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In New York, Gun Owners Balk At New Handgun Database the headline at reports. Seems a large number of Empire State gun owners chose not to/forgot to/didn’t know to register or re-register themselves and their handguns with the state government by January 31 as per a new law. After the usual political posturing, the article’s “money shot” arrives in paragraph 16 . . .

As of the deadline, more than 81,000 people – or 20 percent of affected handgun owners in New York – haven’t responded to the state’s request.

But New York State Police spokesman Beau Duffy argues that concern about this gun database has been overblown. He said felony charges are off the table for now. “We’re not going to take criminal enforcement action, particularly with those people who were unaware of this re-certification process,” Duffy said.

In other words, the liberty of 81k Americans exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms (without government infringement) now depends on the whims of a bureaucrat. And the police. And the politicians who pull their strings.

To be clear, as HP points out in the comments below, “The state government already has all of the pistol permit information at it’s disposal. The difference here is that while the information was retained at the county level, the record keeping has still been spotty, so the State Police were ordered to update the records and create a clean database. Or try to, looks like 81,000 problems came up.”

In the video above, NY Governor Cuomo promises “periodic” checks” on these problematic [sic] gun owners to “check for issues.” And so it begins . . .

Needless to say, if the New York State police go there, if they begin arresting gun owners for the simple crime of not registering or re-registering their handguns with the state, the cops run the risk of starting something very dangerous for all concerned.

Also needless to say, the civilian disarmament industrial complex is on board with the idea of enforcing this new law.

 Laura Cutilletta, Giffords Center lawyer (courtesy

The next big question is how this registry is going to be used and who’s going to follow up with gun owners. Laura Cutilletta, legal director for the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence [above], believes it could be a game-changer for police.

“This kind of tool seems like something law enforcement would really welcome and would make a priority if they can,” Cutilletta said. “Because to know who is determined to be dangerous already and has a gun — I mean, what better information could you give law enforcement than something like that?”

How do the police know who is “determined to be dangerous?” What exactly does that mean?

I suspect that Ms. Cutilletta would argue — perhaps privately — that anyone who failed to register themselves and their guns with New York state is, de facto, “determined to be dangerous.”

Folks, this could get ugly. In terms of government overreach, it already is.

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  1. The math, physics, and logic of tyranny never changes.

    There’s only a few people at the top, and their families, property, goods, and livestock.

    Don’t give the MFs any quarter or place to hide and erase history of them.


    let them do it to you.

  2. If you don’t comply with the demands of the state then you are a threat to the state.
    For now the state seems to lack the fortitude to impose its will in force as CT and CO can attest.
    All bark and only little bites here and there when it’s convenient for them.

    • “If you don’t comply with the demands of the state then you are a DE-FACTO threat to the state.”

      There, fixed that for you.

    • The CO laws are unenforceable because, for the most part, there’s no way to know what’s legal and what is not.

      This has a list to back it up and therefore theoretically is enforceable.

      • “The CO laws are unenforceable because, for the most part, there’s no way to know what’s legal and what is not.”

        CO is relatively safe for now, as you pointed out.

        Don’t for one femtosecond believe in the future they don’t intend it ‘improve’ on that law.

        This is the Saul Alinsky political concept of ‘nudge’. Don’t go for the brass ring all at once, make the smallest change politically possible at the time, and then later, when the outrage dies down, because the stupid proles forget, push for more.

        The (un) ‘Affordable Care Act’ was a try at that, it was step one to the Leftist dream of single-payer Hell healthcare…

        • While I don’t doubt that they have schemes I don’t see how they’ll manage to work out. At least not in the next few years. Boulder, Denver and Pueblo need to grow before such gun laws can be “safely” passed and even then the State House is a place where they can take serious damage from more conservative areas. The previous set of laws caused the Democrats a headache when they got a decent backlash over the whole thing.

          Not to get them ideas or anything but going after magazines never made any sense. PMAGs have a date of manufacture on them (Oops, I slipped with a Dremel tool officer!) but regular old GI mags and most other “high capacity” magazines are basically untraceable in this regard unless you happen to carry a sales slip on you. There’s no way to stop someone going out of state and coming back with 15+ round magazines and then claiming they’ve had them since before the ban unless the magazine is something that flat-out didn’t exist before 1 July, 2013.

          Like I said, the law is basically unenforceable unless the person being investigated basically goes out of their way to help the LEOs in the investigation. That’s a big part of why most of the Sheriff’s told the State to take a hike on enforcement. They know it would be extremely time consuming at 99.99% of the time they would fail to get enough evidence to do anything. Hell, in most cases they’d never even have probable cause to start doing anything, never mind apply for a warrant to go farther.

    • It’s not a lack of fortitude, it’s the sheer impracticability of enforcing the law. New York State has about 51,000 people in prison. Adding 85,000 more is an impossibility, unless you start building concentration camps. The consequences of doing that are not pleasant to contemplate.

