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That’s quite the revelation: the state investigator doesn’t know who started the fight that led to the death of Trayvon Martin. Unless the state can convince a jury that Zimmerman initiated physical contact with Trayvon Martin, the prosecution doesn’t stand a chance of securing his conviction on Second Degree murder. Oh, and about Zimmerman’s statement. I find it incredible that the shooter followed the first rule of a Defensive Gun Use (STFU) and then decided to open his yap before the prosecution presented ANY evidence. I wonder if his lawyers opened that door, or simply failed to keep it shut. But I don’t wonder why the media keeps using pics of a younger, angelic Martin.

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  1. Like I said earlier; this whole “murder” charge is just a way to throw a bone to the millions of mindless zealots eager for a reason to riot and tear down their own neighborhoods. The lack of probable cause with respect to the charge levied at Zimmerman just proves it.

  2. It’s almost as if Zimmerman wants to be convicted. I can’t believe he would apologize to the family in court. Not only that, the prosecutor stated the shooting was a crime and Zimmerman didn’t challenge the statement, he only reasserted that he probably made a similar apology to police.

    If he gets convicted, it will be his own fault at this point. It’s obvious the state has made a huge mistake in over charging him. If his lawyers can keep him from making further comments that might incriminate him, he might avoid life in prison.

    • Not only that, the prosecutor stated the shooting was a crime and Zimmerman didn’t challenge the statement, he only reasserted that he probably made a similar apology to police.

      I wondered if I was the only one who noticed that! Here’s the transcript:

      Prosecution: But before you committed this crime on February 26th, you were arrested — I’m sorry, not arrested. You were questioned that day, right, February 26th?

      ZIMMERMAN: That evening into the 27th.

      My jaw dropped, as Zimmerman effectively agreed with the premise of the prosecutor’s question – that he committed a crime. Even more stunning was that Zimmerman’s attorney didn’t object. I would have expected Zimmerman to be more lucid and say, “I didn’t commit a crime.”

      • I don’t think that Zimmerman’s failure to deal with the “crime” remark will have any effect. Any prosecutor who brings that up to the jury will be seen as pulling “sneaky lawyer tricks” by the normal people on the jury. It would be very easy for the defense to just come right back and say that Zimmerman is no attorney and didn’t think he was stipulating that he committed a crime (since he has little knowledge of criminal law).

        • Yes. “Sneaky lawyer tricks.” They’ll probably get you until you have experience with them. At that point, you’ll realize that lawyers are some of the most convincing liars in the world. Especially DUI defense attorneys.

          I’m generalizing here, but agreeing with the lawyer on the opposite side of your case is rarely a good idea.

          Isn’t it true, Mr. ______, that you _____….
          Not at all, counselor. Let me give you my recollection of the events as they occurred…

  3. While I don’t agree with him on much, I do respect Alan Dershowitz on his understanding of what constitutes proper behavior of an attorney/prosecutor for the state. He has ripped Angela Corey a new one. The Special Prosecutor has so damaged her reputation and violated legal ethics so badly I wouldn’t be surprised to see her sanctioned (if that is the proper term) at the end of this.

      • civil suit is impossible. prosecutors have absolute immunity, which means they can lie, suborn perjury, withhold exculpatory evidence from the defense, etc., and face no personal liability other than possible sanctions from the bar association such as temporary or permanent disbarment. Which, afaik, has not happened in at least half-a-century.

        The concept of absolute immunity for prosecutors is purely a creation of the courts. It would be interesting to see how the Supreme Court would treat state legislation removing such immunity from local DAs.

        Nifong’s problem was that his crimes extended to non-prosecutorial activities such as controlling the police investigation. That is not covered by absolute immunity and he was hit with civil damages.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see her sanctioned

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see her run for higher office. She has the notoriety and will attract minority voters. Plus, she hasn’t violated any legal ethics of which I am aware. The facts she filed in the information were accurate, even though they do not add up to a murder charge — or maybe any charge at all. So no, to this point she hasn’t done anything to warrant any sanctions. She hasn’t Nifonged anyone.

