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Giffords, the civilian disarmament advocacy operation run by Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords, has just released their annual ratings of gun laws throughout these United States. In case it isn’t clear, this is one test you want your state to fail.

Giffords rates 22 states as having what our readers and millions of American gun owners would consider good gun laws. In other words, Giffords gives them a grade of F.

You can probably guess the Second Amendment-infringing states on which Giffords bestowed their highest mark. They are California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Hawaii. No surprises there.

Giffords even provides commentary on the 2018 “progress” each state made in restricting the right to keep and bear arms. For our F-rated home state of Texas, they say . . .

Texas did not enact any firearm-related legislation in 2018. The state has very weak gun safety laws and is a major exporter of crime guns. To raise its grade above an F and save lives from gun violence, Texas should pass universal background checks, prohibit hate crime offenders from accessing guns, and repeal its dangerous campus carry law.

Yay us!

As for the gun control nirvana of California . . .

California continued to strengthen its already strong gun laws in 2018 by, among other things, raising the minimum age to purchase and manufacture guns and broadening its domestic violence laws. To uphold its role as a leader in gun violence prevention, California should also substantially increase its investment in violence intervention programs, restrict bulk firearm purchases, and regulate the sale of homemade “ghost gun” components.

And yet Californians are abandoning the state at the rate of about 2000 per week. Go figure.

While Giffords provides a graph showing each state’s gun death rate compared to the national average, they don’t go to the same amount of effort to show the number of defensive gun uses by state. The reason for that is a mystery.

You can see how your own state is doing here, if you don’t mind giving them a click.

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    • Agree, don’t give them a click. Just look at the map here and know anything on that site is BS anyway

      • Oh what the hell, I did click on the link to my state, and I had a good laugh at their response to my state getting an “F”. As you can imagine, my state ranks very low, because you do not need a concealed carry license to carry concealed-a real “no no” for gun grabbers. It also “recommended” universal background checks. My friend recently bought a gun, but they still had to fill out a form, answer questions on that form, and wait ten minutes for a back ground check, so I do not know what this gun grabber is talking about. And well, until her husband gives up his guns, I do not even want to hear about how the rest of us should not have any. Also, if these two hate the 2nd Amendment so bad, they should move to London. No one there has the right to own a gun, but I hear the knife crime rate has exploded. They would feel right at home knowing they are disarmed. The irony that they are using their First Amendment right to try and get rid of my Second Amendment right is rich indeed. Maybe they should move somewhere, where they can be safe in having NO rights.

        • For those who don’t know, “Universal Background Check” (UBC) means every time a firearm is “transferred” from one person to another, a BC must be done. Most such laws make a few exceptions (such as between family members or when hunting), but the stated intention is to do away with the “gun show loophole” and all private gun sales. That it would also do away with gun rentals at ranges is an added “benefit”.
          Of course, when presented with the fact that such a law would do nothing to prevent crime, the proponents of UBC have nothing to say, and, if pressed will simply change the subject. I’ve seen this on TV; they have no answers, but instead rely on emotions (I like to call it “dancing in the blood of crime victims”).

        • Joe….Universal Background Checks are just a way to track gun ownership as long as a gun is legally owned ( not stolen ). It is also an underhanded way to create a national gun registry for future action. O f course , the NSA already has all this information since it tracks and records all verbal and digital transactions.

        • Ed, while I believe you’re correct, I have consoled myself with the belief that they would not *dare* to suddenly disclose their perfidy and treason in breaking so many federal laws with such impunity, unless it was the final great push towards the total confiscations and the beginnings of the mass executions, thereby triggering all out war. So I have not particularly feared them using that info in the short run.

          I must admit, though, that my confidence was seriously shaken by the case of Gen Flynn, who was trapped into “lying to the FBI” when presented with a f-ing TRANSCRIPT of a phone conversation which he had for which no warrant existed, demonstrating that they record EVERY phone conversation in the US. I had heard already that the facility in Utah was constructed to be able to record every phone text or conversation on the planet, and to keep all such conversations for 1000 years, but you kinda hope there was an exaggeration, there. I think not.

    • This is absolutely fabulous. Their own stats prove that gun control laws never work. The states with the best grades have the most violent crime. The states with F’s are the safest. I love it. Too bad the gun control nuts aren’t smart enough to figure this out.

  1. I moved, this year, from a C rated state to an F rated state. Thanks, Gabs, this just reinforces my decision as a good one!

    • I had a professor give me an F minus once. When I complained and asked why, he said it was because the college wouldn’t allow him to give me a G.