      When NY passed the SAFE Act, only 44,000 out of about 1,000,000 owners of so-called assault weapons registered them with the state. The same sort of thing happened in CT. In MA, only a handful of bump stocks have been turned in after being banned by the state, thought there is no way of knowing how many there are in the state since their sale was unregulated. The explanation is simple: when gun owners find regulations too onerous they simply refuse to obey them.

      I really do shudder to think what would happen if local and state police or the National Guard were to start raiding the homes of gun owners. Actually, I would not be surprised if a significant number of those persons would refuse to carry out such orders as being unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

    • Many NY counties had lifetime licenses before the unSAFE Act was passed. Now they must all be renewed. Anyone who doesn’t is on the wrong side of Johnny, I mean Andy Law.
      Most NY counties already have a registration scheme in place. Whenever we pick up a new handgun it has to be “added” to our license. In my county every handgun is recorded on our licenses. Make, model, cal, action type and serial number….printed on the license. They even make us pay a “license amendment” fee each time.
      If it’s not on the card you cannot possess it. Husband and wife both gave PL’s? Hubby cannot carry wife’s gun…CPW.
      Please help me to understand how this is not a straight up gun registry.
      The stupid is strong here but too many gun owners outside of New Yorkistan imagine the same kinds of draconian rules can never be applied to them, think again. Folks thumb their noses at us because “it’s not their problem” but if you are paying attention, lots of NY anti’s are moving to Florida, Texas, the Carolina’s, Tennessee and other fine places…and they’re bringing their shitty, anti-gun attitudes with them.
      Once they start donating to politicians and gaining a voice they certainly can screw up what you have now.
      We are all in this thing…we must stand together or most assuredly will will stand apart.

      • “If it’s not on the card you cannot possess it. Husband and wife both gave PL’s? Hubby cannot carry wife’s gun…CPW.”

        In DC, if both husband and wife are current gun registration holders, with all the checks done, they still can’t even transport each others guns locked and unloaded in the trunk of a vehicle to the range. never mind it also being illegal to carry each others if they both had DC CCL

        Look on the bright side — these gun control schemes promote buying of more guns 🙂

  3. I suspect that this number is miniscule compared to the number of gun owners who chose not to comply with the SAFE Act in the first place since the reported non compliance is over 90%. Second thought, is that a certain percentage, by simple averages, of these people are current or retired law enforcement. How ironic.

    • Those are separate lists. The “assault weapon” silliness list was a recent addition. This re-registration is for handgun owners which I suspect had to register themselves at purchase. I couldn’t live like that.

      • Probably depends when they purchased – anything within the last few decades is probably already registered, but older stuff not.

        CT now requires that all transfers be “registered”, but of course one could buy a long gun out of state and bring it home, and the State would never be the wiser.

        • Or just build your own ghost gun. Preferably that can shoot a “thirty magazine clip in half a second.”

        • Every single legally owned handgun in NYS is registered. Doenst matter when purchased. If it’s not listed on your permit you aren’t allowed to carry or even own it. You have to have a license to purchase a handgun even if you never carry it or have intention to. You can’t buy a handgun in NYS until it is added to your permit. Actually, you have to buy it first, leave it with the dealer and then apply for an amendment from the county licensing officer which is either the sherriff or judge depending on your county. If your application is granted they give you a coupon to bring to the dealer to pick up the handgun. It can take anywhere from 2weeks to several months to approve your amendment depending on your county of residence.

        • Sc
          So what happens if the permit to buy is not granted? Does the dealer “Keep” the gun, does he declare it a “used” weapon and put it up for sale, giving only a fraction of the money paid, back to the intended buyer?

          Seems like the sale should not be completed until the background check is finished, as in Oregon. Of course, in Oregon, you don’t need any kind of permit to purchase. only to conceal carry.

    • It’s a weird paradox I can’t explain myself (being a libertarian police officer), but there are quite a few of us in the LEO community. There are also a few hardcore statists, and then there are a lot of guys who just like having a badge and a gun but spend most of their shift playing Angry Birds or napping in their cruisers, and don’t even know what libertarian or authoritarian mean.

      • Indeed, but its a sorry state of affairs when the decent public has to rely on the ignorance, laziness, or ambivalence of law enforcement to live a life free from government intrusion. The point most people are making here is that one day the regeme and the attitudes of the individual street cops will come in to alignment with the policy and there will be a crack down of sorts on the public….. “…. felony charges are off the table for now. …..” …….. “for now” …….. how ominous is that?

  4. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt . . .”
    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    • Most people will capitulate. They’re not cowards, they’re just afraid.

      Until someone doesn’t. Courage, like fear, is contagious and people who otherwise would never resist on their own will find inspiration in the few who do. And it doesn’t take very many. History tells us 3% should do it. Even in NY, I’ll bet we got 3%.

      • They will capitulate, be imprisoned or get killed if the State decides to actually enforce this.

        There is no Lexington & Concorde here. It’s cops taking down one person on the list at a time mostly either at 3am or by showing up at the person’s work after they raid the house and toss it while the owner is away from home. If the cops are smart they won’t just go alphabetically but rather kinda make it random so that there’s no way to head them off.

