Grand Power Stribog Carbine Pistol 9mm
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Slovakian small arms maker Grand Power makes some impressive, under-appreciated firearms (see JWT’s review of the X-Calibur 9mm pistol). After a sneak peek at SHOT, Eagle Imports has announced that the Grand Power Stribog — a 9mm carbine pistol — is finally hitting our shores. This is a suppressor-ready, affordable, stockless version of an EU-only carbine sold to police and military customers as an SMG.

We’re hoping a pistol brace will be available for the Stribog at some point, but Eagle Imports was a little fuzzy on that. In the mean time, here’s their press release . . .

STORM WARNING: Eagle Imports Announces the Grand Power “Stribog” Carbine Pistol (Named After the Slavic God of Storms) Now Exclusively Available in America 

Introducing the new Grand Power Stribog Series semi-automatic pistol.

Stribog, the mythical Slavic god of wind and storms, would be proud of his new namesake. Grand Power is excited to announce that the new Stribog semi-automatic carbine pistol has begun shipping in the United States, via Eagle Imports, Inc.

“The Stribog was originally designed as a sub gun and is sold with a stock in Europe and other parts of the world,” said Michael Sodini, President of Eagle Imports, Inc. “We’re excited to bring the 9MM pistol version to the American market. It’s extremely fun to shoot and there is an optional adapter for a stabilizing pistol brace. It’s one of my new favorites for sport shooting and close protection.”

Legend has it that the god Stribog could start or finish a storm. This lightweight, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum alloy pistol carries through on the legend – featuring a dual mass slide that significantly reduces recoil and improves overall control.

Other notable features include:

  • Ambidextrous safety and magazine releases
  • Pop-up front and rear sights
  • Threaded barrel with thread protector
  • M-Lok accessory rails
  • Optional back plate AR tube adapter for pistol brace attachment available for purchase separately
  • Lifetime service contract for original owners
  • (2) 20-round magazines (30- and 10-round magazines available for purchase separately)

Caliber:                         9MM
Action:           Dynamic Blowback Mass Bolt
Capacity:                        20+1
Barrel Length:                      8”
Front Sight:                  Flip-up
Rear Sight:                   Flip-up
Finish:                             Black
Grips:                          Polymer
Construction:   HTS Aluminum Alloy
Safety:        Ambidextrous External Safety
Weight:                         82 oz.
Length:                         14.74”
Height:                           8”
MSRP:                           $869

For more information on the Grand Power Stribog carbine pistol, visit or contact your local firearms retailer today to see one in person.

About Grand Power:
Grand Power was founded on the passion and expertise of CEO and owner Jaroslav Kuracina. After many attempts to have his innovative pistol produced in his home country of Slovakia, he finally succeeded through the generosity of private investors in 2002. Today, Grand Power is one of the up-and-coming firearms brands worldwide, winning awards at IPSC and on the battlefield.

About Eagle Imports:

Founded in 1988, Eagle Imports is proud of its history and tradition of being an exclusive firearms distributor in the United States. Eagle is committed to fulfilling Bersa, SPS, Metro Arms, Comanche and Grand Power’s mission in the USA and for providing the ultimate after-sale experience for all of their products.

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  1. Does it take Colt mags? instead of plastic feed lip crap plastic proprietary mags? And, does that Kellgren dude from Kel-Tec know they’re making the TEC-9 again? At least they had the good sense to give it an 8″ barrel for some +P effect.

  2. I handled this at the NRA meeting and I WANT ONE!
    There WILL be a pistol brace for it, the one at NRA meeting had one and the guy at the booth said it would be available.

  3. I want them to be successful enough to be profitable, but not large enough to lose the quality.

    Some of the best price/value guns on the market today.

    • Which is itself basically a metal UMP. Nothing wrong with that, as I love the APC. The stribog does seem to be significantly cheaper, $800ish, so I guess that is fun.

      Blow back sub guns seem to be either rectangular receivers or tube style for the most part, with tubes looking like a tec9 or grease gun, and rectangles looking like a UMP. Unless you go with an AR style or stamped receiver like the mp5.

      You can have “Czechoslovakia” back if you pair this with your Scorpion Evo. Add a grand power or arex, wait is arex Slovakia or Slovenia, this is getting confusing.

      • The UMP is not by any stretch of the imagination a copy of a UMP…a Scorpion EVO is closer to a UMP than the APC9

    • It’s just a miniaturized blowback SCAR-clone; polymer grip/FCG/magwell module, extruded aluminum upper. I love how no one complains whenever a new AR clone is made that they are “just copying” the Colt design from decades ago.

      Can anyone tell how the barrel trunnion attaches? Most of these designs have big fastener heads visible on the sides that makes that part obvious, this one seems more clever about that.

      This gun needs a pic-rail end cap so it can use MPX stocks.

  4. If this is anywhere near the quality of the other Grand Power firearms I’ve shot, at this price, it will be the sub gun to beat. I have very little desire for this kind of gun, but still, I’ll likely pick one up when SB makes a PDW brace for it.

  5. We’re hoping a pistol brace will be available for the Stribog at some point, but Eagle Imports was a little fuzzy on that.
    “…there is an optional adapter for a stabilizing pistol brace.”
    “Optional back plate AR tube adapter for pistol brace attachment available for purchase separately”

    That doesn’t sound very fuzzy. They’re going to sell a back plate threaded to accept an AR buffer tube. When the CZ Scorpion first showed up in the US, that was the only way to put a brace or stock on one.

  6. WTF does “dynamic mass blowback” mean? Does it mean “just blowback” because it seems like it probably means “just blowback”. Which may have been fine for years, but now that suppressed MP5 clones have shown people what a 9mm carbine can shoot and sound like, “just blowback” isn’t really going to cut it.

    Not for nothing, but it’s really annoying to see “derp it looks like a “… oh it looks like an extruded aluminum receiver like the SCAR or APC, how strange! Surely this has nothing to do with how extrusions work!

  7. stribog, literally “wealth spreader.”
    if i buy one (the scorp is kind of plasticky, no?) i will either call it ognebog or, more likely, baba yaga.

  8. Dynamic is vague but then keep reading and it’s easy: “dual-mass.” /Probably/ like some older SMGs, and it has some flavor of giant semi-striker-fired mechanism. A big linear hammer that thereby also adds bolt mass, and can be arranged to either front or rear load the effect depending on the need (slowing primary extraction or slowing bolt velocity).

  9. Safety Harbor also has the Picatinny end cap for $50. You can add a MPX brace n double the price of the gun. The Gen 2 is a quality for price sub gun. It shoots better than my B&T GHM9 and about half the price. Especially if you want a brace. GHM9 brace is $600 plus. Way more options for the Stribog. Everybody can rage it all day or bust out your wallet for a MP5 clone or a Sig MPX. The recoil isn’t bad compared. It’s not light. It’s not pretty but it is accurate as hell and hasn’t had a malfunction through 5000+ rounds. Suppressed and not. +p hollow points to garbage reloads.
    Please post on questions and use some user knowledge. Scrolling thru haters posts to see any real info. Just seeing if anybody’s ran into a tri lug barrel yet. Would work better for my suppressors.


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