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Press release:

Ten Communities Most Impacted by Violence Receive Grant from Google.Org through the PICO LIVE FREE Campaign

$2 million grant announced as a part of new national gun violence prevention campaign; aims to accelerate evidence-based prevention in communities heavily impacted by gun violence

LOS ANGELES – At the first national organizing summit for a new campaign to empower local gun violence prevention innovators across the country, the PICO LIVE FREE campaign announced that is providing them with a new $2 million grant to support local efforts to reduce homicides by firearms, decrease mass incarceration, and center communities of color in the fight to reduce gun violence in America.

The PICO LIVE FREE campaign is a national movement of faith-based organizations and congregations committed to addressing the causes of pervasive violence and crime in communities.

“Too often gun violence prevention efforts are bogged down by what happens in the halls of Congress rather than focusing on what’s happening on community streets,” said Pastor Michael McBride, director of the LIVE FREE campaign.

“Congressional action is important, but there are proven, evidence-based strategies to dramatically reduce gun violence without waiting for Congress to act. We’re grateful that is taking the steps to invest in them. Our hope is that this grant enables people already doing the work in their communities to save more lives than they could before.”

The $2 million grant will enable advocates and organizers in ten communities to scale up and accelerate the implementation of evidence-based gun violence prevention strategies in cities with high incidents of gun related homicides and shootings. Communities supported by the grant include:

●      Chicago, Ill.

●      Milwaukee, Wis.

●      Miami Gardens, Fla.

●      Orlando, Fla.

●      Indianapolis, Ind.

●      Gary, Ind.

●      Oakland, Calif.

●      New York City, N.Y.

●      Cincinnati, Ohio

●      Dallas, Texas

“ is proud to support the PICO Network – LIVE FREE Campaign as part of our ongoing commitment to organizations and innovators working on racial justice.” said Justin Steele, principal at

“Their unique, evidence-based approach brings together important allies – clergy, organizers, law enforcement, and organizational leaders – who are able to interrupt cycles of violence by reaching individuals and groups at a local and personal level. We look forward to seeing their work bring about positive change in urban communities.”

The announcement of the grant was made as a part of the launch of the Peacemaker Partnership, a coalition led by LIVE FREE and the Community Justice Reform Coalition.

“If we’re serious about reducing gun violence, then we must address the root causes of violence and end the structural discrimination and the mass criminalization of people of color,” said Amber Goodwin, founder and executive director of the Community Justice Reform Coalition.

“Violence is a symptom of a larger problem, which is why this partnership and the push to lift up communities of color, especially women, is so important. We are mobilizing all communities to be ‘peacemakers’ to reduce the number of gun-related shootings and homicides regardless of who pulls the trigger, decrease the number of individuals incarcerated and increase opportunity for those caught in these deadly cycles.”

The Peacemaker Partnership is made up of national, leading gun violence prevention and anti-racism organizations including:


Community Justice Reform Coalition

Kellogg Foundation

Advance Peace

Alliance for Gun Responsibility

Americans for Responsible Solutions

Amnesty International

Athletes for Impact

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Campaign for Black Male Achievement


Cities United

Civic Engagement Fund

The Daniel Initiative

End Rape on Campus

Everytown for Gun Safety

Guns Down

Jobs R 4 U

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Live Free Chicago

Meridian Solutions

Million Hoodies for Justice

Moms Rising

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform

Operation LIPSTICK

Organizing for Action

PICO California

Revolve Impact

States United to Prevent Gun Violence

Voto Latino


The LIVE FREE Campaign is a campaign of the PICO National Network, the largest grassroots, faith-based organizing network in the United States. We are committed to ending structural discrimination and the mass criminalization of people of color by mobilizing the faith community to reduce the number of gun-related shootings and homicides, decrease the number of individuals incarcerated and increase opportunity for those caught in these deadly cycles.

Community Justice Reform Coalition (CJRC) is a national advocacy coalition that promotes and invests in evidence-based policies and programs to prevent gun violence and uplift criminal justice reforms in urban communities of color.

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  1. BING search everything. It may not be “as good” but it certainly NOT AS BAD, AND IT’S ALSO NOT CONNECTED TO AL GORE.

