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From GrovTec . . .

GrovTec is proud to announce the Sabre Sling, built with a culmination of feedback from professional users about what they want from a tactical sling: lightweight, minimal snag, freedom to change attachments, and no excess materials to bunch or bind.

The Sabre Sling is a third-generation design that includes features professionals seek, while maintaining a lightweight, minimal profile. Based on a tailless design to reduce snagging, the Sabre Sling includes quick-slide adjustment to support shooter positional changes. GrovTec’s own industry-standard-defining, heavy duty push-button, quick-disconnect swivels are included at each end. Leaving the sling open for customization, ends are left open to permit personalization for those preferring loop, HK-style clip, or other attachment methods.

Available in Black, FDE, Multi-Cam®, and Multi-Cam Black® with prices starting at $60.00.

Mount to essentially any rifle with one of GrovTec’s many sling mounting solutions.

As with all GrovTec products, the Sabre Sling is proudly made in the United States.

GrovTec products are warrantied to be free of manufacturer’s defect for LIFE.

Price: $60.00

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  1. I’m not sure but it appears it has a loop adjustment instead of just a buckle like magpul has which would be prone to snag, other than that looks the same as magpul.

    • My thoughts exactly.
      I believe you’re referring to the Magpul MS3 GenII. It a favorite of mine. Fast one hand adjustment.
      It converts from single point to double point by adding a 2nd QD Swivel to latch the clasp to.

      This GrovTec sling looks like a nice choice too.

    • Magpul is a 50/50 proposition for me. Half of everything I try of theirs just doesn’t seem to work out that well. Some of it works very well.

      I’m ending up with a bunch of extra slings like some people have a drawer of extra holsters. I’ll buy one and then find one I like better. These days I’m leaning more toward Blue Force. This one looks interesting enough to try though. It’s cheap enough.

  2. Can anybody please explain why all accoutrements are ALWAYS shown attached to completely unnessessary Semi-Automatic rifles?? And never with a really useful Rifle like a proper HUNTERS kit?? Is it because only the idiots living in the hope of slotting somebody are likklet tom buy bthem. As I see it the majority of HUNTERS will already have such slings scopes and jackets etc. as they feel comfortable with

    • Same reason your unnecessary comments are here. I hunt with AR platforms almost exclusively these days.“Proper” !?! What are you British? This is America and we can hunt with what we like, is legal and works. To bad you can’t enjoy the freedom. It’s pretty fun

      • Bootlickers like Al seek attention. Please don’t feed the bootlicking trolls. Let them subsist on shoe polish.

    • Well I’ve commented about all the crap they hang on a gunm nowadays myself.
      It just makes them harder to drag for me. But that’s me.

  3. I’m looking for one for the new lightweight Ruger AR10 I saw here the other day and went and bought. Open sighted it at 100 this morning and wouldn’t ya know it I got home and the scope and mount had come in. Now I’ll have to go back and shoot some more lol
    Can’t wait for season

  4. Prince Albert, you’ve never hunted anything in your life except the next socialist handout. Please. Sit down and be quiet. You are embarrassing yourself. BTW. Condolences about the Queen. I always admired her. However, you seem to have been omitted from the celebration. Guess you’re not all that after all.

    • The first amendment only applies to government censorship. TTAG and word press is not government. And its not TTAG, its the word press system.

  5. I’m not knocking the design however I personally prefer a rifle craft sling. It adjusts extremely fast works on just about any kind of rifle you can imagine you just have to buy the attachments points for it. and it’s useful for hunting including all your traditional positions ie prone, standing, kneeling, sitting and it also is capable of being worn in the front across the body.

  6. Anyone with the necessary equipment (sewing machine), and materials/parts, can make this sling. Its a ‘classic’ design found in many other brands in the gun world, and its a design that’s not proprietary. One of our local gun stores here makes their own and gives them away with each rifle purchase, or you can buy one from them in store for about $10.00.

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