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When this rifle first came into the public eye, we were less than enthusiastic. It seemed like a gimmick, and to be honest that’s how it started — they needed a “show stopper” for a military trade show. But instead of just being an interesting engineering product, Gilboa is going into full production right here in the United States to put these on the shelves and in the hands of American shooters . . .


Since the ATF defines a “machine gun” as any firearm that fires multiple rounds with the pull of a single trigger, Gilboa is re-designing the rifle to have two individual triggers instead of the single trigger setup currently being used. We’ve been promised one will be on its way to TTAG command central for a test as soon as it’s ready, and we’ll let you know how it works.

In the meantime, imagine this: running a 3-gun stage with this double-barreled AR-15, Arsenal’s double-barreled 1911, and a side by side coach gun. Wouldn’t that be a thing?

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    • Some place in my old gray cells I seem to remember my dad had a double barrel shotgun with two? triggers. Pull one (front?) for the right barrel, then pull the other (rear) for the left barrel.
      Or, pull the rear one first for both barrels and find yourself planted on your butt if not ready. Anybody else remember those/that? and last of all why wasn’t that illegal?

    • To expand on “Why?” … Why?!
      I mean I get the Class 3 version (2 rounds per trigger pull) because that makes it an Americanized AN-94. Also designed to put 2 rounds on target before the recoil impulse. A gun so amazingly complicated it has 2 receivers and a pulley! A PULLEY!
      So I can see that this might improve on that design. But to civilianize it they are putting in 2 triggers. Which means it will have 2 gas pistons, because the bolts will have to cycle independently. If they cycle independently then were will have to be 2 separate mags. And there are 2 separate mags in the photo. So they will have to make the civilian version with 2 complete separate rifles. What then is the difference between the civilian version and simply holding 2 ARs next to each other… Say with duct tape?

        • Spongebob tape is a tier zero approved adhesive application for battlespace materiel mangement. Bro, do you even operate?

        • gorilla tapes ,wire “alreadymentioned”..2 x magazines,2 x load time,,2 x the weight for one man to carry..rather heft le901 and the 556 upper..already their are hand held machine guns that will do what this dbbl ar will do ..M-60 probably lighter..sing/dbbl action..i,ve fired dbbl M 60, in each hand .I was able to hold it true out to 150tds..but not for to long ,,dbbl 25 rd,belts..dbbl ar in these house to house schirmishes probablybe a little tuff..m4 with 25 rnd mag.12 ga. and a AR 556 18″ hse to hse..2nd man 16″,556 or 308 ar sbr..16″ barrel..outside.n-4 and n-6,m79 grenade launcher..blades,,Spartan enyos {neck}.Spartan breed /Spartan#1 in mag belt.Spartan#2 or Hammond LE9on hip..breed in the boot….no matter what,a lot of steel/weight to carry,on any patrol short or long,BUT if you get “”stuk”” you have some stability power..

      • Well, two rifles taped together can and will very likely scewer from each other and not line up. So, one may be dead on and the other fire off to the left and up. Which wouldn’t be very good. Plus it’d be hard to line up the sights to see where the shots are. With this double barreled rifle it’s one stock, one sight so they don’t move away from each other. So essentially not two rifle taped together, more like welded together.

      • I do not agree that there is no benefit. Plenty of people question the 5.56mm NATO round’s ability to ALWAYS stop a motivated attacker immediately, especially at longer ranges (say over 200 yards). I am one of those people.

        Having said all that, I am supremely confident that two 5.56mm NATO bullets hitting an attacker in the torso at the same time and spaced about 3 inches apart WILL stop even the most motivated attacker EVERY time.

        The real question in my mind is whether this thing is practical. I imagine it is heavier than an AR10 shooting .308 Win. (which has a LOT more stopping power than 5.56mm NATO) although the combined recoil is still probably less. And are both barrels for all intents and purposes perfectly parallel? One certainly doesn’t want the barrels spraying bullets that get farther and farther apart down range.

        The more I think about it, the only advantage is a significant improvement in stopping power over a single 5.56mm NATO bullet. And if you want a significant improvement in stopping power without major recoil, you could just build an AR15 in 6.8mm SPC or perhaps 300 AAC Balckout. Or, you could just become proficient in shooting the equivalent of handgun double-taps with your rifle.