    F Google in the goat a_ _.

    • One that I would cite but unfortunately is not there is CeaseFire. It intervenes with families and other gang members at the hospital in an attempt to prevent mass retaliation. It seems to have some effect in large cities. Not a solution, but some effect. As I do not see this on the list I am (potentially wrongly but I am too tired to review every entry) going to assume it is just another donation to Gun Grabbers. Such a shame……

  2. Progressives sure got a lot of “Coalitions”.

    They all converge back to the same few Progressive players for funding.

    • “Enhanced by Google”

      Means The Goog’s still gets a cut from advertising placement and tracking.

      • Startpage has no advertising or tracking and proxies outbound connections if you want so you’re not directly exposed.

    • This has been my go-to for several years, but I preferred the page when it was plain-old ixquick. The “enhanced by Google” that they added a year or two ago made me disappointed.

  3. Step 1) disincentivize single mother households. Step 2) add 10 years without parole on top of any sentence involving a crime with firearm. Step 3) bring back the death penalty.

    • Death Penalty still has DP, I’d like to see returning to Electric Chair instead of lethal injection that’s more like putting a pet down. I don’t get how some injections take a long time . All of my pets passed within 5 to 6 seconds a most and very peaceful passing

      • Ropes; quick, cheap, effective. Publically hang ’em in the morning and let there till sunset for all to see. Should be a sobering experience for those contemplating a life of crime. If they still decide on a career of crime, can’t say they weren’t forewarned.

    • It amazes me that some people trust the government so much that they think it should decide who lives and who dies.

  4. I’ve got a question for everyone here. Can someone please tell me if there is a technical company like a tech company that supports the Second Amendment????

    I mean it’s hard enough if you own a gun shop just to get a credit card machine since Obama told the banks that gun business is not really a lucrative investment for you.

    Another words Obama was a planning the whole time to abolish the Second Amendment with Hillary Clinton in office the Second Amendment would have disappeared.

    But I mean really you cannot get any kind of social media credit card companies Bank support if you are a legal federally firearm licensed dealer of guns there is no support for you why is this.

    Are all of the tech Geeks anti-gun liberal Progressive s*** heads?

    I’m not a technical guy whatsoever I’m a gunsmith now and have been since the early 80s and I also serve my country for five and a half years. So Tech guy I am not LOL.

    Can anybody tell me if there is a company that offers free email that is pro-gun or one that backs credit card companies that support the Second Amendment?

    I think I already know the answer to this question unfortunately.

    • you can go to smile dot amazon dot com and set up 2nd Amendment Foundation as your charity of choice and force Amazon to donate to them.

      I have NO idea how 2AF managed to get on that list. Fortunately I don’t think Bezos has caught on to what they’re doing lol

    • There are plenty of individuals in tech who like guns, but I can’t think of any companies that are gun friendly.

      As for Amazon Smile, the NRA Foundation is also an option.

  5. “Congressional action is important, but there are proven, evidence-based strategies to dramatically reduce gun violence without waiting for Congress to act”

    What evidence based strategies?? Like locking up violent peoples?

    “End the structural discrimination and the mass criminalization of people of color”

    Do the crime do the time.

    That whole article is so full of derp I have to buy a new computer.

    • There’s a little problem with your statement I have family that works and has worked for the last 20 years in Correctional Facilities across the State of Florida and Georgia. Yes I agree there is a large percentage of Black and Hispanic people in prison compared to White. But when you look into the cases individually and you do large studies the reason why there’s more blacks and Hispanics in jail is because they commit more crime than white people do. It’s not a racist thing it said if you do a crime you’re going to get arrested for it. I’m not saying that prejudicial arrest don’t happen but for the majority I would say probably 98 – 99% of police follow the law there are a few rotten apples and every batch I will agree because that’s human nature. But the statistics are so much greater on Black and Hispanic arrest that there is no way that that isn’t factual representation of those groups of people committing more crime. Let’s not please play the race card on this one Jiminy Cricket’s.

