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The civilian disarmament industrial complex regularly relies on gun-related victims to make their case for increased gun control laws. They think nothing of dancing in the blood of these victims of violence to further their anti-Second Amendment agenda. The Brady Campaign has an entire report on gun-related suicides intended to elicit sympathy for those victimized by “gun violence” and then demand that more laws be passed to restrict civilian ownership of firearms.

Bob Owens’ apparent suicide has added another “gun violence” victim for these paragons of compassion and commmon sense to use to further their agenda. For a glimpse of the depravity of some who would curtail Americans’ enumerated right to keep and bear arms, a look at the comments in the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page under a post reporting Mr. Owens’ death is revealing (names redacted to comply with our own no doxxing policy):

Sorry, but this guy may have been indirectly responsible for dozens, even hundreds, of gun deaths. I have sympathy for his family, who probably needed it even before he shot himself, but I have no sympathy for him.

No sympathy from me. He obviously didn’t care about actual statistics. He obviously didn’t care about protecting his family because if he did, he wouldn’t have guns in his home…you know…guns that people use to kill themselves or others.

Consumed by his own pain and Hate. That truly is sad. My condolences to his family and friends. When will we ever learn that toxic masculinity and aggression do not create a peaceful existence or a comforted soul.

Live by the gun, die by the gun. Sorry for his family, but I don’t think he’ll be much of a loss to anyone else.

Poor man was covering his pain by trying to be tough. But, many people just like him are collectively responsible for the deaths and pain of thousands upon thousands of others by promoting our evil gun culture. He may be a sad figure but he chose how to assuage his pain and that way helped to cause incalculable damage to innocent people. So I can’t be sorry he is gone.

Another mentally ill person owning guns…relieved that he didn’t try to take innocent people with him. His note that he left is very telling!

Sorry, but I cannot say that I feel any sorrow. One less pro death person on the earth! To his family, my sympathies.

Oops….Suicide is, or can be, awful……but

I actually respect him for taking only his own life instead of killing innocent people.

He voiced extreme and dangerous views. Sympathy for his family, but not for him.

Not a lot of sympathy for someone who actively spread death culture.

Probably a self loathing gay, who was about to be exposed. Good thing he had a weapon close and within reach.

Good for him. Gun lover. Who who lives by the gun will die by the gun. When is it the turn of …..

At least he killed himself and not his wife and family like so many angry men do

The planet won’t miss him.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

It’s important to remember that the folks on the other side of the issue are fighting just as hard for a cause they believe is right. We may not agree with their opinion, but they deserve the same respect that we would give one of our own. Use these examples as object lesson in how not to act when someone on the other side experiences a tragic event.

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    • No, they will not. They have no concept of where the bottom is. No ethics. No moral compass. No compassion. Only vindictive resentment and smug self-righteousness.

      BTW, it’s not doxxing if you report the names these people use to comment on a public forum. GIVE US THE NAMES. Make these miserable excuses for human beings own their words.

    • Only when they are thrown out of the nation, or out of Helicopters via Pinochet Helicopter Rides and Rentals.

      These sub humans are fake.

      They have fake compassion, fake desires, fake values, fake humanity, fake intellect, fake goodness, fake morals, etc.

      Call a leftists fake, and they will lose their minds.

      Call these people what they are weak, victim statue seeking, beta sub human degerates who should have been removed from America or the gene pool as a whole.

      • Please Leghorn, we are just as brutal to the anti-gunners and I expect nothing less in return. Big boy pants.

        • Most of us don’t have the time or the inclination to go after them after they’re dead. And we tend to lambaste Mark Kelly and let Gaby Giffords off the hook.

        • We let Giffords off the hook? You mean like calling her Kelly’s ventriloquist?

    • They have no limits in achieving their utopia of rainbows, unicorn horns, and pixie farts.

      To them the end will always justify the means.

      More extreme members advocate Rendition, Enhanced Interrogation, and survivors hearded into the showers for delousing.

    • The left uses people as fake “compassion” fodder. Being Godless, they are bereft of genuine compassion. Send criminals their way and watch them change–or perish.