        • Uncommon, have you heard of a drilling? you can put an insert in one of the shotgun barrels (or both for that matter) and have a 2-3 barrelled rifle. or a double barreled shotgun with a rifle under/center mounted. They are good, and can be pretty accurate as well…so to the question of making them sighted?

        • Cool looking gun and I bet it’d be fun to shoot once they work out all the kinks. My biggest concern with it is not how useful it would be, honestly I think something in 300 blackout would probably be easier to maneuver and increase the stopping power over a 5.56. I really think it is a gimmick and gimmicks can be a lot of fun. What does concern me is what anti-gun politicians/people will think of it. I worry it may give them a reason to redefine machine gun and once they start changing definitions who knows whats next. Awhile back I contacted a member of the north carolina senate who had tried to pass a bill to allow hunting on sundays, provided it was on private land. I wanted to see what happened with the bill. apparently hunting groups apposed the bill because they did not want to stir up too much anti-hunting groups from lobbying and possibly restricting hunting more. I relate this story because while I would like to go hunting on stories I understand perhaps its not the best thing overall to protect my right to hunt ever. Similarly I worry that this gun may be too in your face or “scary” for anti-gun groups who would love to take away our AR’s already.

  1. Oh brother!! This is kind of like the ATV’s many ride getting bigger than the vehicles towing the ATV’s!

    Yeah…don’t learn to shoot…just learn to waste ammo….oh I can see the military buying these right away!! Oh wait…that’s why the military has SAW’s…..Un G.D. BELIEVEABLE!!

  2. I would say instead of two triggers, engineer it to fire one side on each trigger pull. Back and forth. Though I’m not entirely sure how it could be done.

    • I have a single trigger Baikal side-by-side. The mechanism is actually quite similar to that of a click pen. It could be done, and probably rather simply, but I could see reliability being an issue.

    • Unfortunately that would be illegal, the ATF considers that full auto too. (still just a single pull and two rounds) If it was legal a lot of people would already be doing this. I have seen this done with paintball and it is pretty cool.

      • I think Jon was suggesting sequential fire, one side with one trigger pull, reset, the other barrel with the other trigger pull – back and forth. No different than a double rifle or shotgun.

      • Would it be considered full auto? I thought the definition was “one shot per function of the trigger”?

        What if they claimed pulling it was one function, and releasing it was another function? Think of it as pulling the trigger fires one side. Releasing the trigger fires the other side as well as resetting the first side. Pulling it again fires the first side again, while also resetting the second side. And then the cycle just repeats.
        (^^not me^^)

        • Exactly what I was thinking, pull = bang! Release = bang! Isn’t the ATF wording 1round per trigger pull? I remember there was a template for making a mini 14/30 fire as just described.

    • You could make it the same as the KEL-TEC KSG 17 round shotgun alternate back and forth between the mag’s . one barrel then the other barrel . But we will find out when they test it . I would still like to get one for nothing more than to piss off the Anti-Gun nut’s and the Demoturd’s .

    • Agreed. There’s nothing about it that isn’t done better with a .308… Even the fools shouting “bump stock.” Saiga .308 + Bump Stock > this DI babysitter sissy-bullet frankengun… I’d rather have that thing [south park] Timmah [/south park] cobbled together before he blew up the fed building… At least that was resourceful…

    • Actually this thing serves a usefull purpose. difi sees this and her hemoroids will knot into a barbed wire clump of pain that will ruin her day. And hillary’s when she has to change the old vampires depends.

  3. And if your opponent didn’t go down after you put both mags into him, you stab him to death with the points on the end of the muzzle!

  4. It’s an AR15 mounted onto another AR15!

    I asked for this in the comments of the rail mounted pepper spray post from yesterday, now here it is today…

    OK, now I want an AR15 with Selma Hayek mounted on it, please!

  5. It’s still a just a girly pink-tip .223… Even with 62gr bullets, that’s less lead/energy than a .308 with one barrel and one bullet… With 2x DI fail-actions to babysit.

    It’s like a home colonoscopy kit. The target market is pretty narrow, and I wouldn’t want them as friends.

