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Glock. Brick. Gen4 Glock. Less of a brick? While the Austrian gunmaker’s flagged the fact that there’s a new recoil reducer on board, the main question swirling around the latest iteration of Gaston Glocks guns: are they more comfortable? Assuming, of course, they’re just as reliable as before. And accurate. With the same snap-to-it trigger. To reveal the truth about the latest crop of Gen4 goodness, we asked the company to send us three Gs: the G17 (17 rounds, 9mm, 4.4″ barrel), G19 (15 rounds, 9mm, 4.02″ barrel) and G26 (10 rounds, 9mm, 1.26″ barrel). We also asked for 3Gs in unmarked bills and a Gulfstream G4. Meanwhile, the guns are here and I’ve already started work on the comfort issue . . .

After picking-up the gats at Manassas Guns & Ammo Warehouse, I busted open the clamshell containers and snorted me some new gun smell. I looked over each gun closely—despite the old adage that function checking two is being thorough, while function checking three is just playing with your Glock. I don’t want to give too much of the impending reviews away, but ‘ole Gaston has made some nice changes. The most noticeable being the interchangeable back straps.

As a smallish handed person, Glocks and I have never gotten along. The grips were just too big and the large hump too awkward for me. That has definitely changed. With three grip size options you are able to tailor each gun to exactly how you want it. Right now the G17 is sporting the medium grip, the G19 is in its Short Frame (no back strap) setup and the G26 has the largest back strap on it.

All three G4 Gs fit my hand comfortably. Something I would have never dreamed I’d be saying about a Glock. In fact, I may be ready to drink the Kool Aid now Mr. Jones. Stay tuned for full length reviews of each of these bad boys in the coming weeks, some comparison tests, concealed carry insights and more. Or maybe just that.

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  1. Glock has a PR problem right now. The Common Wisdom among the gun shop commandos is that the Gen 4 have a lot of problems. I hope that’s not true, bacause I am a big Glock fan.

  2. I too have heard of problems Gary, mainly in the FTE department. Any such issues will of course be duly reported. FWIW my internet research on the Gen4 has lead me to believe that Glock has addressed the issue.

  3. I have to admit; I use to hate the glocks. I had an early glock 17, once my state finally allowed their sale, and it was consistently low and to the left. Years later I had to qualify with the glock 22 for my sheriff’s office. By then I had developed a love for .44 special and .44 magnum revolvers, and I think having learned to lock my wrist in more helped with the .40. I finally was won over and now have a model 26,27 and 30. I haven’t tried the generation 4 yet, but like I learned with new model motorcycles, I like to wait a bit for any bugs to be worked out!

  4. My wife and I both have a Glock 17Gen4. She also has a Glock 22Gen4. I have a standard Glock 20Gen3. We absolutely the Gen4’s. Both the 9mm and 40SW shoot like a dream. My wife has some initial FTE problems on her 17. Her coach told her that she was compensating for the perceived recoil as she pulled the trigger by using her arms and hands as a shock absorder (i.e. limp wrist) Even though it’s only a 9mm, she is 100lbs, and 5″6′. My initial issues with the Gen4 were the same. But my compensation was a different sort of action. I was actually tipping the barrel slightly downward as I pulled the trigger – no FTE, but constant tight groupings…4-5 inches below bullseye. She solved her issues quite quickly. I am still trying to get rid of my nasty habit.

    My wife shoots in GSSF matches and has a lot of fun doing so. She made one change: swapping out the rear sight for a HighViz green fiber optic one. She’s consistently ranking in the top 4 of her female amateur class.

    I believe the shops and reviews bashing the Gen4 are mostly people who 1. Are Glock Haters; 2. Can’t get used to the reduced recoil; or 3. Shop Owners frustrated with customers coming back and complaining.

    These are solid weapons. *****

    • My glock Gen 4 was a big headache out of the box. The thing would jam all over the place. Stove pipes. Failure to feed. All around It was the spring. I got the glock replacment spring and that one was defective. I got another new spring and that one works. I did have lots of practice fireing and clearing jams though. I like the Glock but I have to admit there is still a doubt in my mind. I will just carry my 3rd gen G-36 instead of my G-17. I trust that .45 more.

  5. I have the G17 Gen 4. I did a side by side compasision between the gen4 17 and a gen3 model with night sights in the shop. When feeling both G17s in my hand, i could not believe how chunky and obese the G17 gen 3 felt in my hand in comparison to the G17 gen4 with no back strap, i’m talking about a substantial difference here and i don’t exactly have midget hands either. The gen 4 fit into my hand like it was made for it, so that is what i went with and am pleased with my decision. The owner of the shop i go to said that he has been selling more G17 gen4’s than anything else recently and none of the weapons that he had sold had been brought back with problems.