        The “ones who resist” will be the ones on the list who don’t comply when the 5-0 show up at the door. They’ll either be taken into custody or shot dead. Other than some small portions of the internet and some other 2A rights groups no one of consequence will care. The dead and incarcerated will be written off by the public as criminal scumbags who flouted the law and got what was coming to them. There won’t be a torches and pitchforks group at the State Legislature tarring and feathering legislators. Ditto the gov’s mansion.

        When you really think about it the whole thing is kinda genius in a diabolical sort of way.

        • It depends, I could see it going that way at first, but if an organized resitance forms after the initial push, it’s all up in the air after that. Especially if the rebels can score some early victories where they simply achieve a large body count, even if it tactically accomplishes nothing. A couple large scale firefights where several police are killed will send an enourmous message, and also, get the attention of the entire nation, quick. Also, once “they” realize “they” can be killed too, it changes the mentality of the occupier. It changes their main focus from “enforce law” to “survive today.” People, police, soldiers, everyone, no matter who you are, you’re mentality changes once you realize the prey bites back, and you can die doing what you’re about to do. When that happens you have War, and war… war never changes. (Sorry couldn’t resist, but it’s true.)

        • I don’t think it will go that way at all.

          The uprising you envision will likely be small and be crushed fairly easily for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s not going to be viewed as legitimate because those involved would not have exhuasted every option short of shooting people.

          3% of Colonials were willing to fight the British and that’s AFTER what Patrick Henry noted: “We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have prostrated ourselves before the throne, and have implored its interposition to arrest the tyrannical hands of the ministry and Parliament. Our petitions have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne!” That shit took years.

          The folks in NY are not even close to that level. They have not yet even started a lawsuit over this.

          Ballot box, jury box, cartridge box. We’re not even past box one at this point. Jumping straight to box three is how you end up with another Whiskey Rebellion, a collapsed insurrection a bunch of dead bodies and a public that thinks you’re all a bunch of assholes.

          Kudos on the Fallout reference!

  5. “This kind of tool seems like something law enforcement would really welcome and would make a priority if they can,” Cutilletta said. “Because to know who is determined to be dangerous already and has a gun — I mean, what better information could you give law enforcement than something like that?”

    I am literally speechless.

    • If they’re dangerous why does it matter if they have a gun? They need to be treated as Dangerous anyways… If they’re not dangerous, then why does it matter if they have a gun?

    • According to her logic gun owner equals danger. Following that logic, why were they “allowed” to own a gun in the first place?
      It’s that pesky first amendment. Following that same logic they can deny someone their first amendment rights by constantly changing their rules.

      • Most PL applicants (at least in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island) are told directly (by PLB) to not check the full carry/personal protection option on their pistol permit application because it will be denied…100% of the time. Since applicants are instructed not to apply for a permit that would grant them full or unrestricted carry, isn’t that a clear governmental violation of both 1A AND 2A?
        For those lucky ones who are granted a permit, it will come with significant administrative restrictions allowing carry only to and from the range.
        Anyplace else in the United States of America where abuses like this occur, NRA would be front and center fighting for our rights. WTF NRA? Why are our membership, ILA and Victory Fund dollars good enough for you but not good enough to fight for our liberties like you do everywhere else?

  6. The cops run the risk of getting shot if they ever try to start confiscation efforts. To everyone who didn’t register and may be reading this, secure your guns somewhere the jackboots won’t find them while you’re at work, because they might start breaking into houses when they think people are out.

  7. The state already knows who has a permit. What they didn’t have before was a record of the actual firearms. That was kept locally by county. This database makes even less sense, given that you have to renew every 5 years, but it’s not tied to your permit issue date, it’s tied to when you submitted the form in their database. Their course of action is to send each county judge a letter with all the names of the permit holders who didn’t log their weapons into the state database, and instruct the judge to revoke their permit.

    • Of course, given the 5 year lag, the state will almost always have unreliable information if someone sells and buys guns regularly. The counties, which have so such lag as they require each pistol to be registered on your license, will still be the only ones with up to date information.

      The whole thing is worthless except to increase headaches for gun owners and spend money.

  8. New York liberals only think they are safe. 25 MS-13 murders on Long Island alone in the last two years. That number will rapidly climb as the leaky border allows more and more thugs in, particularly the newest pre-teen vicious gang members who ain’t skeered of anything. Those Big Blue Nanny Cities will drown in their own sanctuary status.

    • It’s my understanding that yours is a mis-conception. (I wish you were correct.)

      The elites are well ensconced in their gated communities and doorman-guarded high-rises. They have little to fear from MS-13.

      The gangs operate in the “hood” where minority peoples live. MS-13 operates, in particular, in Hispanic communities where immigrants, especially other illegal immigrants, try to live, work and rear their children.

      • Don’t forget about us that are right square in the middle. Not in the ghetto, but not protected by the walls of a gated community. We would also be at the mercy of thugs such as MS13. Which is why I’m glad I live in a state that doesn’t trample on my 2A rights, like NY does. At least I’m able to act as my own “security force”.

  9. On the other side of the coin – Knucklehead idiots, posing as our their elected officials, have once again produced a gigantic unicorn fart.

