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So GLOCK rolls-out a new GLOCK and the world goes into shock! Not.

When TTAG published the news that Gen5 had landed, our pageviews barely blipped. Which is a bit odd, given that GLOCK-brand GLOCKs are America’s favorite GLOCK and TTAG is America’s favorite firearms blog. I have two theories why Gaston’s gat wasn’t all that (and a bag of chips, as the Brits are wont to say) . . .

First, GLOCKs are boring. Really, really boring. Boring like IBM back in the day, when boring employees in boring white shirts did their best to make computers seem boring to millions of risk-averse customers. IBM’s unofficial motto said it all: “no one ever got fired for buying an IBM.” Which is the long form of GLOCK’s current motto: “CONFIDENCE.”

Note the lack of a BLACKHAWK!-like exclamation mark after GLOCK’s one-word raison d’etre. GLOCK sells a quieter kind of confidence: the confidence that comes from not buying the wrong gun. (Just like the confidence that came from not buying the wrong computer.) No matter how boring that gun may be.

In fact, boredom is GLOCK’s main selling point.

GLOCKs look boring; they’re a generic soap bar of a gun. And no matter what pistol you choose it’s basically the exact same gun in a different size. (Didn’t see that one coming!) GLOCK’s most popular pistols are sold in the most popular (i.e. boring) calibers: 9mm, .40, .45. Even the handgun’s controls are boring; they look exactly as you expect them to look, placed exactly where you’d expect them to be, doing exactly what you expect them to do. Every. Damn. Time.

Yes, there is that. Let’s not forget: GLOCK’s legendarily boringly reliability is the ultimate assurance that I DIDN’T BUY THE WRONG GUN!

So when the average GLOCK buyer hears about the Gen5’s mechanical upgrades and design changes, as Yoda might say, one whit care they don’t. As I’ve pointed out to GLOCK PR peeps (maintaining the kind of cordial relationship that explains TTAG’s missing invitation to the Gen5 junket) your average GLOCK buyer thinks flared magwell was a 70’s nightclub singer.

And the only place they’re gonna hear about Gen5 is down at their local gun store, where some overly-enthusiastic salesman will tell OFWGs that the Marksman Barrel’s smaller crown provides a tighter fit for projectiles. Tempting said OFWGs to make a non-PC off-color remark while doing little to convince them to trade old faithful for a new faithful.

OK, I’m joking. I’m sure GLOCK has plenty of younger buyers, if only because OFWGs are dropping like flies and GLOCK sales aren’t. But that’s why no significant traffic spike for the GLOCK unveil: GLOCKs are so boring even their fans are bored. Boring? Whatever.

As promised, I have a second theory: guns in general have become boring.

Not to us behind the scenes, obviously. We love guns SO MUCH we’re happy to write a Random Thoughts post in the middle of a hurricane. But boring to y’all, because there’s no real danger involved.

TTAG’s resident war hero Jon Wayne Taylor’s told me (repeatedly), there can be no adventure without the reasonable expectation of death. (A Hemingway misquote, but as good a Hemingway misquote as you’ll find. On this website. Today.) As someone who wonders why he didn’t die in a flaming car wreck whilst racing a BMW Alpina at 200 mph on a public road while driving a rented Mercedes SL, I declare Jon’s insight entirely true — and the entire reason he’ll never drive my AMG GT-C.

I’m sure I had a point here…. Oh right.

Guns aren’t fun/interesting because we’re getting out of the habit of worrying about jackbooted thugs breaking down our doors to confiscate our guns and throw us in a FEMA camp or Holiday Inn Express (whichever’s closest). Think about it: if something is illicit or endangered, it’s dangerous! Exotic! Exciting! Interesting! If it’s easily available, meh.

I’m kinda joking, only not. Guns are way too mainstream, too well-made and reliable, to give a damn about GLOCK’s improvements to its previous GLOCK. The political climate is too calm. If you like your GLOCK, you can keep your GLOCK! Of course that could all change quickly . . .