  1. Can we all say FU to the people weighing in on the side of gun control while mentioning Mr.Owens?

    If not then FU.

    • Okay…. so yesterday I commented about the MDA harpy’s and the douches at The Trace using this as agitprop; but it was apparently deleted??? RF? Too soon? It sure didn’t take long for the antis to use it as snarky fodder for their crap….

      F… them

    • F U, cowardly gun fetishist. Do us a favor and go shoot yourself, just like coward Owens…….

      • No, F U, you cowardly, racist POS. You’re more likely to shoot yourself or someone else than any of us are, anyway.

  2. George Washington’s Rules of Civility:
    “22. Show not yourself glad at the misfortune of another though he were your enemy.”
    These are rules the left will never understand…

    • The left has one rule. 1. Win at all costs.

      A great rule that we need to start having.

      • I’d agree, but they are doing a STUNNING job thus far. They won themselves out of offices across the nation. I cheer them on in their victory onslaught and I pray that they continue their mean streak of successes out of the statehouses and from the Presidency!

        Their argument that this good man is in ANY way responsible for the actions of others because he believed in our civil rights as a single American people, is infuriatingly tiring. It is simply lazy, it is not accurate, it is not only insulting to Bob Owens, the staff at TTAG, the gun community who knew and respected him, his FAMILY, but to the “intelligence” of the very person who posted that hate screed on FB. A diatribe of fake outrage, fueled by an equally fake sense of self-worth at the expense of a fellow human being in the midst of a painful ending of his story. The very thing Mr. Owens went through affects ALL of us, whether we believe in gun ownership or control, and yet this sad creature on FB posted this. I lament his family for knowing him, the arch cuck.

  3. If he committed suicide and if there was no apparent reason. Many people want to be able to set their checkout date for many reasons. Suicide doesn’t always have to be a tragedy, it can be a welcome relief from never ending increasing pain with a final date coming up soon.

    He did not try to make someone else do it.

    When I get to the other side , I will have to ask him.

  4. “We may not agree with their opinion, but they deserve the same respect that we would give one of our own.”

    Bullshit. That’s cuck talk. Not everybody “deserves” my respect. And even if I default to starting from a position of respect, in general, towards apparently civilized people … they can lose it in a heartbeat. These ass clown comments dancing in his blood deserve no respect. Eff them.

    • F’in A.

      I give every stranger the respect that people deserve as humans, until they prove themselves undeserving of any….. except for the kind I’d give to any potentially dangerous creature, depending on their profession.

      It’s not my fault that so many people on the other side manage the feat simply by opening their mouths. It’s easy to spot people speaking out of ignorance, stupidity, or misguided ideology…. those types have an alibi. But there’s simply no excuse for being a malicious sub-human, hiding behind a screen and free speech. They deserve every last bit of insult possible, delivered with a smile and a boot.

    • Respect is earned.

      So is contempt.

      I treat people with precisely the level of respect their actions merit, and those who desire to disarm my family and leave them defenseless merit no respect. They are the enemy and I shall proffer them no quarter and no respite.

    • Thank you for sharing. I just donated. It’s easy. I used cc. First time I’ve used Go Fund Me.

  5. The Left demands respect when they parade around the dead who can no longer respond to their rhetoric.

    And they wonder why they lost the election.

  6. These people use and take advantage of every other suicide for their own purposes – without showing the first inkling of empathy or concern for the underlying issues that lead people to decide to commit suicide. Why should we be surprised when they stay true to form in this instance.

    They are sick.

    • Kind of like our Chicago body counting? Please, stop the fucking whining and virtue signaling about the gun grabbers. Just fight.

  7. Wow! What a bunch of crazy @$$-WHOLES!
    We couldn’t get so lucky if the Anti-2nd@ article writer “Off’ed ” themselves because of “self lothing…” Unfortunately, it appears Mr. Owen’s had some physical/psychological health issues, family, or financial problems that put him over the edge..It’s to bad his family and friends were unable to help him…Obviously, it’s a private matter….

