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Chicago Rhonda Ezell
Civil rights giant Rhonda Ezell walks the walk when it comes to promoting civil rights in Chicagoland.

The Chicago Sun-Times profiled gun rights activist Rhonda Ezell recently. As a plaintiff, Rhonda has cost the City of Chicago a great deal of angst and expense over the years. Her Ezell v. Chicago lawsuits have twice killed local prohibitions – both real and practical – on legal live fire ranges in Mayor Rahm’s utopian paradise.

Despite the losses, Hizzoner still wants to heavily regulate legal shooting ranges. Meanwhile, criminals brazenly use his city as an open-air shooting gallery on a daily basis.

Rhonda Ezell represents freedom and self-determination for law-abiding inner-city Chicago residents. Sadly, most Chicagoland pols work tirelessly to keep residents liker mired in their gun control plantation. These low-information politicians practice insanity and magical thinking on a daily basis.

They believe that still more gun unconstitutional control will miraculously make Chicago safer…all evidence to the contrary. Never mind how generations of shameful gun control laws have failed to do anything except help protect violent predators from law-abiding residents.

It takes brave citizens to stand up to the Windy City’s gun control bullies. Rhonda Ezell has done that for almost a decade now, despite battling health problems.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Chicago Guns Matter founder isn’t done with fight for a gun range

Rhonda Ezell was really sick.

Suffering from kidney failure, lung disease and other ailments, she didn’t like to venture very far from her South Side home.

But to obtain a new Chicago firearms permit to keep a gun in her home in 2010, she had to go through hours of training — and Chicago didn’t have any public shooting ranges within the city limits.

So Ezell, a longtime gun-rights supporter, drove to a northwest suburban range more than 50 miles away in Dundee to practice on targets.

On July 12, 2010, the city of Chicago’s new handgun ordinance took effect, and Ezell went to police headquarters at 35th and Michigan to apply for a permit. She wore a jacket with Illinois State Rifle Association patches. Other ISRA members were there, too, including Richard Pearson, executive director of the association.

According to Ezell, that’s when the group persuaded her to become the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against Chicago that successfully overturned a ban on gun ranges within the city limits.

“We talked about me having to go all the way to Dundee, and we concluded my rights were violated,” she says. “And Ezell v. Chicago was born.”

Thankfully, she’s not alone in her dogged opposition. The Sun-Times also recently profiled Guns Save Life’s Chicago regional director Alfreda Keith Keller, another brave woman fighting the Goliath of Chicago’s gun control machine.

If America had more courageous women like these two, gun control laws would soon be relegated to the dustbin of history. Where it belongs.



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      • It isn’t Democrats we need less of, it is Progressives we need less of, and you can find those on both sides of the isle. If she runs as a Blue Dog, she would be on the only one in Ilinios, which would be a great change in a state overrunned by Progressives

  1. Limiting gun ranges makes no sense unless they don’t want trained gun owners. Talk about something worthless that does nothing about crime.

    Keep up the good fight. Gun rights is a human right. All humans have a god or higher power given right to protect themselves, family and friends.

    • The fewer the gun ranges, the fewer the number of people qualifying for concealed carry permits. The fewer permits the fewer the guns on the street (supposedly). And everyone knows that fewer guns means fewer gun crimes, right? that is the thinking of all big city pols and police chiefs in Illinois, California, New York, Maryland, New Jersey….

  2. If there were a civilian medal of recognition for service in our cause, she should surely be a recipient of the highest level of it. Too bad we don’t have such a thing, although unfortunately, if we did, the circular firing squads (figurative) that we too often have in our own ranks of whose views are purest would probably create a sideshow drowning out the point of the medal.

  3. I applaud her! Ummm…didn’t she know Chuck’s Gun Range/Shop is only a scant 5 or 6 miles south of her? And others closer than Gat? Oh well…

    • Gat is not a bad place. Just bought a spikes tactical lower there this morning.

      • But she could take a short bus ride to Riverdale. I’ve been to Gat too. Bought a magazine there. South Elgin as I recall…

  4. “Criminals best be wary, Illinois has concealed carry!”

    This shorty’s borrowing my bit, but y’know what? I’m gonna give her ALL the passes.

    Dolemite says dope-ass, born-insecure crooks ought to get a cap busted in their asses!

  5. Rhonda is a genuinely nice woman. I have had the pleasure of meeting her at the Guns Save Life meetings in Chicago.

  6. Wait someone who isn’t an OFWG championing the cause of the 2nd Amendment? Thats impossible the left tells us that!!

  7. Seems a lot of people are completely missing the real motive for all the anti-gun organizations and politicians. None of them have the least hint of concern for OUR safety, or for reducing crime. Their only real motive and goal is to render everyone but THEM unarmed and helpless. They want CONTROL of everyone, not safety. The talk about safety and crime is merely cover for their real agenda.

  8. This is why the internet is so powerful. A pro gun black woman would never get the Press 10 years ago even with support of a large pro gun group.
    The white liberal press can’t ignore a change in the “color” of the gun community. It forces them to toss their standard canned response. A well spoken black woman with a gun and a lawsuit scares the hell out them!!!

    The true enemy is the progressive socialist pig. I hate them.

  9. I guarantee you that White Chicago anti-gunners have a name for her and it rhymes with “trigger”.

    Scratch an anti-gunner, find a Klansman.

  10. Got a great picture of me hugging Ms. Ezell last night at our Elgin IL council meeting approving our new gun range and club. She came our and represented to 2 out of 3 of our meetings!

    So did those c u next Tuesdays from Moms Demand aka People for a Safer Society. I didn’t hug HER but I did trigger her hard after the meeting was over in the hall!

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