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Liveblogging Glenn’s Keynote…

8:20 – Glenn Beck is on stage. And the crowd goes NUTS.

8:21 – They’ve brought out a blackboard. Glenn mock bows to it.

8:22 – Glenn lowers the TelePrompTer screens. Says “Those things piss me off!”

8:24 – “This is really a sting…close the doors boys…the nuts are all in one place.”

The crowd is eating up his every word.

Beck is talking about the Progressive plans – from the days of Wilson to the present. He’s pointing out that the very path that Obama’s taking us is the path that the International Monetary Fund has told Greece to abandon.

If you think Glenn is animated and passionate on TV, you need to see this. It’s as much a tent revival as it is a keynote.

Glenn’s on a roll. But it’s all about freedom, the Constitution, and Progressives. He emphasized his admiration of the military, and mentioned that the Obama bunch wants to give a medal for “military restraint” – another way to call the military “baby killers” without using the words.

Beck points out that, since Attorney General Eric Holder wants to terminate the civil rights of those that are accused of terrorism, that all it would take is for some nut to be caught committing a terrorist act holding an NRA card…then they could declare the NRA a “terrorist organization” and anybody that contributes could be accused of “funding terror.”

8:50 – Now he’s onto Cass Sunstein and the 2nd Amendment. He’s pointing out the many ways the Obama admin. staffers are chipping away at the 2nd Amendment.

The crowd is lovin’ this. When he mentioned Cass Sunstein, the crowd booed. He looked out and said, “I love you guys!”

“Let’s talk about the Constitution…let’s not argue about black and white, but about the Constitution IN black and white.”

Glenn’s hot, and took his coat off. Made a reference to the temperature in the South, global warming, and the idea that he might eat too many cupcakes.

And…he’s done. But wait…there’s more…

They’re giving Glenn a gift, too. A document signed by James Madison. Glenn is touched.

Ollie North is again, batting clean-up, with sidekick and retired Marine Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey.

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