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Today is the day after the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook slaughter. Gun control advocates — who consider the school shooting a “watershed moment” in their crusade for civilian disarmament — gathered in DC to wave the bloody shirt in honor of defenseless Americans gunned down by mass shooters.

In the video above, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal joined the families of people killed by “gun violence” calling on President Trump to mandate federal universal gun registration (a.k.a., universal background checks), create a No-Fly No-Buy law for citizens on the FBI’s terrorist and revoke The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (which shields the firearms industry from liability for criminal use of their products).

“These are your ideas Donald,” Senator Blumenthal wrongly opines from somewhere out in left field. “We’ll give you credit for them.”

Although The Donald supported No-Fly No-Buy during his campaign — until the NRA’s spinmeisters set him straight — Blumenthal’s assertion that this disarmament platform was Mr. Trump’s idea is as credible as suggesting that President Obama was the chief architect of the open carry movement. I guess Senator Blumenthal was joking. Not even gun control advocates could be that delusional, right?

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  1. Of course they could! They’ve been deluding themselves for years. Why, just look at the jackalopes who proposed all kinds of new gun law restrictions, attempting to roll back what was passed last year, in the TEXAS legislature,

    • True, but telling the President elect what they think he should do is both the right and responsibility of a citizen. I just hope Trump sticks to his campaign stance on this. Like many others, I am not yet convinced it is a core issue for him. Better than being an active gun control proponent, of course.

      • This is very true, Old Ben. We all have the right to ask the president to do what we think he should do.
        Even if what we want him to do goes against the entirety of what he stands for.
        Sort of us asking Obama to honor the constitution; we know he won’t do it, but we ask anyway.

  2. Well RF…I’m in the “wait &see ” camp. I could easily see Donnie go for 2 out of 3. We’ll see as the “Russia hacked the election and Hillary REALLY won ” BS drumbeat continues unabated. Sure hope he doesn’t?

    • The anti G.W. Bush “selected not elected” drumbeat continued (though the volume diminished) for his entire 8 years. Once the Progs get on a theme of their own victimization they are very reluctant to let it go.

        • give a liberal the proper flavored stick and say the correct phrase and they will beat themselves. The UK has been doing that for years.

  3. Delusional is as polite of a descriptive term as I can think of for them.

    Given his son’s commitment to the Second, I have high hopes for THe Donald. I hope be does not dissapoint.

  4. The only thing I see that hackers did was spill the beans on Hildabeast. All the dirty secrets got brought out in the open. Sucks to be her. It’s Hillary Clintons fault and nobody else.

    • Y’know, thats one important point no one seems to follow up on: the emails were hacked and made public but not once has any so-called journalist claimed the SUBJECT of the email was false or made up. They were true, every one of them.
      If a coworker tells you your spouse is cheating on you (and it’s true) do you get mad at him or at your spouse?

      • That was one of those “inconvenient truths” that the guilty did their best to avoid. I remember Podesta refusing to acknowledge the authenticity of the e-mails, saying he had not reviewed them and that some of them were plants–which ones was left intentionally vague. And then the interim chair of the DNC Donna Brazile, when confronted with her e-mails, ducked and jived every which way she could to avoid answering any questions about them, instead trying to turn the conversation to the “fact” that they were stolen and no one should be looking at this ill-gotten information. Over and over again. It was one reporter in general, probably from InfoWars, but the rest of the reporters there quickly caught on–it was quite the feeding frenzy–that ended when she stomped off. These shenanigans obviously did not work.

  5. Be nice and give little Chrisy boy a break. Dancing in dried blood is hard and waving a dried bloody shirt is even harder.

  6. Repeal the The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act?

    As long as it is applied equally to all commerce.

    Meaning, gun makers like Bushmaster can be sued for what their customers do with their products when Budweiser and Chevrolet are held liable for what drunk drivers do with their products.

    It’s about fairness, isn’t it?