    The one thing that I will say is that i am not crazy about the stock sights on glocks generally, but on my weapon I will soon be replace the stock sights with trijicon night sights soon enough.
    I have put around 300 rounds through it so far. No problems, the initial release of the weapon had the recoil spring from the G22 in it, causing FTE issues, etc. I believe i have one of the newer G17 gen 4’s b/c I personally have not had any problems that the various range commandos have been screaming about on the forums.

    @IndyEric: “I believe the shops and reviews bashing the Gen4 are mostly people who 1. Are Glock Haters; 2. Can’t get used to the reduced recoil; or 3. Shop Owners frustrated with customers coming back and complaining.

    These are solid weapons. *****”

    I could not of said it better myself dude.

    • “the initial release of the weapon had the recoil spring from the G22 in it, causing FTE issues, etc.”

      How would one know; is it easy to identify the spring? Presumably any new Gen4 purchased now will be good to go in this respect?

  6. Never been a Glock fan, mostly because my hands are fairly small and Glocks are (were?) far too big to hold comfortably. Well, that and they looked like toys. Perhaps, with their ergonomic redesign I might give them another chance, but unless they fit me as well as my CZ 75 SP-01 does, I doubt I will be buying one. I don’t fault them on reliability or accuracy, those are proven traits of the Glock line.

  7. I learned about the change in the recoil spring from a video from this years shot show by nutnfancy who interviewed a big ass ex marine glock rep

  8. “and G26 (10 rounds, 9mm, 1.26″ barrel). ..” You might want to re-check that barrel length. I have an old G26 (1996) and a Gen4. Without the inserts on the Gen4 I find there is a very minute difference in grip size between the two.

  9. The problems all seemed to be with the early ones that used the same recoil spring on the 9mm that were used on the 40s. To the best of my knowledge its been sorted out. I want to get one of the new Gen4 models in .357 Sig, this summer maybe.

    • @ Jake F. – Have you seen an announcement that the .357Sig Gen4 models will be out this summer? I’ve been waiting to get one.

  10. I have a Glock 17 Gen 4 I bought in Feb. I took it to the range adn it was a Jam o matic. Called Glock and the told me that it was a service weapon and that it was not meant for range rounds. Well they sent me the spring. SO I got it out and I shot 500 rounds through it this weekend. First time I ahve been able to test it at teh range. I had 1 stove pipe at about round 26. I stoped using that magazine. Aftermarket 31 round mag. Then at about 300 rounds. It had another jam. Fired some more and getting down to round450 or so I had 5 jams in the last three magazines i used. New spring and I was not limp wristing it. I like Glock very much. I Have a Glock 36 i am very fond of. But I have to say I am starting to question this weapoon. I have a Gunsmith looking at it now.

  11. I have a Gen 4 Glock 19 with a March 28th, 2011 test fire date and the spring is marked 0-4-1, which is the newest spring that Glock is shipping with the Gen 4 G19. Zero problems and I’ve shot all kinds of cheap range ammo, I was surprised it fired bulk WWB just fine because even Gen 3s are known to hiccup on that garbage once in a while.

    I don’t discredit anyone who has had an issue with their Gen 4 Glock, but what am I saying is I believe all Gen 4s being manufactured as of the last few months seem to be flawless, this is from my personal experience with my new weapon and others who have been reporting about their recently made Gen 4s.

    I also want to add that a while back Glock had a messed up batch of extractors that affected both Gen 3 and Gen 4 guns. .40S&W Glocks are supposed to have a straight extractor and 9mm Glocks are supposed to have a curved extractor, from what I heard there was a batch of 9mm Glocks in both gens shipping with a straight extractor and THEN there were some Gen 4 .40S&W Glocks shipping with the curved extractor that is for 9mm. I think that extractor nonsense lead to a lot of people blaming the Gen 4 design for problems when in reality Glock had a massive SNAFU with their extractors, which is not something to be taken lightly, that is a clear flaw in recent Glock quality control and management.

  12. First time gun owner here . . . I was thinking about getting either the Glock 19 or the Ruger SR9c . . . your thoughts? I would appreciate any commentary on the matter. Thanks.

    • Well, the Glock is the most widely used pistol in law enforcement. I own Glock models 26,27,22 and 30. They are nothing fancy but they work. My experience is service in the Marines, Navy, Army and 8 years law enforcement. I also was a law enforcement firearms instructor. I think both weapons are good, but my preference, with my experience, is the Glock.

  13. Well folks, I’m here to tell ya the gen 4s can be very problematic. I shoot about 300 rounds a week and have failure to eject, stove pipes, double feeds etc. Whatever can jam a gun, jams this one. Talked to customer service, they sent a new recoil spring. 2000 rounds later, no different. Jams every 60-70 rounds. Shoot 200 rounds, two or three jams like clockwork. Got a gen 3, a ruger, and a Kahr, not one jam between them with the same ammo. Glock wants me to send in the gun and wait 6-8 weeks!! Then if it happens again, send it back. I think not. If I cant fix it, I will get rid of it. Anyone want to buy it?

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