  6. Lol “reducing gun related shootings and homicides”. I like how that phrase points out the gun-ness of the shootings.

  7. Sort of like how google buries things that go against the mainstream/official narrative …you din’t really think that Google, Facebook, et al was going to support individual freedoms?

  8. Don’t blame the criminals they are a product of the environment. Decrease mass incarceration … no matter who pulls the trigger. Supported by Google and Cosa Nostra. Crips. Bloods. Los Zetas. Aryan Brotherhood. Latin Kings. MS-13. Others and just the plain ole car jacker or home invader walking the streets. Lolly pops for everyone.

    • Yeah I agree completely handout a lollipop and a participation award for actually spending time Behind Bars that’s coming trust me. It’s absolutely ridiculous that people are saying things every liberal Progressive I’ve talked to always says that same thing it’s their just a product of their environment will G I’ve met quite a few black men who were brought up in the ghetto underage mom no dad to speak of and they turn out fine. It’s just certain people want to take the easy route and not walk the hard path and it is very evident in the Black and Hispanic communities. And it seems to be in the younger Generations the older Generations have a lot of respect for Law and Order and they do things the right way. It’s these new batch of youngsters these Millennium kids absolutely mental midgets. Think everyone owes them something to hand out. Every time I see one I’m like a handout you want to hand out how about I put my foot out and bury it in your backside LOL.

      • You’re cutting pretty close to the bone James. Out here in flyover country we have plenty of kids who go bad, drugs, crime, all of that, but what we don’t get are gangs and organized crime, we don’t get homicides, and we don’t get much ‘hot’ crime like robbery.

        I believe this is partly cultural on two fronts, and heavily influenced by the larger community. That is; here even the ones who go bad were still mostly raised better than their peers in the large urban centers, here there is just more respect for people, even by the criminal element. Also, highly dysfunctional and criminal people are greatly outnumbered here by functional, law abiding people who provide influence and a positive example that tempers the nature of crime here even where it fails to prevent it, we will work with the police to solve crimes and see the perpetrators punished, the once in a while someone actually goes sociopathically bad, they have no friend, no refuge and no support, even from other criminals, we don’t much tolerate crime, criminals or aberrant behavior generally, and finally, here a great many people go armed, and homes and businesses are very likely to be protected by arms, and we work together, whether fighting or bearing witness to out the bad actors and see them punished.

        Compared and contrasted with the situation in those places where violence is commonplace: The criminals operate openly with gang activity and drug sales, something we will not tolerate. Dysfunctional people without jobs or ,apparently, morals are commonplace and being a perpetual drain on society is a shameless affair, not so here where work is valued and the need for charity, private or governmental, carries the sting of shame that motivates people to better themselves,
        Individual responsibility is completely out of fashion, exchanged for blaming racism, society, et al, versus an emphasis on self reliance and admitting to failure as an opportunity to learn from the mistake, the list really goes on far to long to detail here…but I hope the above illustrates the difference, and the cultural nature if the problem.
        Don’t believe me? Try imagining how it would go for a set of inner city gang bangers out here, where we watch out for ourselves and each other, where we have a healthy relationship with LE, where we take anti-social behavior, crime, and punishment very seriously, and where we will not be intimidated by ignorant sum, where we shoot back as needed…i don’t think there is a scenario in which a simple set of city gang bangers can survive as such in this environment: Dead, incarcerated for extended periods, run clear out of the county by a combo of police activity and vigilante action, broken up, or reformed, or at the very least quiet and out of sight would be the only conceivable outcomes.

        These problems are cultural, and until everyone is willing to admit it and deal with it as such, nothing is really going to help.
        Maybe this approach will help some, probably not though, probably not.

  9. GOOGLE is bending over to the EU

    The EU just fined Google 2.7Bil.

    In lieu of paying the fine, Google will likely actively redact or block what you post or search on the internet.

    The EU is Germany

    Germany just passed an online ‘hate speech’ bill.

    F Google, the EU, and especially Germany (gotta get that out there while I still can).

  10. Evidently the Clergy added ‘reduce incarcerations’. Looks like the process (in part below) is 100% preventive and I did not see any aspect of this speaking to not treating a criminal with the full extent of the law.