    {The sound of crickets softly chirping…}

  7. By Dec.19 the Electoral college gets to decide whether aspiring dictator adolf trump gets to be president.

    And trumps done more harm than good considering Russia illegally hacked the election to his favor. Hillary was going to continue to protect America from harm.

    Sorry, Butt Herr Trump is not my president and he never will be, He will endanger this country more than help it and the brainwashed masses on here refuse to see it.

    The only people deluding themselves are the very people and it’s racist, psychotic, homophobic creator that follow this fake propaganda website that calls itself as “factual”.

    None of those proposed laws would’ve not affected the second amendment.

    It’s just more NRA manure.

    • Do you really believe this stuff you spew, or do you have nothing better to do than troll this site? Either way, you should probably pick up a hobby, keep yourself occupied.

      Dare I suggest, target shooting?

        • please tell me how these hacks may have impacted the election. Also, since the administration new about the alleged hacks in July, why did they do nothing about them.

          I would love to meet you some day. Just so I can laugh in your face.

        • If I had to guess, you were on the payroll of some leftist think tank, paid to shill for the leftist causes.

          Because nobody is that stupid or delusional on their own.


        • “Sorry, I’m a free-thinker, Not a sheep.”
          That’s interesting, coming from someone who belongs to the group that claims more followers than the other group.
          Wouldn’t you say?

          For the “free thinkers,” that means there were more who voted for Hillary than for Trump, yet we have here someone who thinks that means he didn’t “follow.”

        • “like this website that people like you love oh so much.”

          At yet here you are…?

          So you must enjoy your visits.

        • Sorry, I’m a free-thinker, Not a sheep.

          How do we know? Prove it.

          We all have opinions. It’s important we not impose our opinions on each other, or soon we won’t have the freedoms we both enjoy. To maximize freedom for each other, we must be tolerant for each other’s perceived faults and weaknesses.

    • “None of those proposed laws would’ve not affected the second amendment.”


      Can Jack Daniels and Ford be held liable when a drunk in his F-150 kill and maim a car full of kids in a drunk driving crash?

    • “TrueAmericansAgainstProGunAntiAmericans”…. yeah that doesn’t sound Bloomberg-funded at all, move along Troll, move along.

      • Bloomberg-funded?

        What kinda of conspiracy theories are people like you spouting now?

        Sorry, I answer for only the American people who are growing sick and frustrated with being cannon fodder to a bunch of doomsday survivalist nuts who think Herr Trump is the Messiah and that more guns equals less violence when many times it does not.

        • Am I hearing you correctly? Are you saying that doomsday preppers are the ones who are causing gun violence in the USA?


        • “Sorry, I answer for only the American people…”

          So who the f#@k elected you as spokesman for the sheeple?

        • I don’t think he believes in elections, at least not the real kind where his side can actually lose – hence his denial about Trump winning and his consternation over voters being armed.

    • If you want to see real fascism in America, carry out your little coup. There are people out there that make me look like a cuddly puppy who have had quite enough of traitors like you.

      • The only fascism I see is people like you calling anyone who respectfully disagrees with you as some “left-fringe lunatic.”

        Sorry, But seeing your numerous posts have exposed you for the real person you are.

        You are nothing but a sad, hate-filled, nationalistic, fascist, racist, homophobic coward that is constantly spoon-fed BS from this fake news website.

        I support constitutional rights as much as the next american but murdering people is not nor ever was a protected “right”.

        • As I said genius, keep poking the bear, see how that works out for you. Trump is a mild response. The more radical responses involve firing squads and cattle cars full of leftists. You really have no idea what kind of shit you’re provoking. Go look at the Balkan wars in the 1990s.

          Trump won. You lost. Throw that election result out and you’re going to have a civil war on your hands. A civil war that will end with your brains decorating the side of a wall, if you’re incredibly lucky.

      • And You can continue to believe what insane delusions people like you believe.

        But this is real life. Not something out of some sick twisted turner diaries/Jim Rawles fantasy that hate-filled creeps like you believe.