If Democrats end the Trump era to create a federal government dedicated to the party’s current platform — which pisses on gun rights from a great height — gun ownership “excitement” could return. To the point where we’ll long for the good old days when nobody cared about the GLOCK Gen5. Right?

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  1. “If Democrats end the Trump-era to create a federal government dedicated to the party’s current platform — which pisses on gun rights from a great height — gun ownership “excitement” could return.”

    So what you’re saying is you have won so much you are “tired of winning”?

  2. Wow, he wrote something that didn’t reference the holocaust, his latest gun guru crush, or something about fingers turning into flippers. Color me surprised.

  3. Only Glocks are boring…..and ARs cause everybody and their fat dog has one (or 5).

    Boring can be a good thing for a defensive or utility firearm.

    But the boring part is one reason i think many of us buy multiple copies of a gun.

    Its nice to always have a pristine new copy to appreciate our boring tools

    • Perhaps a synonym of “boring” could be “commonplace”. I’m just old enough to remember gun writers reminiscing about the good old days when everyone owned a Winchester 94 and a Smith Model 10-5 was on the hip of every cop. I don’t own either such gun… but I’m keeping my eyes open for them because… they will fill an empty space I perceive in my collection.
      So if any if you are feeling underwhelmed with the latest offerings coming out this year and for the past decade – try going through the used guns at the next gun show, or at your local shop. Try to recall the guns used by the heroes and bad guys in your favorite TV show when you were growing up and go shopping for them.
      They needn’t be expensive collectables, indeed if you want to shoot them, they shouldn’t be. But if you love the history of guns as much as the future of them- you may find your next gun fix well-satisfied with a piece that hasn’t been made in a few decades.

      • I remember one guy in a small gun store saying: What’s the difference between the the clap and a Winchester 94? I answer: I don’t know, one is a disease the other a gun? He tells me: You can get rid of the clap. Pointing to a rack of used Winchester 94’s that I guess no one wanted to buy.

      • Im a pedestrian kind of guy.

        I have all barrel lengths in model 10, own a couple of 94s (different calibers, bbl length), and Winchester model 12s.

        The main difference is hand finishing on even the pedestrian guns of yesteryear.

        A 5 dollar Winchester “boys” rifle was well finished even if the stock was pallet wood.

        It is a wonderful to find a pristine copy of a common gun that were normally worn out by the owner.

        Modern tupper-arms hold up well to use and abuse but lose what little luster they have pretty quickly.

        Most guns are fun to shoot but squirrel hunting with my 16 gauge Winchester 37 is like eating Moms fried chicken – good for the soul

      • I’ve been drooling over a 1960’s-70’s Ithaca Model 37 ever since the mid 70’s, but never had the extra scratch. (Haven’t hunted pheasant in decades, so it’s hard to justify to the wife.) Nice walnut furniture, bottom ejection. fiber optic front bead, and an action slicker than melted butter – they were WAY ahead of their time then, and stand up to any modern pump shotgun now.

        IMO, M37’s are far better than their closest competitor, the Browning BPS (which was introduced many years later.) Pretty examples run $350-500+, but shooters can be found under $250, from what I’ve seen. Even after all these years, I can’t wait to pick one up!

  4. “nothing’s really fun unless there’s a possibility of death.”

    Bolshoi (which is Russian for something that flops from a bull’s ass). I’ve been married twice, both times it was like death, and believe me it was no fun at all.

    • Being “like” death and providing the possibility of death aren’t the same thing. Besides, Ralph, I bet you had LOADS of fun. Right until you didn’t.

      • Yeah, death wasn’t a possibility, it was an inevitability. And I was good with that, right up until I wasn’t.

      • This^^^ I do wonder who teaches people completely wrong translations like that.

        :channels Yakov Schmirnoff: “Hey kids, let’s go to the world famous ‘bull droppings ballet’ in Moscow tonight!”

