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Hundreds of illegal guns have been sent into Germany through the postal system, with websites offering the service. The following summation was sent to me by a source who compiled it from a number of English language translations, including

Germany’s largest newspaper is reporting that hundreds of people have been caught buying illegal firearms in order to protect themselves from migrants.

The largest of the websites selling guns has been shut down and its user data has been handed over to the police and journalists.

According to claims elsewhere in the German media, people who were buying the weapons come from all different political and socio-economic backgrounds. Many are unaware they are breaking the law and cite rising fears of being threatened by anti-social migrants as the primary reason for their purchase.

Reporters from the Sueddeutsche newspaper tracked down one of the sites’ users, a doctor from Munich, who told reporters: “People from other countries, of course, have different ideas about how to behave in society. Uncontrolled immigration is a problem, we need a 180-degree u-turn.”

Reports suggest there was a spike in sales after the Cologne sex attacks on New Year’s Eve last year.

It is believed the weapons are purchased in Hungary, where they are legal, then posted unchecked into Germany through the EU’s open borders.

A well used revolver costs around 349 euros, a Kalashnikov 749 euros. Some of the customers paid up to 4,000 euros. By the end of January 2017, according to the data, the Online shop received orders for more than 150,000 euros.

The latests exchange rate for the USD to the EUR  is 1.08 dollars per Euro.  Multiply the prices by 1.08 if you wish to obtain the equivalent number in dollars.  Perhaps a knowledgeable reader can inform us as to the postage rates for packages in the European Union.

The articles say that the police have been informed.  I did not read of any arrests being made.

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  1. Well technical so do Americas… if they have a C&R license. 😛

    But yeah…. personally I’m more to the point where I’d just rather make guns off the books from scratch. But hey not everyone knows how to use a mill and lathe.

    • Noishkel,

      Making all the parts of a firearm from scratch are relatively easy with one exception: a rifled barrel.

      Drilling a short barrel in a large caliber (something like 4 inches in .40 caliber or larger) is fairly easy. Drilling a rifle barrel that is 20 inches long is quite a different matter — especially in the popular .20 to .30 caliber range. And in either case, rifling that barrel is the intricate, difficult, and time consuming operation. As far as I can gather, you would have to make a special fixture/tool that would machine the rifling into the barrel … and making that special fixture/tool would be every bit as involved as making the firearm itself.

      It seems to me that the only practical away, overall, to make firearms is if someone makes the fixture/tool to drill and rifle barrels and then makes them in bulk for sale to people who machine the rest of the components themselves.

      • I’m sure making hammer forged rifled barrels is not something you could do in your basement, but we’ve been cutting rifling in barrels for nearly 500 years now. Can’t be that complicated if Renaissance era tooling did it.

        • True that it’s not rocket surgery, but the ‘renaissance era’ guys that made rifled bores would have been professionals (possibly dedicated to the task) with access to a fully outfitted metalworking shop. This is exactly uncommon_sense’s point.

        • it is not hard to do with jig and the right tool have seen the 1800’s method of rifling a barrel its fascinating it just took a long time to complete a single barrel.

        • It isn’t complicated if you’re forging your barrel down on a mandrel, as they used to do.

          If you want to make a barrel for smokeless powder, you’re not going to have a forged-weld barrel of malleable iron or some such. You’re going to need seamless chro-moly steel.

          Drilling a deep hole is indeed a challenge, but it can be done with the correct mods to a common engine lathe. People should read up on how Harry M. Pope built his rifle barrels – that’s the clue to how barrels could be built on a lathe.

      • There’s always smoothbores- it’s not like the average garage-made SMG is going to have too much in the way of accuracy, rifled barrel or not. For the less mechanically inclined, there’s the Filipino WW2 creation, the Slam-bang shotgun. Having said that, I recall there was a British gunsmith who devised a simple SMG using only parts and tools he got from a DIY store.

        • ColdNorth,

          Catch this: in the United States we can legally make handguns, rifles, and shotguns ourselves at home as long as they are not full auto and the barrel is at least 16 inches long (on a rifle) and 18 inches long (on a shotgun).

          To your point about smooth bore firearms: if the barrel is less than 18 inches or if it is chambered in something other than a shotgun gauge, our friendly federal taxing agency (the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) will consider that firearm an “any other weapon” and seek our prosecution/incarceration if we fail to register it and pay for a tax stamp before starting the machining process at home.