    This is a huge, unmanageable piece of junk that will be impossible to keep up to date and pertinent. There are probably at least a few, unfortunate individuals tasked with this POS. If they’re stupid enough to take it on, well, they’ll get what they deserve – All the blame when it becomes obvious it’s worthless.

  10. I still find it hard to believe the figure of 81,000. I’m sure it’s much higher but the state is unwilling to admit it.

  11. Ok so this gigantic database houses the names of every armed thug in New York state right? Oh it doesn’t? Just the law abiding normal gun owners? So how exactly does that info help the police before they serve a warrant on 34 time felon Skinny Malone? This database is actually totally useless from a tactical standpoint. It doesn’t have a single prohibited owner in it. So the boys in blue will still be flying blind serving a warrant or making contact with your average banger but thank God they’ll know exactly what Citizen Jerry has in his gun safe when that busy body neighbor calls because Jerry farted too loud. Any cop that thinks this database will actually make their job easier and safer should really put in a bid for the Brooklyn Bridge. Any cop that knows otherwise but still tries to play it off as a positive needs to be fired and exiled.

    • Is “Skinny Malone” your politically correct fed’ral agent way of spelling “Daquan Lewis” or “Angel Rodriguez-Garcia?”


      • Kinda went old school gangster name rather than Taliq Roberts or Fernando Hernandez Castelanevez or Muhammad al bin Omaha Jihadi. Besides white guys can still do the gang violence and drug dealing just like the other kids you racist bigot!
        Really white guy gangster names are easier for me to do than any other race being I are a white guy.

        • Haha fair enough!

          And admittedly, in my township we have plenty of white ghetto trash criminals along with the rural white trash on the outskirts.

  12. 81,000 known felons. You fuckers need to be ashamed of yourselves.

    March down to the local cop shop and give yourselves up.

    All 81,000 of you.

    • Wait a min!

      Maybe you’re onto something!!

      Picture this, all 81,000 people, gather in one place. doctors, lawyers, cops, bakers, moms, dads, uncles, tow truck drivers, etc……
      81,000 people….. citizens…. not criminals….

      81,000 non violent, hard working AMERICANS!

      Take a lesson learned from bikers, know why bikers don’t have to wear helmets? They stuck together and stood up to government over reach.

      So we stand with the 81,000…

      Hell, I’ll have GruntStyle make shirts “I stand with the 81,000!”

      Let the whole darn world know there’s more than 81,000 Americans who think the way they do.

      • I think THIS is the best way to counter NY, CT, etc. over-reach. Soon to be joined by NJ.

        The elephant doesn’t notice when the parasites nibble-away one tiny bite at a time. But, parasites are won’t to consume their host. Gun-grabbers are especially vulnerable to this self-immolating behavior.

        We need to publicize – in both the affected States and elsewhere – how the gun-grabbers’ overreach is making INSTANT FELONS out of hundreds-of-thousands of taxpayers.

        Mr./Ms Fudd will gradually wake-up and realize that they are now in great jeopardy. OK, they inherited Dad’s handgun/MSR; and, now they are a felon. What do they do? See a lawyer immediately and pay for his bad-news advice. Will such an individual keep voting Democrat?

        Mr./Ms NON-gun-owner; are you prepared to pay for the arrest, prosecution, plea-bargaining and possible incarceration for hundreds-of-thousands of your tax-paying neighbors? Some of these neighbors will lose their jobs because they can’t maintain their professional licenses/positions (such as in banks or schools) with a felony conviction. Are you ready to pay taxes to pay for their dependents’ welfare payments?

        • “Mr./Ms NON-gun-owner; are you prepared to pay for the arrest, prosecution, plea-bargaining and possible incarceration for hundreds-of-thousands of your tax-paying neighbors?”

          Oh, please.

          Mark, that strategy of 81,000 showing up to be arrested will backfire *spectacularly* on the 81,000 that show up.

          This is how it will go down – The 81,000 show up, a few extra cops are called in for some overtime at each precinct. They will take all names and issue each of them a bench warrant.

          In court, they will offer zero prison, and a wrist-slap of probation (or maybe *zero* probation) to plead out. Those charged will be processed in 5 minuets, assembly-line style.

          The *vast* majority will take that deal. The state will dance with glee at creating 81,000 felons who can never own guns again…

        • Geoff,

          I can see you don’t work in or around law and processing. The court systems are extremely overwhelmed as it is, there is no WAY they are going to be able to process that many people, sure they can talk big, but actual processes, nope. Throw any more into the mix and you will get the response they have now “oh well, yea, we uh, we arent gonna, uh… we’ll just give it some time…uh….yea…”

          IF for some reason they did process, it would take YEARS to get through the system and far more money than any court wants to spend. This is why we have such a revolving court system, important cases come first, rape, murder, child abuse, custody, etc…
          Misappropriated paperwork? yea, last.

  13. So glad I left NY for PA a few years ago, never to return except to visit family. And now that I’m a JBT, I can carry a gun there thanks to the statist LEOSA carve-out.