  8. If you are celebrating the death of a person who’s only real crime(no it’s really not) is to disagree with you and express his own beliefs then you are the very definition of a fascist.

    • No. That’s not a “fascist”.

      Sicko? Yes. Twisted values? Clearly.

      But let us not use words incorrectly. Precise language is important for clarity of thought.

      Fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

      (You know, like what the “antifa” are promoting … the antithesis of personal freedom and valuing the individual.)

    • Maybe that’s giving them too much credit? Trolls celebrate the death of (or encourage violence against) people they disagree with, but real fascists use violence to silence those they disagree with.

      Trolls can certainly turn into real fascists, but most are simply tools who are good at sapping our energy & attention away from the real threats.

  9. “Never let a good tragedy go to waste.” I can’t remember who said it, but it was an anti in regards to gun violence.

    I actually put some of this blame on the state. Gun owners that maybe suffering from depression might worry about losing a constitutional right if they seek help. Very sad. My heart goes out to the family.

    • “Crisis” rather than “tragedy” was Rahm Emanuel, before that Winston Churchill, likely others.

  10. Should we be surprised? They practically get wood over every child’s death that they can use to advance their agenda.

  11. I have to disagree. This is not behavior that demands respect. It’s loathsome and cruel.

    I’m not normally one to wish harm upon anyone else, but I hope that when they experience the loss of a loved one — as we all will — someone treats them exactly as they have treated others. That is something they will deserve.

    The anti-gun people who aren’t like this, who are tolerant and compassionate toward others who don’t share their point of view, are all too few and far between. Or far too silent.

  12. An important rule with respect to stories like this on FB or YT: Never. Read. The. Comments.

  13. Are liberals even human beings? I’m seriously reaching the end of my rope with these people. They have no place in our society; they should be physically removed. I don’t care about having the high ground anymore.

    • “Are liberals even human beings?” NO, not by any stretch of the imagination.

  14. I label suicide with no reason like single car accidents in rural areas.

    Possible foul play.

  15. If, as the headline states, this is a surprise to anyone, then they haven’t been paying any attention at all. Gun control advocates are,for the most part, simply awful people. Sick and twisted.

    • By all accounts Bob was a very good man. I have no idea what demons he was wrestling with. May God have mercy on his soul and may his family take solace that he’s found eternal peace and such a broad and loving embrace from so many people. My heart goes out to his young daughters. May they find the strength to carry on without their father and may they endeavor to carry forward his important work.

  16. As soon as I saw the story last night I knew this was going to happen but I didn’t want to bring it up.

    Christ, I sincerely hope they don’t find a way to contact the family directly because these people are a hell of a lot meaner than what’s been reprinted here and they will not stop.

  17. This makes my blood boil.

    I hope bob owens finds peace in the next life and I hope his family finds the strength they need to go through this tragic misfortune.

    I even hope his family gets as much help and support as they need.

    A family lost a loved one and all these nuts can do is celebrate and act condescendingly.

    Just when you think the anti-american gun-control terrorists couldn’t sink any lower.

    This makes me even more motivated to try and fight for our rights against these ghouls.

  18. I have only a couple of things to say. #1….there is no such thing as “gun violence”. Guns are inanimate objects and cannot perpetuate violence. When someone is beat to death with a baseball bat, do they call it “Baseball Bat violence”? No, they do not. Anyone who wants to end their life will find a way to do it. Guns, if they are present, only offer an effective and quick way to do it. If they aren’t present, the person will simply hang themselves from their garage rafters, or some other method.

    #2…..liberal anti-gun morons are for the most part inhuman, and wrong thinking biological creatures who have no moral compass, and no common sense. They are a blight on our society and more than deserving of scorn. I completely agree with freedom of speech, but I will not be civil with these heathens who use the 1st Amendment as a way to further their wrong minded verbal diarrhea.

  19. The more I read about the history of the Soviet Union from 1917-1945, the more parallels I see to the American left. Make no mistake, they’re trying to weave all these narratives together to form some kind of popular front against anything and everything uniquely American, economically conservative, and “white.”