        • You cannot possibly believe that I intended my “bolshoi” comment seriously. Such a misconception would require a density greater than uranium oxide.

  5. Desert Eagles are too gaudy and perhaps not always reliable. Glocks are too boring but seldom unreliable. The obvious solution is 1911.

  6. “Nothing’s really fun unless there’s a possibility of death”
    Yup. That’s why sky diving, ceynote diving and rock climbing are so much fun.

    • I finally understand why my son done all of those things except the diving (and only because he hasn’t had a chance yet to take diving classes). You forgot the stunting on skis and snow boards, back country skiing and jumping off cliffs, riding motorcycles to see how fast they will go, .

        • I read a story recently about a man who was suicidal and decided to take a trip to Mexico and piss away his life savings on hookers and blow first.

          Two weeks later and almost completely broke, he decided life was pretty good and he chose to live.

  7. Will someone fix this freaking problem of not being able to post due to pages reloading??
    And Glocks are boring. None of my customers care about the latest block.

    • Yeah. I’ve had to switch to viewing the site through ghostery. If I click the link in the email, the page gets overloaded and constantly reloads.

      My name and email addy still never load. (And I cleared the cookies and deleted history. Several times)

      • “My name and email addy still never load. (And I cleared the cookies and deleted history. Several times)”

        Still here as well.

        Hey, TTAG –

        What’s the song and dance your website admins are feeding you on *why* this is still a problem?

        (And *Go* McGregor!)

    • “There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at without result.”

      — Sir Winston Churchill

      In my experience, Winnie knew his shit.

    • “There are but three true sports, bullfighting, auto racing, and mountaineering. The rest are merely games.”

      Attributed to Hemingway constantly. Incorrectly. It is either (likely) Barnaby Conrad, or (perhaps) Ken Purdy. Hemingway wasn’t really a fan of bullfighting.

      I have used the quote for 35+ years, and am of the stripe that it is very correct – if there is no risk of death, it’s just a game. Golf isn’t a sport, any more than basketball, baseball, or the rest of the (admittedly) physical games people play. But calling soccer a sport?


      • Hemingway wasn’t a fan of bull fighting?

        Have you ever read Hemingway?

        Death in the Afternoon? The Sun Also Rises? The Dangerous Summer? 50% of his short stories?

    • Dude I wish. Yes, the market is saturated but I am a cheap jerk sometimes and I want the same for less. The Caniks and SDVE pistols are filling that void but they could go lower and be joined by many competitors.

  8. I must be a weirdo, I don’t think guns are boring, my Savage MkII .22 bolt gun has no frills, but I still get a (near) bonor popping 1/2″ groups at 50 yards with mainstream ammo. Hell, I enjoy popping .177 caliber pellets at 1100 FPS through the fence pickets, and I’m a 40 year OFWG. I’ll never find guns boring.

    The politcs of the day can add excitement that we don’t have (for now), but the guns themselves are still the shit!! I’m gonna clean my Rem 870 just for shits N grins now, enjoybyour hurricane party Texas boys! Stay dry out there!

  9. The so called Gen. 5 Glock is the iphone 4S of Glocks. Almost nothing different than the Gen. 4 Glock, but some people just got to have one.

    • I have frequently made the comparison of Iphones to Glocks – and it is not just us.

      One of the similarities, and a big plus for both, is the glut of accessories. They are cheap and plentiful and they have the potential to get you more out of your phone/gun. That is why the SE is probably the best Iphone deal as all the 5/5s accessories are compatible and they are dirt cheap.

      The most accurate comparison would be the 4s to the gen 3 glock. The 5/5c/5s was a rather large change as the dimensions and ports for the phone changed as well as going to 4G. That is pretty big change wise.

      Arguably the biggest glock change was the from the gen 3 to the gen 4. Going from a non-captive to captive guide rod is a fairly big change but not as big as the iphone changes.

