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“I think the shooting is going to win this election for us.” That’s what the lobbyist and chair of Georgia’s 11th GOP District told The Washington Post at a rally for Karen Handel, the Republican candidate in today’s special election. Brad Carver has since apologized. The left went ape-sh*t over his remarks. Well that and the ad below.

For what it’s worth, the NRA has endorsed Handel. And right-leaning commentators on Fox and other outlets condemned the ad. Yes, well, here’s another data point [via]:

The day after the shooting, Handel, her neighbors and some local TV stations received a letter that contained “white powder and very threatening language about myself and, I believe, even the president.”

So, is the ad too much?

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  1. No, the ad is not too much. It’s probably politer and tamer than it should be. Of course the left doesn’t like it, they’re being called out for acting like lunatics. It would only be too much if it weren’t completely true.

    • No. There’s nothing wrong with that ad. Loretta Lynch told her faithful that “We need more marching, blood and death on the streets. Montel Williams encouraged Michele Bachmann to slit her wrist or even cut off her own head. Madonna publicly stated she wanted to blow up the Trump White House. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, called for Democrats to “fight in the streets against Trump”. Kathy Griffin held a decapitated head of Donald Trump for photos.
      The NY Times sponsors a Central Park play depicting President Trump stabbed to death. President Obama said if they bring a knife we’ll bring a gun. The ad is the truth. The leadership of the Left and their sycophantic media are everywhere calling for violence to the right and encouraging the more unhinged among them to commit it. Then when it happens they all stumble over each other to get on record as not really calling for violence wink, wink.

      Representative Mo Brooks is now calling for special reciprocity gun privileges for Congress. He needs to be told that if he tries to enact this he will be primaried and that we will fund his opponent. Call your congressman and tell them we are tired of them not having to live under the laws they pass to govern us.

    • what about that #huntrepublicans dude? He says THAT is retaliatory and he’s encouraging the left to go down (or up, as the case may be) to the right’s level.
      Everything from the left is so extreme, “TRump’s killing children!” “He hates Earth!”
      over it. If the guy in Alexandria is any example, they’re pretty incompetent with firearms. those masked antifa wimps are laughable
      I don’t think they really want to go there.

      • “I don’t think they really want to go there.”

        But I bet they’ll convince themselves to try it sooner or later – too many of them drink their own “punch a nazi” koolaid.

        On the day that happens the contest will be as brutal as it is brief.

        A petulant child gets ignored or smacked – which is what we’ve pretty much done so far collectively with these Antifa dolts.
        However, bring lethal force into the equation and you’ll witness history’s shortest “revolution”.

        Once its game on, its game on til its over. No one wants that.

  2. Nothing in this advert is untrue. If Demokkkrats want to be outraged, they should be outraged that their side wants to overthrow a democratically elected government using communist style witch hunts and tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

    Right now the left is responsible for the overwhelming majority of political violence and incitement there of in the US. There needs to be a brutal political price to pay for this kind of behavior. If it means that we need to emphasize their criminality at every point, so be it. It’s about time the DNC went the way of the Whig party. Over the decades, there has not been a single DNC leader that I wouldn’t want to punch in the face.

    Also, we need to get the comment system fixed. Trying to type a reasoned response on my phone is a nightmare and any comment from I.E., Chrome, or Safari gets thrown into moderation making conversations impossible.

    • A few months ago, I thought you were a little crazy. The things these leftists are saying argues for your positions better than you (or just about anyone else) ever could.

        • A few months ago, the views I hold now would be “crazy serge views I would never hold”

          I’m actually sort of excited/scared where I’ll be in the next few months.

    • The one problem I have with it is that when the right does it, they’re arrested, when the left does it, they’re left alone.

  3. Love the pro Islamic commercial prior to actually watching the video.

    We have over 225 religions that are practiced in this country every day and that’s not including the Cults like Scientology. And out of those 225 known religions to be practicing actively in the United States only one religion preaches hate and that’s the Muslim religion. We have a real problem in this country with letting Muslim people into our nation we are at War with jihadists Muslims and during war we need not to make friends with our enemy.

    I say load these people up on aircraft and get them the heck out of our country. This all started in the 1970s when the Saudi Arabian government started doing business dealings over in the United States acquiring property real estate commercial property and doing business with high up American businessmen.

    It’s all part of their plan to come into this country and breed and take it over from the inside. They’re using our weak borders and smuggling operations coming through Mexico and into Laredo to accomplish this. Japan has had a band for the last 25 years on Muslims living visiting or traveling through their country it is an absolute No-No and no one is yelling racial Prejudice at the Japanese why should they add us we are at war with your people go somewhere else bunch of terrorists in the making.

    Just like that fruit cake from the Pulse Nightclub in his father another one Obama let into this country. You’re not breaking my hearts with that video you can play that crap till the ducks fly over and I don’t give a care get your ass on a plane and get out of our country and stop creating terrorism.

