d fool with my toy” gun, then finger foo might work. I suppose a person could get lucky. That doesn’t sound like a plan, though. I’d rather have a gun than an Official Shao Lin Temple Diploma.

    It’s starting to seem like college, grad school, and student loans: First we have to take shooting classes, then gun-fighting classes, then advanced classes, then force-on-force classes….and at some point the real threat becomes bankruptcy or loss of clients. And then it turns out that, funds gone, our gun supposedly won’t suffice because it lacks a light, laser sight, rangefinder, and BPR (building-penetrating radar). If that doesn’t get me they tell me my gun’s no good because it might fail a mud test, or a “week in the ocean” test, or a fell-out-of-an-airplane test.

    Most people with broken lives got that way because of money, not violence. That’s the way of the world, today. Foreclose on the dojo, force the master of combat to sell all his weapons to pay for a divorce. If we have time for more than some pistol training, it should go to studying finance and marketing. Oh, got it, that’s exactly what the video was about!

  3. Unless you’re a serious and longtime devotee to the martial arts like Victor Marx, stay out of arm’s reach of your assailant in the first place if it can be avoided. Even so, I seriously suggest that everyone who decides to carry daily to look into practicable weapon retention techniques. Hell, I won’t even argue against studying martial arts concurrently, either, for that matter. It’s just another layer of defense that has its part to play when and where appropriate.

    One day, Murphy WILL show up to hash your plans, whatever they may be for any given scenario, and you will have to eat a big piece of Humble Pie — hopefully not as you lay dying because you fell prey to complacency and overconfidence, either. So, the more tools you have at your disposal, the more chance you’ll have to look Olde Man Murphy in the eye after it’s all over and say, “Better luck next time, you sneaky sonuvabitch.”

    Problem solved, more or less.

  4. Not funny. Not that it couldn’t be funny, it just did not come of as natural. They were trying to be funny, not being funny, if that makes sense.

  5. This U.N. gun bad is coming on like a FIRE STORM , see the and read the report about it..

  6. “Guns function on o-x-y-g-e-n….” Ya, that’s where I completely lost it.
    After hearing that, it’s confirmed, there is no hope for redemption, so you
    decide it’s better to just roll with it. “We have a malfunctioning…weapon.”
    This guy owns you until he stops the “…neck breaks,…remove the eyes,
    …pull out the heart,..” routine. More laughter here.


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