    Show me rail-mounted boobs and maybe we’ll talk….

      • ,,,Or at least have a double trigger system that can be easily swapped out for a standard single trigger Timney trigger pack or similar!

  6. Why not a trigger that fires either by being pulled or pushed? One motion of the finger back and forward would still fire two shots.

    Still, it seems useless. Double the weight, using double the ammo, and almost certainly not having both barrels regulated to point of aim.

    It might look good in a movie with an 870 master key mounted under it. Other than that… meh.

  7. This + Tac-Con 3MR trigger = WINNING?

    Too bad the mag wells are too close together to slide those SureFire quad-stacks in.

  8. So … A buddy and I each grab a barrel and pull, and whoever comes away with the trigger on his half, wins, right? Are we supposed to make a wish first?

  9. slap a gun on a gun and call it a new gun?

    is Gilboa owned by gillete? If so, i’m holding out for the mach 3, or the fusion!

  10. Anyone else geeky enough to want a AR15 pistol version? I can’t help looking at it and thinking “Storm Bolter”.

  11. Why, it’s the drunk piano player. You’re so drunk, you can’t hit nothin’. In fact, you’re probably seeing double.

    I have two guns, one for each of ya.

  12. Mall Ninja’s wet dream… I am sure that those rounds will hit right beside each other at 100, 200, 500 yds right? This is a STUPID idea for a shoulder fired weapon.

  13. Why don’t you just makee a swith like a double barreled shotgun that way once you drop a mag you just hit the swith and younot another 30 ready to go.

  14. It’s just not as practical a single barreled rifle with a larger caliber shell large clip or reverse double clip for round capacity and fully cape is ideal and for some one to shoot the double ar build accurate enough at a distance greater then 30 feet would take a Robinhood marksman

  15. I’ll take the standard Colt AR-15 with the 20 rd. mag, on semi-auto, and put down range, 20 accurate rounds faster than you can with this “MICKY MOUSE” contraption ! SORRY, BUT I WOULDN’T HAVE ONE IF THEY GAVE IT TO ME !
    Cal S.

    • It’s the prototype, made in Israel. Easier to have a non-firing version for the shows (where the guns can’t have firing pins anyway) than to have to deal with the import laws.

    GOOD AR AND YOU WOULD BLOW THIS OUT OF THE RUSTY WATER IT CAME FROM! AND YOU WOULD SAVE yourself from a lot of laughs while you’re learning to shoot!

  17. As silly as this truly is i know when they come out for public sale i will end up buying one….why you ask, because its a F@cking double AR-15 thats why…

  18. The NRA is the biggest domestic terrorist group in the United States, maybe the world. They love their guns more than people. With politicians in their pockets all we can do is brace ourselves for the next NRA sponsored slaughter.
    The policies and laws created by The NRA killed the kids in Newtown and allowed the vigilante George Zimmerman to murder Trayvon Martin. Back ground checks, that the NRA strongly oppose, would help keep guns out of the hands of unstable people preventing many deaths.
    STAND YOUR GROUND is nothing more than a license to legally hunt and kill innocent people PERIOD~

  19. Old movie idea. I remember a movie from 1970 called “The Challenge” where a soldier on an island had a twin submachinegun. It was 2 Madsen M-50 guns side by side one ejected left and one to right.

  20. All you bitching about the uselessness of this gun – You’ll be mighty glad to have this when they come for your weapons – and THEY will be armed with really heavy stuff…

  21. I could see it as replacement to a NFA gun. Add in that each barrel would get less hot, like a Gatling gun. Add a slide fire and 2x45rd mags down range quick…

  22. Let’s see at 30 rounds per magazine that will hold 60 rounds. $10 MILLION DOLLAR LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY SHOULD BE REQUIRED to purchase one of these weapons in order to satisfy the inevitable wrongful death claims. That $500K coverage every 3 rounds that can be fired in less than 3 seconds. Wrongful deaths usually cost more considering it’s the death of a human being. The claim considers a persons age, pain and suffering (sure none in this case), income and your negligence or liability in the insured event. Then there’s attorney’s fees, court costs, time off for depositions, trial, appeal. Only saying … if you have to get liability coverage to own an automobile … if you hurt someone, they may own your house.


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