    • It may sound odd coming from me, but I genuinely believe that there are some good people that happen to be Muslims. Quite a few are working to reform their religion into something compatible with the 21st century. I don’t see how you can to that without redacting 2/3 of their holy books, but at least they are trying.

      However, the overwhelming majority of Muslims world wide do not fit into this category and should be treated appropriately according to the belief system they chose to adopt. Just the same way as we treated any certified members of the Nazi party in the 40s.

      We’re at war with traditional Islam for a damn good reason. Until the majority of Muslims join Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc in the 21st century, we need to flat out ban their vile cult from our shores.

      And no, it’s not a 1st amendment issue. Islam isn’t just a religion, it’s a political ideology that rejects the values espoused by the CotUS. To allow them to use that same Constitution as a shield is absurd to the level of insanity.

      • There are no serious, substantial efforts to change Islam.

        Get back to me when there’s efforts to repudiate Muhammad’s actions – or even just admit “Y’know, the prophet might have been wound a tad tight for today’s world…”

        It won’t happen – because those who attempt it will be killed.

        • There are actually several prominent reformers who are living under constant threat of death from the majority of the Muslim world. Like I said, I don’t see how they can succeed, but if I’m being honest, I have to give them credit for trying.

        • Here is a great interview with an Imam living in Australia trying to reform Islam and giving a good overview of the problems.

          One point he makes is that many of books of Islam appended to the Koran are basically State church books. For example, Saudi Arabia and Iran have their own competing Imams with their own versions of Islam. It really shows how Sharia law is a political system not a religious one. I feel for the guy because you can see he loves his faith and he sees a path how it could be reconciled with Western values, but even he admits he only has a couple hundred followers and the reform movement is a very tiny minority.

      • Perhaps – BUT they while also nice guys, but just as the 3rd assistant basement janitor and the understudy flag raiser at the Capital are also not going to drain the DC swamp any (or a million) muslims are not going change islam.

        If fact, just as the opinioms of a hereditary/lapsed Catholics or a “secular Jew” are irrelevant to he religion of their parents, anything a “moderate” muslim may believe is irrelevant to islam. The “moderate” is an apostate to those that are relevant.

        • To be fair, I doubt manny people thought that Martin Luther could appreciably change the Christian church either. History has proven them wrong. While I don’t see how they can succeed, that does not mean that they cannot and that I shouldn’t give them credit for trying.

          That aside, pretending that anything other than a tiny fringe minority of Muslims share the beliefs of these reformers is both stupid and dangerous.

      • “It may sound odd coming from me, but I genuinely believe that there are some good people that happen to be Muslims.”

        I am of that belief as well. Especially some of the refugees here in America. Perfectly fine people, good neighbors, contribute to this country.

        There’s just one tiny problem –

        Their children become radicalized.

        And then they come to kill us.

        This is becoming a repeating theme recently, the Tennessee military recruitment office shooting, the Pulse shooter, and the parents of that holiday party shooting in California about a year or so back.

        The parents are fine, their children are not…

      • The issue I have isn’t with the religion its self but rather the people who defend the horrible aspects of it; Why is it that Charlie Hebdo are the bad guys by so many of these people’s logics when they were ultimately proven correct.

        • Sorry Andrew, but these days, the problem IS the religion itself. They are stuck where Christianity was prior to the Council of Nicea in 325. Basically, every goat raping imam with a wild hair up his ass gets to determine what interpretations of the Koran are or are not cannon. These Imams then get major political backing and their version of Islam becomes official. Unfortunately, the number of batshit crazy imams far outweighs the number of reasonable ones and the batshit insane ones have most of the Gulf state political backing and followers.

      • “I don’t see how you can to that without redacting 2/3 of their holy books, but at least they are trying.”

        Well it worked for Christianity, so why not Islam?.
        Not kidding at all.

        • Christianity had a Roman emperor sitting on their necks and still managed to cause several schisms that nearly destroyed the church in the process.

      • So long as an american muslim is not making a specific threat or inciting imminent violence, then yes, no matter how distasteful, or merely idiotic, that speech may be, they should get all the protection for free speech the constitution guarantees to every other american, including pwrserge.

  4. In the manner of the “religion of peace,” the “mainstream” Democrats don’t disavow the attackers, except in token ways and with caveats rendering it meaningless, yet completely fail to tone down their rhetoric of hatred and intolerance of other views. Where, for instance, is the censure for the NJ “operative” who openly called for hunting Republicans? Where is Ms. Clinton? Whence Mr. Obama?

    No, I think “The Party of Peace” fully deserves this, and unless and until they as a body begin to decry the violence and hatred of their affiliated “outliers,” deserve all the scorn and condemnation they receive.

  5. Truth. They can be outraged all they want.

    The war they have waged is being put back on to them.

  6. If the Left is shrieking, that means *it’s working*. 🙂

    As our resident Cossack adroitly noted in the past, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of dirty pool and the cracking of heads, no one can do it like a Leftist.