      I would take a gen 3 glock now just as I would take a iphone 4/4s now. A cheap 32g Iphone 4s is a decent platform to build a small sound system around. And a gen 3 glock is really not that different. The biggest difference is the price came way down on the Iphone 4 and the gen 3’s held alot of their value (different industries).

  10. I don’t like the Gen 5. Getting rid of the finger grooves was a step back to the Gen 3, but the rounded front profile makes the gun look NOT like a glock. Based on recent history, the Gen 6 will go back to the square front end and add back the finger grooves.

    If Glock wanted some presss, they should have released a new pistol in 5.7 and partnered with an ammo company to get cheap ammo on the shelves. They could have advertised its penetrating capabilities and sold it to law enforcement and civilians.

  11. There’s an ancient Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times.”

    I’m deliriously happy gun rights *aren’t* currently in such ‘interesting times’.

    Considering the previous administration and the threat of a Hillary admin, I’m enjoying the current break from that kind of pressure…

  12. If the Gen 3 goes out of production, California gets even more screwed than we are already. The “Roster of Approved Handguns” is shrinking by the month, and the supply of Gen4 Glocks is limited to those bought by LEO’s and re-sold (at a HUGE profit) on to the “civilian” market. Yes, that’s how messed up CA is.

    The Gen5 has some useful elements, none of which are game changers, and nothing that would warrant me re-buying the several flavors of Gen2/3’s I have already (which I can, thanks CA). So what? The ONLY reason we have a bunch of striker fired polymer pistols (in other FREE states, not CA) is because Glock did the heavy lifting to get the People of the Gun off their fixation with “good 100 years ago, good today!” mentality.

    Shucks, the 1911 in its generic form is unrecognizable to people like me that grew up shooting a REAL 1911 – because otherwise, people would buy a Block (I mean, Glock). My 1915 Springfield 1911 sucks as a defensive pistol, and it should, it was designed and manufactured at the outset of the REVOLUTION in handgun design and technology.

    The Gen5’s will sell like every previous generation of Glocks, WELL. They are still the standard by which every new defensive pistol is judged, and the industry AND consumers are better for having such a high bar to jump over.

  13. I just don’t get all the Glock hate. They work. Period. I work in a gun store in SW PA. We sell more Glocks than Sig, Ruger, and H&K combined. And this with an older employee who talks non stop shit on Glocks. The only company to give them a run for their money is S&W, and that has mostly been from all the promotion they have run. I get it. Everybody wants a 40 watt phased plasma rifle but that shit isn’t here yet. I am an admitted Glock fan. I own 20 plus presently. I have Lone Wolfed a few, Glockstored a couple, but most are stock. I own them because they WORK. I can only guess how many rounds I have put through Glock pistols, 30,000, 40,000 maybe more. I have never have one fail on me. Ever.

    • Yes, the hate is baffling, but it’s inevitable. See for instance, those stickers of Calvin peeing on the Chevy/Ford logo. People get awfully invested in the brands they choose.

      It’s a tool. If it works for you, buy it. Don’t like it? Don’t.

      I carry a G43 because it’s slim, concealable and goes bang every damn time. So does a Shield. So does a PPS. So does a 938 and an XD-S.

      Buy what you like. Be happy with it. Life is short.

      • Thanks for saying this. I won’t argue against Glock fanboys’ saying that the pistols are incredibly reliable; I only start questioning people’s intelligence when they try to suggest that Glocks are the only guns on the market that go bang every time. As I previously noted, I have 2 of them; a 23 and a 43. I got 9mm and .357SIG barrels for the former so I can change calibers and put its reliability to work for me, while I picked the latter up at a killer price. They both function with no trouble whatsoever, but so does every other gun I bought as something other than a novelty.

        Way to go for OP here, but if someone has a collection 20 Glocks (20?!), I think it speaks more of their susceptibility to marketing hype than it does for the quality of the brand. It makes just as much sense to have a huge timepiece collection of nothing but Timex watches. Sure, they work, but what’s the point of having more than a few?