        Keep poking at the American people who are growing sick and tired of the lies people like you try to enforce.

        Trump does not will never represent the American people. Most Americans did not want him since it’s been revealed that Russia rigged the election illegally in his favor. Trump does not care for people like you or have the best interest at peoples hearts. People worked hard to get where they were at while trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He will turn this country into a war-torn 3rd world hellhole.

        Like I said.

        You are nothing but a sad, delusional, hate-filled, nationalistic, fascist, racist, homophobic coward that is constantly spoon-fed BS from this fake news website.

        • You’re right for once, this is real life.

          Let’s pretend that your assertion is true. Without factual backing, but “true”. People who are no friend of Trump have found no evidence to support Russian interference with the voting machines. (They have found lots of evidence to support fraud voting for Hillary, but it was DET, so it was to be expected…)

          So, are you really supporting the allegation that somehow (assuming it was the Russians) exposing the truth about DNC operative e-mails is somehow ‘cheating’? Exposing the truth (since not a single denial has been issued for the emails) is somehow ‘unfair’?

          I don’t care the source, the verifiable truth is the truth. Especially when they can’t argue it.

        • Russia rigged the election? Really? Russia caused 90% of the counties in this country to vote for Trump? If Russia was that powerful, it would be running the world. A few Russian hackers exposed some emails and that is grounds for scrapping the entire election? If you don’t want people throwing things you say (or type) back in your face, don’t say them. Especially if they’re objectionable enough to turn an entire country against you.

          I didn’t vote for Trump. I don’t like him. I think he’s an egomaniac who targeted a confused and angry Middle America. But Hillary is a criminal, who has long pandered to special interests and hostile foreign powers while conning the American people. If she had been even slightly less despicable, she would have won. Get over it, and stop crying about the Russians.

    • This is the result of paste being consumed in mass quantities.

      Sandyhook was about mental issues, you jackwagons made it about the guns, and not the root cause, so nothing effective got done.

      • Then why did the shooter’s mother take him to shooting lessons?

        Why did she take him to NRA sponsored gun programs?

        The mother knew he was dangerous and did nothing to get him help.

        If she had cared, She would’ve gotten rid or moved her weapons away were he himself couldn’t get hold of them and 20+ innocent americans would not have to suffer at the hands of some NRA death-worshiping lunatic.

        • Ahh, the pathetically fallacious assertion that ‘if there wasn’t a gun, it wouldn’t have happened’.

          Post Hoc and Cum Hoc fallacies for starters. I thought all of Bloomie’s trolls at least attended some college, and had a logic class, or two. I guess they don’t teach critical thinking anymore…

        • Choad, if she had cared, or was a competent parent, none of this would have happened, no matter the number of sharp things, or cans of gasoline, kept about.

          She was raising the equivalent of an undomesticed tiger, without the skill set or facilities, to do so. Tiger ate her, got loose and ate some other people. You making about the guns, means that other people in smiilar situations, are not getting focused on and not getting help. Say it with me…”root cause”.

        • Death-worshiping? Man…I guess I went to the wrong NRA-sponsored training with my son! Betting that class TrueAmerican references would have been a great deal more entertaining.

        • Then why did the shooter’s mother take him to shooting lessons?

          Well. Why did the mother send him to school so that he could learn how to read? If he can read he can follow bomb making instructions online or learn how to use firearms. Education (including education on shooting) is never a bad thing. It is the decisions the individual makes that are good or bad and that individual is one responsible for his actions.

          Why did she take him to NRA sponsored gun programs?

          Maybe so he could learn gun safety?

          The mother knew he was dangerous and did nothing to get him help.

          He was no more dangerous than anyone else really. We have no idea of what she thought of him. Your statement is speculation. She knew her son better than probably anyone else, and maybe she still didn’t know him enough. Even if guns somehow were banned, or somehow were not available, or somehow a black market unlike the drug war, could be regulated, he still could have killed many people by other methods.

