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Last night, Greg Jordan won the $50,000 top prize in the 3-Gun Nation shoot off finals. It’s the event that 3-Gun Nation shooters have been working towards all year, and we were on the scene to watch the night unfold. And man, were there some interesting moments . . .


Early in the night, Dianna Liedorff (formerly of Team FNH USA and now shooting for Hornady) was competing against Lena Miculek for the $25,000 women’s division championship spot. She had beaten out Lena’s mother Kay and it all came down to the final heat of a “best of three” competition to see who would walk away the winner. Di was going great guns until the unthinkable happened — her magazine wasn’t seated properly and it dropped free before she was done shooting. That one equipment failure cost her the first place spot.
It did make for an interesting picture, though.


The next biggest surprise was when Greg Jordan knocked Daniel Horner off his pedestal and into third place. Daniel has been on fire this year, and the fact that Greg was able to not only catch him but beat him says a lot about Greg’s abilities. The rivalry between these two is going to be interesting to watch in the coming year.


Surprise #3 was something that didn’t happen: Jerry Miculek didn’t knock down all of his rifle plates. He missed one and didn’t realize his mistake until it was too late. It cost him his place in the championship, for sure.




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  1. Poor Jerry. He probably hasn’t missed a target since 1987 or so. I suppose it doesn’t help when your hits are so close together you can’t differentiate the sound of bullet hitting target. Just one continuous *diiiiiiing*

  2. Personally, I’m kind of glad to see someone other than Horner/Butler/Garcia hold the big check over his head.

    • So was just about everyone there. As much as those guys are lauded (quite deservedly) the crowd exploded when Greg took the win.

  3. If you know Greg it wasn’t as much about it not being Horner/Butler/Garcia as much as it is Greg is just a great guy. He’s humble and worked very hard to get there. He’ll try to help anyone in the sport. If the greenest shooter asks him the seemingly dumbest question Greg will take the time to answer it. The cool thing is this win won’t change him. He’ll still be one of us.

    It was also that it was a well earned win, over fierce competitors. Shooters appreciate a great show, and from what I’ve seen it was.

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