    • You’re online alias should be Bingo. California sucks for some reason that obviously has nothing to do with the mentality of the people that ruined it. Therefore everyone leaving should want the exact same policies as California had… Then we can California New New Mexico and California will be about 10 different states that took all the refugees.

      • They are doing it in Texas also, there is no proposal for a constitutional carry bill in our legislature despite overwhelming support for it. We will still live under carpetbagger law until this is passed.

        • Well, since SCOTUS tossed Texas’ stupid abortion aspirations in 2016, I can get back to being a single issue voter, researching positions on Constitutional Carry before deciding who to vote for.

      • I blame cali flipping fully BLUE form where REAGAN was leader on one thing

        the feds NOT fixing the illegal alien INVASION!

        IMO Reagan was an asshole to even give the illegals ‘amnesty’ he FUCKED UP big time and messed it all up forever…him signing that into law just told every potential illegal “come on in and soon enough you will be legal if you stay long enough!”

        • Why do Republicans love Reagan so much? That guy was a bad “Republican.” Bringing in socialists to America and being anti gun. Do Republicans like him because he didn’t like people of color?

        • You obviously slept through Civics Class. Congress makes the laws, the president can only stop Congress if it’s a close vote and his veto won’t be overridden. Nearly everything a president does must be approved by Congress. If you have a beef with that era, it’s the democrat Congress you should be harping about.

          As someone who lived through the Jimmy Carter Debacle as an adult, I consider Reagan to have saved the Nation from complete disaster..

        • Absolutely!!!!!

          Everyone has their pluses and minuses, Regan had way more pluses than he had minuses. Was he perfect? No.

      • btw
        I’m also one of those conservatives who left California to the anti gun civil rights leadership. Like the gay state senator Tom Ammiano, who wrote the law making rape victims wait an extra ten days to get a gun. He also has a problem with law abiding black people who open carry. Why does a homosexual man think a rape victim should wait to get a gun????

        And the pot head legalization leadership who said “if we can make grass legal then black people who sell pot won’t need guns to defend themselves”

        These two groups are largely responsible for making california a safe place for public sex acts, safe for shooting up crystal meth to improve their sexual experience, and the freedom to defecate in public. And “free” government pot for everyone.


    • And California is replenishing those who have left with illegal aliens, who they will have illegally voting. Net result? No loss.

    • Yes, that is happening in Nevada. Even though we score a D from Gabby, the gun laws from Cali are starting to impact the Silver State.

  2. Oh no! My state got a C-! Thought we’d be an F for sure….Looking to move to a more secure and freedom loving state!

    • Ha ha, that stupid Giffords website said that my state needed to pass certain laws to get a higher grade — even though we have had one of those laws on the books for 10+ years!

      So, while Giffords gives my state a C, I give them an F for saying that my state must enact a law that my state enacted several years ago.

  3. If you don’t live in an F state, you’re not living in a free state.
    I’m always happy to see Alaska rated so “poorly”.

  4. Montana and Wyoming have the highest “gun violence” rates?

    Notice they said rates… so they can include justifiable homicides and suicides.

    Because, I’m here to tell you, the city of Chicago alone counts for between five and ten percent of murders nationwide. All by its lonesome.

    More murders than Montana, Wyoming and Alaska combined I’d say.

    • Well they count suicide as a gun problem. Personally I find guns brighten my life but what do I know? No matter, they use any “fact” to meet their agenda of a defenseless society.

    • When a state’s “big city” is under 50K, one murder is huge. On the other hand, in Chitown, who’d give a damn about another dead “hood kid”. Stats are always an interesting way to “look at things” and make comparisons. Apples are good, so are oranges so let’s just put them all together.

    • List of states with higher murder rate than Illinois. (2017)
      South Carolina

    • “Let’s all be honest. Their A state example is really North Korea.”

      What’s not to love about NK?

      Every citizen is guaranteed free health care for (an admittedly short) life…

      • I hear the average person is not allowed to have a car; they are so progressive by saving the planet from carbon dioxide. Also, they ban civilian gun ownership for the safety of their nation. They are good at making sure they don’t have those disgusting rich billionaires that don’t work for the government. Oh, and they don’t build much stuff to ruin their natural environment. Maybe Trump can learn some well needed lessons on how to be a proper socialist during his meeting with the Dear Leader.

        • The Green Party here in the US wants the Federal Government to decide who can own a car and who must ride in public transportation. They want it done within 11 years. 2030 is their deadline.

