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Press release:

GoGun® USA is proud to announce the realization of its founder’s dream – the Race proven Gas Pedal® OPP (Opposable) grip for carry guns.

The OPP grip has dominated Open class Racing in USPSA, and GoGun® USA wants to change the way the world thinks about using a carry gun. The dream has come true after more than 20 years of R&D in search of the holy grail of shooting, the three R’s; Rhythm, Recoil, Reliability.

Easy self-defense for everyone

  • No Gunsmithing; Drop-In, easy DIY part
  • Makes repeatable, reliable, accurate, high-power shots much easier.
  • Faster follow-up shots
  • OPP Wing™ for OPP Grip for carry guns
  • Fits ALL Sig P320 calibers and frame sizes
  • Controls recoil even for those without big or strong hands
  • Works for every level of shooting skills and physical ability
  • Ultimate Gender Equality
  • Helps eliminate windage error (aka trigger jerk)
  • Concept proven in Racing, having dominated  National and World Championships
  • Minimal addition of width, fits holsters.
  • No-Snag design
  • Contoured to ergonomically position thumb
  • Saves on Ammo training costs.
  • Much quicker to master than traditional methods
  • Genuine Gas Pedal® Brand
  • Patent Pending

This is Doc’s dream come true; easy self-defense for everyone. No longer just a dominating technique for expensive Race pistols, it’s a drop-in part that makes it much easier to shoot hot loads, even for those without strong hands. Very easy to learn, repeatable, reliable, and accurate.

The OPP Grip concept has been proven in Racing, having dominated National and World Championships.

The OPP Grip is much easier to learn than traditional methods. Just put your off hand thumb on the Gas Pedal and squeeze.

It’s that simple.

No need for ankle deep brass in practice.

Before it was a Racer; now, it comes for a carry gun.

This model is for the Sig P320, the pistol adopted by the US Military. No gunsmithing. It can be installed in a couple of minutes or less by replacing the takedown lever. Other models for other pistols are on the way.

CNC billet milled out of 4140 RH 32, Black Nitride coating.

Adds only about .250″ to width of gun compared to stock, and fits holsters like Uncle Mikes Sidekick (Padded), Comp-Tac, and Compact Blackhawk CQC retention Holster number 2100344, even with Romeo sight. More holster listings on the way.

The part:

The OPP GRIP Method:

MSRP: $59.50

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    • I purchased this for a Sig P320 based on the description stating over and over that it works with most holsters. Well that isn’t true and I am currently disputing that with the owner Dr. Chet. Based on my experience thus far it only works with Safariland type duty holsters, unsafe crappy Uncle Mikes holsters and you can special order a custom built RHT holster for competition. However if you want to carry this other than in a duty capacity I haven’t found one holster manufacturer that makes or modifies holsters for this mod.

      The description says it adds minimal width, well according to Dr. Chet’s own measurements it more than doubles the size of the factory part. He recommends a “minor modification”, it’s not minor! It involves heating up the holster if it is kydex (is there anything else these days) which if you buy quality holsters will ruin them. The heat deforms the holster often changing the shape in unexpected ways. More importantly most quality holster makes offer a warranty that this “minor modification” will void!

      The worst part of this all is the customer service, Dr Chet has a line saying there is no returns at the very bottom of the page most would not see and will not take the parts back. He may offer a ridiculous restocking fee along even though the description of the item is completely inaccurate. He mentions the holster issue so many times in the description it appears as if he knows it’s a problem.

      You have been warned, this is a competition part or for duty holsters. Don’t expect it to work with your holster or get a refund, he will just rip you off.

    • It replaces the takedown lever, not the slide release. It’s a shelf for your off-hand thumb to get some leverage on, to help control recoil.

  1. Thanks for comments so far. It is not “just a hunk of metal” it is made of high quality 4140 RH 32 heat treated steel billet CNC milled. It is very difficult part to machine which accounts for the cost. Also it will easily pay for it self in reduced amo training costs not to mention the fun factor. The real point is it will make self-defense much easier in stressful environments. How much is your life worth? Fits Many Holsters without mods Including Uncle Mikes, Blackhawk, and Comp-Tac. More holster listings on the way. Does not affect hold back on empty or any other function.