          If she had cared, She would’ve gotten rid or moved her weapons away were he himself couldn’t get hold of them and 20+ innocent americans would not have to suffer at the hands of some NRA death-worshiping lunatic.

          Come-on. Let’s use reason and logic, not emotional pity party knee jerk reactions. The individual responsible was the perpetrator of the crime. It is tragic. Is it preventable? Likely not – and if so – at what cost? Do we take freedoms from the people because of the crimes of the few? No. We are open to your ideas, but looking cock-eyed at gun rights for your solution is not acceptable. Try again.

    • I voted for Trump. If I knew that you’d be so butthurt by his victory, I would have voted for him twice.

      Cry, poor little baby. Cry.

      • I tried to vote for Trump, but couldn’t get past the piles of zombies at the polls. I can only imagine what it was like in Detroit where precincts for 40% more votes than live voters.

    • Keep crying those salty liberal tears, libturd. YOU lost. And watching your meltdown has been non stop comedy for us real Americans. And you’re right, you should be afraid…

      One, two Trumps coming for you…
      Three, four, Obama’s out the door…
      Five, six, build a big old fence…
      Seven, eight, make America great…
      Nine, ten, Muslims never gonna win…
      Eleven, twelve, Hillary’s gone to hell!!!!

    • “None of those proposed laws would’ve not affected the second amendment.”

      An accident, no doubt, but, “None of those proposed laws would have NOT affected the second amendment.” is the most accurate statement you have ever posted to this site!

      Coupled with the usual leftist inaccuracy of believing the president has anything directly to do with creating or repealing specific legislation. What is life like when your entire vision of the world is delusional?

    • Some people wouldn’t know fascism if it were kicking in their front door looking for prohibited items or evidence of hate speech…

      You, little troll, are a sad, sad individual. Just like whomever is paying you and all the other new trolls that have arrived here recently.

    • “None of those proposed laws would’ve not affected the second amendment.”

      1. Repeat that out loud without the contraction…slowly.
      2. Retreat to your safe space.

    • “None of those proposed laws would’ve not affected the second amendment.”

      1. Repeat that out loud without the contraction…slowly.
      2. Retreat to your safe space.

  8. Connecticut used to be a state with ultra-low taxes, balanced budgets and an excellent quality of life. People fled to CT from NY and MA.

    Now CT is run by clowns like Chris Murphy. Everyone who can is moving elsewhere, as the state is losing population, jobs and GE, which relocated to Boston. Before that, CT lost two of it’s biggest taxpaying billionaires, who fled the state for Florida, and their defection caused a huge deficit in CT’s tax base..

    Hey, Connecticut, when Massachusetts is stealing your biggest company and Florida is stealing two of your major individual taxpayers, you suck.

    Which is what Murphy’s dog and pony show is all about — distracting beleaguered Nutmeggers. Sure, the state is falling apart and everybody hates the governor, but — look at this baby!

  9. Not even gun control advocates could be that delusional, right?

    You underestimate the power of the Derp Side.

    • Just gotta read the posts from patriot.
      People actually believe that crap.
      Patriot. I live just out side of chicago. Some of the strictest gun laws in the country reside in that city. And also one of the highest murder rates.
      Why???? Because people like you want to keep law abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves.
      Because someone carrying a gun scares you. Even though you may talk to someone everyday that concealed carrying.
      I refuse to go into Chicago city limits.

      Oh and before you go spouting off any more bs…
      Go take a look at pictures of Hiroshima and Detroit.
      From 1945 and present day. It’s actually easier to come back from an atomic blast than 70 years of liberals running a government.

  10. Well, Trump did sound very squishy on the whole no-fly list thing.

    But in general, the anti-gun crowd still doesn’t get it. They lost. They didn’t lose in spite of gun control support, if anything, they lost (partly) because of it.

    Rural America is tired of being told what it can’t handle by the coast.

    • Yeah, I fully support Mr. Trump but I see no-fly no-buy as being something he’d be willing to use as a bargaining chip. Honestly, the man has got to have some slack to do his job, or he risks alienating the legislature like Obama foolishly and shamefully did in his first two years.