    • They generally work, if you shoot them exactly as they want to be shot. If I shoot a Glock like I shoot one my other semi-autos, it’ll stovepipe/FTE at least every other round..

      Looks, and goofy trigger-safety aside, the last thing I personally want to be carrying is a firearm that is 100% guaranteed to jam if I’m wounded or taken by surprise in some way, and unable to iron-wrist it.

      Not saying they aren’t ‘perfection’ for you, but they aren’t even close to perfect for many other folks.

      • Iron-Wrist? Really? I weigh 150lbs my wrists are 6″ in diameter and i can shoot any Glock, in any caliber including 460 Rowland and hot Underwood 40sw, one handed or two. If you limp wrist a Glock that frequently I am not sure how you can shoot any semi-auto of any design. I have seen a <100lb female with tiny hands shoot Glocks in 40sw, reliably. I have seen first time shooters with such severe recoil flinch that they miss the b27 target entirely while shooting my glock 23, and it still wouldn't jam. I think your statement is typical glockhate / BS or maybe your hands are that weak, or you're really that recoil shy. Maybe get a revolver.

    • “Everybody wants a 40 watt phased plasma rifle but that shit isn’t here yet.”
      you better shop around these rifles are great you can kill and cook at the same time………^_^

  14. I was never a Glock fan nor did a get all the hype until I shot one a Glock 17

    Now I own a Glock 22 and of all my handguns i consider it to be the best and most reliable and dependable of the lot

    The rest are colts Smith and Wessons Rugers and Walthers

    Go to YouTube search Denny ducet go to his channel and watch the video Glock and 1911 my conversion it’s all you need to know about glocks

  15. It was “perfection” according to their fans, so they made improvements? How is that possible?

    That’s a New Coke vs. Pepsi, rookie marketing mistake.

  16. Are we that boring? What if we just want our self-defense tool to work with predictable reliability? What if we don’t like wondering if we invested enough resources into our non-boring gun to work without a hiccup? I like boredom.
    P.S. Some non-boring guns are more fun to play with. I will not deny that.

  17. Pink Glocks for all of the POLICE DEPARTMENTS. Henry Kaiser in PORTLAND oregon had a cement company and they all went on strike with large demands. Becoming frustrated with the stalemate in union negotiations he finally signed the contract, When all the employees returned to work they found that all of the trucks had been painted pink. Once while up at Jubitz Truck stop in Portland Oregon I heard the cb light up “Come on and back that pretty pink cement truck right next to me sweetheart! ” The driver stopped backing up jumped out and stomped away, yelling all the while “that is all of that crap I am going to take of this.” When I next saw Henry Kaiser I asked him why he had all the trucks painted pink he replied with a huge smile on his face. “Pink is such a happy color don’t you think?” So come on Glock pony up the pink Glocks for all of the boys out there.

  18. Honestly? Yes. The bulk of the market is just dedicated to the three big flavors of gun here in the US. AR-15s, Glocks, and 1911s. Anymore it feels like all you see a new company showing up it’s just churning out their own version of the old big three.

    Now this is not to discount all the hundreds of different companies making their own completely designs, but when you really get down to it the market coverage is so dedicated to trying to sell these three flavors that we never feel like we’re getting anything to be excited about. I guess it could be my own perception, but I see a lot of people with the same opinions.

    • Tin Foil hat alert.

      I have thought on this for quite a bit and it seems like this is by design. Russia and China are banned from importing guns. That is huge. Before the Russian ban dudes were buy AK’s and Saigas. Norinco would flourish here (again) if given the opportunity. They are large and diverse when it comes to their firearms offerings.

      • Ehh, there really isn’t need to go to conspiracy land with this one. The GOP has never really supported the ownership of militia ready modern rifle. At best they support it on paper when it’s useful for election time wedge issues. Both of the Bush supported some level of gun control in relation to importation as a political slap to both China and Russia who supplied a lot of that hardware.