  5. a possum says “what’s a state?” … Jokes aside, there seems to be a definite push to disarm America’s citizens. I find that strange in a time that crime has gone rampant, along with some other concerns. Perhaps I don’t see the Big Picture, but then again I do…Yup

    • Hallelujah, MO is one of the good ones, with a solid F. I couldn’t be prouder, and how to help us maintain a solid F, F, F. Anything above that is a failure on our part.

  6. My state got a B from her. I’m not ready to move yet but in a few years that might be necessary
    Taxes and gun laws are the big drivers.

  7. I want to live in an F+ state. If only I could afford to move. Gabby , gabs too much !!

  8. D+ in Vermont. Not clicking the article, but it’s probably because of our brand new “high magazine capacity” law, red flag law, and over 21 law. Screw em.

  9. “Texas should pass universal background checks, prohibit hate crime offenders from accessing guns,…”


    If a ‘hate crime’ results in a felony conviction, aren’t they already a ‘prohibited person’ forbidden from accessing firearms?

    So, they want a law to make it more illegal?

  10. So the “F” rating = Free state? Thanks for saying we’re free Gabby.

    And let’s not forget that since Texas passed the campus carry bill, it’s been the Wild West and there’s been a never ending flow of blood in the streets!!! Or something like that…

  11. “F” is for “Fantastic”
    “D” is for “Distasteful”
    “C” is for “Crummy”
    “B” is obviously for “Bad”
    “A” is for “atrocious”

  12. What I want to know is what affect California’s strict laws had on the murder rate? Having a law on the books is not a metric to determine effectiveness. The past 10 years show very little change, yet they keep adding more and more restrictive laws to the books. Maybe that should be a sign?

    • Californian Democrats would argue that without their gun laws the murder rate would be worse.

      • Did you hear about what appears to be an illegal immigrant who cut off his wife’s head in Seattle? A very Mexican thing to do — from what I have seen on Mexican news.

        I guess Washington is inviting the Mexicans to their state and making it a safe space for them. I hear they like to copy California’s socialist policies, which is very inviting to immigrants of the fascist/socialist/communist variety. We can see how quick that state is turning into California. Soon they won’t have to worry about those evil black guns, just watch out for Mexicans that cut your head off.

        • Good Shoot 🔫! Should have been a “Defensive MAG-Dump for the Illegal alien decapitator!!
          (…and usually give police shooting vids 50-50…NOT un this case…Clearly seeing the damage to a secured bathroom door but a violent psycho-nut…This in no way is to discriminate against knife and cutlery collectors…Just 3rd world ILLEGAL Alien savages….)

  13. lol it’s funny when I see that states like NY get an A-. What’s the minus for? I can only assume it’s because it’s possible to carry a gun if you go through a dozen hoops including training, extensive background checks and plenty of money being spent?

  14. Arizona rocks, best gun laws in the country.
    But every weekend.. More and more Californian and Coloradoan plates on Subarus and the like are spilling in here.
    I’m worried. We gotta fight for AZ! Proud F students!

    • Arizona is on the brink. The youth there are highly against liberty and guns. The next 8 years will likely reveal this to be the case by what transpires there.

    • Unfortunately, all it takes is a couple billionaires and a few bought elections or initiatives. Washington would have been a “D” on this map only three years ago. Now it’s a B+.

  15. Talk about lousy grades…

    If one clicks through and checks the “undeniable correlation,” one sees a deniable correlation. For example, if someone who actually knew statistics calculated an r value on those numbers, one would not get 1.00 or even 0.95. It would be pretty lousy, or, in guncontrolspeak, “undeniable.”

  16. My state is an “F”, so that’s pleasing enough. Wonder if we could try for an “F Minus”?

    I wonder if there could be a “G” grade? You know, for “Gun Rights R Us”?

  17. Well, when a shall issue state (IA) that allows the legal carry of weapons in a bar AND the consumption of alcohol up to the legal driving limit for BAC (0.08%) ranks 16th on their scale of ‘best’ states for gun control, that should tell you something about the state of gun control in this country.

  18. Gabby Giffords. Literally brain damaged. And she’s supposed to be a role model to the rest of the либералы (liberals).
    Just goes to show ya. Liberals don’t even care who they follow. They just gotta follow.

    “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” – Joe Bauers, Idiocracy.
    I prefer to lead.

  19. These people are fucking windowlickers.

    “Texas should pass universal background checks, prohibit hate crime offenders from accessing guns, and repeal its dangerous campus carry law.”

