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“Ten-year-old campaigner Christopher Underwood joins Good Morning Britain to call for stricter gun laws in the U.S. after his brother was shot and killed,” the caption underneath the video below proclaims. In fact, the latest darling of the bloody shirt waving mainstream media gives viewers a message more familiar to supporters of firearms freedom . . .

“People don’t understand what guns could cause, like what it could make people do. Like guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

Surprisingly, our old pal Piers Morgan doesn’t jump in — at least not there — to steer young master Underwood towards a more disarmament-friendly statement.

Later in this clip, Captain Morgan tries to equate U.S. liquor laws to the ability to rent a machine gun under adult supervision. Just another WTF moment from a champion of same, aired in a country where antis sing like the castrati that they are.

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  1. I was going to make a “brexit” remark but I remembered that I don’t like to tell other countries that aren’t threats to mine how to run theirs.

    • First of all, this kid talks like a 5 year old, and his statements are obviously rehearsed.

      Secondly, It’s NOT a gun problem, it’s a NI99ER problem! This kid’s brother was killed by another black youth! Statistics by the CDC, WHO, and FBI (which are all leftist influenced agencies) substantiate that blacks kill 90%(+) of blacks. If you want to control something then control criminals, especially black criminals – ALL violent criminals (murderers, rapists, gang members) should be put to death! PERIOD! God says there are three instances where there is no bloodguilt: 1) Self defense, 2) War, 3) Judicial execution!

      Has anyone noticed that in ALL of the looting videos from the hurricane ravaged areas of Texas and Florida, that 99.9% of the perpetrators are BLACK! I have yet to see a “white” perpetrator!

      I have a house FULL of guns and they are NOT locked up, yet in the last 50 years not a single one of them has jumped up and killed someone! So how can it be a gun problem?!

      • You are absolutely right in your statements, blacks are killing blacks in the USA as fast as they can pull the trigger, which does not matter to me. That is less the tax payers will have to support the rest of their lives.They have no respect for themselves or anybody else. I will never give up my guns because of the blacks, illegals and muslims.

      • Don’t ya just love it when the media defends the tribal looters saying they were just trying to feed themselves eh. I didn’t know that you could eat Nike sneakers!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Rattlerjake
        One more: Defense of an innocent third party. Some perp is trying to stab a victim, and you cap him. That’s acceptable, too.

  2. I recently taught 3 visiting Brits how to shoot. They learned a lot about was and was *not* true about firearms and the associated culture vs. the portrayals they’re fed in the media, had a great time shooting and meeting people at the range, and didn’t once turn into bloodthirsty maniacs.

    It’s a small victory, sure, but as things are going, I thought it was a good one.

    • There is no such thing as racism. The word was created and then promoted through propaganda and whale poop like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Reason, to keep people separated and at each others throats. If we should ever become just citizens of the World and work together to make our country function in accordance with our Constitution as it was written.

      We have the responsibility and right to control government in the United States of America and keep her from falling into the hands of rich progressive globalists who have been working for decades to destroy the U.S. Constitution. Bill Clinton and NAFTA initiated the move towards separatism and weakening our economy by destroying our industrial base. I hope you have noticed all of the industries and jobs that have disappeared since NAFTA was agreed upon by Canada, the U.S and Mexico.

      Prosperity in the United States existed in the mid to late 1980s. There was work for anyone that wanted to work and in some areas more jobs than people to fill them. During that time our schools were graduating students that knew how to spell their own names and write them using cursive. Colleges were graduating significant, but declining numbers of people with advanced degrees in science, math, engineering, etc. that fueled innovation and discovery of new processes, products, technology that kept the U.S a place that people from other countries wanted to come to and realize the American dream. Most that immigrated became naturalized citizens and went on to realized their dream. Today, we cannot seem to get those that have applied for citizenship following the established processes for immigration into our country.

      Why? Because the globalists have to keep citizens in a turmoil and a state of agitation in order to exact their agenda against us. No unity can be allowed to exist. Right now they are having items that represent the history of the United States, good and bad, destroyed. Why these items? They know that citizens who love the U.S. will get riled up and cause a major distraction (at least they hope that is what will happen).

      Those who call themselves members of the Press today certainly are not. They are tools being used to perpetrate lies and propaganda to keep unrest alive and people’s attention away from what they should be fully aware of and speaking out loudly in opposition.

