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Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) are excited to announce that the ATF has backed down from attempting to revoke the FFL license of Morehouse Enterprises in Valley City, North Dakota.

Previously, GOA and GOF had filed a lawsuit in defense of the gun retailer, which does business as Bridge City Ordnance.  The company was facing the loss of its license due to minor paperwork errors, which under the new Biden “Zero Tolerance” policy, was grounds for revocation.

Previous ATF policy dictated that warnings and required corrective action were appropriate measures for first time errors, and only after that could license revocation proceedings be initiated if improvement was not demonstrated.

It has become quite obvious to the average individual that the ATF conducted the “random” inspection of Bridge City Ordnance right after the company joined GOA and GOF in a separate lawsuit challenging the ATF’s Ghost Gun Frame and Receiver Rule last summer.

Litigation is ongoing in both cases.

Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, issued the following statement:

The ATF kicked a hornet’s nest when they thought they could send a message to gun dealers who dared to challenge their illegal actions in court. In response, GOA and GOF stepped in, and we made clear they were about to engage in a losing battle. We are thrilled for Bridge City Ordnance and hope this encourages ATF to revisit their ‘zero tolerance’ policy.

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  1. “We are thrilled for Bridge City Ordnance and hope this encourages ATF to revisit their ‘zero tolerance’ policy.” Surely you jest. They will double down now. The first form that that FFL sends in will be found to be defective somehow and they will order an immediate revocation. Count on it. The traitors NEVER give up or in.

  2. Outstanding. The courts are, *** at the present time ***, the best way to fight against government tyranny. If you carry, get US Lawshield or some other carry insurance. If you are an FFL dealer, seek and secure legal counsel now, before the jackboots are at your door. All POTG should be supporting one or more civil rights organizations like GOA, FPC, and others.

    • CCW Safe for a full-coverage expert self-defense legal team membership plan, and join the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) today.

      • Yeah, I need to join one or more of the organizations which are doing the heavy lifting in the courts.

        If I join one or more them, maybe–just maybe–they can initiate a lawsuit on my behalf to overturn several of my state’s unconstitutional gun laws.

        • sense, you’ll have to join one that files suit at every challenge to the government’s overreach. Know of any?

          From what I’ve been told on this forum, if the gun-rights organization doesn’t initiate a lawsuit Every. Single. Time., then they’re not doing their job and not worthy of anyone’s donation or membership.

        • you haven’t joined one yet? I’ve been a life member of GOA since 2017 and a card carrying member of 5 other organizations, including my state level organization since 2016. none of which are the NRA, mind you. so far, quite satisfied with the work they’ve done.

        • I belong to the GOA, AFA, USCCA and a Life member of the NRA (bought the membership over 30 years ago.) As well as the IFC Iowa Firearms Coalition, which has guided our state to become 1 of the strongest 2A states in the nation. May join the NSSF in the future. It is a small price to pay for supporting those organization that are on the forefront of fighting to Protect and Defend The 2nd Amendment from it’s domestic enemies.

        • Nathan Freeman,

          I was a member of one of my state-level organizations until it became apparent that my state’s Republican Party dictates their marching orders rather than the other way around.

          And now, with all of these lawsuits winning in other states on some of the EXACT same unconstitutional laws in my state, my state-level organizations are doing … nothing. All they would have to do is replicate the exact same legal arguments that won in other jurisdictions for easy wins. And still … nothing.

        • Uncommon if you aren’t comfortable saying what state can you tell me what circuit court you are dealing with when nearby states handle business?

        • Unfortunately, not all gun owners belong to any organization that is carrying the banner. It’s too bad. They always have some excuse why they can’t fork out $25 or $50 bucks to help support the litigation. While in CA if the litigants win, the state picks up the attorney fees, I don’t know if that extends to costs. There are always costs in any litigation. There are “expert” witnesses. There are travel fees. There are hotel costs in the cities where the federal courts are located. There are on the road meals. You can’t get legal representation if you expect them to eat all the costs of the litigation. There are filing fees and believe me, some of the court filing fees are exorbitant. I had an employee involved in litigation involving property with a squatter. The filing fees in LA Super Court are mind boggling. LA Super Court charges $750 a day for a court reporter in a civil case. I can assure you the reporter isn’t dragging down that much. If you are going to have to appeal you need a court reporter to prepare the record of arguments. It’s one of those things that don’t make sense. Unless there is oral testimony, most legal matters such as motions are based on legal points. It doesn’t matter how eloquently you argue the law, the judge decides the law is with you or against you. There really is no need for transcripts on oral argument but the courts insist on them. What the hay, they aren’t paying for them out of their pocket. So until the Supremes send down the 79th Commandment, the organization bringing the lawsuit has to front the cash for the litigation all of which have no bearing on the attorney fees. Unless they have a Second Amendment Georgie Soros fronting millions to them, they have to get the cash for litigation from the hoi polloi — that’s us. So if your state isn’t as active as you might like, you might start out by reviewing their budget and see how much cash they have on hand. For a case headed to the Supremes and almost any gun was is, a million on hand would be a start. Ten thou will get you an interview with am experienced federal appeals attorney who will tell you that won’t even get a complaint filed with opening points and authorities.