    Colorado has campus carry and has had it for years but still gets a C even though it allows this horrifically dangerous practice? And these people wonder why they aren’t taken seriously when they try to start an “honest conversation”.

  20. I’m somewhat disappointed that my state only received a C. Guess we’ll have to work harder to get that coveted F. At least we have Constitutional carry on the legislative agenda this year with Republican control of both houses of the legislature and a Republican Governor who is Pro 2 A.

  21. I agree with Blkojo, ☝️Way up there ☝️,,, if you missed it he said , people leave states that have crap laws, & then when they find a cool place to live, they never seem to leave their politics behind, which is what their running away from in the first place.

    • California infects. I live in conservative Mesa, Arizona. Gun stores everywhere. The top pistol shooter in the world lives two miles directly south of me. Best state to be a gun owner. Yet? Socialist Sinema was just voted in as a U.S. senator. Insanity. No state is now safe .

  22. Unfortunately Vermont moved up to a D from a solid F as Vermont had been since 1791,because of Giffords like minded merry Marxists of Montpelier.Perhaps when it gets to SCOV and is overturned as the last time a case came before the court,1903 and the justices found it,in their words,Repugnant to the constitution of Vermont.

    Vermont’s Article 16 is as or more strongly worded than the 2 nd. amendment.

    Article 16th. Right to bear arms; standing armies; military power subordinate to civil

    That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the State – and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.

    • Here’s hoping. I’m down in Windsor county. At least in most of the state (rural real Vermont) most people give the finger to the new laws.

  23. Never understood why they rank Pa so highly. Not many restrictions that I can find in the state, better ccl system than Texas, basically can conceal anywhere and open carry anywhere but liberdelphia. Cheap easy liscenses, not online ammo restrictions, can legally own all nfa items, no waiting period or background checks on private sales. I’m fine flying under the radar though, if they think we’re roing okay they won’t try as hard to change shit.

    • The answer to your question doesn’t take many words: Tom Wolfe. Pittsburgh city council. PA State AG. (Sorry, can’t remember his name.) All working hard to spread their poison to the rest of the state.

  24. I guess her getting shot did not make her any smarter….Just wondering if a lead free one would help?

  25. I was curious so yeah, I clicked.
    New Mexico has an F rating for not regulating or prohibiting 50 caliber rifles……
    I had no idea that was a hot button issue for them, I wonder if that goes for my 2 muzzle loaders as well?
    It also said we get an F for failing to Regulate unsafe handguns.
    What the hell is an unsafe handgun?
    Anyway I’ll start pushing now for giving them a click.

    • I’m kind of surprised New Mexico got an F. There may be lots of conservatives there but it’s also been infested with more and more libs over the recent decades. And now that you’ve got a Democratic Governor, Lord help you. Hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if that broad wasn’t working on gun control as we speak. I wouldn’t trust her an inch.

  26. D-….not too bad.
    We Hoosiers just need to work a little bit harder.

    It’s funny to me that part of our ‘bad grade’ is from ‘suppling guns to nearby ciminals’ (Chicago). Lol!
    This is a pretty gun friendly state though. No restrictions on guns/mag caps/NFA etc. We do require a permit to carry (concealed or open) but its SUPER easy to obtain, requires no formal training or instruction and can be purchased as a ‘lifetime’ permit that never needs updated.

  27. Hooray! My state got an “F” from I-will-have-guns-Gabby-but-not-you-Gifford! I could not be more thrilled to fail a test. What I do find surprising, is that even with all the hated Californians that have moved to Montana in the last 25 years, that Montana can still glean an “F” from Giffords Maybe one can hope those stupid transplants learned something before they trashed everything else in that state, and decided the Second Amendment was not a bad thing.

  28. Notice how Brainless Giffords didn’t measure the states by MURDER & VIOLENT CRIME per capita?
    You have to go after her financers
    She’s just a brainless hag.

  29. As a life-long Kali rezident, I cannot wait for the 3 months till my wife retires and we can escape this shithole. There are still a large number of conservative, freedom-loving citiizens living here, but not for long. We’ve had enough of the demoncrats running/ruining things in the once-great state, and there’s only so long beating your head against the wall before you have to stop. Kali is the epitome of liberal “thinking” (such as it is…) run amok. From Feinslime and Bloxhead, to Kameltoe and Blabbin Gruesome, the stupidity just does not stop. To be honest, I’m still REALLY pissed at the Commies that they didn’t nuke Hell-A and SF when they had the chance… but they knew the wanton destruction those places would bring from within, so why mess with a “good thing”.
    Forget the lights, will the last conservative leaving Kali lock the freakin’ door – from THIS side!