    • Guardino,

      I have heard rumors that various police agencies in New York ignore LEOSA and jack-up out-of-state cops who carry their handgun into New York. Beware.

      By the way what is JBT?

      • That’s the NYPD you’ve heard about. It’s possible there are a few Quisling State Troopers who would be inclined, but the NYPD got the ball rolling on arresting out of town LEO’s for carrying in “the city”. The LEO always gets his gun back and the charges dismissed, but it’s an inconvenience.

      • Yes, NYPD are almost as known for this as NJSP. I’ll just carry in both places anyway, and likely never have to test the theory since I don’t plan on getting in a shootout. And if I do, well I’ll be inconvenienced by the resulting investigation anyway.

        And billy-bob is correct: I was jokingly referring to myself as a jack-booted thug.

  14. ‘In other words, the liberty of… Americans… now depends on the whims of a bureaucrat. And the police. And the politicians who pull their strings.’

    That’s a feature, not a bug.

  15. In the last five years the crazies in government making new laws based on no rational basis. There has been a trend for people just not complying and it is becoming more prevalent, as it should. The question is who is going to enforce these new laws?. Many law enforcement officers, contrary to popular belief are not stupid, they know that these firearm laws are not constitutional no matter what the courts say. Cops are the first line of contact and just choose not to enforce. I track news and this is happening nationwide.

    • According to the Police1 website, police are strong supporters of citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms. However, we don’t see them speaking up for us.

      Not much Officer Friendly can do for us individually; however, their unions and fraternal organizations COULD speak-up for us on behalf of their members. How do we motivate these officers to urge their organizations to do so?

      The handwriting is on the law-books in this and similar cases. Eventually, the orders will begin to trickle-down from the politicians through the chain-of-command:

      ‘YOU, the beat cops and patrol cops, are REQUIRED to enforce these gun-laws! You want to keep your job? Your pension? Well, then, you had better not get caught winking at “supposedly” law-abiding violators of OUR STATE’s gun-laws!’

      We see this already in NJ; see, e.g., Shaneen Allen or Meg Fellonbaum. These perfectly peaceable women were brutally treated by NJ’s criminal “justice” system by NJ police.

      We the PotG need to make this personal:

      Mr. Cop – “to protect and serve”; are you proud of your arrest of Shaneen or Meg? Keep it up and you will find that the PotG are LESS enthusiastic about “supporting our local sheriff”. Do you want us to be there for you when the police department’s budget is up for consideration?

      Mr. Cop, do you see where this enforcement of non-violent “gun-crime” – mere possession of a gun or cartridge – is going? Do you see how it is that you will be issued warrants to search gun-owner’s homes? Will you be lucky enough not to be on the team sent to a belligerent – heretofore peaceable – gun-owner’s home?

      Mr. Cop, we PotG suggest that it is in YOUR PERSONAL interest to stand with tax-paying, voting, non-violent gun-owners. Though you can’t do so publicly as an individual cop, you CAN do so collectively through your organizations. We, the PotG are waiting to see if you will do your duty.

        • I live in upstate New York. The police up here are mostly pro-gun, and many of the Sheriffs have refused to enforce much of the SAFE Act. It’s not blue vs. red with guns rights, it’s urban vs. rural.

      • Gun owners in Monroe County were happy to hear Sheriff Baxter publicly state he has no interest in enforcing this BS.

        “In fact, law enforcement won’t even know which gun owners haven’t recertified for months, if ever, because there’s no centralized system that tracks pistol permit holders.

        “We won’t know for a very long time who failed to recertify,” Baxter said. “Then someone is going to have to remind those people they need to recertify. The last thing I’m going to be doing as sheriff is taking guns from people’s houses.” ”

        You have to hold your nose for the rest of the article, but the quote from Baxter was nice.

        • Baxter was obviously elected by the citizens of that upstanding county.

          The problem seems to be with LEOs who are appointed by cities…

        • Either someone is elected or appointed by someone who is elected, it doesn’t much matter. It’s all a function of the electorate. And the electorate in cities goes a much different way than in non-cities.

      • I live in Southern California and I’m friends with several LEO’s. I met them at the range, and they’re good people. They are all for 2A, but they’re not spokesmen for their precincts, union, or government. All the LEO’s I know are smart, well rounded, ex-military ( predominantly Marines ). There are other LEO’s, also range acquaintances, that are a little full of themselves. They’re in a difficult position, and I sympathize. Next time I see them, I’m going to discuss this with them.

  16. In other words, the liberty of 81k Americans exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms (without government infringement) now depends on the whims of a bureaucrat. And the police. And the politicians who pull their strings.

    Same as it ever was.

  17. New York has a long history of creating violations to hold over people, as opportunities for patronage, and to create revenue.

    The point is to drive you into the patronage system, making possible opponents complicit by giving them a slice. So, of corse the state doesn’t do their own enforcement. A list goes to local magistrates. So, it’s the guy you need those zoning approvals from. Local admin gets a slice of the fees they collect. And if they don’t, they’re criminal, too.