  20. People have their own reasons for suicide.
    What does it matter whether they use an
    Opioid Pill or
    Lead Pill?

    I don’t hear the Anti-gun industrial complex trying to ban Opioids because they are used more to commit suicides than Lead Pills.

  21. As repugnant as those comments are, I wonder what would happen if some high profile enemy of freedom were to meet an untimely demise.

    Pick your gun grabber: Feinstein, Hillary, Bloomberg, Manchin, Ginsburg, whoever. If one of them dropped dead tomorrow, I have no doubt there would be people here celebrating with choice words.

    I would like to think I wouldn’t sink that low. But who knows?

    • No kidding. We would be dancing in the streets if Ginsburg died tomorrow. The moral equivalency discussion is bullshit. I’ll just say it one more time: big boy pants.

        • Thats painting with a bit of a broad brush. Why don’t we just stick with you and your antagonistic little Oshkosh overalls and leave the rest of us out of it?

        • “Leave the rest of us out of it” – Who’s “us”? If Ginsberg had a stroke and was left a vegetable I’d throw a party.

  22. Please.

    This website, of all places, should not be casting stones when it comes to callous remarks from commenters about those if disagrees with.

    • There is quite a large difference between ridiculing stupidity and the behavior and opinions of those that champion ignorance in the face of hard facts vs. being callous towards people solely because their opinion is different.

      The former deserves ridicule. The latter, well that depends on how much they are channeling the former.

  23. What kind of @$$ hole says these things, at least openly? I won’t lie, I certainly won’t be shedding tears if Ginsburg or Madigan drops dead, but I’m not going to post ignorant, condemning comments on the Internet! Jackalopes.

  24. It’s an easy transition for liberals who approve of killing babies to become so callous of any life. Suicide has been a sad part of life since the beginning of man, unfortunately. To make mockery of Bob’s death in such a hateful and vindictive fashion can only come from those of the left. Look into their eyes and see the soulless beings that they are. They are the blackhearts of this world who only find satisfaction in the pain of others. You who post comments supporting them are even worse.

  25. Hypocrisy!!! Lets just hate everyone with a different opinion. You idiots are killing the cause of supporting the 2nd but proving we are uneducated, narrow-minded and in the end, exactly what we accuse the others of being.

  26. RIP Bob.

    The behavior of the liberal left never ceases to amaze (& disgust) me. When Scalia died, I know people (on the face of it nice, normal folks) who actually went out and had celebratory dinners.

    I can respect people who have differing opinions, but joyously dancing in blood to try to push an agenda is so far beyond the pale that one day it will come back to bite them. Karma is a b*tch!

  27. This trite piece is a news article about Facebook comments. Not the comments of a politician, prominent activist, political action group, celebrity, or media outlet. Facebook comments. This isn’t news and is completely fluff.
    Disappointed in TTAG for running a non-article like this.

    • Hmmm… me thinks you missed the point. It doesn’t matter where the quoted passage came from. This piece was about drawing lines and acknowledging standards of conduct in what is, for the most part, a dirty fight. I happen to disagree with the opinion, but there it is.

    • This is a blog. If you find an article you don’t like then skip over it (like all other blogs). Other people would like to discuss this. If you don’t – then move along.

  28. Every day, I read articles on TTAG,, and Bearing Arms (and Gunsamerica, here and there). I’ve read a lot Bob Owens’ stuff, and it sucks that he’s gone.

    I have so much to say about every horse shit sentence in the passage quoted in this article, but I honestly just don’t feel like it. That said, I don’t blame them at all for saying it. As Robert Farago noted, these people have strong opinions. But, no matter how weak, shallow, vapid, short-sighted, irrational, and childish they may be, they have every right to voice those opinions.

    If Shannon Watts were to finally realize that she’s basically a bowl of runny dog shit and throw herself off a bridge, or if (when) Dianne Feinstein succumbs after a long, long battle with ancientness, TTAG will post an article about it, and I’ll be right here in the comments section, taking the low road, trying to verbalize my ear-to-fucking-ear grin. And I don’t think I’ll be alone.