      • Rifling a barrel isn’t hard and it doesn’t take lots of modern machinery to do. It was done in the backwoods of the Appalachians using machinery made mostly of wood. I’ve seen them and touched them and even seen video of a modern replica at work. The only real difference in difficulty between then and now is the hardness of the steel, and that can be overcome with carbide bits. You won’t make 50 a day, but it can be done without a modern machine shop.
        Just look at what comes out of the mountain village shops of Pakistan.

      • Rifling is tricky but not really that hard. I’ve had great success with 2 homebrew methods. It’s not the machines, it’s the idiot behind it tying to make it dance. Getting the final product finished right is where it gets hard and expensive.

      • Instead of rifling the barrel, try rifling the bullets. Will it work? I don’t know. Is it worth a try? Definitely.

    • Canadians do it all the time, though only with Unrestricted weapons (so no ARs, but ChiCom M-14 clones are ok).

    • Can you make your own barrels? They are strictly regulated just as other main gun parts in most of Europe. Building guns is illegal there anyways.

  2. The right to keep & bear arms is the bulwark against immigrants imposing sharia and losing 500 years of civil progress.

  3. Wait until they have elections. Merkle is going down to defeat and maybe they can start working on gun laws and immigration rules.

      • Just wait. Given what is happening in France, Italy and other nations, the globalists will have to put all their eggs into backing Merkel. She’s their bulwark against losing it all.

      • My guess is the only way she could possibly win is by giving all those new kind hearted, peaceable “friends” she let into the country vote.

    • German control, if I’m not mistaken, stems from laws passed by the Nazi party. They wanted the Jews, homosexuals, and other groups to be left defenseless for the holocaust. However, the laws were sold as “public safety”.

    • Then you don’t know or don’t understand the Germans.

      The German national character is one that hates the ideal of liberty, such as we understand it. Germans just cannot abide a notion that the default response of government is “everything that isn’t specifically controlled by the government is a right of a citizen.”

      In the fullness of hindsight, we should have utterly destroyed the German nation’s political class in the aftermath of WWII, and left nothing of their governance behind. We should have given the Germans a choice of living as territory of the US, (much like Guam or Puerto Rico) or face complete extirpation.

      The Germans have plunged all of Europe into fantastically destructive wars twice in one century, and now they’re seeking to destroy western civilization again, only this time they’re outsourcing the job to mobs of Muslims. They’re the single most destructive political culture on the face of the earth when German citizens are allowed to pursue their own political inclinations.

      • But I would make the case that it not so much the German Political leanings that are their problem. Their problem, much like the Japanese, is a slavish desire to conform to WHATEVER the political climate of the day is… blindly and without thought. And if an entire nation goes blindly servile to some class, their will always be evil men waiting to take control of the leadership of that class for their own ends.
        Its the desire to serve the leaders w/o thought that is the problem, NOT the German’s political leanings.
        Mostly they don’t even have political leanings, other than, should I follow along…Yes! I will. Again, just like the Japanese. Follow the emperor right into the nuclear fire, because he says so.
        Just like now. Live right next to Fukushima, because “they” say its OK. Forget the record levels of radiation, all of the disease and birth defects. and that even hardened robots fail in minutes. Just move right in…. It OK…. Because the powers that be say so.
        Meanwhile, in the USSA…. Riot, kill, loot and burn… its Ok, after all, George Soros says so…..

        • This is exactly the type of slavish devotion to ‘authority’ that I mentioned above.
          “What would happen if one did drive after losing the license?”
          “It is not possible to drive without a license.”
          Well… yes it is. actually. Just not for a German. Or a Japanese either. Too subservient to even notice….

      • WW I was nothing of the kind until the US government lets its bankers and munitions makers know that the government would bail them out if the debts piled up too high. It would also have been just another piddly 1870 war if Britain had not jumped in to keep Germany from being as powerful as Britain.

        WW II was the predicted result of the punitive Versailles treaty, which was so terrible only because Britain’s intervention dragged it out, and Woodrow Wilson’s under-the-table guarantees prolonged it even further.

        And Woodrow Wilson could not have offered government backing if he had not had the new income tax purse behind him, and the control offered by the Fed, both of which were enacted in 1913.

