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If you needed any further proof that the Moms Demand Action gun control group (employees of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns gun control group) are losing what little power and influence they once had, this might be the prime example. Against the backdrop of the NRA annual meeting, Moms Demand Action bussed in as many supporters as they could find and held a rally in a Nashville park urging the governor to veto legislation that would allow concealed carry in public parks (which was banned at the time). You had all the right pieces: photogenic children, slick marketing, and “gun violence” victims playing on the emotions of anyone who watched. A year ago, that might have been a slam dunk to get the governor to back down — “think of the children!” But today . . .

From Al Jazeera America:

Local governments in Tennessee can no longer bar people with handgun carry permits from taking firearms to parks, playgrounds and sports fields under legislation signed by Republican Gov. Bill Haslam.

The measure was introduced as a welcome gift from gun-friendly Tennessee lawmakers to the more than 70,000 people who attended the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Nashville earlier this month.

The bill got tied up amid bickering between Republicans who control both the state House and Senate, and only passed once lawmakers agreed to remove the Capitol complex from the areas where permit holders could be armed.

Opponents say the final version is still confusing due to a provision banning guns “within the immediate vicinity” of school activities, but not defining a specific distance.

Back in March, Kathleen Chandler Wright, a member of the Tennessee chapter of the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, said the measure raises serious concerns for parents.

“It’s going to be allowing people to carry guns into playgrounds and places where we take our children,” she said. “It doesn’t seem right to have them come in and override the community’s decision on whether to allow the guns.”

But supporters of loosening handgun carry laws in Tennessee have long argued that permit holders’ background checks and training ensure that they are responsible enough to be armed in most public situations.

We might finally be seeing the return of common sense to politics. Moms Demand Action demands their demands using emotion-driven arguments and slick marketing campaigns to try and bully people into doing whatever they want, but as we see in Tennessee that just isn’t working anymore. The bloom is off the rose for MDA, and you can rack this one up as another resounding defeat.

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  1. “It’s going to be allowing people to carry guns into playgrounds and places where we take our children,” she said.

    So, now parks are like the rest of the places you take your children?

    • Or children are so special that they can override everyone else’s rights just because they’re present?

      • Its a well known fact that persons below the age of 18 (and those in the 18-21 range) don’t have the same Constitutional rights as adults. Perhaps they emit a sort of un-Constitutional force field around them that strips everyone else’s rights away when they are close?

      • Not to be a pain in the a$$, but I try not to say $&@#! or mother$&%#er when small children are present.

        Seriously though, I agree with you. The presence of children does not create anti-constitution zones. At least it shouldn’t, anyways.

  2. Meanwhile the Moms Who Demand ignore the lack of criminal activity and negligent discharges in all the states where licensed handgun carry is allowed in parks, playgrounds, and sporting areas. Does any sane person think Tennessee will be different?

    • You beat me to it. They’re either extremely stupid, or just hoping the voters are.

      TX is one of many states that’s allowed carry in parks and even at the capitol for years. We can carry at school sports fields too, but not if there’s an event taking place. I don’t think Tennesseans are more violent than Texans. TN is a parent of TX.

      • The Moms who Delude, unlike yourself, have been told the actual truth, do not need further information, do not even need to know why they have been paid and bused in. Attempting to confuse them is a waste of your time, they don’t care about the truth. I wonder how much drug consumption there is on the average “protest”.

  3. I promise I’m not “that guy” but it’s still weird to see “From Al Jazeera America” in articles…

  4. Yep. Those pictures of children wearing bloody shirts to push more gun control really convinces me I should have a gun to defend the children from maniacs intent on committing murder, (which can be done with many tools other than guns).

    It’s for the children.

  5. Come to think of it, I don’t think the “moms” have enough substance in reality to mount a “heavy” protest–and that pic gives me no reason to believe otherwise. Maybe an “impassioned’ protest, or an “hysterical” protest, but not exactly “heavy”.

  6. This is a step in the right direction. We have a couple of legislators here in TN still pushing constitutional carry. We have even had a bill pass the house. The biggest opponents are the TN department of education ( because teachers are deathly afraid of guns ) the department of safety ( who will lose revenue if licenses are no longer required for carry) and our governor who may be backing of support for the 2nd amendment now that he has been elected to second term.

    That being said its been a good couple years for gun rights in TN.

  7. “It’s going to be allowing people to carry guns into playgrounds and places where we take our children,” she said. “It doesn’t seem right to have them come in and override the community’s decision on whether to allow the guns.”

    You mean, it will be just like every “Gun Free Zone” park, playground and school in Chicago, NYC, Wash DC, LA, Frisco, etc. where the gangbangers routinely bring their guns and shoot the kids while spraying bullets at their rivals? Only now, an armed honest citizen in Tennessee might be able to stop them?

  8. I would love to walk up to a “Moms Demand” group and ask them whether they’d rather an adult had a gun or a dozen children be molested, and when someone said it was a stupid question tell them I was just in that situation — and the kids didn’t get molested.

    Guns keep kids safe, mom.

  9. I’m not sure a hundred busybodies with nothing better to do qualifies as “heavy protest”, no matter how loudly they screech.