    If you don’t register, it plays out the same, with them having more leverage. “You know, son, there’s an exception process if you never got the notice. I can approve that gor ya. Lemmie just move my campaign stuff out of the way, and get the form. We don’t want you tagged with a bogus felony what with your joint custody up for review…”

    Yes, they do this. In every way you can imagine and more. They’re good at it.

    The downstate dems certainly in the main, mindlessly prefer “No guns for you.” BUT, they only get traction in coalition with the patronage wranglrs n vote farmers. None of these factions is enough on their own. So, they turn a blind eye to stuff they’d otherwise oppose. Righteous humanist warriors let the patrons have their essentially regressive fee collection schemes, for example, if they can clean up the eeee-vill guns.

    Of course the carpet-bagging instant senator was a fit for them: letting someone sketchy get what they want, to advance your righteous cause (or even feel good about yourself for a moment) is so common, the problem is getting them to notice they are doing it.

    Under the scrutiny of a national campaign, it would all come out. Only if they’re dumb enough to go national. Proconsul Cuomo the Younger certainly has the hubriis to pursue his election bid that far. He lacks his father’s perspective and subtlety. Besides, DeBlasio’s preening only goads the inheritor. There’s only room for one prima diva in N Y S politics. Hillary got a pass because the locals all knew she wasn’t aiming for here. They helped her so she’d be able to move on.

    Really, if they’d just let it go, they’d be fine in their comfortable rackets. Beats working. But, they can’t seem to stop with the over-reach. Like Muller’s train wreck … he couldn’t help himself and now “process crime” is part of the vocabulary. Maybe the Russians were coming, or not. But, by reaching so hard, now how prosecuters work is on the menu. Or, when Rand Paul is on Colbert pronouncing about internal surveillance, you’ve elevated a concern you couldn’t get into the conversation to common knowledge. Banning all those red light cameras sure hurts the town revenue, doesn’t it?

    The #resistance has been over-reaching since The Orange Crush announced in his lobby. They’re exposing rackets the functionaries have been getting away with forever; tripping themselves up.

    The “N Y S nothing to do with SAFE” act is similar over-reach. I don’t know what happens, now that they’ve iuted themselves: “81,000 new felons for admin bobbles. We’ve got them now. Woo-hoo!” By getting it visible, for what it is, they’ve called in a whole other set of forces.

    The point – or one of them – was to create thousands of new process criminals, for better harvesting; throw a piect to the rackets in place, deliver a talking point to tha Albany machine, and step on the deplorables for fun.

    The thing is, now it’s visible. I don’t know what happens next, but, more popcorn.

    • “New York is getting what it asked for, good and hard.”

      No Ralph, that will happen when freedom-loving hackers breach the NY state databases and extract the personnel data on the cops.

      And the post it anonymously on a site like pastebin.

      When the cops get their home addresses Dox’ed and made public, that may cool their enthusiasm for confiscation…

      • The politicians definitely don’t appreciate it when their home addresses and personal information goes public. Guessing the men and women who would actually have to knock on doors would appreciate it even less. At the end of the day, there are a lot more gun owners who just want to be left alone than there are LEOs and politicians.

      • I don’t know any police that are particularly interested in confiscating anyone’s firearms. Sure, there are some, but most don’t have a burning desire to. Now, liberal NYC politicians on the other hand…..

  18. “…haven’t responded to the state’s request.”
    Request? I don’t think that word means what New York thinks it does.

  19. A couple of things:

    “register or re-register themselves and ALL their firearms”

    The re-certification here is of pistol permits. There is no requirement to register long guns. Let’s not make this look any worse than it actually is.

    Also, the state government already has all of the pistol permit information at it’s disposal. The difference here is that while the information was retained at the county level, the record keeping has still been spotty, so the State Police were ordered to update the records and create a clean database. Or try to, looks like 81,000 problems came up.

    But to clarify, none of this is new information or a new infringement. Now, what happens down the road is a different story.

      • Exactly. That will in include your grandfather’s Model 31 that they don’t know about but was in the closet. They just happened to find it after your wife let he SWAT team in one afternoon when you were at work.

      • Yeah, I’ve read that. They don’t have any legal authority to do that, but it won’t stop them. What will be interesting is if some FUDD with lots of money and an old revolver winds up with his prized skeet shotgun being confiscated because of this. That will be an interesting court case.

  20. The 81,000 may or may not be accurate. Different news reports are providing different numbers. Some news reports are saying there are only about 400,000 permit holders in the state. Other sources put the number somewhere around 1,200,000. Only permits obtained within the last 5 years weren’t required to re-certify yet, so there is a chance that we’re looking at about a 25% compliance rate instead of a 20% non-compliance rate.