  30. Texas does not deserve an F. They have laws similar to Minnesota and fairly stringent requirements for a carry permit. On the other hand Wisconsin has laws similar to Virginia yet is graded higher This leads me to believe that regional prejudice is at work and not cool headed analysis. Looking at their report card from their perspective it is apparent that they haven’t done their homework and randomly assigned grades based on feelings.

  31. Only a D here which is weird, we’ve got no universal checks, no mag limits, and are shall issue with a pretty easy process. We don’t have campus or constitutional carry but besides that no complaints from me

  32. IL, receives a B+, with a violent crime and gun related death rate that makes drug cartels look tame. I’m positive that if they just try a little harder they can hold down the pole position as the leading state for gun violence…..just need to pass a few more gun laws. Imagine people so stupid as to attempt to justify passing more gun guntrol based on the failure of gun control. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

  33. How the hell did they come up with only a B+ for Illinois? Seems to me that IL ranks as an A. The last state in the union to allow concealed carry, and that only fairly recently.

  34. I don’t see anyone mentioning Mark Kelly breaking his oath taken when he joined the military to defend the constitution.

  35. PROUD to know that Alabama gets an “F” from her group ! Yesterday, I attended the state Bama Carry meeting in Jasper, AL. In attendance, Will Ainswoth, Vice-Governor of AL, Greg Reed, Senate Majority leader, several Sherrifs, and at least 2 members of the state legislature. Erich Pratt, Exec. Director of GOA, CJ Grisham of Texas Carry, Caitlin Bennett, Mark Robinson of NC, and several others were featured speakers. Over 250 Alabama 2A patriots attended.

  36. My wonderful state of Wyoming gets an F! Ranking at 49 out of 50, we do have some work to do to fully ensure our freedom as well as the capability to enforce “NO!” to an onerous and power seeking government, as well as any local thugs who are stupid enough to attempt an assault.

    Tell you what, in the spirit of generosity and reciprocity, I’ll donate a “U” and send it back to Ms. Giffords, along with the “F” she gave us!

  37. Those D and F marks look kind of like scope reticles to me.

    Are Mike Jelly and Gabby Giffords “targeting” people in states that they dont like?

  38. Average homicide rate across 50 states (2017 FBI UCR) is 5.01 per 100,000.

    Here are the Giffords grades and the Homicide per capita average for states with that grade.

    A 4.1
    A- 4.0
    B 5.6
    B+ 4.3
    C 4.3
    C- 3.5
    C+ 3.4
    D 6.6
    D- 5.4
    D+ 2.2
    F 5.7

    The top 10 states with low homicide rates had a D average (1.16 on a 4.0 scale). The top four (NH, ND, ME,ID) were F’s.

    The top 10 states with high homicide rates had a D average (.87 on a 4.0 scale). The top two (LA, MO) were F’s.

    It’s almost like gun laws they like have little effect on gun homicides.

    For some reason, they didn’t give a grade to Washington DC, which had a whopping 18.5 homicides per 100,000 in 2016.

    • Hence, why they like to combine suicides with homicides, while selling crime/homicides as the reason to pass more laws. When homicides are looked at separately, there is nothing to show gun control works.

  39. I’m very proud of my state we earned the covited “F” and a nice + to that is a 48 on gun law strength. .. great job ID… I’m proud to live here!!

  40. Moved from a A- state to a D- state 4 years ago, should have done it sooner. Hopefully with a new Gov and the expulsion of a few key RINOs we have a chance for a solid F in the future.

    I actually used a similar rating map by the Brady people when we were narrowing down our possible new states.

    Bonus was about 20% lower cost of living. Probably similar differences in most D & F rated states due to less government.

  41. Virginia got a ‘D’, but I hope our Republican controlled General Assembly continues to strive toward an ‘F’.

  42. ABSOLUTELY HATE CALIFORNIA. It’s more like a communist country, than a state of the union of this great United States of America. We are happily moving to a state with an F!! Idaho here we come! F them, and their anti-American hatred for the 2nd Amendment! P.S.Criminals DON’T obey the law in the first place, which means they’re not going to give a flying f*** about more gun laws. Idiots.

  43. Giffords before you go and grade our states and laws…how about grading your own household!? you still have guns there. you may have been shot, but to try and curtail everyone elses freedoms of gun ownership ,which is our RIGHT, while there are guns in your home or use guns is being a damn HYPOCRITE! Someone had to say it! i will NOT walk on eggshells or KISS your ass about GUNGRABBING!