        • ……..huh so pretty much waiting on stuff out of Michigan for infringement related lawsuits and everything else is how much can we tell the feds where to cram it?

  3. None of the law enforcement agencies in the Federal Government are to be trusted. They have been compromised and do not follow their oath to the Constitution. They do not deserve the respect of the American People, and everyone should push back each and every time they fail to obey their constitutional oath. If they are going to act like the Gestapo they should be treated as such. Do not cooperate in any manner shape or form with them if they are violating the Constitution and your rights.

    • dprato,

      None of the law enforcement agencies in the Federal Government are to be trusted.

      Surely you jest! Last I heard our federal law enforcement agencies were paragons of virtue, dedicated to justice, and filled to the brim with the most selfless and upstanding superhuman individuals of the highest moral and ethical character. Those enforcers could not possibly be subject to the human condition with its associated foibles, weaknesses, and failings. Am-I-right?!?!?

      (Note: the above paragraph is sarcasm in case it wasn’t obvious.)

    • Anyone know if the ATF really does have law enforcement powers or is it just something else they have granted themselves?

      • CWT,

        You ask a super interesting and important question.

        The U.S. Constitution defines the federal government’s authority to tax which implies/requires federal authority to collect those taxes (consistent with the U.S. Constitution) when people fail to pay those taxes. So, in that regard, federal government can make a rational argument that the federal Justice Department has authority (which trickles down to the U.S. Treasury Department and then to the A.T.F.) to collect taxes.

        When it comes to federal firearm laws, however, it gets a bit more murky. The Second Amendment explicitly precludes federal government from making most (if not all) firearm laws. If the Second Amendment does allow for any laws, it would seem to make sense that the U.S. Justice Department would have the task of enforcing those laws. And since A.T.F. and U.S. Treasury fall under the U.S. Justice Department, it would seem at first blush to be reasonable that they would enforce firearm laws. And yet even that is shaky because the U.S. Constitution does not seem to authorize any broad police powers to the federal government.

        Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and the above is NOT legal advice.

  4. Vivek Ramaswamy, Republican candidate for President has made a campaign pledge to defund and eliminate the BATFE, FBI, IRS, CDC, DOE and the NRC. All of which he calls the 4th branch of government that operates without the vote of the people and a major assault on the Freedoms and Liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights/ Constitution. While many will see this as nothing more than campaign promises. At least he is broaching the subject and bringing the dangers these Bureaucratic agencies to the conversation. Unlike other candidates, especially from the Liberal/Progressive democrat party. That relies on them to enforce their ideologies.

    • “While many will see this as nothing more than campaign promises.”

      It’s nothing but campaign promises.

      • I am cautious with any campaign promises from anyone. With that said holy crap did Trump deliver/commit a best faith effort.

        • No he didn’t. He surrounded himself with the worst Deep State riff-raff and was always ready to sell-out the 2A if it seemed expedient.

        • Lol and? Sorry but seeing taxes, prices, and general bullshit in foreign wars go down will always be a success. See what happens the next go around but if he gets reelected and picks a new crop of neocons yeah you have a point.

      • I am reading an action novel revolving around the Gray House and its hundreds of staffers. A Naval Commander, fresh off commanding a destroyer, is trying to run his shore duty like a ship at sea while a member of a further down the pecking order department. During my working life, having worked for federal, state and county governments during said life, I get hearty jollies at the assumption that all it takes is an order from a superior to a junior to get a task accomplished in any government. A good friend of mine was the executive officer of a naval base near here. When seat belts became mandatory in CA the base commander tried to issue an order that all vehicles on board the base had to be equipped with seat belts and those seat belts had to be used by all passengers in said vehicles. Rots of Ruck, GI. The base union immediately protested and instituted a work stoppage because that wasn’t in their contracts. The base commander who thought he was in charge of the base had to check with the JAG department to get an order for the military personnel that was enforceable. He would have to wait for the next contract negotiations before he could institute such order for the civilian people on board the base — unless they happened to have a visitor’s pass, then he could make seat belts a condition of being issued a pass. Oh, and good luck with getting that provision in the new contract if a sufficient number of civilian employees didn’t feel like wearing seat belts on base even though they had to wear them up to the main gate.