  21. Love reading the comments from people that don’t live in NY. The sullivan act has been around since 1911. The people, the NRA, the NYSRPA and no one else has changed it in over 100 years. It isn’t anything new. And all these hero’s sticking it to the man aren’t. The county has all your pistol permit data. And do you think that the state boys are going to find out just who didn’t register? There is no republican party in this state. The NRA could care less. The rest of America could care less and from looking around me the people in this state could care less about their rights. I write letters to my state reps and they are ignored. Elections are worthless because the state is 70% democrat. Running is the only option and I wish I had the money to do that.
    The county sheriffs say they aren’t going to confiscate guns while standing next to a pile of confiscated guns and the state boys out and out tell you they will burn your house down if they want to get your guns. All while the people cheer at the local parade when the MRAP drives by with all the peace officers decked out like they’re going to Iraq.

    • I imagine most of that number are not sticking it to the man but are either:
      1) Forgetful
      2) No longer residing at the address at which they would have received the reminder

    • So, if the Sullivan Act has been around since 1911, do we know how much it has cost the NY taxpayer? How many crimes have been solved by referring back to the registration data? ‘Cuz my guess would be “billions of dollars” and “ZERO”. Maybe sticking it to their taxes being deductible could bring their revenues down enough that they will find it no longer necessary?

  22. Felons no. 81,000 people lost tthere firearms in a boating accident? And New York lost 81,000 registration fees. Damn the luck

  23. Lousy scumbag LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS. We the government, have total distain for you and your damn guns. We the government will crush you whenever however we want. Obey piss ants. Oh by the way, we just love our illegals, especially if they are receiving tax payer assistance.
    Welcome to a true ShitHole.

  24. “Mr. Taxpayer, it says here you own a (fill in handgun here) that you registered a couple of years ago…you need to give it up”

    Me: Sorry, Mr. Officer, I sold it for $50 a couple of years ago at a gunshow.”

    While I don’t approve of lying, this would be one example of NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

  25. Wasn’t there a Supreme Court decision back in the 60’s that stated criminals registering their guns was a violation of their 5th Amendment rights?

    So you mean to tell me criminals have more rights than non-criminals?

    Why am I not shocked over this?

    • Yes, the Supreme Court ruled that felons who lied about their felony status on the federal form 4473 could not be prosecuted for lying because that would be considered “self-incrimination”.

  26. I suggest making a list of every officer who goes around “reminding” the 81,000 people about their obligation to the state.

  27. I’m just staggered that the people who willingly subjected their firearms to state scrutiny are being painted in such a poor light. The people who thought: “You know, maybe this whole registration thing won’t be bad.” The people who willingly played the state’s game the first time are going to be punished for not playing it again? For the consequences of “Either register again or we’ll take them away.” This seems like they’re backing honest folk into a corner, while the unfathomable numbers of unregistered firearms still rove the streets in what are most likely the hands of less honest people, on average. Or maybe I’m just speculating and New York only has 400,000 guns in it, can’t say I’ve been there to verify.

  28. But, according to even plenty of people on here, felons should be barred for life from owning guns, correct? A felony is whatever the government decided it is. Never forget that

  29. Time to purge the costumed monkeys and their Masters. (you know your employees)
    No mercy no quarter no backsies.
    They chose to oppress the citizenry.
    They are in violation of the Constitution.
    The militia shall execute the law.
    Do what needs doing or live in your knees and grovel like a good little spineless nutless jellyfish slave.
    Soapbox < ballot box < bullet box……… see where you are in this order.

  30. All licenses issued by NYS prior to 2013 are for life. Gun licenses issued by the state were for “life”. Some by the county you live in were renewable every 5 years. Ive been in Florida for awhile and now have a Florida drivers license. I haven’t possessed a NYS drivers license for over 25 years. I got 3 speeding tickets over an 18 month period. Handed the cop my Florida license paid my fines went on my way. My friend who is an investigator for the State Police asked me one day what my middle name was. For giggles he was running my name.
    Guess what??
    The was a bench warrant out for me.
    Those 3 tickets went on my NY license that I don’t posses anymore.
    Had I gotten pulled over again. Id have been arrested for a revoked drivers license.
    I had to go to the local DMV. Turn in my Florida drivers license and get a restricted for 6 months NYS drivers license.
    Same thing now with NYS gun permits. If you don’t recertify it and get caught down the road. You would be arrested for having had your NYS permit to carry revoked. Which is what Cuomo wants with as many gun owners anyway.
    I was able to recert my NYS permit online. Took all of 10 minutes cost nothing and had received notice in 2 days all was good.
    NYS law is very F$%Ked up. They want to keep it that way there just to keep honest law abiding folks totally confused.

  31. if cops are enforcing an UN-constitutional “law” on you, personally, then, you got a right to SHOOT them!

      • EFF off, Hymie!
        WTF makes you think that AUssies surrendered their guns, eh?
        feel free to swing on by any time yr feeling brave enough and find TF out, eh?

  32. the SCotUS needs a good ‘dose’ of Epsom Salts;
    clear out all the gun-grabbers, ‘liberals’, femi-twats and commies…..
    once that’s accomplished, most of these bogus, BS “laws” can be flushed down the sewer where they belong !

  33. “Felony charges are off the table… for now”. Translation, the governor has an election this year and he hasn’t determined whether arresting some of the 81,000 new felons is advantageous or not to getting re-elected.