      Corey was brought in to prosecute Zimmerman and give political cover to Tallahassee. She’s doing both, which will make her a hero in certain quarters.

      • “Corey was brought in to prosecute Zimmerman and give political cover to Tallahassee. She’s doing both, which will make her a hero in certain quarters.”

        Well duh.
        Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

  4. Longer-term, what will be the next anti-gun/anti-freedom steps — assuming this case gets thrown out and using this “opportunity” — by Obama and Holder?

  5. you might want to change the wording and maybe title of the article. I was assuming he was being released outright, not released on $150k bond.

  6. I have no idea what happened between the time Zimmerman got off the phone with the dispatcher and minutes later when he shot Martin.

    I’m inclined to think that, at least, he’s the IGOTY. Unless, he followed the instructions of the dispatcher and walked away but was still pursued and randomly assaulted by Martin.

    More likely, he continued to follow/surveil Martin and, at some point, verbal contact was initiated by one or the other. Which one, who knows? The situation just escalated from there.

    He may have used poor judgement, which is more apparent in hindsight. Martin may not have “needed killin'”, as the saying goes but even if Zimmerman initiated contact, he could not have foreseen the escalation that ensued. I don’t see how he can be convicted of murder 2.

    But what do I know?

  7. Unfortunately, this incident has left the real world of American jurisprudence. The police and prosecutors had investigated and found no basis to charge Mr. Zimmerman with any crime. After that, the hoopla started which is now resulting in not so much a trial as a media orgy.
    Mr. Zimmerman’s life changed the instant he pulled the trigger that night. He will have to live with the taking of a life forever. This media folly that now has and will continue is a completely unnecessary intrusion in this man’s life.
    As to Mr. Martin’s family, the loss of Tryvon is not going to be altered one bit by this circus. I do not see how any of this is going to profit them.
    The losers: Mr. Martin and his family
    Mr. Zimmerman and his family
    The winners: The media, lawyers and assorted other carrion eaters

  8. We’ll know a lot more when Martin’s girlfriend testifies. How did she know Martin was using a headset, as she claims. She sure heard a lot from Zimmerman from the other end of the phone, on a headset. Martin’s mother identified him as the voice calling for help on the 911 call. I am sure Zimmerman’s father and mother will identify that scream as Zimmerman’s. Did the cops check the cuts on the back of Zimmerman’s head against the tea can or bottle? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • The deceased has his relatives and relations pleading his case quite nicely, the statement from his mom that it was her son’s voice on the 911 tape factored into the indictment when the beating to George’s face did not. It’s not far off the mark to suggest Trayvon’s family will say or do anything since they want George to pay for this, but it’s instructive to see what really happens in a DGU.
      If you find yourself in a DGU, you will be fighting more than just the law you will be defending yourself from creative assertions from the perps family and friends.
      Trayvon was kicking George’s ass and George stopped him. While the world focuses on George not staying in his truck, where is the armchair advice for Trayvon to not mount George and beat him up? And there are witnesses to that effect who are not related to Trayvon.

  9. I’m tired of hearing about all this stuff. Zimmerman was an idiot wanna-be with a gun. Martin was a punk kid who thought he was a bad-ass and got blown away while trying to kick someone’s butt. Nothing new here…happens all the time.

    Much more horrendous stuff happens daily. This was and will continue to be hyped by the PC media and fueled by the Sharptons and Jacksons who like to see riots in the streets for their racist cause. Unfortunately they have sufficient useful idiots who are more than willing to burn down their own neigborhoods for “justice”.

  10. If charges are dropped or he is acquitted there will be blood in the streets. Every few years a reason to riot is needed. This will come just in time for the conventions for president and on the eve of the Big Decision in November.


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