    The CDC describes several evidence-based interventions in their community guide: Using Evidence for Public Health Decision Making: Violence Prevention Focused on Children and Youth. Research demonstrates the value of:

    Strengthening families by teaching effective parenting skills, improving communication, and helping families deal with disruptions (such as divorce) or adversities (such as parental mental illness or poverty) as well as targeting behaviors such as substance use or aggressive behavior.
    Strengthening individuals (throughout the lifespan) by building resilience and skills and improving cognitive processes and behaviors.
    Preventing specific disorders, such as anxiety or depression, by screening individuals at risk and offering preventive interventions.
    Promoting mental health in schools by offering support to children encountering serious stresses—such as exposure to violence and other traumatic events.
    Expanding evidence-based mental health programs that reduce symptoms and prevent further violence.

  11. Evidence-based all depends on what evidence is used, and what the desired outcome is, of course.

  12. “Reduce gun related shootings”???????

    Are catapults ok? What other shootings are there?

    • There are hundred of evil archers round here!! Waiting to commit heinous crime with their PSEs and stuff!1

      • If the antis ever get their way, I predict a substantial increase is people ‘getting medieval’ on each other: Attacks with arrows, bolts and slings ought to become far more common in a place without guns…that is if homemade firearms wouldn’t better fill the void left by the sudden disappearance of the 100s of millions of guns already in the country.

  13. Two million towards washing away yet more Freedom and Liberty. I wonder whats next on the list. Folks we are at WAR every day, fighting the control freaks. Just because Trump and the a better SCOTUS is in place does not mean we let our guard down. Fess up a couple of bucks to a pro 2A group, we can exceed that 2M.

  14. I just buy Google stock. My IRA is full of GOOG, AAPL and AMZN. Might as well profit off those unstoppable Progressive fockers.

  15. I wish duckduckgo wasn’t so pathetically slow-or BING wasn’t connected with anti and one worlder Bill Gates(satan). I also guarantee ALL searches track you in some way…

  16. I don’t know much about this group, but reading their website, I hear echoes of what POTG and Republicans often say. So we are clear, if they support anti-2A legislation, then yes, they are the enemy. That said, they specifically state that mass shootings are not the main problem (in fact they blame media coverage of mass shootings for the lack of focus on inner city violence, which I think we all agree on):

    “First, even though they only account for a tiny proportion of annual gun murders, mass shootings tend to dominate the attention of lawmakers while the urban violence that impacts poor people of color remains largely dismissed by the general public as a “normal” or an expected dimension of inner city life (”

    While I may not agree with their slant here, they are not saying that gun laws are the solution. What they describe appears to combine a very liberal approach to solving the issue – with a conservative approach to solving the issue. I have read on TTAG many times that law enforcement needs to target the repeat offenders – the most violent criminals as they disproportionately commit crimes. That is what they are proposing here – with, of course, the addition of the liberal option – which is to give the offender a pass if they agree to stop being violent.

    “Through a highly orchestrated “call in” process, law enforcement officials and trusted community leaders meet face to face with the most dangerous shooters and present them with concrete alternatives to their current lifestyle (with a promise of relentless and targeted enforcement for those who decline the services being offered).”

    I think that POTG and conservatives can support the “relentless and targeted enforcement” part of this.

    Obviously their approach is very liberal and many POTG are conservative, but I am focusing here purely on the question of whether they are funding or proposing anti-2A legislation. They may be, but their website does not list legislation as a way to curb violence – they seem more focused on being anti-mass incarceration (which will probably doom their efforts to stop violence in the long run).

    For my perspective, if they are able to reduce violence through the cease-fire approach, that will reduce the numbers of people killed, which will reduce the outcry for additional legislation to restrict our rights. In addition, if they can get these other groups focused on this program, rather than anti-2A legislation, that is all for the better.

    • Don’t bother man. The people in this comment section are so dense they either don’t bother to read the article or can’t read in the first place. They’ll go on believing every headline they read and hating every company until the day they die.