        It’s complicated. It’s not Germany’s fault any more than the 1870 war was France’s fault, even though France let Bismarck trick them into starting the war.

      • Dyspeptic has zero understanding of Germany post WWII. They had to be forced to start participating in their own defense starting in the 50s. The place is infested top to bottom with prototype newage nuts who don’t have the backbone to keep the moooslems out. From Rottweilers to Toy Poodles in a generation.

        • Seeing as how I read/write/speak German and regularly read the German press… I think I have a couple of notions of how Germany got to where they are now, post-WWII.

      • Hilaire Belloc thought the problem stemmed from Charlemagne’s forced conversion of the Germans in the 9th century, basically forcing them to become European even though they were never acculturated to it. German hostility to Europe has been profound, especially during the last hundred years when they’ve attempted to kill it three times.

        Perhaps he is mistaken. But, if he is, somebody still needs to explain German antipathy for Europe, because three attempts at murder strongly suggest they have a problem with it.

      • I agree the German Government is culpable for the current “refugee” invasion of Europe and all the ramifications it has, and will cause.

        Mostly agree about them causing WWII. Obviously Hitler was a monster but Versailles virtually guaranteed WW2. The allies brought that on themselves.

        Which brings us to your assertion that Germany “caused” WW1. There was a LOT of idiocy that went into that and actually Germany acted pretty reasonably considering they had 2 historic enemies on their frontiers that were allied together and committed against German interests. The only reason Germany is the “bad guy” of WW1 is they picked a couple of lousy allies and ran out of food before America joined the war. Winners write the history.

        • That, and the fact that the British cut the Europe to U.S. undersea telegraphic cable at the start of the war. All the news the U.S. got about the war was filtered through the British.

        • Germany had an opportunity to talk things down a bit with the Austrian-Hungarians, but chose not to. The German high command was too concerned with getting the jump on the French, so that they could implement the The Schlieffen Plan. Their obsession with getting the jump on France would not allow them to take concrete steps to tell the Austrians “hey, let’s think this through a bit before you just assume we’re going to back your play…”

          So in a matter of a few days from when Austria declared war on the Serbs, the Germans were fully mobilized and marching through Belgium into France.

  4. The articles say that the police have been informed. I did not read of any arrests being made.

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if those arrests never came. reports an estimated 25.8M guns in civilian hands in Germany, 5.8M of those duly registered. The same site also says “the law requires that a record of the acquisition, possession, and transfer of each privately held firearm be retained in an official register. ”

    Now, that sounds to me like 20M illegal guns. They don’t seem like they’re in any great hurry to go after them.

    • And yet they’re in a hurry to harass and bully ordinary German citizens who say that letting in a million people from the third world isn’t the best idea.

  5. Oh the irony. In the ’30s the Third Reich invented and propagandized a completely false threat to their society from a vilified ethnic/religious group resulting in the death of @6 million Jews and many millions of others. Now they are faced with an invasion of an ethnic/religious group posing a real and demonstrable threat to their society and their own history seems to be denying them the ability to identify and deal with the threat.

    Even greater irony – the Mohamedans were on the side of the Nazis as long as they were killing Jews.

    • The Germans recruited Muslims for their Waffen SS, suspending their racial purity laws for the SS to do so.

      There was a unit called the Handschar, and it was approved by Himmler himself. Their list of atrocities is right up there with the rest of the SS – they were no slackers. Himmler thought the religion of Islam was an “ideal” one for a soldier.

      • A good point. But WHY might the SS have disregarded their own rules and “racial purity” stance for the Muslims? Perhaps( just perhaps…) it might be because Islam also teaches the slavish, mindless devotion to ‘authority’ that they themselves love so much? And that now, having failed before, the idea is to simply replace the German people with Muslims?Perhaps the German people learned something in the past few decades and is not now playing ball properly, according to the elite’s rules? That’s what it looks like to me with the gun buying, polls, new parties, etc. It looks like the average German is about to learn that it is indeed possible to NOT follow the leaders orders. At least not without thought. And good for them. Thought is good, and blind obeisance is bad. Now, if only the rest of humanity would learn that too…

    • Recently a German judge ruled that an arson attack on a synagogue by Muslims was a legal act of protest against Israeli occupation of Judea and Samaria.