      Here is a hint about what is going on right now that not many are paying attention to in large numbers. We all should watch anything and everything concerning what Bernie Sanders is promoting, loudly. Remember now, Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. Socialist ideology is far left from our Constitution Republic. Closer to Communism.

      Bernie Sander wants, and is demanding that the United States shift healthcare to a single-payer system something like Social Security. HE says that way everyone will have good healthcare no matter what their income is, or even if they do not have income. What could be more Socialist than that?

      Government in the United States is “of the People, for the People, by the People and may they never perish from this Earth.” No where in our Constitution are we required to support those that will not support themselves. We are a compassionate people and we want to help those in need. Its time to redefine “need”. People that are totally capable of working in some fashion must do so. Failing to be employed and being responsible for supporting one’s self, and family, is un-American and harmful to our country. How? By being a drain on our economy and giving nothing in return.

      America is not a welfare state. We must prevent it from becoming one or we all will lose. Pay attention to what is happening now,, people. Uncontrolled entry of peoples coming across our Southern border in droves. People bringing diseases back that have been long gone here. Bringing nothing of benefit to America, just adding to the strain on our ability to govern our country as We the People want it governed.

      My point after all of that is: should a single-payer healthcare system be created giving government total control over your health, and life, we are lost!!! When government can give you healthcare, and also take it away whenever it should decide to do so, we no longer will be a free nation or have liberty to control our lives.

      When government has control of your health/life through controlling your access to products and services necessary to continue living healthy and strong, it can do anything it wants with that power. The globalists working to take control of America and Americans, once in control of your health, and your ability to stay alive, can, and will, take away all firearms and eliminate our ability to prevent tyranny at the hands of those serving as government. We will then be at the complete mercy of the globalists.

      This has happened many time in World history. We the People had better wake up and become really responsible for the United States of America, or, we will lose it and all it has stood for throughout its 200 plus year history.

    • Yes, we’re obviously not casting a big enough net over the number and types of gun-grabbers that we need to fight against.

      And if foreigners are contributing even $0.01 to the overthrow of our Constitution, that is Sedition.

      And so is U.S. citizens protesting the U.S. on foreign soil.

    • He is right!I have lived 87 years in homes where there was at least one gun. I never have known a person that was shot with a gun, nor have I ever seen a gun get out of a draw, aim and shoot, so why are people saying that guns are killing people? Fools are using guns to kill other people and the innocent gun is to blame! Insanity, I say!

  3. Nobody understands that the guns made my brother do bad things that got him killed…

    Yep, you’re right, nobody will ever really understand your youthful misconceptions to the point of accepting them at face value, but maybe some day you’ll understand the total silliness of them.

  4. Let me guess–another black killed his brother???

    If we can just get dems to stop killing each other then we will not need any bans!

    then mom says”she is having hard times finding therapy for her son??
    Well dragging the poor kid around for 4 years and making him relive that dead every-time…MIGHT be the cause???

    • We don’t need to stop dems from killing each other, we need to encourage it – need I say why?!

      Although I am against abortions, it might actually be a good thing considering that the majority of baby killing women are LEFTISTS!

      • I am for abortion and there should be a abortion clinic in every ghetto and inner city to get rid of the fatherless kids. They have the fun making babies and we have to take care of them their entire life whether it is in society or prison. I would much rather pay for a cheaper abortion than support the kid the rest of his life, because the majority of them grow up being taught hatred against certain races and cause nothing but trouble. Just think how peaceful it would be here if the blacks had not sold them here as slaves and kept them in their own Country.

  5. Flip Wilson said, “The Devil made me do it,” and we all laughed. Now it’s “The gun made me do it,” and nobody’s laughing.

    My my my, haven’t we come a long way.

    • Here come the judge
      Here come the judge

      Geraldine ” I’ll tell my boyfriend on you”
      “His name is Killa “

  6. Did someone finally kick that SOB Piers Morgan out of my country? How do you get someone on a terr watch list? and ticket to Gitmo?

    • Didn’t Piers have a warrant for his arrest in the UK due to hacking a murdered girls phone? Maybe he just had to wait for Tony Blair and David Cameron to leave office.