    We, the responsible gun owners, are expected to put our hands on the hood while we’re stripped of our hobbies, passions, careers, lifestyles, and the only truly effective means of self-defense in the name of political posturing and the illusion of safety? Fuck that. These people have been duped into thinking that attacking my lifestyle and changing the law of the land to literally force me to live how they, complete and total strangers, think I should live, is acceptable.

    Guns in private hands represent a check on power because they empower the owner. As power is often greedy and jealous, it will always loathe the empowered masses, and thus, will never stop its disarmament campaign. The anti-gun camp will never have respect for me or my life, no matter how high the road I take, and in exchange, I will show them none.

  29. “We may not agree with their opinion, but they deserve the same respect that we would give one of our own.”

    Respectfully, I say “bullshit.”

  30. The hateful comments reflect a supreme ignorance about the causes of suicide. The method has little relation to the cause. This would be the equivalent of gloating over the death of a woman undergoing abortion because of her different views. How sad that people think like that.

  31. Did you notice that these progressives can’t even muster up real compassion without some additional boiler-plate fine print, an addendum or caveat to sooth their conscience and straddle both sides of the fence? And they aren’t looked on as the real haters in this world.

  32. Anyone who would celebrate a suicide like this is low class and their political beliefs are irrelevant to this subject.

    • He was just a gutter gun fetishist. Glad he killed himself. He was a danger to society.

      • Glad he killed himself.

        Didn’t you just declare that you were “not godless” in a prior comment?

        My God says that we shall know others by their fruit. The fruit of my God is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

        By your words, you certainly do not bear such fruit.

      • You’re just another racist piece of shit that supports racist laws — gun control laws, all of them. You’re projecting, still.

  33. RKBA supporters that want to commit suicide shouldn’t do it with guns so as not to enable the enemy.

  34. As gun owners, we have set ourselves up for this type of ridicule. Whenever there is someone who goes on a shooting rampage and offs them self or, in this case, went out by themself we are quick to point to the fact that it was mental illness and not the gun that killed them. 30,000 deaths each year using guns as the tool to accomplish the goal of taking others or their self out of the world and we do nothing except point the finger at mental health. I have asked the question before (in fact I asked the question in Feb of 2016 to this site, Bearingarms site, and thefirearmblog site) why are we setting back and allowing ourselves to become easy targets for the left by doing nothing when it comes to mental illness? NSSF estimates that the economic impact of the shooting sports is 51 billion dollars. I would encourage the shooting industry to create a fund that is self imposed (not required by the government) of something in the neighborhood of 1/2 percent. So that glock that typically runs $550 would now cost the buyer $552.75. A magpul magazine of $10 would now be $10.05. Barrett 50 which now sells for $8200 would increase $41. If the extra increase is dumped into a fund that would be valued at 25.5 million dollars. That is a lot of money that can be used for increased access points to mental health, crisis centers, or public education. If we could reduce the rate of suicide, especially during a time when the government is considered slightly more progun and we can take credit for it, than it would be hard to argue against real numbers, especially when anti gunners couldn’t compete with any of their hairbrained schemes. And maybe, just maybe save one of our own. I have done personal battle with suicide and feel that I am one of the fortunate that has succeeded, if I would have known that the gun community was standing behind me it would have been so much better.

  35. When I read something from the left I always think it must be just the other way around. Mr Owens fought hard for A2, no wonder the left jerks are so happy and saying things like it was a good thing, for their cause.
    I feel sorry for the family and friends,
    R.I.P. Bob, thank you for your time and fight, you will be missed.
    (Will the left ever admit, after the police finish their business, I don’t think so, they never want to hear the truth, never).

  36. There is a lot of lefty, socialists in this country that I would not miss if they were gone, but I would not celebrate something like this no matter who it was. One of the easily apparent differences between [ non] liberals is that they have no morals which is easily seen in these types of occurances. This is awful for his family and friends and my condolences go out to them. As you can tell I’m not a [ non] liberal.

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