  11. “…who consider the school shooting a “watershed moment” in their crusade for civilian disarmament …

    Gosh, I hope they get this upset for sketchy “artists” who have fire-trap live/work warehouses (all of them).

    This was a statistically irrelevant Black Swan Event. Unfortunate and sad for a few folks, but last time I checked, dead was dead, and out of a nation of 330 million (plus the illegals), actual, you know, murders with guns are as rare as hen’s teeth. Terrible, tragic, but still, really rare.

    32K-ish die from gunshot wounds. 20K are suicides, so that goes straight away – they just pick another tool.
    Of the remaining 12K, around 8K are gang related, animals surviving the jungle, so once again, irrelevant. So there’s maybe 4K people actually, you know, murdered with a gun in this country every year. That’s around 1.2 per 100,000. Not even a blip in on the how-you-die radar.

    Alcohol related deaths are around 88K, 38K in traffic accidents, 300K from medical errors, 610K from heart disease, the list goes on and on. In context, the suggestion that guns are a risk, somehow outweighed by usefulness, is beyond patently absurd. It’s comical.

    • Point of order. You assume leftists care about logic, reason, reality, or statistics. The only things they care about are their fee fees and the power to make others do what they want.

      • Nah, I assume they don’t. But, I use fact/logic to beat them until they have no “moral high-ground” left.

        (‘Natch, only when I have a captive audience of semi-adults, the snowflakes just scream “raycisss!” or some equivalent. More extreme measures may be required to stop them.)

  12. And if Hillary had won, we’d be calling upon her to repeal the NFA and GCA, right?
    Did I say something wrong?

  13. Trumps a deal maker. And a better one than congress. Look to see the carrot of a ( VERY watered down ) no fly no by used to distract them while the stick of national carry ( among other things ) is forced up their asses.

  14. I just want to know what drugs this guy is using and why he’s not sharing. Based on his reaction to them they’re probably a hoot and a holler.

  15. Very poor choice of troll.
    Maybe because literally anyone is a “potential terrorist.” Especially in the eyes of an incompetent and/or corrupt government and it’s agencies.
    You know who where “terrorists” and “domestic insurgents”? People like Daniel Morgan.

  16. Well, Trump is already backpedaling on phony global warming, under Ivankas tutelage, so anything is possible. You see, when you pass over a credentialed Constitutional Conservative like Ted Cruz for a populist nationalist like Trump, you cannot really predict which way the wind will blow them.

    • Trump never would have had a chance if the Republican establishment didn’t insist on only pushing RINO’s and religious nutjobs hell bent on forcing their religion on everyone. Hopefully Trump’s election will be a wakeup call, but I doubt it.

      • THIS.

        I laugh every time someone refers to Ted “The Evangelical Vampire” Cruz as a Constitutional Conservative. Hey Ted, you can’t champion 2A while ignoring 1A. That makes you as bad as the progressives. Keep your Judeo-Christian morality in your own home, and let the rest of us live by our own standards of morality.

        Cruz would have been destroyed outside of the Bible Belt. He would have appealed to none of the swing voters, and would have done worse than Romney.

      • His good choice for the EPA is negated by his pro gay Boy Scouts, pro global warming carbon taxes pick for Sec of State, Exxon CEO Tillerson.

        Trump is so quixotic there is no telling what he could ping pong into next. It was as recent as 1999 Trump supported Clintons AWB. So, Trump is not a principled Conservative, but neither was GW Bush, and he was OK for guns rights during his tenure. Time will tell, but my instincts tell me Trump will veer more Left than Right over time. NY values and all that.

  17. I hope that Trump sticks to his promises and maybe even cuts back on the infringements. The signs are looking good so far though.

  18. “Universal background and mental healthcare checks for Liberal Progressive Socialists…” This also sounds like Fake News…Someone assign a Fact Check for proper NEWSPEAK….

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