  10. This is fantastic. I visited Tennessee a few years back and was stunned to see “no guns” signs at parks. I vowed never to return which meant that Tennessee lost a lot of my tourism dollars.

    I will definitely be returning now and spending $ in Tennessee.

    • Keep in mind that the “no guns” signs in parks will remain there, so you will continue to see them if you return to Tennessee. However, they will not apply to lawfully licensed permit holders. It’s been this way in Tennessee state parks since 2009, and six years later there are still plenty of “no guns” signs in state parks. Now the same measure applies to all other parks (municipal, etc), but the signs will likely remain, particularly in large cities.
      The reasoning behind this is twofold– first, Tennessee does not allow permitless carry AT ALL outside of ones property or vehicle, and second, the cost involved to remove/replace the signs was deemed prohibitive at this time. According to the Legislature, the signs will be removed/replaced as a part of normal maintenance, but not until they deteriorate to such a state that they would need to be replaced. They call it a cost saving measure, I call it an excuse to muddle the legitimacy of the law and to confuse people. Hey at least the anti-gunners will still “feel safe” as long as the signs stay up, regardless of reality.

  11. Moms= emotional irrational messes. The world is ending, the sky is falling OMG, until it doesn’t, but then everyone forgets.
    The fact of the matter and statics prove it, that where there are armed people, there is less crime. When you have a park that may or may not have some folks packing heat, it provides quite the deterrent factor.
    Criminals DO consider where and who to victimize. That’s how criminals work.
    Do you think pukes are going to burgle some guys house who is retired, home all day and carries around a big ole revolver on his hip? No? Why not? Potential counter-threat is active deterrent.
    Unsurprisingly, moms are thinking one dimensionally, but of course, they aren’t supposed to think. They are nothing more than a face in a small SMALL crowd.

    • You know, there is another way to say that. The “Moms” may not understand just who is threatened by legal carry by law abiding citizens, but the criminals very clearly do understand.

  12. One of the single only bright spots for this nation, and the conservative movement anymore, does seem to be its new realization that the 2nd amendment is important and should not be crushed into obscurity like the 9th & 10th.

  13. Where does a grass roots movement get the money for professionally printed signs and shirts?

  14. Looks like the Moms Demand Action Bloomberg Express needs to update it’s list of tour destinations – someplace where the population is more sheeple like and the politicians more Democrat.

  15. Poor Moms they keep getting it back in spades. I can see Shannon stomping her feet right now having a hissy fit.You cant show the same 100 or so supporters at a site. Lie and tell the same mistruths over and over and fool all the sheeple all the time.
    100 or so paid to be bussed in isn’t a protest, Complete with wardrobe and nice clean cut kiddies holding banners professionally done just isn’t cutting it anymore.
    Mikey needs to hand out $20 bills at these rallies to all who pass by.
    Maybe a $50 bill would even get my attention for a minute.

  16. “[MDA] are losing what little power and influence they once had, this might be the prime example. Against the backdrop of the NRA annual meeting….”

    MDA bussed in or paid about a hundred people to show up at their ‘rally.’

    The NRA charged admission to the seventy-thousand reported attendees.

    Yes, I am pointing out the obvious. Which is really my question…. are the MDA folks so completely out of touch with reality that they don’t see the obvious?

  17. Gubernatorial “common sense” on pro-gun bills heavily depends on whether they pass with veto proof margins. It’s not like a number of good bills haven’t been vetoed recently.

  18. Maybe what we need in my neighborhood are not the Neighborhood Watch signs “Residents are armed and trained to use them!”

  19. “It’s going to be allowing people to carry guns into playgrounds and places where we take our children,” she said.

    And? Alcohol, cars, knives, bleach, pools, electricity, bathtubs, and a whole host of everyday items are common in every household which could be deadly if misused by children or adults.

    And yet, no one seems to be up in arms about any of those things.

    That swing set or jungle gym in that park is far more likely to injure your kid than the gun in a holster on someone’s hip…. they would have a higher chance of being struck by lighting than being in any deadly gun encounter. And the threat from a gun-related incident regarding a law-abiding citizen is nil. Because, by definition they are law-abiding.

    Reality check.

  20. Certainly there is not enough proselytizing on the gun rights side pointing out that where guns are more available to buy and carry by law abiding citizens, CRIME RATES GO DOWN. The MOST crime ridden areas of the country are the cities where law abiding citizens are denied their right to carry a firearm. Criminalks don’t need guns when the victim is unarmed, but guns are easy to get, so they used them. If criminals are denied firearms the criminal reverts to knives, bats, and lengths of pipe…and the victim is still unarmed and at their mercy.

  21. Dirk, are you visualizing Shannon all angry, flustered, hot and bothered?

    Hm. I just might be evil…


  22. “It’s going to be allowing people to carry guns into playgrounds and places where we take our children,” she said.
    Criminals will carry the guns into the playgrounds anyway, with unarmed parents left to defend the kids.
    “It doesn’t seem right to have them come in and override the community’s decision on whether to allow the guns.”
    Usually it is not a community decision, but rather a government elite decision.

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