      The author of this article should be ashamed with the headline he chose. It is a sad day when any effort to reduce gun violence, even one that specifically does NOT involve anti-gun legislation such as this one, is labeled as ‘anti-gun’. I won’t bother to extrapolate what this would imply about the gun community. But it isn’t good.

      Your analysis is spot on. However the author and majority of people on this site are obviously out for liberal blood and aren’t interested in logical thought (as usual). This entire page makes me ashamed to be a gun enthusiast.

      • I’m so very sorry that someone is forcing you to visit the site and read the articles and comments.

  17. “…support local efforts to reduce homicides by firearms, decrease mass incarceration…”

    Sure. Because Chiraq’s current “catch and release” strategy for gang members and violent offenders has been working so well.

  18. The US murder rate back in the 1940’s to the late 1960’s was between 4 and 5 per 100,000. The ill-conceived liberal progressive social improvement legislation from 1965 on resulted in the murder rate doubling within 15 years. The mass incarcerations that were initiated during the Clinton administration have brought the rate back down to it’s prior low levels. Eliminating those mass incarcerations will send the murder rate soaring again.

  19. GOOGLE motto “Do no evil”. Please take down your sign. Google, where only the crooks have guns.

    • Google’s motto changed from “Do No Evil” with just a few letters. It is now “Doing Evil”

  20. in a just world, this kind of social signaling would cost corporate execs their jobs for breach of fiduciary duty to shareholders.

  21. If they aren’t pursuing legislative action against firearms, then I have no problem with them pissing away their wealth.

  22. They just want to keep criminals out of prison and guns out of the hands of the lawful.
    Who could be opposed to those goals?

  23. I’m just curious why they named their little group after a Beretta.

  24. Talk about newspeak: Is it truly lost on these people that calling an anti civil rights organization dedicated to the supression of a natural right ‘Live Free’ has some very dark and ironic connotations?

    Seriously, these are dangerous, evil people, seducing desperate fools with illusory promises of safety i exchange for the surrender of thier liberties. The founders explicitly warned of this, and yet here it is, transparent and obvious, with apparently no one calling out either the dark irony, or the dystopic ends of such a thing.

  25. “evidence based”

    Ok I’ll bite, look around their website.

    They seem to focus on at-risk individuals and offering them alternatives to their current lifestyles, with some success, based on the well-known fact that the majority of urban shootings are done by a small group of known individuals. No mentions of further laws or restrictions, or specific gun policy of any kind. Assurance of full and focused law-enforcement action against those who try to jump off the program.

    Honestly, Google doesn’t lose any points from me on this. It’s not like the money went to Everytown.

  26. This is why I get all nostalgic for Lycos, HotBot and AltaVista. Back in the day, a search was just a search and there was no political bullshit from any Masters of the Universe.

  27. What a waste. Google should have used the money on educational programs for poor communities. I think that would have worked.

  28. Advertising STUNT! Google won’t spend $1 on anything that won’t earn them $2 in return.

    What happened to my hometown of Detroit? Did we drop to #11 on the list? If so,,,, it’s only because of the mass flight OUT of the City over the past 30 years.

    Detroit’s murder statistics were double 30 years ago, but that was back when we had double the number of residents living in the city. So,,, The rate per 1000 remains virtually the same, or possibly higher.

    Well done Google. I guess I should buy some of their stock.

  29. I want to officially announce the formation of an anti-gun violence organization that will take positive, proven steps to end the illegal and criminal use of firearms creating gun violence. I am seeking donations from Google and any other person or company so that I can train and arm the honest, peaceful citizens trapped in poverty ridden cities that enforced gun free zones or actively disarmed Black citizens because of racism.
    I don’t expect Google, George Soros or Micheal Bloomberg to chip into the fund.
    But $500 will purchase a quality firearm, ammunition and training for each qualified adult.
    Alternatively $100 can train the gang-banging killers to shoot more accurately so they only kill each other and not innocent victims. Maybe the quicker they can eliminate each other, the quicker that cities with racist gun control laws will become as safe as the national average.

    Note to potential donors… send donations to Armed for Peace-POBox 12603- Wichita,KS 67277-2603

    If any donations arrive I will register as a valid organization. Not tax deductible

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