      • Piers Morgan is a complete idiot and he is a big liar to top it. I can’t believe he is still trying to spread lies about gun fares letting people get guns with out being checked out, that is not just al lie , but a hellava big lie. Morgan will always be a piece of shit in my book.On another note, let libs kill each other, it gets rid of some of the trash the government gives a free ride to anyway. I really think someone needs to start thinking about some kind of sterilization for the future, before the population exceeds food and water facilities.

  7. If Britain actually mattered in the world I might care about this…but it doesn’t…so I don’t. Such a pity a once powerful country has been castrated by libtards/SJW’s/leftists and rendered impotent.

  8. I have a novel Idea. Stay your ass there and when the terrorists blow your ass up over there we can all say, If only they had guns.

  9. It is sad his brother was murdered. If only he would have been living in safe, gun free England… His brother would have been gently, safely knifed to death instead.

    Something needs to be done about those people who killed his brother. I wonder what happened to the perps. That is the real question.

  10. Yup, Background checks, Mental health care checks and Voter ID permits…Wait, is that the British still trying to influence the government of the Colonies! Didn’t we already throw their @$$ out during the American Revolution!?! …Also, If anything the British Monarchy is good at…..Is Restricting personal rights, freedom, and Liberties…Scotland, Ireland, Protestant and Catholic Political Blood feuds, British imperialism, etc…How about London tower? Does anyone even remember why our ancestors fled Britain in the first place?!! Or, How the British Monarchy went house to house in the Colonies to disarm the settlers!?!? To Enforce the rule of The Monarchy!?!? Hello!?!?

  11. I bet that kids grandparents liked guns when a box full of them marked Lend-Lease act from the U.S. show up in England when their unarmed society was at war ?

  12. Well, it’s an interesting strategy. If you can’t find enough adults with simpleminded views on things, rent children.

    There is no bar too low for leftists to limbo.

  13. So, if an “African American” kid stays in Britain, is the kid now an “African Brit”? Do they have affirmative action for junior gangbangers to get jobs at Burger King?

  14. This guy Pierce just can’t get our business out of his one sided mind. Yes we could agree one one thing. You just exploited a little boy who himself said “people kill people”. Mr. Morgen is never going to get it. Why are we even giving him any exposure at all? He is gone. Let him stay where people are stabbed by knives at 5 times the rate if U.S. don’t give this man a platform any more

  15. The UK can solve most of their problems IF……
    1) they deport all their FilthyMohammedanSavages™
    2) shitcan their Political Correctness on steroids
    3) abolish their anti-gun laws

  16. Wonder if Piers Morgan has private security guards with him as he walks on water, er, about the busy streets of New York City and Los Angeles. Bet it is next to impossible to get anywhere near his private residence due to high levels of security surrounding. Really, if he is so upset at life here, he should return to the dear old UK and stay the “f” there.

  17. When given a chance to have an original thought of his own the kid said “guns don’t kill people…bad people kill people”, that guns aren’t to blame. All of the other things he said were nothing but what he was told that he should believe.

  18. So some POS gang banger by another gang banger was killed with a illegal gau, not by responsible gun owner.

  19. So this kid want guns banned because “he doesn’t like them”? I’ve seen five-year olds that can express themselves better than he does.And what was his brother up to when he got killed? Morgan should be ashamed of himself for interviewing a senseless family that can’t present a good argument. I’m also getting tired of foreigners trying to tell was how we should run our country. Australia gave up their guns and now regret it. I’ll keep my buddy Mr. Smith as long as I have breath in me.

  20. Funny thing is that they never talk about how many people saved their own lives because they had a gun to defend themselves against a sicko who got his gun illegally. Sick people also kill with bats, or knives, so should these be outlawed too? The safest countries in the world are places where their populations are encouraged to own guns.

  21. Somebody really needs to take that kid into Chicago, NYC, Atlanta and other cities where black on black violence and crime is just an every day “business as usual.”
    Make him realize the problem is and always has been with the violent tendencies of his race! And that violence would not end because there were no guns!

  22. He lives in Chicago and should be heading to the mayors office and stopping gangs and gun control so others in that lawless town can defend themselves. While he is talking to the jackass mayor, maybe getting the illegal criminal element out would be another in the right steps. Using a dumb assed lil kid to do the socialists bidding is a shame.

  23. Has anyone told this kid how successful the strict gun laws are in Chicago, where 30-40 kids like his brother are shot dead every weekend ?

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