    And all the while, they will play the innocent and aggrieved card.

    Fvck ’em. Fvck ’em all…

    • Yep. As the old saying goes “When you start taking flak, it means you’re over the target.”

      When the leftists howl, it’s because we’ve found their soft underbelly.

      • That was the first quote that popped into my head when I read, “The left went ape-sh*t …”

  7. If they’re upset over the ad maybe they should have a massive left wing intervention and tell their psycho buddies to chillax.

  8. Not any worse than what they try to run against republicans on a daily basis. But hey they have never been kind or accepting of anyone who disagrees even within their own party so

    Heck if it wasn’t true it would be way out of line, but I seem to recall hearing a (D) using hunt republicans hashtag and constantly endorsing criminal and violent protesters

  9. I’d tamp down the flashing effect and maybe add about 80 more examples of crazed extremists at college campuses.. but otherwise it’s fine.

  10. The left murders, destroys, offends, says racists things and gets away with it. We put out an add that shows the behavior of the left and apologize for offending them. No wonder the country is quickly destroying itself.

  11. The leftwing dumbocrats have POURED at least 30000000bucks into this election. Mostly CARPETBAGGER money. This and other ads are hardly enough…feel the bern b##ches.

  12. WE need outing these demon-crats, and calling a spade a spade, their feelings are hurt while people are getting Injured all because of this parties Greed and being control freaks, wanting a commie state, free food, free housing, free medical, don’t have to work, paid for doing nothing! basically Welfare immigrants, any body but its own citizens , then you have the agitators safe in cocoon while they watch from sidelines funded by the Clinton foundation, Soro’s and Bloomberg!

  13. It’s a hard hitting ad, but it’s not over the top. No one is suggesting that Ossoff himself endorses violence. He is from a party with a lot of prominent, vocal lunatics, both elected and not. If the concern is about guilt by association, then perhaps he shouldn’t associate with such people.

  14. The ad? Go for it. Turn the bastards’ diarrhea super-soaker right back around on them.

    As for the 6th district GA campaign, I am SO glad this gorram thing ends today. This whole thing has been a repeat of 2016 in miniature: Two candidates who could never accomplish anything of substance in the real world, making up two halves of a gigantic sh!t sandwich no one should be forced to take a bite of. The only people “winning” in all of this are the carpet-bombing advertising and direct mail sales-weasels who are making out like bandits.

  15. What doesn’t upset these people? I mean, how does it really feel, to be so weak that mere words hurt them?

  16. The Left’s assassin could have forced dozen of special election like the one in Georgia giving Democrats the opportunity to gain seats in the house and Senate. “War is politics by other means.”
    This Bernie bro was essentially homeless using a YMCA to take showers. With a cheap Vietnam-era rifle he managed to do what Bloomberg with his billions could not do and derail the pro-gun winning streak by indefinitely delaying the suppressor deregulation efforts.
    So we should hold the Democrats tactics against them and shame them loudly with this Ad and others. Use the momentum their actions have caused to get more pro-gun politicians elected and punch back twice as hard and go for national reciprocity.

    • I agree Ralph. It is a bit on the polite side for my liking.

      Like Glenn Reynolds always says, punch back twice as hard.

  17. No, the ad is not too much. As was said after the slaughter at Pulse, it’s time to fight back!

  18. The right leaning people on Fox I saw did not “condemn” the ad. They disapproved of it. I was honestly expecting something at least a little offensive. That’s pretty clean by typical political standards.

    The Democrats and their affiliates run much worse commercials. Back when George W. Bush was running for president, they ran a commercial described by the Washington Times as follows:

    “The NAACP advertisement recreates in stark black and white the ghastly dragging death of James Byrd in Texas. It leaves the body of the victim to the viewer’s horrified imagination, but not the political implication of what had happened. As the pickup truck in the ad picks up speed, a heavy chain attached to it with an invisible but awful burden, one hears the voice of Byrd’s daughter, saying, “I’m Renee Mullins, James Byrd’s daughter. On June 7, 1998, in Texas, my father was killed. He was beaten, chained and dragged three miles to his death all because he was black. So when Gov. George W. Bush refused to support hate crimes legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again. Call George W. Bush and tell him to support hate crimes legislation. We won’t be dragged away from our future.”

    The way I hear it, Mr. Byrd was killed in a drug deal gone bad. Two guys were responsible. They got sentenced to death well before this commercial ever aired. There was another guy who was just there with the other two. He got sentenced to life. Now, all I know for certain is that the commercial aired after the sentences were handed down and that Byrd’s killers wouldn’t be anymore dead if Bush had signed a redundant hate crime bill (Texas already had hate crime laws and the capital murder statute worked just fine).

  19. Fair indeed. It forces accountability on the left where they would not own up to it. Brilliant ad and more Republican’s (or non-Democrats) should normalize this type of advertising.

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