  44. Testing to see if I’m banned from posting.
    Sure would be nice to have an edit function, so if I’m not, I can delete the test post.

  45. clicked for a laugh we technically already have erpo laws but they aren’t stupid no due process anyone can get your house raided shit guess i’ll be ok with a D from them wish it was an F but with our shit governor it’ll probably be a C next year

  46. Am I the only one that wishes that guy was carrying something bigger than a 9mm when he shot Giffords in the head?

  47. In 2018, Wyoming legislators put their constituents at risk by enacting a dangerous Stand Your Ground law
    *** Dangerous only to thugs and criminals ***

    and passing legislation allowing people with concealed carry permits to bring guns into places of worship.
    *** Only with permission of the governing authority ***

    *** forgot about our DANGEROUS CCW WITHOUT a permit and castle doctrine***

    The state has very weak gun laws and a remarkably high gun suicide rate.
    *** OK can’t deny that ***

    Wyoming could save lives by, among other things, passing universal background checks and imposing waiting periods on gun purchases.
    *** how?***

    • *** forgot about our DANGEROUS CCW WITHOUT a permit and castle doctrine***

      BTW that was meant with just a hint of sarcasm haha

  48. Was a time when we ranked better but thanks to Trump the gun laws here are worse than even Obama. Trump is no friend of gun owners.

  49. I’m bailing New Yorkistan for South Carolina in less than a year and I look forward to going from an A- to an F!! I hope to see some states go from F to F- next time around!

  50. “The Twisted Agenda Driven Truth About Guns”
    The First “F” grade I’ve ever been proud of.
    Send me a message when your ideas can disarm the actual Criminals,
    Not just The Law Abiding people who are dumb enough to listen to your nonsense about guns.

  51. Wow I didn’t know my state ( WV) was such violent place. I have seen no change in our crime. I have seen a increase in Dead Criminals, which are included in the figures here, as though they were some kind of victim. If you want to Murder, mug , rape, rob, and burgle in the mountain state your fixin to become a statistic real quick. We have permitless concealed carry for any non felon adult , and I would say amongst folks I know about 75% are armed all the time. So Go ahead punk do you feel lucky ? LOL Even if I believed these figures, and there was a increase in crime, I would MUCH rather have a pistol in my pocket to deal with increasing crime rates than a cell phone. If you must engage in violence with violent people , your best case is to be at least be EQUALLY armed . If it were actually possible to make the LaLa land scenerio of total disarmament possible… ( Seems we can’t manage to enforce a narcotic bans, and that prohibition worked real well for us! Prostitution is banned ! And it’s illegal to cross the border. Good job banning aliens .Yeah loads of luck with getting every gun out of America) But supposing we could. Strong muscular men with martial arts skills would have a tremendous advantage over women and small men . Or a big mean guy with a mattock handle or ball bat ( gonna ban them too?) could be virtually unstopable in a violent rampage. Nope , I’ll keep my gun and no matter how much of a bad guy he is , he’s no match for a 45 slug.

  52. Of course Kentucky is an F. This is the home of the Rock Castle Machine Gun Shoot. Also the state constitution is written in a way allowing car carry without a permit. And its open carry everywhere here, no permit required. Only for concealed carry. After a school shooting here in 2018, Gov Bevin came out to support 2A rights and to call for guns in school for teachers who volunteer.

    A Progressive Judge put a woman in jail because she refused to sign a gay marriage certificate. And 3000 people showed up to protest against her arrest. And 3000 showed up to the state capital to support 2A rights.
    Ya, they hate kentucky.

  53. Oklahoma is just about to pass Constitutional Carry, but it’s already rated at F.

    Here’s looking forward to an F-.

  54. Giffords says,”Texas should pass universal background checks.” But we DO have background checks, you goofball liars. And we should, “prohibit hate crime offenders from accessing guns.” Ok, Giffords, how ya gonna do that? Criminals don’t get guns legally, and more laws won’t change that. What we should do is prohibit Giffords and other such groups from spewing their lies and vitriol.

  55. If this keeps up, America will wake up some day and find the country has been taken “into custody” by a foreign/subversive/treasonous entity and those who are in the ranks to support “gun control”, the disarming of America, will be happy. but only for a short time, because when the foreign/subversive/treasonous entity takes these “trouble makers” (they cannot be trusted as they cause civil unrest), into custody and lines them up against the wall to be shot, there will be no one to come to their rescue.
    A simple case of cause and effect.

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