        And you know with that in mind I personally would like to see some of the industry actually start to roll out more products for the home builder. The hard reality of this is that ALL rights will always be under constant attack from whoever has a problem with them. Be it gun rights, imminent domain laws, or even medical choice. The only way to win the game is to not left the government even play with it by making it impossible for them to regulate as much as we can.

        But all that said… I’m 35 so I got into guns when cheap imported Century $300 AK’s and $175 Saiges were still a thing… I could stand to see more of that again too. We can dream :p

  19. Maybe Glocks, ARs, 870s, 10/22s, and common guns are boring, but shooting them is not. A Glock 18 mag, for instance, is a hoot. So is a fine double barrel, over/under, sweet revolver, etc.

    I bought 9 guns in ’16 fearing an Hrod presidency. It’s looking like only two this year. My enthusiasm is still here, but desperation is not.

    I’m also looking to mail order ammo in CA before it gets banned, and we have an offer in on land in WI. That leaves a lot less $$$ for toys.

  20. Guns are very interesting. Glocks? Not so much. No style, no pizzazz. Just boring looks and boring reliability. Glock, where the old VW bosses went to die.

    • Yes because a defensive handgun is just a fashion accessory – hey boys does this 1911 make my butt look big? You want something pretty to look at? Get a woman, or at least a playboy.

      • Come, now, no need for that – if we have to choose between multiple equally good firearm choices, why not pick the prettier one? As long as it works like the ugly one (and doesn’t cost and arm and a leg more, as well) then the more attractive one is certainly the way to go – makes it all the better when the next generation gets it.

  21. If you want page views tell Ruger to come out with a 6 shot LCRx with the 3 inch barrel and cool looking ribbed barrel.

  22. The discursion on “OFWG’s” gave me a vibe like the TTAG offices might share a water cooler with Buzzfeed or Salon. Unpleasant.

  23. Glocks are reliable but dull. I just bought a 19 Gen 4 last year. Fine gun. A little heavy for carry conceal. I just see no reason to run out and buy another one. Cosmetic differences notwithstanding, it’s basically the same gun.

  24. Reliable yes. Relatively cheap yes. Ugly yes.
    Read a book once about smuggles that said you can get it fast in good condition or cheap. Pick two.

  25. You want boring ? OK……… bolt action hunting rifles. The design is pretty simple yet they keep coming out with this year’s latest and greatest. Why don’t they promote improvements in quality and accuracy. Put some money in better stocks, finishes and detail without sending prices sky high like Euro guns. Get the guys out of retirement who knew how to build guns and bring back the Colt snake guns. They are not boring !

  26. I would be more interested if they came out with a pistol caliber carbine in some various caliber offerings.

  27. If you’re bored with guns because no one is trying to take them from you, RF, you could always head this way to the land of milk and honey and gun-control.

    Alternatively you could also get a handful of p320s, load ’em up and try your hand at juggling.

  28. I’m left to wonder when “Glock perfection” will finally be attained? Gen 10, 20? Glock has adopted the Apple iPhone marketing model. All that they need is a leasing program. You don’t actually buy a Glock, you rent it and then after a year or two, you swap it in for the next iteration.

  29. “Breaking News: Successful Company Releases Slightly Updated Version of Popular Product” This was the first time I’d ever heard such an announcement or received an invite from a gun range to try out the new version of the same old gun. What kind of a reaction were you expecting?

  30. Have you ever been excited about the latest model of Corola or the newest Oster toaster oven? No, you havent. Its because most people feel the same way about GLOCK. They are an appliance, the thing that gets you from point A to B or makes your Costco 12″ Pizza hot for your kids. Thats all it will ever be. Its the expectation of mediocrity.