  34. I think you will find that the vast majority of the 81,000 either don’t live in NY anymore, are deceased, or don’t own the gun anymore. I don’t think the pistol permit database has been updated since it’s conception.

    • County Sheriffs, legislators, mayors and countless citizens have said publically that they will neither comply with nor enforce unSAFE Act requirements. That’s why NYS is trying to figure out their next move.
      NYS was required to create an ammunition database and couldn’t figure that out, this is the same…they are in over their heads. If Cuomo gets reelected and keeps believing he has a shot at the White House, NYSP will start knocking on doors to enforce this idiotic law.
      Snowbirds and expel who have left the state will count for only a fraction of the 81,000


  35. Far, far, far, FAR More Americans in Our New York City AND OUR NEW YORK STATE own and carry guns every single day of Our American Life Within These United States Of America!! Get the names and locations of these foreign illegal alien enemies and traitors against America and their associates and “families”!! Jail them AND GET RID OF THEM!! AMERICA WINS AGAIN!!

  36. Well the first thing is they had under 50,000 registered so called weapons. Now this so called magical re registration of handguns for renewing your pistol permit in the state of New York State which is not good in New York City.

    People are just refusing to comply with this law. Which was passing 19 changed twice at night.

  37. Well the first thing is they had under 50,000 registered so called weapons. Now this so called magical re registration of handguns for renewing your pistol permit in the state of New York State which is not good in New York City.

    People are just refusing to comply with this law. Which was passing at night and changed twice at night.

  38. If Albany knows how many permit holders are not in compliance would it not be safe to assume that Albany already has access to a Statewide Database? DUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!

  39. “Prohibition…goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by
    legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a blow
    at the very principles upon which our government was founded.”
    -Abraham Lincoln

  40. I wouldn’t want to live like that. As it is, being a CCW holder, all I have to do is walk into a gun shop, do the P/W, show my CCW, pay the man and walk out with my new gun. Anything else, to me, is nothing less than an infringement on a fundamental right…

  41. 80% follow it ??
    So 80% pro communistic and big goverment freaks !!
    Not a wounder for ny it s not usa it s thirdworld shithole !!

    • It gets harder every day to listen to you ignorant pinheads. For NY handgun owners it is not about complying, it is about not having a choice (moving is not an option for everyone).
      No such thing here as walking in and buying the gun and leaving with it.
      Every county has slightly different policies but they are all slave to NYS law. In my county you find the gun you want and pay for it. Then you take the receipt to PD HQ and buy a purchase document ($5) authorizing the purchase. You then take the purchase doc back to the gun store and they record the PO # into their books along with your gun info.
      Then you take the gun and the PO back to PD HQ (60 miles each way, each time for me) and PD inspects the gun, enters the make, model, cal., action type and serial number in their computer. Then, all of that info is printed into the back of your pistol license…if you are found in possession of a handgun not listed on your license it’s a CPW charge.

      This isn’t about complying, it’s about having no choice. It sucks but without NRA, GOA, SAF and others, including gun owners outside of NY, advocating for us, we are screwed.

  42. What’s interesting is that more than likely these heartless gun owning thugs didn’t forget to register, they said f**k off. This is similar to what happened in the State of Kalifornia 24 years ago when purported gun supporter and then Governor George Deukmejian along with Senate leader David A. Roberti and Assemblyman Mike Roos, both Los Angeles Democrats signed a bill into law to enact an assault weapons ban throughout the State which was started by current Senator Diane Feinstein who is still pushing for more anti gun Bills in Washington.

    This bill required that all so called assault weapons be registered with the State as it was estimated that there were over 350,000 “assault weapons” in the State at that time. She gave one year for everyone to register, or she said we’ll come to your door and take them! First year about 1,500 did as commanded so she gave another year. Total after two years, about 3,250.

    Since then and according to the Sacrament Bee Newspaper, there were 134,000 guns sold in that State just last month even though currently Kalifornia has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

    Conclusion, get more guns while you can.

  43. How a boot an update a’ da’ FORDS Theatre thingy?Dis time make it OUR ARMENIAN COUSIN.DA Kaladashians can staah in dis new production.

  44. Vote another socialist into office you dumb asses! What did you expect? That Democrat Government you wanted, you got!

  45. I don’t understand you people! Democrats take your guns, they couldn’t care less about the Constitution unless it benefits them! They think they are so smart! Chicago, no gun zone, most murders there than anywhere! Common sense escapes democrats! That government you have in New York City is Communist! Don’t come south because we don’t want the same dumbass people down here, that voted in those communists! Bang-Bang! Practice that with your finger in the mirror you idiots!

  46. New York State has NO 2A provision in their Constitution that I can find. So why should our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment not apply?

    IOW, they cannot infringe on the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms, it being prohibited by the 2nd itself.

    If so, where is the lawsuit challenging this? We certainly have standing, imho.

    Someone have any thoughts on this?

    • ^^^^ THIS

      NRA, SAF, GOA etc.. have all decided NY is not worth fighting for.
      No money, no lawyers, no lawsuits…just crap in the mail every day asking for money to keep ‘fighting the good fight’.



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