      I’m thinking that the various tourist bureaus in the middle east haven’t updated their brochures lately – and so all these recent “migrants” only saw brochures from the 1930s and assumed that that sort of activity was still encouraged in Germany.

  6. Everybody who still has to buy a illegal gun in Germany is stupid. There are already way more than 20 million illegal guns in the country with 80 million inhabitants. Thanks to the 1972 gun ban (or rather ultra-strict registration because of the kidnapping at the munich olympic games) the 18 million guns sold without registration from 1949 to 1972 became illegal (before you could buy nearly all guns in cataloges and have them shipped home as long as you were 18). Of those 18 million guns 500k were registerd, to this date a bit more than 500k were handed over to the police. Which created 17 million illegal guns over night. Then add a few million still functional guns from WW1 and a few more millions more from WW2 (those things were reallly built for eternity back then). Then also add basically everything the red army had in eastern germany. After the Berlin wall felt, the russians changed every weapon they had against Vodka, because why go home sober while also having to carry a ton of weapons? Then add a lot of guns from eastern europe, from the balkan wars for example as well as more east.bloc surplus. That means there are at least 25 million illegal guns in germany (of which 17 million can be directly prooved). At most train stations in germany you can get a gun and a nose full of cocaine faster than a actual train ticket…

      • Anon in CT,

        Your post is awesome. Please note that the commenter maxi is probably from Germany and English is probably not his/her first language so he/she may not understand it.

        If you read this, maxi, your English is excellent … you should be proud of your skill in a second language!

  7. Afraid of moose-lim mayhem. Yeah I guess that would get Herr Schmidt in a gunbuying mood. Didn’t Americans USED TO be able to buy guns through the mail with little gunnint interference? Anyone? Lee H. Oswald?

  8. The website was selling blank guns only and was run by a far-right extremist idiot. Since you can buy and own blank- & gas guns legally without any big problems (as long as you don’t have any severe criminal records), most buyers have to considered as extremely stupid

  9. “… its user data has been handed over to the police and journalists.”

    Right because we need to arrest them AND have the “Ministry of Journalism” make examples of them to the rest of the sheep.

  10. Now watch them march the otherwise law abiding German citizens up the gallows while they give the foreign rapists a slap on the wrist and then give them more welfare.

  11. Up until the Treaty of Versailles, in 1919, imposed arms control, Germans were pretty much living in a Constitutional Carry nation, from what little info I’ve been able to find. Going armed at public events was prohibited, and using a weapon in the commission of a crime resulted in an increased penalty, but otherwise they were pretty relaxed about weapons. Gun control was being considered in 1913, but the unpleasant event in Sarajevo caused them to turn to other matters.

  12. I wonder how they got ammunition for the guns?

    And I wonder also how many were able to at least try shooting one once or twice after they got their guns?

    Not criticizing the choice to get one … It’s just that experience has shown me that just owning one, and dry-firing, is no substitute for actually shooting one.

  13. Funny how all these refugees have no problem going toe to toe with German/French or other police forces, but didn’t have the backbone to stand up to Barry’s JV team.

    • That observation is worthy of an essay of dozens of pages all by itself, and cuts right to the root of why anyone who thinks that this, that or some other group of Muslims will be our ‘allies’ is engaging in self-delusion.

  14. The compassionate leaders of Germany
    (1) won’t stop importing murderers and rapists but they
    (2) will stop their citizens from protecting themselves

    Is Germany trying to atone for the holocaust by facilitating the rape and murder of its own citizens?


    • With the data we have, it is difficult to determine what Merkel is thinking she is going to accomplish with her policies now. The uptake of the “refugee” workforce by German businesses is absurdly low – because the refugees has little to no modern job skills, don’t speak the language, etc. Without taking and holding a productive job, it is difficult to see how these refugees will be contributing to the pay-as-you-go welfare schemes in EU countries.

  15. Those might be “guns”, but not firearms. These things sold at the “migrantenschreck” web site expel hard rubber pellets. Just a bit faster than legal in Germany. They’re just airsoft guns cranked up to 11.

  16. Since black people could not buy a gun from a white southern gun store owner, many people purchased their guns through the mail and had it delivered to their home. This is how many of the Deacons For Defense and Justice got their guns.
    They also had supporters from as far away as New York State mail them donated guns.

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