  31. My Glock 26 is, I think, Gen 2. It has finger grooves (which fit my fingers and are nice for a pistol I can only get two full fingers on), no rail (which I don’t really want on a gun that I want to be as compact and snag-free as possible). The darn thing continues to be so reliable and practical that I can’t see why I would go to a different “generation.”

    My daughter just got a Gen 4 Glock 19. Because that was what was for sale. Still works like a Glock.

    The generations don’t excite me, and I’d be more concerned if they did, because major changes are more likely to introduce major incompatibilities.

  32. Carpenters don’t yap about their hammers all day long.
    It’s doubtful that DaVinci went on and on about his chisel.

    True pistoleros get something that doesn’t demand attention, and then get on with the business of pistoleroing.

  33. My dislike for Glock is slightly misplaced since it’s that I hate that they don’t work for me–maybe this will change with the Gen 5. My hands are “weird.” I was hoping for a modular Glock but this will do, lol

  34. Guns aren’t boring… they just ain’t as exciting as they once were. Like any long term relationship there are periods where monogamy seems as dull as watching grass grow and other times where your partner really REALLY lights that fire. Couple that with Glock being the Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, or (insert other midsize mehmobile here) of the gun world and you have a recipe for a “meh”- pocalyptic reception followed by stratospheric sales driven by fleet purchases and loyal customers coming back to buy the latest and greatest generation of their favorite “mehmobile”.

  35. Glocks are boring as hell & have no style. Not to mention that striker-fired plastic fantastics are a dime a dozen nowadays. I own a Gen 4 & I can’t think of a gun in my collection that’s seen less range time. It’s just dull. So yeah, the umpteenth iteration of the most boring gun is going to hold zero appeal to most people.

  36. There isn’t any real gun development these days. There’s little to no improvement on existing ammunition. No new types of recoil systems. The most exciting thing this year is a combination of a 1911 and Glock in the Hudson H9. THAT’S the most daring change. Combining two pieces from existing systems. What we had for the last 40 years is minor refinement.

    You want excitement? Produce a pistol that’s Glock/SIG/CZ/Beretta quality for $250 instead of $500-700. Do not put out the thousandth wunder 9 for the same price as the existing 999.

  37. Unless you want to suppress one, the Gen 4 Glocks are just fine.

    I spent about a year and a fistfull of $$ trying to get decent function out of my 2 Gen 4 MOS’s – 2 different suppressors, several brands of ammo, well known threaded barrel mfg.

    Finally gave up as with most subsonic ammo they were complete jam0matics. Really.

    Sold them off at a significant loss. Not anxious to repeat the experiment.


  38. I can’t understand all the Glock haters blows my mind ! I agree they may not be the prettiest thing out their but I’ve never had one fail me I have em all since gen 117s never a failure revolver reliability!! I’ve tortured em all .when you get bored do like I did go get yourself a gen 4 21 with some true Sami spec loaded .10mm love sig elite .10ammo. I would put that gun against anything Magnum power 15+1 rounds .makes all the rest just seem anemiec

  39. May the Glock gods forgive me calling by baby a 21 lol 20 .10mm.and yes let me have it ! I love my 21 and I like .45 nice thump. Not in same leuage as true loaded 10mm. And def recommend a gen 4 in this call. The improved spring made it my carry

  40. What can glock do any better other than make laser guns? My gen4 goes bang every time,my budders gen3 goes bang every time.
    The generation 5 updates are not worth going from 4 to 5, but it good to see glock staying on top of things and being left handed and seeing them address that starting with the gen4 means a lot.

  41. The prolonged analogies from the author was the boring part. Just write about the firearm and stop trying to be cute with words

  42. The Gen5s themselves are what’s boring. All the personality is gone now.
    Ambidextrous slide catches and no finger grooves are great if you are buying hundreds to outfit a government organization, but it’s not so great for the individual buyer.
    I’m sure the Gen5s will feel “good” to larger percentage of people, but they will feel “great” to a much smaller percentage of people. That’s a step backward for personal carry.

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