  2. I see the use for it. I would rather pay for the good materials and machining. It seems to be a common trend on here that everyone wants cheap parts… so go ahead and buy the parts made of that magical “mystery steel” and tolerances that “may fit”. So I say for the millionth time, not having it in your budget is not an excuse to trash talk it. Show some class and at least pretend to be pro-gunstuff.

    • Meh. Utility for a non-race gun is, well, debatable at most generous.

      I do agree with your point that quality matters (and costs). However, the business reality is that it is incumbent on the businessman to convert that doubter. Or at least, sell everyone near them.

      Very few people saw the utility of a TRS-80 back in 1977, especially as the $500 it cost is about $2100 in 2018 dollars. Now, you can get a full-blown computer for (far) less than I paid for a 4 function TI-2500 ($120) or about $500 in today cash.

  3. I’m leery as to whether this will work with the custom molded kydex holster I have . . . . $60 to find out?

  4. How about a universal part fitting most pistols then a rubber type slip on for a grippy form fitting thumb brace, or something like that if I’m making any sense. I’m sure you’ll all let me know.

  5. One of the reasons that I bought the P320 when it first came out was the nice oversized takedown lever. Then Sig redesigned it because people bitched. So I have one of the early big ones and it awesome for recoil management. This new lever looks even bigger and is tempting but not for $60.

  6. Thanks for additional comments. About price. If we could make it cheaper we would, but we have no failure policy and with over 10,000 parts of other designs, never a failure. It’s a high quality part. About whether it works or not, the market will decide but so far the reports from shooters has been awesome. Next up is XD which is almost ready for production. We MIGHT have a Left handed version for Sig if the market demands it. Thanks for Dapper’s comments, he is right cheap mystery metal is not something you want to stake your life on. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to make a universal part for modern pistols. Gabe’s comments resonate, I have heard a lot of folks wanting the original take down lever and it is very hard to find. About 16v’s comment, If you are happy and have mastered your traditional grip this might not be for you. He is right, it is debatable but early reports look like debate will be settled in favor of the OPP grip

  7. I shot a gun with a similar product and it was an absolute game changer.

    Please make one for the HK VP9. I’ll pay double, I believe in the product so much.

    • Thanks for the comment. A lot of folks agree with you, the OPP grip is a game changer.
      GoGun USA has been saying that for years and folks are just now starting to catch on.

  8. Southpaw P320 owner here. I just signed up for GoGun’s emails hoping you’ll end up making one for us wrong handed types.

  9. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about the GoGun gas pedal for the SIG P320 at first. I originally got it for my X5, because the stock take-down lever did nothing but get in the way, being directly under the natural position for my off-hand thumb rest. I love everything else about the P320 series, but the awkward take-down lever almost made the X5 my only P320 purchase. The stock lever feels like an inconsistent lump, not anything that facilitates a consistent grip placement. I have access to a machine shop, and even doing it myself, which I considered, would have cost me more than $60 if I had it heat-treated and plated with something corrosion resistant. For those reasons, I gave the GoGun a try, and I have been very happy with the results. Not only does it provide a good index for a consistent off-hand grip, but applying a little lateral pressure with my left thumb definitely reduces the felt recoil and muzzle flip, giving me noticeably quicker second shots with the confidence that the muzzle is on target. It works so well, I bought a P320 Carry, but only because I knew I could get another GoGun gas pedal for it. As far as holster fit, it fits without any interference in my Comp-Tac, but that’s more of a competition rig, with a generous gun cavity. I have a Blade-Tech IWB for my P320 Carry, and the gas pedal makes the gun fit a little too snug in that. I’m considering reducing the overall height slightly of the one on the Carry, which would probably be enough for a good fit for the Blade-Tech, or I may go the other way and either get a good leather IWB holster or take the time to find a Kydex one with a slightly larger slot for the take-down lever. Regardless of what I end up with, the handling improvement is definitely worth playing with holster options!

    • To Wayne,
      Thanks for complete honest opinion. Glad you caught on that the OPP grip reduces recoil and improves shot to shot accuracy. Holsters that fit are listed on the web site. Most holsters fit, and those that don’t usually require only mild dremeling to work.
      PS I just love it when skeptics catch on. Most do after trying it.

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