  5. Burglar Dared a Georgia Homeowner to Shoot Him During a Break-In – He Granted His Wish In The Best Way Possible > https://www.usasupreme.com/burglar-dared-a-georgia-homeowner-to-shoot-him-during-a-break-in-he-granted-his-wish-in-the-best-way-possible/

    “Deputies were just a couple of minutes away. They say the homeowner armed himself with a gun and confronted the intruder in the basement. Investigators say the intruder was armed with a knife.

    Deputies say the homeowner warned the intruder before shooting him. Investigators say the homeowner then left the basement and took up a position to protect his family on the second floor at the staircase.

    There, he took his stand as the subject made his way up to the second floor. [He] made the comment, something to the effect of, ‘You’re going to have to kill me.’ When the resident fired a second shot. That was about the time the deputies got there. ”

    Even with the sheriff in the area and on their way, a couple of minutes, they still could not arrive in time to stop this home intruder killer who with simply charging forward would probably not have hesitated to kill this defender had he not been armed with a firearm.

    Once again, for the more dense in the herd of society, you are your own first responder.

      • ‘He was like a lion in a cage’: Naked man shot dead inside restaurant > https://wreg.com/news/local/he-was-like-a-lion-in-a-cage-naked-man-shot-dead-inside-restaurant/

        “MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — One of the owners of a North Memphis restaurant says she was forced to shoot a naked intruder who threatened her and her family members inside the North Hollywood business late Monday night.

        The woman, who did not want to be identified by name, said the man dressed only in sneakers showed up to Mr. Potato Head asking for water and managed to push his way inside, shutting the self-locking doors behind him.

        She said the man became enraged when he couldn’t leave the restaurant, began damaging property, and jammed the doors trying to get out. She said he also punched her in the chest and continued to come toward her even though she was holding a gun.

        ‘I was just afraid of his strength,’ she said. ‘I’m pointing at him, asking him to calm down and stay away or get out of the store which the door was jammed, and he had no way out, so therefore I was between a rock and a hard place, and I just did what I had to do,’ she said.

        The woman said she fired one shot at the man when he charged her and shot him again when he picked up a chair to throw at her sister.

        The aftermath of the ordeal was captured in a live stream by the owner’s sister, who sought to keep their family informed amidst the uncertainty and potential repercussions. The Memphis Police responded to the emergency call, confirming that the attacker succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. While the owner was temporarily detained, she faces no charges as of now.

        Grappling with the tragic outcome, she stressed that she hadn’t intended to kill but had reacted in self-defense to protect herself and her family. The incident serves as a somber reminder of the unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations business owners might find themselves in, compelling them to make split-second decisions under extreme duress.”

        • anti-gun would have preferred these victims had died rather than being able to have a firearm for defense. And these are only a few that made the news in the last few days, there were thousands of DGU incidents daily all across the nation that did not make the news – thousands of people whose lives were saved from serious injury or death because they were able to defend them selves successfully with a firearm.

    • The federal government doesn’t actually shut down if not funded for a fiscal year. All government agencies determined to be ‘critical’ still receive/have enough funding to ‘keep the lights turned on’ and one of these are federal law enforcement agencies although some may be dialed back to those functions determined to be ‘critical’.

      • Oh, and some other government functions may be suspended, like, for example, sending out SS payments and other benefits or retirement payments. It seems the people are not ‘critical’ but for some reason the ATF is in a government ‘shut down’

        • In CA a BLM piece of land used by many was “closed” during the last shutdown although no one had ever seen a federal employee on the isolated piece of desert in all the years it was used as a casual shooting range. But the day of the shutdown there was a chain across the trail into it announcing that due to the shutdown the piece of property was closed to entry. Personally, I think if vast segments of the federales were shut down nobody would even notice. If the ATF were shut down would any of the readers of this list notice? The list goes on.

  6. Sure wish there would be some “corrective action” required of the agencies who take malicious action that is so indefensible that they back down the moment it’s challenged in court. Maybe that would help out the FFLs who don’t have the means to hire sufficient representation to fight the taxpayer funded lawyers.

  7. hypocrite tyrant Newsome lies and tries to change narrative and history to make someone else responsible for his tyranny.

  8. The ATF kicked the hornets nest.
    The hornets drove the ATF off
    The ATF will be back with a crop duster and a flame throwing tank.
    ” Nobody f7cks with a Biden!”

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